Monday, August 25, 2014

Evidently, there's another TLB Website on the Horizon

A few weeks back, I received an email invitation to check-out this website.  I know nothing about this website. As such, I make no recommendations or endorsements.  Take a look (if you're curious), and form your own judgement. 

It seems the woman running the place is named "Christine"... and the blogger we know as "La-de-la" is an administrator.  "La-de-la" has always been pretty cool, so I figured I'd give her a plug.  She goes by the name "Maude's Harold" over there.


maudes harold said...

Thanks so much for the press Lynyrd. We’re hoping we can all work together in the spirit of sleuthing and sharing the continued exploration of a case that has galvanized all of us for decades. I’ll probably still be posting as La-de-la cuz I can’t figure out how to change my name!! And you ask yourself: This chick is administrating a blog???—I ask myself that same question everyday—is this a case of the Blonde leading the Blonde??? lol

We are not trying to reinvent any wheel , we’re just another place at the table that is the TLB community. Growing up in a generation where we sat down to dinner every night together and discussed our day, our dreams, laughed often and sometimes fought, I really like the analogy. And like many others, I have gone to the different blogs over the years for a different taste of this case. I guess I sort of see it as a buffet in the TLB community. Your blog, and all the others, have nourished this community and we are grateful for that. Sorry for all the food references, I haven’t had breakfast yet! lol

Anyway, we just wanted to say thank you for the shout-out and the spirit of sharing and welcoming!
Maude’s Harold

Unknown said...

Good luck Christine,
The more the Merrier!

Christine said...

Thank you Matt for the kind wishes. We are very excited in these early stages of our forum. Best Wishes,


Ajerseydevil said...

Do away with the puzzle nonsense and I'll read your blog

Christine said...

What puzzle nonsense are you referring too, William?

maudes harold said...

William, thanks for the suggestion and the site is now open.

Anonymous said...

Yeah guys site is open and maudes and Christine are doing fab. Come and join us X