Thursday, October 28, 2021

The History of 10050 Cielo Drive

I found this video on You Tube, and thought it was very interesting regarding the history of 10050 Cielo Drive...

Him or me?


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Tex Watson Denied Parole

Charles Denton "Tex" Watson, high school football star turned Braniff baggage handler turned wig salesman turned drug dealer turned the devil turned baby-killer turned cheese & chocolate milk stealer turned born again prison guru was denied parole for the 18th time.  

You'd think by now he would figure out that he's most likely NEVER getting out.

Manson Family Killer Charles "Tex" Watson, Imprisoned in Otay Mesa, Denied Parole for 18th Time - Times of San Diego

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Polanski Indicted For Defamation, Remembering The Factory

This just in from Venus!   Thanks Venus!!

Polanski could face trial for defamation of one of his accusers

The filmmaker Roman Polanski could be tried in Paris after his recent indictment for defamation, for comments questioning the veracity of the accusation of sexual abuse brought against him by the actress Charlotte Lewis, we learned Friday with their lawyers, confirming information from BFMTV.


An excerpt from an article regarding The Factory, a landmark hotspot for the rich and famous Hollywood Elite, which mentions Sharon Tate & Jay Sebring.

...When I couldn’t get into The Factory, I waited outside with my cameras to see if I could shoot some of the many stars who played there.

On August 8, 1969, I was talking to an actress and her best friend outside the club.  I’d known her for a couple of years and when she was engaged to Phillipe Forquet, who starred with Sandra Dee and James Stewart in “Take Her, She’s Mine,” I visited them and she made dinner for us several times. We were laughing about old times, for about 15 minutes and then they went into the club.  The next night she and her best friend were brutally murdered by The Manson Clan.  Their names were Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring. Two days later, two FBI men showed up at my apartment and wanted to know what we’d talked about.  How did they know who I was and where to find me?  Duh, they were the FBI! Hollywood and it’s stars shut everything down.  All the clubs, The Daisy, The Candy Store and The Factory were empty because celebrities were afraid to leave their homes and beefed up their home security.  It was a scary time and the streets were deserted until we all learned about The Manson Family.

Five years later, bored with maintaining The Factory and looking for new avenues of fun, The Factory closed its doors.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Weird Commonalities Between the Mansonoids and the Victims at Cielo Drive

Write Up by Starviego...Thanks Starviego!


Charlie had been by Esalen at least two or three times.  Dianne Lake and Lynette had been there too with Charlie.

Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, and Rudy Altobelli has also been guests there.

Civil rights do-gooders

Abigail Folger had done social work down in the ghetto in the spring of '69, and several civil rights placards were found in the bedroom she occupied at Cielo.

LADA files Box14 vol3076 pg137of302
(Sandra) Goode was in something called the Black Students Tutorial Program...   she knew black militants at San Francisco State

Military Deserters

Manson Case Files Box 12b pg186of358
LA Times article Aug 10, 1969

"She (Garretson's mom) said he (Garretson) told of entertaining young friends in his caretaker's quarters including  an AWOL Marine later caught and sent to the brig."

Manson had his own AWOL Marines in the person of Family associates Vern Plumlee and Robert Russell

Black Panthers

The Family thought Charlie had shot a Black Panther, and the plan was to blame the crime on the Panthers.

Restless Souls by Brie Tate  c.2012 pg73

PJ:  "Many speculated that the word PIG left in blood at Sharon's house was a calling card from the revolutionary party the Black Panthers."

Folger had her own link to the Panthers:

Restless Souls pg72
PJ surveils houseboats in San Marin (the Bay Area) as part of his own investigation in mid Sept. of 1969.   A car he surveils "belonged to a high-ranking Black Panther...  Even more interesting, the investigators link him to Abigail Folger's social work."


Drug use was widespread within the Family, of course.

Sebring was dealing and Frykowski, at least, were using drugs heavily at times while at Cielo.


It is well known that both Charlie and Roman liked their young loves:

Patricia Krenwinkel 2016 Parole Hearing Transcript
DEPUTY COMMISSIONER LAM: what do you think of Manson today?
INMATE KRENWINKEL: ...he's a pedophile, he slept with girls that were 12 years old at the ranch, 13 years old, 14 years old, 15 years old.

The Andy Warhol Diaries by Andy Warhol, pg110, entry of Feb, 1978
(Movie Director) Stan Dragoti who was there said that he used to live next door to Roman in Hollywood and that Roman actually did date eleven-year olds.

And Jay too:
Sharon on Jay Sebring "I called him the other day to find out how he was doing. He told me that now he was going out with a 15 year old girl."


The Family were identified as Hippies numerous times before and after the arrests for TLB

And Roman liked to refer to Sharon as his pefect 'hippie' wife.


LADA files Box 30 pg79of738
"All the "guys" and appellant Manson called the girls "witches." "


PJ: Finally, by the summer of 1965, Ransohoff cast Sharon opposite Diavid Niven and Kim Novak in the film 13 (released as Eye of the Devil). The plot centered on the famous grape harvests of France, but with a twist, an ancient Wicca sect requires a blood sacrifice to save the harvest.

Sharon left London three weeks before filming began... to prepare for her role as the cult's high priestess. She spent ..afternoons with technical advisors who taught her the customs of black magic.

Manson Case Files Box 12b pg166of358 LA Times article, Aug 17, 1969
"Abigail Folger... became increasingly fascinated with the study of black magic." "But Frokowsy and Miss Folger were involved with strange people. She was interested in witch-craft, Black Masses, that sort of thing...."

Home video porn projects

Roman of course did his own filming at home, even his and Sharon's intimate moments.

And it is strongly suspected that Charlie did the same within the Family.  Others:
LADA files Box 6 Vol176 pg68of164
Fromme:  "Mr. Flynn is on film.  We have a film of him.  There are a lot of things that you won't let come out."


It is well known that the Spahn Ranch was under surveillance by the cops before and after TLB.

"Born to Kill" video 2012
Hoyt at Spahn : "Charlie had Family members up here on the hill watching the cops watch us... so we were all watching each other. It was all fun...

Chaos, by Tom O'Neill, pg200
On Doris Tate: "Like her husband, she'd conducted her own investigation through the years, becoming convinced that the Cielo house was under surveillance by some type of law enforcement at the time of the murders."

Performing Artists

Both Spahn and Cielo Dr. were full of people associated with show biz, of one form or another/  See here:

Now you may think these are just some odd coincidences between Spahn and Cielo, but how many of these commonalities do you see between Spahn and Waverly Drive?  None of them.

Was the counterculture on the low end (Spahn) chosen to attack the counterculture on the high end (Cielo)?  Killing two birds with one stone?

Saturday, September 18, 2021

The Other Side Of Madness (1971)

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A Time Capsule into the Manson Murders That Shocked the World

Available on limited-edition Blu-ray or DVD Nov. 24—marking the 50th anniversary of its original release—The Other Side of Madness was the first cinematic depiction of the Manson murders, filmed so astonishingly close to the time of the events that the Manson trial was still in progress. Portrayed as a modern “noir,” it proved so shocking to audiences at the time that the film was banned in Los Angeles.

Superbly photographed and directed by award-winning filmmaker Frank Howard and produced by Wade Williams, the film was partially shot in Kansas City with a cast of mostly unknown actors. The Other Side of Madness transports audiences closer to the real events than most recreations have dared to go, partially filmed at the famed Spahn Ranch before the compound was destroyed by fire in the ‘70s. Selections from the original motion picture soundtrack, written and performed by Charles Manson, will be offered on a limited-release Bonus CD included with the purchase of the collector’s deluxe anniversary edition Blu-ray or DVD.