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The House on Easton Drive: Harlow, Bern, Sebring, Tate

In 1930, Paul Bern, a longtime employee of MGM built a house in a then rural area of Beverly Hills.  He didn't build a huge house as he told friends he was a bachelor and didn't see that status changing any time soon.  The house didn't have a kitchen as he didn't like to smell food cooking.  Food was prepared in the servants' lodging.

Little did he know that he would meet and fall in love with MGM's reigning sex symbol of the time, Jean Harlow.  The two of them seemed to be quite an odd couple due to the fact that Paul was rather bookish looking and Jean was considered to be very sexy.  Plus, she was half his age.  However, they fell in love and were married in 1932.  Paul signed the house over to her.  Jean did not like the house as it was too far from the city to suit her.  She was known to climb into the turret and pout.

The house had a very interesting mural in it, featuring many well-known stars of the era:
And here's a photo of the mural in the house:
Two months after their marriage, Paul Bern was found dead of a gunshot wound in the doorway that separated the bedroom f rom the bathroom.  I could tell the story, but look at these links for the story:

Here's a photo of Bern's bedroom, the x marks where his body was, it's the bathroom doorway.
So, was Paul Bern really murdered and the story then covered up?  I think so.

After his death, the house passed through many owners.  In the 1960's, it was purchased by an up and coming Hollywood hairdresser named Jay Sebring.  Jay knew of the history of the house and was fascinated by it.  When did he buy it?  Well, that's a bit sketchy.

Some reports have him buying it in 1960 when he was married, others say he only rented it for several years and then purchased it in the mid 60's and another report said he was only a renter.  That can't be true as his family sold the house after his death.  His girlfriend Sharon Tate liked the house and was photographed there many times.  Here's a photo of her at the house.
She had a very scary experience at the house which is mentioned in a link above.  It didn't deter her from staying at the house.

If you've seen the "Sharon Tate Home Movies," you've seen footage of Sharon and Jay having a cookout with some friends.  This was filmed after her marriage to Roman (she's clearly wearing her wedding ring) and shows Jay kissing her.  This was at his house and shows some nice views of the pool area.

By 1969, according to some of his friends, Jay was also becoming wary of the house's reputation.  A psychic had told him that death awaited him in a house with exposed beams.  As his house had exposed beams, he wasn't spending much time there.  Little did he know that the prediction was true and that it would also take the life of Sharon.

A description of the house from someone who saw it in the Paul Bern era:  Inside the entrance was a steep spiral staircase that led to the attic.  Halfway up was a small door that led to the turret.  After entering the front door, you'd go past a small hallway and down a few steps to the living room which featured 2 built-in bookcases (bar behind one, hidden panel to wine cellar too)  If you took the staircase at the entrance to the upstairs, you'd find the bedroom, bathroom and dining room.  The dining room was in the turret.

Now the house has 8 rooms including 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it's 1725 square feet and the estimated value is $1.2 million.  At the time of Jay's death, the house was worth $80K.

To see some great pix of the house from  the Bern and Harlow era:


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Venus!

Unknown said...

Great job Venus,interesting stuff.
More Folks contributing is going to make this place keep getting better and better in the new Year.

starship said...

Just curious: what is the source of the psychic telling him that "death awaited him in a house with exposed beams" deal?

katie8753 said...

Thanks Venus. Lots of interesting info I hadn't seen before.

I think he was murdered too. The whole thing just doesn't add up. Harlow marries this guy she barely knows in a quickie wedding. Then by some accounts, she was ecstatically happy, but how could she be? She was married to a guy that she had almost nothing in common with and living in a house she detested.

Do you know if they ever added a kitchen? Surely someone did.

I never knew that he was living with a woman before he met Harlow. And she disappears the next day after his death?

CarolMR said...

Great post, Venus! I knew your first post would be about Jay! Sounds like it was a beautiful home. I remember the part in the home movies where Jay and Sharon kiss and doesn't she keep looking at him lovingly as he walks away? Hmm...
Wasn't Paul Bern still married to another woman when he married Jean Harlow? He was a bigamist. His first wife was not stable and one rumor is that she killed him and then committed suicide. When Jean found out about the first, and only legal, wife she paid for her funeral and on the gravestone she had inscribed Mrs. Paul Bern. I thought that was a caring and thoughtful thing for Jean to do; she had a reputation for being a good person.

Venus said...

Thanks everyone. Lynyrd and Matt, thank you!

Starship, there was never a name mentioned for the psychic. I wish I knew it too!

Katie, there was a kitchen added, but I have no idea when it was added. I thought it was so weird that the dining room was upstairs!

Thanks to Katie and Carol too.

I don't think Paul Bern and Dorothy Millette were legally married, it was a common-law arrangement. I don't know much about those things so I don't know if he would've been considered to be a bigamist or not. Since it wasn't a legal marriage, I'm thinking no, but I have no idea.

I've always heard nice things about Jean Harlow too, she had a sweet face.

Yep, that kiss between Sharon and Jay was in the pool area of the house. She was married to Roman at the time so that makes the story a bit more intriguing.

CarolMR said...

Venus, that makes the story "a bit more intriguing" indeed!!

katie8753 said...

Venus that's such a strange house. Did it have 2 staircases? One leading to the attic and one leading to the bedroom?

It is strange that the dining room was upstairs.

Do you have any idea if the house had a kitchen when Jay lived there? Do you have any other pics of the interior of the house?

I think it's ironic that someone reported that a car drove away from the Easton Drive home in a big hurry the night Paul died, and also a neighbor reported that Jay drove away from the house in a big hurry the last day of his life. I know these 2 occurrences aren't connected, but I just thought it was ironic.

Venus said...

Katie, I don't have my notes handy right now. I know there was a staircase when you entered the house that would go upstairs and I think there was another staircase that led to the turret. When I can find my notes, I'll see what I wrote.

There are many similarities and ironic coincidences. Here's one: Jean Harlow and Sharon Tate both lived in the house in their early 20's. Both were livng elsewhere when they died at the age of 26.

katie8753 said...

Venus, that is ironic.

I was thinking that if Jay bought that house when he was married to Cami, surely it had a kitchen. I can't imagine a woman not wanting a kitchen.

I wonder how Cami felt about the house.

Venus said...

I'm guessing that the next owners after Paul Bern had a kitchen put in.

Cami was a model, I wonder if she cooked or if they did a lot of take-out.

I've heard that they lived there in 1960 until their separation, but who knows if that's true or not? I think she's supposed to be in the documentary, maybe she'll do some talking about their relationship.

katie8753 said...

Venus what documentary? Did I miss something? I'd like to watch it.

katie8753 said...

Venus your first thread is great. Kudos to you. I know you will do a lot of good work for this blog.


katie8753 said...

Well I'm sorry that no one else commented. It's just the sorry story of this blog......

FrankM said...

La-de-la asked … why is the abuse by Katie excepted (sic) and accepted?. I take ‘excepted’ to mean ‘expected’.

I think that to answer this question we need a lengthy draught of the milk of human kindness, and I hope Katie will not object too much if I speak about her openly.

Anyone who has been on this blog for more than a couple of weeks will have come to learn the rhythms of Katie’s posting: the flash of anger and frustration; the cascading effect of one vehement and uncontrollable post after another; the inability to stem the flow and realize enough is enough. And that tomorrow is another day.

We can speculate about why this is so; we can allow ourselves to be exasperated by it; we can try to distance ourselves from it; we can react to it in like fashion. This last option of course only fans the fire, a fire as often as not ignited by posters –consciously or unconsciously– waving what at certain times Katie can and indeed must see as a provocative red flag.

Although it is patently none of our business we can speculate as to why this happens, but this is not the point. If Katie were a member of our RL family (and I use the RL analogy here advisedly) we would accept her behavior, accommodate to her outbursts and provide such support as we were able to.

We would probably behave the same if Katy were a friend of a friend, or if we knew a little more about why she does what she does. In an ideal world, in a caring community, we would do the same for all people. If we see a distressed person in a public place, we do not normally insult them. If accosted by someone whose judgment is clearly impaired, temporarily or permanently, we do not normally attack them. No, the default human condition is to help, to comfort, to support.

The Internet is a strange place (the cartoons were spot on), and it is so easy for compassion to go out of the window. Katy is as valid a member of this forum as anyone else who posts here, and has made some very interesting contributions. She has also had times where she has clearly not been in control of what she has posted. In all these cases that I have observed she has made subsequent amends in various ways, with differing degrees of success.

We should not exclude people because they are not like us, rather we should support them as we can, we should respect their otherness, we should provide a nurturing environment in which they can be the way they are. So, accept Katy for what she is. Don’t be surprised if she flares up as regularly as an Andean volcano, because you know that’s what she does. Deal with it.

I have immense respect for LS, who clearly understands all of this and has the additional burden of trying to run the forum and keep the peace. That he openly and consistently supports Katie restores my faith in humanity.


starship said...

I shall have to view the Sharon Tate movies again myself. I recall them being characterized as being shot while she and Jay were together...not when she was married to Roman...the wedding ring mentioned is intriguing though. I recall you can see ST take a tike of a joint as well, no? Also, they are dressed as if it is rather cold outside as well, no?

There may be some other info out there that can put this into context as well.

starship said...


johnnyseattle said...

Very good thread. I wish there were more interior shots of Eason Drive. Would be great to have some of them colorized...

Amos Russell was Sebring's Butler, I wonder if he is still alive or if he ever recorded his memories of working for Jay Sebring.

He took a polygraph and gave a written statement to the police. Has anyone seen it?

sunset77 said...

I missed all the drama :(

If this is your first post Venus, it's a good one, thanx. It's difficult to find anything "new" or relevant or interesting to post here. That's why I haven't tried to post anything lately, I simply don't have anything.

I did see a comment on the previous thread about the old movie "It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963)" I always liked that movie because of the number of famous Hollywood stars in it. I doubt if there was ever a movie before or since with so many. I looked on IMDB and I recognized the names of 22 that were all household names. (I counted the 3 Stooges as 3)

The entire film can probably be found online for free, a 4 minute clip can be seen HERE.

If I remember correctly, the money is under the big "W".

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hello Frank.
Happy New Year... it's great to see you.

I always agree with your insightful posts.
As usual, you're assessment is spot-on.

When people ask questions as "La-de-la" did... there's the patented answer... and then, there's the real answer.
Most times, it's best to avoid the real answer, as to preserve the feelings of others.

You've already "gone there" as they say... so, allow me to expound.

I know some people judge me as "playing favorites" in regards to Katie.

The truth of the matter, is that there's clearly a handful of folks online, who have some legitimate issues.

I treat Katie, JimNY... (and a few others) with all the patience I can muster, because it's clear to me, that they have legitimate issues.

It's an act of kindness and compassion (on my part) extended to those who may otherwise be shunned.

I've been accused of running the "retard blog" on a number of occasions.
As you're well aware Frank... I'm nobody's fool... and, I'm certainly not a retard.

I treat people with legitimate issues respectfully, and that's why they gravitate to me.
It's as simple, as that.
Yes... it makes my job ten-fold harder... and usually makes me (and my blog collectively) the brunt of jokes and ridicule.
But... it's the right thing to do, so I continue as best I can.

There's no doubt that Katie has brought this blog to it's knees on many occasions.
She's also brought me within inches of my sanity quite a few times.
(I'm dead serious about that)

But forced to choose, I'd probably close the blog completely before banning her.
That would be the noble thing to do.

For all her faults... Katie has invested countless hours of work here.
She's been by my side, since day one.
The blog is now established, with several authors in place... and I could easily manage without her.
But the plain truth, is that... this blog would not have survived it's crucial first year without her.
When you start a blog, it's pretty tough sailing initially.
The blog survived it's first year... and is here today... because Katie was by my side.
That's the God's-Honest truth.
Anyone who enjoys this blog, owes Katie a debt of gratitude.

As one of the characters in the movie "Young Guns" so aptly said:
"Sometimes it's tough having pals".

Katie will sink me completely in the end... I know that.
It's a simple fact.
But... sometimes "you gotta do, what you gotta do".
I'm prepared to go down with that ship.

You can't use people to establish a blog, and then, discard them after it's established.
For that reason... I'll continue scolding her... taking her abuse... and cruising the internet offering apologies on her behalf, as long as my strength and sanity prevail.

And THAT... is the REAL answer to "La-De-La's" question.
Those are the REAL reasons, why I make exceptions for Katie.

You're a very perceptive man Frank.

Here's wishing you health, happiness, and prosperity in the coming year.

Best Regards, LS

But right now... I just wanna ring her f#cking neck! LOL!
If "stifle ya'self" only worked in real life... : )

You're a good man Frank.
Don't ever change.

Mary said...

Lynyrd - this is why I love this blog and you!

Mary said...

Lynyrd - this is why I love this blog and you!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to know what I think???

lol :)

Venus- great stuff- you are going to be very good at this!!!

Also- with Mary and Marliese- you have my favorite avatar of all time. " I loves you but, I aint gonna be your fool"...

I HEART Katie!!!

When I first met Katie over at Thlema and Louise- she ripped me apart one night really as good as anyone I have seen her go after since. Today- Katie is one of my 5 favorite people on the Manson blogs...

Things can work out if your heart is in the right place.

As badly as I have acted towards some people in the past- I have tried lately to help people get over the fighting just as much. I Put myself out there a few times in this effort. Still I personally said one thing someone didnt want to hear and it got me public humiliation lol. Total harmony probably will never happen. too many opinions and too little accountability for people to act the same way they would if we were all sitting across a table from each other, and had to face real consequences for the things we say and do- but we DON'T!! So from time to time things are going to get out of hand. There are no rules when you do this in your spare time. It is a fun hobby. We have enough rules in life to follow day to day. there should be some unpredictable element to this- it keeps it fresh. But the spite and the grudges and the personal stuff is just not necessary.

I have decided to just let it go.

you are a good blogger- you suck as a blogger. your a great guy- your a loud mouth. you know a-lot about this case- you know nothing. whats the difference?? If you have an opinion you belong in my opinion. Everyone should have their own and nobody should be allowed to tell anyone else what theirs should or shouldn't be. you can tell someone you dont agree without going into your personal thoughts about them as a human being.

Famous Movie Producers- Self employed blow-hards- stoned slackers- drunken fools, unemployed bums. Regular every day Joes and Sally's...

We are all the same in here :)

People come for entertainment and to learn in some cases. That still happens as long as we keep everything in a proper context.

Maintaining that context and keeping it moving forward with all the distractions is a very hard job, but Lynryd Skynrd you do it as well as anyone... :)

I guess my point is that " this too shall pass"

Katie belongs here and is a major part of my TLB experience. She brought to all of our attention something about the case which someday may end up being very important....

Katie will not sink you L/S as your site is now as relevant as any of the others no matter what people say about the people in it. I drink as much as anyone here and probably get more wasted when I am doing this than any two or three people combined. Sometimes that shows- but I still know my shit and as long as we are talking about the TLB case- their is more conversation on this site and more fair minded people on this site than I encounter on any other- so you keep doing what you are doing and let others say what they will...

If a time comes when you have to pay a price for Katie in any significant way- I will be happy to take on the cost with you

we can all sink together and wherever the three of us wind up...

We will have one hell of a Manson Conversation and many many beers and joints as well...

maudes harold said...

Frank, I did mean 'excepted.' I have enjoyed your posts on a few blogs. It's nice to see you post again.

Lynyrd, I liked your first answer to my question on the other thread.

I sincerely respect this answer.

Once again, it helps me to understand your reasoning and loyalty. I 'get it.'

I've read some blogs where if you do not agree with their opinions or theories, your comments are deleted- which is their right.

I've read some blogs where posters would get a 'tutorial' on how to behave, then 3 strikes and you're out.Again, their right.

Lynyrd, I really appreciate the way you work and now I understand
your position even better.I respect you tremendously and will continue reading this blog.

Katie, you crack me up often, you make very insightful comments and you helped create this place. You are better than the baiters.

One Love

maudes harold said...


As Ricky Ricardo would say...."Thanks for 'splainin'."

starship said...

Now wait a minute....I think I may have been insulted. Between Lynyrd and the Saint I'm sure I fit into one of those categories.

But, you know, what the hell, I'll just keep on keepin on, because I enjoy discussing this case and all of you just too much to worry about it. Especially Katie. I used to get hurt feelings too about anonymous bloggers and their opinions of my opinions. But now, not so much.

Keep up the good work, all of you, but Lynyrd especially. And yes, Venus, terrific post!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thank You Saint.
You're a good man.

You're quick to anger... but even quicker to forgive... and that's probably the most admirable quality, a man can have.

I apologize for our last run-in.
You over-reacted... and then I over-reacted.
We both over-reacted.

We're back to square one Saint.
We're on good terms.

Here's wishing you All the Best in 2013.

Most Sincerely... Lynyrd

katie8753 said...

Frank so good to see you again. Your presence is always an honor. Thanks.

Hi Mary! Good to see you too.

St. C, as usual your way with words is uplifting. It appears that you and I have the dubious honor of sharing the spotlight at the Col's blog. LOL. But you and I also have a habit of "standing out" among the crowd.

Starship I agree with you completely. I've always loved your comments and admire your knowledge about this case.

Johnny I would love to see more interior shots of Easton Drive. And an interview with anyone who knew Jay back then would be so interesting.

La de La, thanks!

I would like to apologize to anyone whose feelings I've stomped on. It's just absolutely unnecessary. I guess I'm just wound too tight. No harm intended, as funny as that sounds.

Very good thread Venus!! Thanks for all your hard work!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

OK... I have to ask Mary this question, while she's "in the house"... LOL


The last time we spoke... you said you purchased "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" (the book, not the drug, LOL) at my suggestion.

What did you think of it?

I'm assuming you hated it, as you never gave us an update.

It's actually my favorite book of all-time.

I have a feeling, I'm gonna be a bit disappointed with your reply. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.

Henry Ford

Some people carry their hearts in their heads; very many carry their heads in their hearts. The difficulty is to keep them apart, yet both actively working together.

Augustus Hare

Its all good :) We do our Best.

Every one of us!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Great to see you Bob!
Happy New Year Brother!!!

Mary said...

Lynyrd - I am staring at the book now...but have not read it. My business is flourishing and I have not had the pleasure to read anything but about about the banking industry. I look forward to cracking it open around March...after busy season.

maudes harold said...


You are better than all the baiters, especially the Master Baiters!! Couldn't resist either!!


Nice post! I've loved this house and the history that swirls around it. The pics are great.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mary!! Glad to hear your doing well :)

Venus said...

I really love this blog and all who are a part of it. Katie is one of my special pals. When I win the Lotto and buy Jay's house, she'll be my first guest (and then the rest of you can come over for a pool party!!)

Starship, when you watch the Sharon Tate home movies, watch for the scene here she and Jay are sitting side by side. She keeps putting her ifngers by her mouth and she is definitely wearing her wedding ring.

Saint C, thanks for the compliment!

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this thread!

I am working on ideas for others.

CarolMR said...

"And an interview with anyone who knew Jay back then would be so interesting." - katie

I've spoken to Venus before about this. I can't believe how few people have spoken about Jay. He knew almost everyone in Hollywood, yet so many are silent. I think a biography of him would be fascinating, but everyone he knew/worked with is dying off.

Venus said...

Remember, his nephew is working on a documentary featuring many people who did know Jay such as Cami, Dominick Dunne, Dennis Hopper and many more. When it's done, I'm sure many of our questions will be answered. I hope so anyway!

MrPoirot said...

I always thought Jay was waiting his turn to marry Sharon. I thought he knew that Roman was just a carreer move for Sharon and that it was not permanent. Jay planned on flying in after the divorce like a hawk and swooping up Sharon. If Sharon had Jay sitting on her bed then she was deliberately putting out signals to Jay that her time with Roman was temporary since Roman was mainly interested in himself. Jay was murdered while working patiently to catch Sharon on the rebound.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Wow Mary...
You're "flourishing in the banking industry"?? LOL
Holy cow.
That's probably the best reason I've heard yet, for not reading a "hippie book"! LOL

Well, anyway... keep up the good work... and remember me, when you come into your fortune! LOL
Maybe we could throw a party.
It'd be kinda like "Weekend at Bernie's", except your name isn't Bernie... and you don't die! LOL
Weekend at Mary's??? LOL

I'm just teasin' ya.
I'm glad you're doing well.

I can totally relate.
I'm often distracted by banking success, as well... AHahahaha

You ROCK Mary!
Happy New Year!

(Funny... whenever bloggers disappear, I never consider it's because they're meeting with too much success. I always envision MIA's in the chow line at a soup kitchen. LOL! I guess I'd better re-think my innate skepticism.) LOL

OK... I'll stop now.

Venus said...

Mr. Poirot, I've occasionally had the same thoughts.

MrPoirot said...

Voytek was using Roman's friendship as an in to being a writer in the entertainment world. Voytek had no money and Gibby did. Gibby liked being connected to the Hollywood scene which Voytek provided. Every friendship in that house was built off what Roman. Would Roman stay with Sharon? Would Roman jumpstart Voytek's career?

Everything was precarious. Gibby worried Voytek was a rollng stone. Sharon knew Roman was a cad. Voytek knew Roman was tired of him being a hanger-on. Cielo was a miniature Peyton Place. Then Charlie came in and effed up everything.

CarolMR said...

I hope you're right about Jay's nephew's documentary, Venus. Dominick Dunne has been gone a couple of years, so I guess Anthony has been working on his docu for quite some time.

Venus said...

I think the baby would've made a big difference too. Would Sharon have wanted to stay with a guy who cheated on her and raise her baby in that atmosphere? She didn't even tlel him she was pregnant until it was too late for her to get an abortion. Of course, we'll never know the answers to these questions, but it makes you wonder.

Venus said...

Carol, he started woeking on it a few years ago. That's when I first read about it. I think it's a tremendous undertaking and I'm sure he wants to honor his uncle and do it well. Dominick Dunne spoke kindly about Jay in one of his books so I'll be interested in hearing his comments in the documentary.

johnnyseattle said...

well, looks like the brouhaha is over and hopefully everyone has come to terms.

lynyrd, your blog is not a joke. i regularly visit it to see what's going on. running a successful blog is no little task and it's clear that with these new contributors you'll be putting out some powerful threads in 2013. btw, i appreciate that you've allowed me to come and comment.

katie, you're a good person and i know you get angry because you care deeply about this subject. i hope you continue to post here. on matters related to helter-skelter i always listen to what you have to say on the topic.

now, lets all get along in honor of Lynryd. everyone knows that his favorite holiday is coming up and he will tolerate no fighting during Kwanza.

Brian Davis said...

Frank M, you are one of the best writers I have ever read anywhere.
Thanks !

katie8753 said...

I wasn't going to comment again today, but you guys are the sweetest, warmest, most caring people I think I've ever encountered on an internet blog. And that's saying a lot about a "Manson" blog. LOL.

Brian, you're right. Frank M. is amazing. I'm a vocabulary and grammar buff, but when Frank speaks I have to run for the dictionary most times.

Venus & Carol, I can't wait to see the documentary on Jay. I hope it comes out soon.

Mr. P, I agree with everything you said about Jay & Sharon. Spot on.

La De La...Master Baiters. HA HA HA.

Hi Sunset!!

Johnny you crack me up.

Hi Bobby!!! Red Skelton used to say every week...

Good night, and God Bwess


johnnyseattle said...

on Behalf of Lynyrd, Happy Kwanza

starship said...

Yes, look I have to express my doubts: I really do not believe the Sharon Tate Home Movies shot at JS house was while she was married to Roman. It just doesn't feel right...I looked at them again and if she has something on her finger, I am not at all sure what it is. Wasn't she engaged to Jay as well? Might it not have been that kind of band?

Anyway, I looked around and can't seem to find any other context for the time. If anyone out there can that would be very interesting indeed.

starship said...

Yes, look I have to express my doubts: I really do not believe the Sharon Tate Home Movies shot at JS house was while she was married to Roman. It just doesn't feel right...I looked at them again and if she has something on her finger, I am not at all sure what it is. Wasn't she engaged to Jay as well? Might it not have been that kind of band?

Anyway, I looked around and can't seem to find any other context for the time. If anyone out there can that would be very interesting indeed.

katie8753 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Leigh said...

Really enjoyed this post so popping in to give it some love. More broadly speaking, I genuinely enjoy this blog and its contributors and I believe Lynyrd does his best to run it with fairness and integrity. I don't like every single thing that every person posts, but so what? Like any blog, there things to take and things to leave. The frequency of my lurking speaks for itself though. Keep on keepin' on, LSB3.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Leigh. Venus knows all about Jay & Sharon.

You don't have to lurk. Post any time you want.

We may doze...but we never close...

Sometimes we get a little rowdy, but we always kiss and make up. LOL

If you have an idea for a thread, just send it to Lynyrd. You will be given full credit.

Thanks again! :)

Venus said...

Starship, she's clearly wearing her wedding ring. Look at the coat she's wearing, she also wore it in photos with Roman. Plus, look at the hair. Jay's hair was shorter when he and Sharon were dating. It's longer and shaggier here. She was definitely married when the home movies were taken.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

This is nuts! Yes, the house had a kitchen. The kitchen also had a rain machine outside the window because it was on the same wall as the master bedroom.

I have not been in the house since I lived there with Jay. But my memory was that you walked in and to the left was the bookcase with the hidden bar room behind it. The living room had open beams as did the master.

I am recalling diamond or mullion paned windows on the north side of the house, overlooking the pool. If you walked through the living room, there was a normal stairway on the left leading up to the 2nd floor where there was the master bedroom and master bath and a walk-in closet. at the other end of the master was a room that we used as a gym. The master had electric curtains and a rain machine on the south end, so we heard rain as we slept at night. On the north sde of the bedroom was a window seat with the leaded glass diamond panes. There are photos on the nternet of me in that window taken by Mr. Hatami and another one in the living room, but it is a close-up, so you can''t see any details of the living room. I am thinking there was a fireplace to the left of the main stairway.
up a smaller stairway there was on the right a bathroom and on the left a bedroom with dormers and slanted ceilings. Jay kept most of his clothes in this closet and it had the slanted ceils.

Steve Mc Queen frequently slept in this room when he stayed over.

The dining room was up a stair or two at the south end of the living room and there was a back door off this room. We rarely used the dining room.The Kitchen was basically under the stairway and n the same level as the Dining room. It had a plate glass window behind the sink and artificial plants to resemble a rain forest.

I am fairly certain the house for sale which is being touted as part of the Sebring Estate was in actuality The Carmichael's home it was on Easton Drive before the right turn on to Rimmel which is where the actual entrance to our home was. The Carmichaels were the servants of Paul Bern. There was a flagstone stairway leading from the pool down to their "cottage" During our time there a bartender/actor named Sandy Kevin (McPeak) lived in the cottage. He worked at Sneaky Pate's on the sunset strip. Our next closest neighour was Stu Whitman. He was at the very end of Easton.

I don't remember a spiral staircase and I believe I would because I used to hate spiral staircases.

Sharmagne Leland-St. John-Sylbert said...

PS; There were 2 dressing rooms and I believe the laundry room under the house by the pool. That's where the carvings of the "famous" people are carved on the ends of the beams.

We had no garage. We parked in a carport at the top of the stairs on Rimmel. I was up there last year and took pictures. The place is a bit rundown and has a lot of junk throw around.

Unknown said...

Anybody have any information on the other deaths in the house besides Paul Bern's??? It say 2 other people committed suicide in the house and 1 other person drowned in the pool...But there isn't any info about it on-line..Seems just as interesting.......................