Monday, February 2, 2015

Ed Durston

I searched and found out he passed away in 2007....

To review who Durston was, he was a preliminary suspect in the Cielo case....

He was also present and the primary witness to the death/suicide of Diane Linkletter:

From October 6, 1969:

Interesting to note however, according to the autopsy report, there was no presence of drugs or alcohol in her system.

A first hand account of talking to Durston after Linkletter's death is by Bobby Jamison: (another suspect in the second homicide report, but was cleared ((100%)), as was Durston)....

"I went up to the apartment on Horn Ave. to talk to Ed Durston after Timmy Rooney told me Ed was in the apartment when Diane jumped from her 6th floor kitchen window. I also wanted to see Jimmy George, who lived below the apartment where Nancy and I had lived with Ed. 

From what I'd learned, Jimmy had actually been outside his apartment, and seen Diane falling to the pavement below. At first he'd thought someone was playing a practical joke and had thrown something out the window, but then realized it was a person. 

He didn't know at first it was Diane, and he'd seen her hit the ground. He was in shock, but ran over to where the person hit the pavement, and that is when he realized it was Diane. He told me he could not do anything for her, and it made him feel like an asshole. 

He said she was still alive when he reached her, and that she looked up at him but couldn't speak. He said she was bleeding a lot from her head, and he wanted to help her, but didn't know what to do. I knew Jimmy, and he was a happy go lucky guy, but on this day he was broken in a way that is hard to describe, just broken. 

I tried to tell him there wasn't anything he could have done, but how do you tell somebody that, after what he'd seen. He was the only one on the planet who had seen it; how the hell did I know how he felt, or what it was doing to him? It was the last time I ever saw him, and to this day I still don't really know how that may have altered his life.

When I got to Ed, he was doing better than Jimmy, but he still looked like he'd been through the ringer. I asked him, "What the fuck happened Ed, what the fuck was going on?" He looked up at me from where he was sitting and said, " I don't know man, I really don't know. We were just there, the two of us," he said, "talking a long time about life. You know, like half the night, and everything was OK. Then she just started acting crazy." 

"Whatta ya mean Ed, crazy how?" I asked. "Well, we were sitting on the couch, and she got up and went out on the balcony, and just started climbing up on the railing like she was gonna jump off. I ran out there and drug her off, and pulled her back into the living room, and pinned her down on the floor and said "What the fuck are you doing Diane? What the fuck is wrong with you?" 

Ed was ringing his hands as he told me the story. He was having a lot of trouble going over that night. "So did she tell you what was wrong?" I pleaded. "No," said Ed, "She told me she was just screwing around and everything was OK and to let her up because it was just a joke." Ed kept rubbing his hands together like he couldn't get them clean. He just kept rubbing them together. 

He continued on, "I made her promise me that if I let her up she wasn't gonna do anything crazy, and she said, "I promise." "I let her up, and she said she was going to go in the kitchen and get a glass of water, and I said OK." Ed looked like he might start crying at any second, and I didn't blame him, because it was too awful to comprehend.

"She walked into the kitchen and I turned around to watch her and she just climbed up on the countertop by the window over the sink. I ran in the kitchen and tried to grab her, but she just went out the window before I could get there." He paused for a moment, as if to get his courage up and said, "I had a hold of her ankle man, I had her by the ankle, but I couldn't hold her, I just couldn't hold her man." 

I stood there in front of Ed with this crystal clear picture of Diane's kitchen in my head, with her going out the window, and Ed trying to hold her by the ankle. I just broke down and cried like a little boy. I just couldn't believe that it had happened. I stood there in front of Ed crying, for I don't know how long. I just sobbed, because there wasn't anything I could do about it either."

Ed Durston was also the last person to see Carol Wayne alive too....

Excerpt from Carol Wayne website )

According to published reports, Carol Wayne was on vacation in Santiago Bay, Mexico with Los Angeles car salesman Edward Durston on January 10, 1985 when (it has been reported) the couple had a argument about where they were going to stay that evening (they were scheduled to fly back to Los Angeles the next morning).

Durston checked into a hotel and Wayne reportedly left to walk down the beach (to cool off?). That was the last time anyone saw her alive. Local fisherman Abel de Dios found her limp body floating in the shallow bay waters three days later.

Mexican authorities wondered how Carol Wayne came to drown in waters four feet deep, fully clothed. There were no cuts or abrasions, so a fall from the nearby rocks was ruled out. The coroner stated that death occurred 3 - 4 days earlier and the body tested negative for drugs and alcohol.

Suspicions were raised: Carol Wayne had to be identified by workers at the Las Hadas resort where the couple had been staying earlier in the week. When locals went to look for Wayne's traveling companion, they discovered that Edward Durston checked out three days earlier - leaving Wayne's luggage at the airport with a message that she would pick up her bags in the morning.

As an aside, many readers may remember the (alleged) LSD related death of Art Linkletter's daughter Diane. She jumped (or fell) from a sixth floor apartment building in 1969.

Art Linkletter basically ended his successful television career when he started crusading against drugs with a fervor that made it hard for middle America to find the afternoon talk show host funny anymore.

Not that it necessarily means anything, but Diane Linkletter's companion the night she was killed was Edward Durston.

According to early police claims, Durston was friends with Abigail Folger and on "speaking" terms with Voityck...he possibly knew Sharon Tate....from The Daily Reporter - October 10, 1969:

I want to make this clear;  Ed Durston was cleared of all involvement in these tragic deaths... he was never suspected nor charged in either the Linkletter or Wayne deaths...
This is for discussion only - I just find it odd that he was at the wrong place at the wrong time, in three tragic celebrity deaths.
Durston was a well known drug dealer in the Hollywood area, as was Bobby Jamison.  I highly recommend reading Bobby's blog/life story if you're interested in 1960's Hollywood, Sunset Strip, the recording industry, and an up and coming rock star that did not make it.  I admire Bobby for his candid truth and his hard path to sobriety.


katie8753 said...

I posted this for Kimchi. Thanks Kimchi! Great stuff as usual and very interesting!

I didn't know that about Carol Wayne!

johnnyseattle said...

Man, this dude was 'around' a lot of bad luck.

Good post Kimchi.

katie8753 said...

Kimchi notes "there were no drugs or alcohol in Diane Linkletter's system".

That's interesting, because I remember when Art Linkletter went on a rampage against LSD.

Art used to have a show about kids and he always said that kids "say the darnedest things".

I remember when he went crazy about LSD after his daughter died and his show got cancelled because he was so vehement about it.

So if there were no drugs or alcohol in Diane's system, why did she jump????

Was there something else that made her jump? Or did she actually jump? Was she pushed?

Just asking questions here.....

CarolMR said...

Very interesting! Thanks, Kimchi and Katie.

MrPoirot said...

The Carol Wayne death reeks of murder. She ends up dead and he splits town.

sunset77 said...

Off topic comment:

Apparently Manson and "Star" aren't getting married according to a news article-->HERE

starship said...

Hey, Kimchi,

Why were Durston and Jameson suspects in the Tate case? Is it only because they were drug dealers?

Also, you say Durston was around three celebrity deaths, who was the third?

And, finally for all, apparently AQUARIUS had a Super Bowl ad, but I missed it..., but you can see it here:

Mrstormsurge said...

The Carol Wayne death reeks of murder. She ends up dead and he splits town.

Agree. I've read online - albeit from some rather dubious sources - that Art Linkletter's son-in-law, John Zwyer, was shot to death just a few weeks after Art's daughter died. I'm sure just another spate of coincidence and bad luck, if true.

katie8753 said...

Starship, I think she was talking about Durston being involved in 3 celebrity cases, including Cielo Drive.

My big question is: did anyone have the brainpower to know anything about ANYTHING back then?

I think the link to Cielo Drive was drug use, and it looks like anyone who ever sold drugs during that era was supposedly selling them at Cielo Drive on August 8, 1969. Why August 8th? Because that simply solves the murders and the PD doesn't have to keep talking to shady people and giving up weekends. But it's funny how Sharon, Jay & Steven didn't have drugs in their systems.

Wow....must have been the damnedest drug party on record! Hellz Bellz!! First of kind drug party!

Then the police sheepishly said "well maybe not".

Evidently, the drug motive was the easiest way to shut this thing down and go back to eating doughnuts and drinking coffee.

Oohhhh, major gaff at the PD. Sorry, I'll do better soon.

But when we get thru with "made up shit", we quickly dismiss the fact that Carol Wayne drowning in 4 feet of water, when all she had to do is stand up, and her "boyfriend" not only split at the same time to go back to CA, he took her suitcase and left it at the airport, as being non-sequential. Let's don't stick to the facts Ma'am, let's just dwell on druggies.

"The guy was a suspect at Cielo Drive, a suspect at Diane Linkletter's death, and a suspect at Carol Wayne's death? Nahhhh, he's just had a string of bad luck." HA HA HA.

Suspicious behavior??? LAPD: Ah you know....happens all the time.

What I find interesting is that the newscrapper just keeps coming up with stupid shit that makes no sense. And people keep reading and believing.

So suddenly Diane Linkletter knew Abigail & Sharon.

HOW???? Oh wait, let's see.

There are about 600 to 800 people in this community who all know one another. They never get together all at once. They contact each other for pot or drugs.

Well, there you go folks. Proof positive that all the druggies in LA all knew each other, and were on a first name basis.

I wonder if they wore "name tags" at parties, just to keep track of who they were "selling/buying from". 800 people is a lot of names to remember! HA HA.

This just keeps gettin' better & better!!

katie8753 said...

I can just see them all at a party...

"Voytek, hey how ya doin'? And your name is (peering at name tag) Octavius Grabbus? Well, nice to have you here.

Octavius: Thanks, nice to be here. Nice party.

Voytek: Oh, just the usual digs. You know, pool party, along with the nice view.

Octavius: I just blew in from Rome. Nice there, with the Colleseum and all.

Voytek: Yeah, whatever. Hey can I get 60 tabs of anacannpannasan?

Octavius: Well I guess that will be okay. Will that be cash, check or Visa?

Voytek: Can I have it on account?

Octavius: On account of what?

Voytek: On account of the fact that I don't have any money.

Octavius: Well, I guess that's okay. But we may have to pound your ass if you don't pay.

Voytek: that's okay, because I won't be here then.

Octavius: Well I guess that's okay because we won't be here either.

starship said...

and I don't even have 800 friends on facebook...

katie8753 said...

Starship, LOL.

The population of Los Angeles back in 1969 was probably well over 1,000,000 people.

So only 600 to 800 were doing drugs???? Wow, that's a small "community"!

I kinda think there were a whole lot more doing drugs in LA.

I had more than 800 people in my high school back then!!!

katie8753 said...

Okay I have a question.

The news article says that Diane Linkletter knew Abigail Folger and probably knew Sharon.

How could she have known Abigail or Sharon?

And don't say "at a pot party" because that's a pat answer.

I don't know much about Diane except that she was Art's daughter and she was 20 years old.

Abigail was involved in social services. She was involved in lots of charity work, including working with "hippies" at a free well clinic.

Sharon was out of the country a LOT of the time.

Neither Sharon's parents nor Abigail's parents were "celebrities", going to parties to even know Art Linkletter.

So, can anyone tell me how Diane Linkletter knew Abigail or Sharon???

It's a legitimate, serious question...

katie8753 said...

Actually I just wanted to post the question of how Diane knew Abigail & Sharon, and then we will delve into the question of how ALL of the drug addicts in LA knew each other in 1969.

Okay, pencils down in 20 minutes. LOL.

P.S., I doubt if Richard Ramirez knew any movie stars....

katie8753 said...

Well it's been almost 24 hours, and I guess no one knows how Diane Linkletter knew Sharon or Abigail. I would assume that if anyone had an opinion they would have stated it.

So...............I guess that's a moot point, and we can move on.

Now let's investigate the possibility that every drug user knew every drug user in LA in 1969. We're going on the premise that all the 5 victims at Cielo Drive were drug users. Which is not correct, but let's continue.

Let's see, as much as CA was drugging up, there must have been at least 400,000 or 500,000 drugs users in LA in 1969. Most of the teens were using drugs, and apparently, most of the adults.

Now the chances of them all knowing each other is 100/1. But, let's say there are 800,000 drug users.

Now dividing 800,000 by the 5 people at Cielo Drive means that each of the victims knew 160,000 drug users.

I find that hard to believe.

Does anyone have any comments?

katie8753 said...

As far as Charlie not getting a fair trial, I agree!

How can a man get a fair trial if he can't stab the Judge with a pencil???? GET OUTTA HERE!

Power to the people!! And also power to grimy buglets like Charlie.

Kimchi said...

Hi Katie -

Sorry, I've been busy....thanks for posting this...I did it so long ago, I forgot a lot of the key points of it..

Regarding your questions about how the Hollywood scene was tied together and how Diane knew Sharon, Gibbie, etc...

I'm friends with a lady on Facebook that was in with the "Beautiful People" of Hollywood at that time, and actually still is, even in her late 60's....I've just ordered her book and hope to learn a little is NOT a gossip book, it is about her life and what she did.

She also appeared in Mondo Hollywood, knew Bobby B, and has said a few things about him, not good, and not good things about Manson...but this was on FB... I can't wait to read the book.

When I know more, I'll write a

beauders said...

Kimchi could you tell us who this woman is, I would like to read her book as well.

katie8753 said...

KIMCHI!!! Thanks so much!!!

Hi Beauders!!

katie8753 said...

Well, it's sad that Kimchi didn't reply. Her being friends with this lady who is one of the "beautiful people" could have explained a lot.

But it hasn't yet....

I'm still wondering how Diane Linkletter knew Abigail & Sharon.

I'd love an explanation! :)

beauders said...

Hi Katie, maybe Diane was invited to the Tate house party on the night of the murders.

sunset77 said...

Off topic comment:

There is a "trending" article on Yahoo news, it says:

"This plot was too crazy even for Charles Manson. Manson’s engagement to a woman 53 years his junior was part of a wild scheme of hers to profit by putting his body on public display after his death, says the author of an upcoming book. Manson’s fiancée, 27-year-old Afton Elaine Burton, known as Star, sought to wed the convicted mastermind of the Sharon Tate murder and eight other slayings so that she could gain possession of his corpse, according to journalist Daniel Simone."

MrPoirot said...

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MrPoirot said...

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LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Beauders.

Please check your email.


katie8753 said...

Mr. P, Loved you on SCR!!! Good stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you really want to have fun, or are you just saying you want to have fun?


Yeah Buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrPoirot said...

Thanks Katie. Brian kinda helps you along and lets you jump in where you please.

Unknown said...

I don't believe in coincidences. Nobody is that unlucky. Something smells good in Stinksville. That man had to have something to do with these deaths. I don't think he was involved in the Tate-La Bianca murders but I think he pushed Linkleter out the window and killed Carol Wayne. Just my opinion.

Edward McLaughlin said...

What happened to Durston?

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

This what I heard about the Carol Wayne murder. I don't know if it is true and time has possibly fogged my memory.

Carol and Ed went down to Mexico to dry out from cocaine use.

They had a row with management in the lobby of their hotel, possibly, Las Hadas Resort, because someone had charged a rental car to their bill. They had already checked out, and because of the argument with hotel they missed their plane. They couldn't check back in because everything was booked. They sent them to another hotel where they checked in. Carol and Ed argued and she stormed out of the hotel/motel. Ed followed her. Ed came back alone but for some went to someone else's house and spent the night.

Carol had a fear of water.

Carol didn't swim.

My source for this was Carol's closest girlfriend.

We were on the phone together non-stop in the days following Carol's murder. US authorities would do nothing because it happened on foreign soil. Linkletter was contacted and asked to reopen his daughter's case but her refused.

There was apparently a blonde who died 10 years before Durston pushed Linkletter out the window but my friend can't remember who it was.

Somewhere online I read about tests done by tossing a "dummy" out the same window and where Karyn anded was not in keeping with the trajectory of a fall or leap. She was either pushed or thrown.

There is no doubt in my mind Carol was drowned by Durston.

kym said...


Unknown said...

God only knows nut my guess is he killed her. Why these women when around with this questionable man is strange. I would say drugs she had none in her system. Unless she got mad because he didn't have any.

kym said...

People are naïve. Ed Durston murdered these women. Waaaay too much coincidence. if he had murdered carol wayne in the usa the police would have realized their error in letting him walk away from the diane linkletter murder and jammed it up his ass. he knew it, too. He high-tailed it out of Mexico in a very guilty manner and quickly moved to Japan. I would imagine these women rejected his sexual advances at some point which sparked murderous outrage. a damn shame he got away with this. he should have gone into acting if he could fool the LA police after pushing Diane Linkletter out of a window. what a performance.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

As I stated earlier, Carol and Ed supposedly went to Mexico to dry out from Cocaine. I notice a typo in my earlier post I meant Diane not Karyn, but I believe I was thinking about the other woman who was possibly murdered by Ed Durston. It was Karyn Kupcinet daughter of Irv Kupcinet.

Her nude body was found in her West Hollywood apartment (November 28, 1963) a few days after the assassination of President Kennedy. She had been strangled.

I did not know Diane or Karyn, but I knew Carol, her sister Nina, her former husband Barry Feinstein, John Barrymore, et al. and her closest female friend is one of my closest friends.

I'm not 100% on this, but Ed Durston lived in a guest house abutting Gary Kilgren's "Castle" above the Sunset Strip. Gary and his secretary were found drowned in Gary''s pool. too many coincidences!

I could write out a list of the people who were close to Jay and Sharon. People who came to our home, or people whom we visited on a regular basis. This list would not add up to 600-to 800 people!

Kym said...

You should consider writing a detailed account of all the people you believe Durston might have killed. Do you think poor old Art Linkletter had even a faint idea his daughter might have been pushed? Was Durston Caucasian?

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Yes, he was Caucasian. Why does that matter?

kym said...

because i'm looking at pictures of ed durstons on the internet. why? does asking that make me politically incorrect? kind of working it overtime, aren't you? you the left-wing police looking for something to get upset about? I wanted to see what he looked like. i'm already tired for talking to you. by.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...


You seem to be the one working overtime!

You asked a question. I replied and asked you a question. No need to get your panties all in a twist.

I'm not looking for anything to get upset about but you seem to be.

Your question does not make you politically incorrect, but your reply to my query makes you seem like a very rude person.

Would you like me to send you a link to a free spell check programme?

Unknown said...

If Edward Durston was responsible for their deaths then he would have to be an exceptionally obsessive person. Never the less; the pattern is there… impossible to be 'unseen'.

Did anyone else see any other patterns? I have similar stuff on R0man P0lanski.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Any news on the book? I’d like to get it since I was a part of the scene in those days as well.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Typo: I meant Diane not Karyn...

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

This is something apparently no one has put together or caught on to . Carol allowed Eddie to hand around with her because they were born 2 days apart, same year, same hospital and they discovered they were babies together in the hospital nursery. She thought it was freaky and that was how the friendship began. Also he was able to supply her with drugs. Eddie 9/4/42 Carol 9/6/42

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Starless, did you see my comment about the coincidence of Carol and Ed’s birthdates, Hospital etc? They were babies together in the nursery in Chicago.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

If he had hold of her ankle she would likely have fallen straight down against the building. I heard he told someone else he had hold of her belt. When you are lying it is sometimes difficult to remember what you said.

Zillah Noir said...

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Zillah Noir said...

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Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Shadowless, Your rant is total Bovine Defecation!
Roman is a very close friend of mine. He is god-
father to my daughter’s sister.

Roman’s mother was murdered in a concentration
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Zillah Noir said...

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Zillah Noir said...

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Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

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Get a life so you can concentrate on that instead of defaming people you’ve NEVER met and never will!

Zillah Noir said...

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Zillah Noir said...

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Unknown said...

Great blog about the coincidents of these deaths! Let's get back on track and away from the silly Polanski theories please.

Zillah Noir said...

so everyone be stupid like you on other words xD good luck with that.

Unknown said...

shadow you are ok and seem to know more then anyone else about Carol's murder and you knew her. This story was always kept quite.

Unknown said...

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Zillah Noir said...

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Zillah Noir said...

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Unknown said...

Just interested something I never forget

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Corey, et al: As a footnote Carol Wayne’s best friend was with Roman and 3 other friends in a restaurant in Chelsea when the phone call came telling him that Sharon and Jay had been murdered. My then future husband accompanied Roman on the flight back to the US. They had been in London prepping for the movie Day of the Dolphin, which later was made with Mike Nichols directing.

Woodstock said...

Hello folks. New to this site but I used to periodically hang out at Catscradle's Tate blog. Never did hear what happened to it, it just dissappeared one day. At any rate someone asked earlier what happened to Edward Durston but no one answered. Does anyone know?

John Olen said...

What I think is interesting is that, if you google "Ed Durston" that there were two Ed Durstons living in West Hollywood at the time. One could brush this off since it seems one was born in 1921 and the other in 1942. Different people? Father and son? One would think that since the one born in 1921 directed some gay porn films that maybe he was gay, so maybe no relation at all, just a coincidence? Except upon the death of the 1921 one in 2010 it seems that the man living with him, was called John (nicknamed Jack) Damon. He died in 2016. Strangely, in his obit. it says the name he was given at birth was John Vincent DiBello. And it was John DiBello who was named in the obit of the 1921 one. What is remarkable is that the birthdates given for John DiBello and Ed Durston (the younger) are almost identical. And though the 1921 one was presumed gay, he was married once briefly. John DiBello's mother was listed as Marie Nancy DiBello. It says that John DiBello worked at UCLA in the athletics dept off and on between colaborating with the elder Durston on some horror movies, notably one from 1971 called "I Drink Your Blood." Which is weird. That all of this stuff always points back to horrible things and horror movies. But its when you look at the picture on the John DiBello obit that it seems like he looks somewhat like some other pictures. I wonder if there's anything to this?

Unknown said...

Bonsoir, Hi,

Thx for the info. + exchanges on Ed. Durston.

To add some ingredient, I am based in France, 3rd owner of an ex. Ed. Durston's car since 2004.

A Ferrari 400i, light grey silver paint, red leather seats, clocking 45,000 kms (not miles, as the car was acquired by Ed. Durston in Belgium, Garage Francorchamps, the 23rd of May 1980 as wrote on the Warranty booklet).

You can see the car live on YouTube:

Probably the car had Carol Wayne as a passenger. Fyi, it has been driven from mid 80ies to July 1997 by Ali Bongo, 2nd owner of the car... and current Gabon President.

All the best for 2019, bien à vous! DC

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

He died thank goodness!

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

I forwarded your note to Carol's best friend. She replied,

"Carol died 1985.

I don’t remember him turning up at the house with a car like that and he was always coming over. Another Ed Durston?"

Colleen Graven said...

I was married to Ed Durston. He is the father of two of my children. So much of what is written here is so wrong. He was born in Pasadena 1942 and moved to Las Vegas when he was eleven. During our fifteen years together he was never violent. He protected me and providwed for me above and beyond. He had spent 24 or more hours trying to keep Diane Linkletter calm because she wanted to die. Shortly before Eddie died he told me that the issue Diane Linkletter was dealing with was that she was gay, and she knew her father (adopted father) would never except her. Eddie was on the phone with her brother in the kitchen telling her brother that he needed to get there asap because Eddie did not know if he could handle her any more. He was exhausted and needed help. That is when she jumped. No charges were filed because he was on the phone with her brother when she jumped. It was clear that Eddie was trying to help her. Eddie was a rescuer of wounded birds. That included me, Diane and Carol Wayne. I am not sure what happened with Carol, and personnally I blame Jahnny Carson for her death more than Eddie, but I know that Eddie was trying to help Diane, and if he had not had a tooth ache, he would have died with Sharon Tate and Abigail Folger.

ColoKat5 said...

@Colleen Graven
Your story makes more sense, however the rumors have been in effect for so many years correction to what really happened is probably not going to make a difference.
My big question is: WHY are there NO Photos of Edward Durston to be found on the internet? With 90% of the "big" Hollywood death stories there are usually a million photos out there that can be found.
Kinda lends credibility to your version of events. But since it's "less sensational" doubtful that Truth will ever make the correction to the sensationalism of Horrorwood.
I for one appreciate you posting!

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

Ed Durston was a liar or someone is. He told Carol Wayne that he was born in the same hospital a few days earlier than she and that they had been babies in the hospital nursery together. Why he would concoct such a story is up for debate, but it captured Carol's imagination enough that she let him hang around.

As for Johnny Carson being responsible for Carole's death that is utter hogwash! Johnny gave her her biggest break!

If all the people who claimed they were invited to a party at Cielo Drive that night had actually shown up no one would have been murdered because the revelers would have bat the crap out of the "Family" members! But there was no party scheduled. When the murderers arrived, Abigail was already in bed in her nightgown. Wojtek was asleep on the couch. Sharon was in her panties and a bra in bed. Jay was fully clothed .

Have you ever heard of someone as well known or as "famous as Sharon throwing a party and NOT one person showing up?

Eddie was not invited to a party at Cielo Drive that night or any night.

I spoke to Jay that afternoon. He made no mention of a party at Sharon's home.

Carole's closest friend sent this,
"Interesting. She (Coleen Graven) thinks that Johnny Carson had something to do with Carol’s death, really sounds like an Eddie story to me. I always found it very strange that he called me when they found Carol. At the time it struck me as odd like Shakespeare said “He doth protest too much. I agree the lack of photos is very strange."