Sunday, April 15, 2012

Starcity Radio Show 4-15-12...  DeJon R Lewis & Mary Brunner

I checked out the Starcity Radio show tonight.  It was very interesting and enjoyable. 
Brian spoke with Manson's (parole hearing) attorney DeJon R Lewis.

Lewis stated that Manson would have stood a much better chance at being paroled in 2012, if he received mental health treatment, much earlier-on in his incarceration.  Lewis felt, this treatment may have encouraged/aided Manson in making the appropriate changes and upgrades to himself... which would make a shot at parole (2012) viable. 
I agree.  That was the general theme, of Lewis' input.

Unfortunately, that early intervention never happened for Manson... and at this point... the horse is/was pretty much out of the barn. 
Given the cards Lewis was dealt... he pursued a (mental health) hospitalization placement (transfer) for Manson... to no result.

The most interesting part of the interview:
Lewis stated that Manson chose not to attend the hearing... because Manson made "special requests" of the guards... which they (the guards) refused to comply with. 
I was dying to know what those "special requests" were... but, the conversation never turned back to that topic.  Knowing Manson... those "special requests" could have been just about anything.  As everyone recalls... Manson made unusual "special requests" during his original trial... which (in part) led to Judge Keene revoking Manson's right to defend himself.

Shortly after Manson was found guilty, Kathleen Maddox (his mother) said, in an interview:
"I still believe, that if those jurors would just talk to Charles for 15 minutes, they could see he's mentally ill.  He needs treatment-- has for years.  I don't know what to do now".
Full article:

Afterwards... Brian revealed a recent photo of Mary Brunner.  Personally... I'm convinced the photo is actually Mary.  The photo is posted at

Brian "plugged" our blog a couple times, and was very gracious... thanking me for my visit.
Katie is a regular over there, and always receives great treatment... and has a good time.
Here's a return plug for Brian:


Brian Davis said...

Lynyrd, I came over right now to thank you for dropping in on our program tonight and to my pleasant surprise I read your great post as well !

So a double shot of much thanks Lynyrd for the mention and link back !

And your review was spot on, friend, as all of your writings I've read have beem

In hindsight, you are so right:
"Lewis stated that Manson chose not to attend the hearing... because Manson made "special requests" of the guards... which they (the guards) refused to comply with.
I was dying to know what those "special requests" were... but, the conversation never turned back to that topic."

I missed the mark there, I should have definitely followed up with what those "special requests" were and I don't know why I didn't, lol ! Because I, like you, was and am dying to know.

And please know, you, Katie or anyone from the LSB3 will always be well received by us. We like and certainly respect what you are doing even if you all are a bunch of "inbred drunks" ! LOL ! I am too ! Thanks again Lynyrd and Katie ! Looking forward to more from the LSB3 !

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Brian.

I really enjoyed the radio show tonight.
Attorney Lewis seemed like a personable, realistic, well-grounded guy.
I had stated on a previous thread, that shooting for a hospital transfer (for Manson)… instead of outright parole… was actually a brilliant card (for Lewis) to play.
Everyone, including Lewis (I’m sure) knew an outright parole was never (in a million years) going to be granted.
The mental hospital transfer, at least had a tiny glimmer of hope.
If you’re in Lewis’ shoes… investing your time… you might as well shoot for something which is within the realm of earthly possibility. LOL
That resonated with me… however inconsequential on it’s face… as being a shrewd move.

Truth be told…
I’d really like to frequent your radio show more often… but, Sunday evenings (unfortunately) are very difficult, given my schedule.
However, I’ll definitely try to be present whenever possible.

Your generous references to my blog, and your kind treatment of Katie on a weekly basis, are much appreciated.
She really looks forward to your show every week.
Heck… she blows me off to go over there!
Katie says:
“I gotta go… my radio show is starting in 5 minutes”! LOL
That’s right… “my” radio show!
Can you believe it?! LOL
I had to check it out.
I was starting to think you were giving away cash over there! : )
All kidding aside... Thanks for making her feel welcome.
You're a gentleman.

Any chance of getting Attorney Lewis back on the horn, and asking what those “special requests” were???
Talk about a cliffhanger! LOLOL
I'm just bustin’ ya! : )

Peace Brother and Best Regards… Lynyrd

katie8753 said...

Thanks Brian! I love your show!!

You and LC are perfect together. The show is always fun, entertaining and informative! I also love the live banter in the chatroom, which can be simply hilarious at times.

Keep up the good work!! See you next Sunday! :)

katie8753 said...

I want to mention to anyone out there who is interested in this program, it's very simple. Just go to the website and click "Listen Live". You can just sit and listen to the show and read the chatroom comments without logging in.

Or if you'd like to log in and participate, you can do so anonymously if you prefer.

It's an hour of lively discussion, interviews and just plain fun!!

Sunday nights at 8:06pm Eastern Time.

katie8753 said...

You know, that attorney may not be able to reveal what those "special requests" were. I don't know.

Dill....what you do think?

pvm777 said...

Ill bet his "special requests" were along the lines of clothing. Before you could wear street clothes then it got made that they have to wear their jail clothes. I seen it one time where he wouldnt come out because they wouldnt allow him to wear a special shirth he wanted to wear. Contrary to belief he does have an ego and he prolly wanted to look a certain way. PLUS the last corespondance I got from him in Feb he was in the "hole".

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

You could very well be correct.

Charlie likes to look cool, with his winter hat, sunglasses and bandana around his neck. : )

He doesn't wanna go out, lookin' like no punk! LOL

katie8753 said...

PVM, you're probably right.

Charlie won't appear in public looking like a doddering old fool with drooping old man ear lobes and big hairy nostrils.

He'd rather be remembered with that "wild eyed stare". LOL.

Venus said...

Sun. night isn't good for me either. Otherwise, I'd love to participate.

katie8753 said...

Venus that's too bad. I'm sure you'd have fun with it!

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

"Special requests" were that he not have to wear leg irons and hand cuffs and be able to use a wheelchair. Which is not unreasonable for a 77 year old man. Other handicapped or aged prisoners are allowed.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Maybe they could have compromised... and just shackled him to the wheelchair. LOL

Sorry... I couldn't resist.

I can't imagine they'd ever deny someone a wheelchair.
I'm assuming it was the requests regarding removal of leg irons and hand cuffs they objected to?

Unless they're crazier than Charlie is...

I have to admit...
The footage I saw, with Leslie Van Houten walking into the parole hearing in an ornage jumpsuit... with hands handcuffed... looked a bit like "overkill" to me.
I mean seriously...
Where is a woman of her age going any time fast... from a parole hearing, accompanied by 2-3 guards?

Oh well...
Rules are rules. LOL

Peace... Lynyrd

katie8753 said...

AC, is wearing leg irons and hand cuffs and using a wheelchair up to the guards? Wouldn't that decision come from higher up? Why didn't he just ask his attorney about those requests?