Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 12-31-59, Auto Burglary, Part Two
Manson is cleared, for lack of evidence.
Harold Blevins is connected to the theft.


katie8753 said...

Well as usual, Charlie got off with a slap on the wrist. I'm sure he was guilty of something.

Boy if you ever want to commit a serious crime, do it in Los Angeles. You'll never be caught. HA HA HA.

This is what Ed has to say:

"On December 24, 1959, Christmas Eve, Manson was arrested and was accused of sending a person named Harold in a stolen car with Candy and a girl named Elizabeth to Needles, CA in order to deal out bod. He was soon released for lack of evidence. On New Year's Eve 1959, Manson was picked up on charges of stealing credit cards, but was released on January 4, 1960."

I wonder if this "Harold" is Harold Blevins.

Charlie was already getting into "ordering people what to do" even back then.

katie8753 said...

I guess Manson let Harold take the rap for the stolen car, even if he's the one who stole it.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Welcome "Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979"!
Thanks for adding yourself as a follower.

That's one kick-ass name, and one kick-ass avatar! LOL

I also like the movies "Drugstore Cowboy" and "Requiem for a Dream"!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Katie...

I'm sure it's the same "Harold".

How many "Harolds" could Manson have been invloved with, concerning both credit card theft, and auto theft, in the same week in 1959?

The way I interpret the paperwork, is that a car was stolen (that's obvious), and although Manson was arrested, Harold Blevins ultimately took the rap.
Probably because Blevins was the actual operator of the vehicle.
Manson was found to have used several of the victim's (owner of the car's) credit cards.

Blevin's was brought-in for the car.
Manson for the car owners credit cards.
You gotta wonder how they got the car, and the credit cards of the same peron huh?
Folks don't usually leave credit cards in their car.

Seems Charlie was working pretty fast, even back in '59 huh?

From the Report:
"Subsequent investigation, failed to connect suspect (Manson) to this offense, however information was developed re one Harold Estel Blevins in custody of LAPD for auto theft, who is possibly connected with herein concerned bruglary."

"In-as-much as suspect has been identified as using victim's credit cards, suspect released to Sgts. Young and Northrop, LAPD Hollywood Detectives."

"Investigation continues re suspect Blevins.
Further reports to follow".

katie8753 said...

Hi Lynyrd.

It's obvious that Charlie ordered Harold to drive to Needles, CA with some chicks to "out a bod". Sell sex.

I used to keep my gas credit cards in my console because it was easier to dig them out of there, instead of my billfold. I got my car broken into and they stole the cards (not the car). After that...I didn't leave any cards in my car. I think people did that a lot back then.

Charlie was doing double time even back then....ordering Harold to pimp for him.

HA HA. You gotta hand it to that guy...he knew how to work it!!

Welcome "Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979". Errrr...I'll just call you Missy.

Join in anytime.

bedpan25 said...

manson got all kinds of breaks where various arrests were concerned. of course that's a point always brought up by proponents of the manson/mk-ultra theory right? the government was giving charlie a break so that he could get out of prison in 1967 and destroy the image of the peace-loving hippie.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I'll tell ya Bedpan...
For a guy on parole, committing crimes daily... Manson had nine lives. I don't know how he pulled it off. It's nothing short of uncanny.
Maybe he had Susan sleeping with his parole officer. LOL