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Friday, October 26, 2018

William Weston writes....


The following is a suggestion for a thread on the Tate-LaBianca Homicide Research Blog. It involves glasses that were found in the Tate home and did not belong to the victims or the killers. This indicates that at least one other person was in the house that night.

When Charles Manson announced to his followers at Spahn Ranch on August 8, 1969 "Now is the time for Helter Skelter,” he told Tex Watson, Patricia Krenwinkel, Susan Atkins, and Linda Kasabian to get knives and changes of clothes. Shortly after midnight, they entered the home of actress Sharon Tate at 10500 Cielo Drive in Benedict Canyon and brutally murdered her and four other people.

Originally, the police believed the slaughter at the Tate house was the work of one man. A clue to his identity was a pair of glasses found in the living room. A lieutenant for the Los Angeles Police Department, Robert Helder, showed them to the press on October 23 and said that the killer probably lost them during the struggle with the victims. He further said the owner was extremely near-sighted and could not operate a vehicle without them. An unusual feature was the plastic lenses. Unlike glass lenses, plastic resisted shattering and was the choice of very active people such as athletes. The amber-colored, horn-rimmed frames were of a specific type manufactured by the American Optical Corp. The customized bend of the temple shafts showed that the left ear was about one-fourth to one-half inch higher than the right. Police sent flyers to thousands of eye doctors, hoping that someone might provide information about the man who bought them. 

Glasses found at the Tate house.

What the news media hailed as a major breakthrough in October quickly became an almost forgotten loose end in December after the arrest of Charles Manson, Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, and Linda Kasabian, none of whom wore glasses.

When the case came to trial, prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi feared that defense attorneys might bring up the glasses and make the reasonable assertion that at least one killer was still at large. From that standpoint, they could argue that the wrong people were on trial. As it turned out, the glasses were never mentioned during the Manson trial nor the Tex Watson trial. (Helter Skelter, 1974, pp. 106, 109, 380).

The mystery of the glasses has never been solved. One thing is clear: at least one other person had participated in the slaughter at the Tate house on August 9, 1969.

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Well, the anniversary of the TLB murders is "coming down fast"!

On November 17th, Julien's will be auctioning a lot of Sharon's personal items.  Just in time for Quentin Tarentino's movie "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood".

Sharon Tate Memorabilia Hitting Auction Block

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"The Ultimate Evil" is Finally Put to Rest

With DNA solving the murder of Arliss Perry we can finally throw out all our copies of the late Maury Terry’s Ultimate Evil which tried to connect Charles Manson and the Son of Sam Murders as some kind of East-West Satanic Cult. Maybe there’s hope for us yet that some new Manson info might emerge....

Suspect in 1974 California church murder appears to kill self
Steve Crawford and Arlis Perry

Steve Crawford, 72, apparently killed himself as authorities knocked on his door to serve a search warrant for the murder of 19-year-old Arlis Perry.

SAN JOSE, Calif. — A man linked by DNA to a 1974 ritualistic church killing on the Stanford University campus apparently killed himself Thursday after detectives knocked on his door to serve a search warrant, authorities said.

Steve Crawford, 72, died in his apartment, authorities said.

Crawford was a security guard who claimed to have found the body of 19-year-old Arlis Perry inside the Stanford Memorial Church, a chapel on the university campus, in October 1974. Perry had fought with her new husband and had come to the church at night to pray, KPIX-TV reported.

Perry was found with an icepick in the back of her head and was naked below the waist. She had been molested with a 3-foot altar candle and another candle had been placed between her breasts, investigators reported.

"Crawford had been a person of interest since the beginning of the investigation," Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said. "Our detectives continued to piece together additional information to this tragic puzzle and we were able recently to link Crawford's DNA to the crime scene."

Police and sheriff's deputies went to Crawford's apartment Thursday morning to serve a search warrant.

Deputies talked to the resident through the closed front door but when they entered the apartment, they saw a man with a handgun and immediately backed away, a San Jose Police Department statement said.

"A short time later a gunshot was heard," the statement said.

When deputies re-entered the apartment they found the man dead, police said.

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Latest News on Squeaky...

Well, not the latest because CBS found her in 2010 or so, but this has a couple of more details.  As the crow flies this is just about 50 or so miles from where I live in the woods....

Again, Lynyrd I’m sorry I can’t clean this up right now. I’m working a gig at Kaufman Astoria Studios and will be on location at Fire Island for the next few days.

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From the Mail Room...

Travis writes:

I’ve always wondered why Watson thought he had to kill Steve Parent? He could have simply laid low in the bushes with the 3 girls and let him pass. It’s doubtful Parent would have noticed them. The only reason I can surmise is that Parent would have noticed their car, parked down the hill, on his exit. He could have provided a description of the car after the murders, and if he were suspicious enough to note the license plate, that would have been a real liability.

But then why use the revolver instead of the knife? They were going to creepy-crawl the house, relying on a stealth approach — and to initiate the whole thing with 4 gunshots in a canyon that would echoed the sound? Watson had to know that the shots might have alerted the occupants, and possibly other inhabitants of the canyon. Someone might have called the police. (I’ve done this before when I heard distinctive gunshots in my neighborhood). Garretson heard the shots and thought they were Parent’s car backfiring. If Garretson heard them from the Guest House, further away, it’s probable that the occupants heard them, too. Only Frykowski was asleep.

I understand that the team had rolled the car back down the hill silently after approaching the gate. But I don’t know how far down the car was, or how exposed it was. Seems Watson was not thinking too clearly here. He could have ordered Parent out of the car at gunpoint, led him to the bushes, and he and the 3 girls could have dispatched him with the knives without making a racket.

But then Watson was not thinking too clearly when he told the victims they were “all going to die,” setting off panic.