Saturday, April 16, 2011

BOOKING SHEET... 8-16-69... PAGE 4


Anonymous said...

L/S- I have bad eyes, and am hungover :) Is that guy Bryn on any of these lists? is this Vera person on to anything?

katie8753 said...

Hi Circumstance.

If you click on it, it makes it bigger, but it's still kinda hard to read.

I didn't see anybody named Bryn on there. Does he go by another name?

Hmmmm...Sadie's baby had blond hair and blue eyes? Well, we know for sure that Charlie wasn't the baby daddy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Katie!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Circumstance.

It seems many of them used aliases, even with the police here, so it’s confusing at best, like everything else in this case.

“Sadie Mae Glutz” is listed… instead of Susan Atkins.
Vera said Sandy Good wasn’t arrested that day. But, a “Sandra Collins Pugh” was arrested that day.

Bottom line: There’s a large number of names, I don’t recognize at all.
It does break-down everyone listed by date of birth, height, weight, age, hair color, eye color… if any cares to break things down from there.

The closest thing to Bryn, would be #17... On page three.
That listing could possibly be your man.

David Brian Ranum (or Kanum), 917 Venezia, Venice. Male, Caucasian, Blond hair, Blue Eyes,
Booking# 892 2 55.

Unfortunately, his date of birth, height and weight are completely un-readable.
His entry is literally the most illegible entry of the entire 4 sheets!
It almost looks like someone obscured it intentionally.

Honestly Circumstance, I wasn’t following the conversation closely at Colonel’s at all.
I just know this incident, on this day, was mentioned several times.
I hope this helps someone.

The Names as they are Listed……


1) Charles Milles Manson
2) Richard Allen Smith
3) John Harold Swartz, JR
4) Sandra Collins Pugh
5) Leslie Sue Owens
6)Nancy Laura Pitman
7) Larry Eugene Craven
8) Barbara Cryer
9) Carol Mathews
10) Mary Ann Scott
11) Ruth Smith
12) Shirley Amanda McCoy
13) Lynn Alice Fromme
14) John Leo Flynn
15) Robert Milton Rinehard
16) Grant Mollan
17) David Brian Ranum (Kanum?)
18) Julia Roberts
19) Sadie mae Glutz
20) Ruth Ann Heuvelhurst
21) Patricia Anne Burke
22) Vern Edward Thompson
23) Larry Jones
24) Catherine Anne James
25) Catherine Lynn Drake
26)Herbert Townsend Jr.

These are all children and infants…

1) John Friedman (dob 3-26-59)
2) Zozezose Zadfrack Glutz (dob 10-7-68)
3) Michael Shawn (16 mos)
4) Dennis DeCarlo (17 mos)
5) Tanya Kasabian (18 mos)

Peace... Lynyrd

katie8753 said...

This is on Cat's website:

David Brian Hanum
Male White, 5'10, 170 bln blu
DOB: 1-8-49
POB: Burbank, California
Ident mark: 1" scar, r/temple
Address: 917 Venezia, Venice

Does that help???

Leslie Sue Owens is Horseteeth. Never heard her go by that name before.

katie8753 said...

This is on the Col's site:

Bryan Lesue Lukashevsky 21930 Canon Dr Topanga 1-28-48 M W 6-1 160 bln blu DL# P 188 944 aka Bryan Lukas

There's no one on the arrest sheet with that date of birth. I'm assuming he wasn't arrested that day????

katie8753 said...

OK this Vera says:

>>>While each of the 8/16 arrest mug shots (and booking sheets if you can get them, too) include the identical file #: 469-02614-10721-029 in the upper right hand corner, >>>

That is the number at the top of each page, except for one digit. It's 1071, not 10721.

Also, at the bottom of page 4 it says continued on page 5.

Lynyrd do you have a page 5? He could be on that page, not sure.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Katie.

Your David Brian Hanum... that's gotta be #17, from page 3.
Same exact address, hair color, eye color.

Could this #17, be the infamous "Bryn", "Brian"?
I honestly have no idea.
These folks all have 5 aliases.

As I said...
I really wasn't following the conversation at Colonel's closely at all.

At any rate...
The sheets are here for everyone, if they care to look. Informational feedback is appreciated.

Peace... Lynyrd.

Anonymous said...

This is all very intriguing...

thanks for spelling it out for me- I couldn't really read those lists...

17 sounds like the point of contention- but lets see how it plays out...

All of the Bryn stuff is new to me...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Arrestee #17, Page 3:

David Brian Hanum
Male White, 5'10, 170 bln blu
DOB: 1-8-49
POB: Burbank, California
Ident mark: 1" scar, r/temple
Address: 917 Venezia, Venice

There's only 10 male names on the list (other than Manson)... and that's the only name that's even close., to "Bryn" or "Brian".


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

AC, is posting on the previous thread, if anyone wants to pop-in and say hello.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Evidently, Marilyn Manson may be playing the part of Tex Watson, in this (supposedly) upcoming movie.
Do any of these movies ever, actually come-out?
I'm not a big movie-goer, but it seems for every 6 of these Manson movies they advertise, maybe one makes it to the big screen... if that.

I gotta say, if I was Tex, I'd be a bit insulted.
I mean... I'm nowhere near gay, but I've got eyes in my head.
Tex is, and was, a much better-looking man, than Marilyn Manson.

katie8753 said...

Tyler Shields is going to direct the movie and also play Manson.

>>>Shields told Entertainment Weekly that he intends to go “all the way” in depicting the visceral murder scenes on L.A.'s Cielo Drive, a crime that left five dead in what was one of the most gruesome murders of the decade.

“I want this to really hit people in a really specific place,” said the artist, who is known for his shock tactics in the fashion world.>>>

IF..this movie is made, it's going to be very gruesome.

I wonder what Polanski thinks of all this??

>>>Lynyrd said: I gotta say, if I was Tex, I'd be a bit insulted.
I mean... I'm nowhere near gay, but I've got eyes in my head.
Tex is, and was, a much better-looking man, than Marilyn Manson.>>>

Every guy is better looking than Marilyn Manson. Can he even act anyway? Since this is supposed to be taking place in 1969, seems like they'd want a much YOUNGER guy. HA HA.

G. Knight said...

Why is Danny DeCarlo not on the list but his son Dennis is? There are plenty of pictures of him with his hands cuffed in the front at this raid. Curious.

ozfan22 said...

Dennis Decarlo was put in a foster home with friends of our family. He was then adopted and name changed. He does not know of his birth situation. He grew up with great parents and family vacations with our family.