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"Christopher the Weimaraner" by William Weston

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Christopher, Rudi Altobelli’s big Weimaraner, took his job as guard dog seriously. The morning after the murders, when police officers DeRosa, Whisenhut, and Burbridge came to the guest house, they saw William Garretson looking out a window. They told him to freeze. Christopher meanwhile was barking furiously. When they opened the door to the guest house, Christopher charged Whisenhut and chomped on his leg (according to Sanders p. 224, chomped on the end of a shotgun according to Bugliosi page 32). Whisenhut had to slam the door on the dog’s head and trap him there until Garretson called him off.

Garretson was employed as Rudi's caretaker in mid-March 1969. He had the task of taking care of Rudi's three dogs, Christopher and two poodles. All three dogs were in the guest house during the time the murders were taking place.

Four months earlier, on March 23, Charles Manson knocked on the door of the main house and Hatami, Sharon’s friend, answered the door. Manson was directed to the guest house where Rudi Altobelli was living. At that time he was not there. Manson returned in the evening and Rudi was home. According to Rudi, he was taking a shower when Christopher started barking and alerted him that someone was at the door. The dog had a certain kind of people bark when people approached. Putting on a robe, Rudi opened the door. Manson tried to introduce himself, but Rudi said “I know who you are, Charlie.” Manson asked if he knew where Terry Melcher was living. Rudi said Melcher moved to Malibu.

Manson must have seen the Weimaraner and witnessed his aggressive tendencies. Four months later, on August 8, he surely knew that Christopher was a factor to be reckoned with, if his Helter Skelter plan was to succeed. I am suggesting that on March 23, Manson also met Garretson as well as Altobelli and received some kind of assurance that the three dogs would be kept confined in the guest house and not cause trouble while the murders were taking place.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Watkins Glen Revisited: A continuation of our conversation on the previous thread...

Bob suggested a trip to Watkins Glen (on the previous thread) which got me reminiscing...

Our thread about the Watkins Glen concert has always been, and still is, one of my favorite blog posts on this website.

The thread was originally posted in 2011. (Holy Crap... we're getting old!)

If I remember correctly, at that time, Bob had told us that his older brother had attended the concert. He shared several memories and facts.

At the time, I really didn't know anything about the concert at all, so I started digging.

The facts and statistics that I found when I started researching, were astounding. And, our "Watkins Glen" thread resulted from that research.

Here's a link to the original thread:

The facts and statistics contained there-in (regarding the show) are impressive.

I had also posted accounts from actual attendees of the show (in the comments section), which were equally impressive.

I never felt that the topic got as much attention/conversation as it deserved.

As I said, although it was off-topic, it was one of my all-time favorite threads, spawned by a conversation with one of my all-time favorite bloggers.

Check it out!

For real... if you're into stats and history regarding things like Woodstock or Haight-Ashbury... you'll definitely "dig it".

I even gave the thread a quick "facelift" for the reboot. LOL


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The Broken Fence

When police officers arrived at the Tate house on the morning of August 9, they noticed damage to the fence bordering the parking lot.

From the Tate Homicide Progress Report:

"Officers noted that the split-rail fence which runs to the north of the garage area was broken, and that scrape marks appeared, on the curb directly in front of the split-rail fence. The scrape marks and the break in the split-rail fence appeared fresh. A search of the undercarriage of Parent's car revealed similar scrape marks and concrete transfer. The rear bumper of the car also showed white paint transfer similar to that as on the split-rail fence."

The picture below shows the parking area of the Tate house. The broken fence is in the background.

Below is a picture showing damage to the fence.

Below is a picture showing Parent’s car in front of the garage and next to cut telephone lines.

The question I have in my mind is how and when did the damage to the fence occur?

Thread submitted by William Weston.

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Reelz - CM funeral promo

Airs this Saturday, 2 hours long... no further comment.

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