Thursday, May 25, 2017

"Chaos", new book about the Manson murders, coming in 2019

A new book about the Manson murders called "Chaos: The Secret History of the 1960s" by Tom O’Neill with Dan Piepenbring is due out in 2019.

O’Neill interviewed Charles Manson himself (they spoke three times by phone), prosecutor and Helter Skelter author Vincent Bugliosi — plus numerous attorneys, judges, cops, journalists, and victims’ friends and family.


beauders said...

Well that's a ways away, but I'll get it when it comes out, hopefully I'll still be alive ( I don't have a terminal illness, I just don't like to test fate, I had a brother who died from natural causes at age forty-four). This guy has been way hyped up, hopefully it will a great read. Maybe like Schreck but with sources.

grimtraveller said...

Earwigo again.....

katie8753 said...

Chaos is a good name for a book about this subject. Let's see if it's a good book!

LadyRam said...

I was hoping that with Bugliosi's demise more people would begin to shed light on the way he misrepresented the motive, among other things. Nicholas Schreck's book gave me much food for thought. Maybe this will elaborate?!?

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Wow! LadyRam!
Talk about a blast from the past!
Good to see you!

LadyRam said...

Hi Lynyrd! Good to be back :) I am recovering from a long illness. Enjoying a blessed remission and am truly looking forward to rejoining where I left off. Thanks so much for the nice welcome from my favorite member of the welcome party!!!

sunset77 said...

Off topic comment:

Long before I ever started looking up Manson and his associates, I was looking up the Jewish holocaust in Europe during WWII.

"From the minute the Nazis entered Poland, the attack on Jewish people had begun. The Nazis arrived in Krakow on September 6, 1939, and immediately changed the lives of Jewish people, depriving them of state pensions, imposing compulsory disclosure of foreign bank deposits, and demanding people between the age of 14 to 60 embark on forced labor.

All Jewish people were also ordered to wear badges with the Star of David. What’s more, they were banned from public transport, moving freely across the city, and were later moved to the ghetto, a Jewish living quarter, in 1941 “for sanitary and public order reasons.

Roman Polanski’s family moved back to Krakow in 1936 and were living in the city when the Germans invaded Poland at the start of World War II. The Polanski family was moved into the Krakow ghetto, along with thousands of Jews. During the deportation of Jewish people to concentration camps, Roman watched as his father was taken away from the family. His mother was deported to Auschwitz and was murdered not long after her arrival.

After witnessing the murder of a Jewish woman in the ghetto, the six-year-old hid in the recess in the stairs in the nearest building he could find and did not come out for hours.[8] His movie The Pianist (2002) provides a true depiction of life inside the ghetto walls. Fortunately, Roman escaped the Krakow ghetto in 1943, adopting the name Roman Wilk, thanks to the help he received from a Polish Catholic family. Mrs. Sermak delivered on her promise to his father to provide him with shelter. He later stated: “I survived because I did not look very much like a Jew . . . I definitely looked like a lot of kids in Poland.”

Hard to believe that a 6 year old Polish Jew survived the Krakow ghetto to later have some type of an affair with the daughter of the Ourisman Chevrolet girl, (and marry Sharon Tate). For better or worse, that guys life has had to have been interesting.

katie8753 said...

Hi LadyRam!! Glad you're feeling better!

Thanks Sunset. Roman survived the Nazis only to have his beautiful wife murdered by Tex & the gang.

Dave1971 said...

Where can you buy it? Ive checked out his website and from what i can tell theres no way to purchase it and i cant find it anywhere else

beauders said...

It doesn't come out until the 50th anniversary.

SPCLI said...


Somebody wrote ANOTHER book? We really, really, do not need yet ANOTHER version of Manson and company, and the events they were involved in. It's been done 1001 times already. A new "take", or "twist", or "retelling", or "re-imagining", or whatever you want to call it,
will bring nothing of any importance to anyone, other than the fact that it's being retold, yet again. Nothing new will be offered. We have heard it all before.

The power of a thesaurus is amazing.

The author interviewed Manson. So what? So have a million other people. And this interview was by phone. I'm not that impressed. He interviewed lots of other people. So what.
And now the author thinks, and would have others believe, that this is something worth waiting for. Worth paying for. Worth wasting time for. It's none of those things, I promise you.

It's okay that the author has such a healthy interest in important events in American crime history, so much as to claim he gave 18 ridiculous years of his life for, but to behave as though something earth shattering will be presented is just making a fool of himself and those he's trying to sell to.
And that's all he is, a salesman.

Someone very close to those events once said, "It is neither amazing or interesting."

Sorry, no sale.

Have a wonderful summer!

grimtraveller said...

I agree with SPCLI in almost every detail except for Sorry, no sale because if I'm alive in 2019 I probably will buy it ! It's an interesting subject, regardless of the stance the writer takes {in most instances}.

LadyRam said...

I was hoping that with Bugliosi's demise more people would begin to shed light on the way he misrepresented the motive

You know, three people, Nicholas Shreck, George Stimson and AC Fisher Aldag had Charlie's ear for a number of years each. You could even throw Nuel Emmons in there but for now, I won't. And each of them has come out with a different motive, different tales.
That speaks more volumes than many care to admit. Bobby Beausoleil rubbishes the copycat motive. Not a single shred of evidence in 48 years has supported the drug burn and most of the people that pushed it in court subsequently rubbished it and said it was fake, including the three female killers. Mafia hit ? Black book ? Whitewash !
I suspect that deep down, Charlie is pissed that not only did he get found out, his grandiose concept didn't even get off the runway. All he netted was $72 and life in jail.
On the other hand, the motive that you say was misrepresented had more than ample back up. From so many sources, including the very Family members that were supposed to be supporting Charlie.

Nicholas Schreck's book gave me much food for thought

Same here. It amazed me that a guy who spends 900+ pages castigating Bugliosi for perpetrating a fairy tale couldn't see that his own tome was ever more so. The difference between the two is really simple. Bugliosi had multiple back up and reference and openly pointed out that his evidence was circumstantial. In other words it's what it pointed to. There were tons of witnesses, even before he was on the case, and not one of them subsequently has come out and said "I lied" or "I made up what I said."
Shreck on the other hand had nothing. His "facts" about Rostau that are central to his theory have been shown to be bogus and much of what he cobbles together are theories he wants to believe, concocted from unverifiable statements and random interviews, most of which weren't by him; he admits in the book that much of what he writes is simply his own opinion.
Not all food is nourishing even though it may be harmless and filling.

maudes harold said...


IF I remember reading correctly before, you mentioned you're battling cancer. If so, I wish you the best on your fight. I've lost many to this disease.

Godspeed and good luck.

grimtraveller said...

Hey there Maudes, thanks !

Unknown said...

This guy is crazy! The title proves it! I read Helter skelter three times. Gets better every time. Bugliosi wasn't the coverup type. Seen him on tv many times and he has no filter. Not afraid of saying the truth no matter what it was. He didn't make HS his life like this pathetic piece of trash did. He moved on and wrote 12 more books and continued his winning streak in private practice. This guy should write for the globe. Gay faggot. Him and Steven Kay from the DA's office r lovers.

jimbob32292 said...


What kind of pathetic fool posts a comment like that and goes anonymous?

Just to refute his nonsense I will take a minute to post.

Tom has proven WITH DOCUMENTATION multiple different times Vincent either lied, distorted or omitted information during the trial.

It DOESN'T MATTER if Charles Manson was literally Hitler reincarnated, if you are a citizen of the USA you deserve to have a FAIR AND HONEST TRIAL.

Tom proved that MULTIPLE eyewitnesses saw not only Terry Melcher after the August 9th murders, but saw him WITH MANSON! In multiple locations! Paul Watkins and Danny Decarlo both stated it while being interviewed by Vince!

How is that not important information?

How about the time Vincent published the infamous "hit list" during the trial? And almost caused a HUGE DISASTER over it? Do you not know that he was hit hard by the judge for doing that? Not only that so was Dayne Shin.

How about the fact that Vincent claims he told investigators in August of 1969 to put back the infamous "Sharon Tate sex tapes?" Do you realize that Vincent wasn't even assigned to the case until November 1969?

Or how Vince had his coauthor get press credentials so he could sit in the front row to help write his book! Do you think that is ok? If you do then why is it illegal now?

Never mind you are a simpleton who honestly didn't read Tom's book. You are clutching to the fiction that is Helter Skelter and it is only HURTING the truth. Regardless of what side you are on.

I am on the side where honor, integrity and justice prevails. Vince didn't need to lie to convict Sadie,Katie,Leslie or any of the girls. There was a myriad of evidence that proved they were the killers. He only needed to fabricate evidence to convict Charles Manson.

Which is funny since Manson was on parole since 1968 for his first incident involving stopping the police from arresting someone. He could have had his parole revoked over 10 times and went back to prison for YEARS ALONE. You didn't need to invent Helter Skelter to get rid of that criminal either!!



jimbob32292 said...


Wow what a horrible comment. Honestly if historians had the same mentality you had we would have no idea that the famed Troy actually exists. We wouldn't know about the secret pact in the 1939 non agression treaty between Germany and the Soviet Union (we didn't find out until decades later.) We wouldn't have found out that the Katyn massacre was perpetrated by the Soviets and blamed on the Germans.

The fact of the matter is NOBODY knows every single thing there is to know about one historical subject. Period point blank. Obviously you have never even taken the time to listen to any accredited historian talk about the subject.

Since you are so ignorant as well you don't realize TOM DID SUPPLY NEW INFORMATION!

He has the handwritten notes from Vincent Bugliosi when he was interviewing Paul Watkins and Danny Decarlo! They were stored in the LASO archives and virtually nobody had access to them. He only gained access after convincing someone he knew to put in a good word for him. Then coincidentally once they found out what he was doing in there, they barred him from ever returning.

Not only that Tom interviewed Charles Gunther and Paul Whiteley. Charles himself stated on record that he heard Bobby place a phone call the day he was arrested. Not only that he swears it was recorded and filed. He said that Bobby told them to "get him out, and to leave a sign."

I love too how people like you use whatever information to justify your beliefs, not even realizing how contradictory it is.

So many people on this site use Bobby's contemporary "confession" when in reality the guy can't keep his story straight at all. Even after he was arrested in 1969. And uh.. Not to mention guys Bobby can't say anything that is detrimental to him being rehabilitated for the crime? If he comes out and says it was a copy cat killing, robbery or anything else than Helter Skelter he wouldn't even have .000% chance to be released.

There is a lot of beautiful information on this site. But sadly it is plagued by people like you. Who have an interest in the subject but don't care at all to learn the correct methodological criteria for establishing the veracity of claims and or documents.