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Charles Manson is Dead....

Charles Manson Dies at 83; Wild-Eyed Leader of a Murderous Crew

Charles Manson, one of the most notorious murderers of the 20th century, who was very likely the most culturally persistent and perhaps also the most inscrutable, died on Sunday in Kern County, Calif. He was 83 and had been behind bars for most of his life.

He died of natural causes in a hospital, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation said in a news release.

Mr. Manson was a semiliterate habitual criminal and failed musician before he came to irrevocable attention in the late 1960s as the wild-eyed leader of the Manson family, a murderous band of young drifters in California. 

Convicted of nine murders in all, Mr. Manson was known in particular for the seven brutal killings collectively called the Tate-LaBianca murders, committed by his followers on two consecutive August nights in 1969.

The most famous of the victims was Sharon Tate, an actress who was married to the film director Roman Polanski. Eight and a half months pregnant, she was killed with four other people at her Benedict Canyon home.

Breaking News:

"Mansonites" claim Charlie's body from the state of California, and take him for one last tour of the "TLB Sites"! ......"Weekend at Bernie's" style!

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Member of the Family, by Dianne Lake

This is my review of the book.  I don't know how good this review is, but you get what you pay for.  LOL.  If I've been too vague on some things, or skipped over anything of interest, let me know in the comment section and I'll look it up.
The first half of the book is about Dianne’s childhood & growing up years before she met Manson & the gang.  It starts out pretty normal.  She had a younger brother & sister and parents who were at that time, pretty average.  Her Dad painted houses for a living and her mom was a home-maker.  She was evidently pretty close to her mom in her younger years, always cooking, cleaning & sewing like her mom.

Then her father got bitten by the “hippy bug” and wanted to move to California.  Her mother was against it at first, but evidently relented.  They traded their 2-story house for a trailer and took off.  Didn’t get far though.  The trailer broke down and they didn’t even make it out of Minnesota.

So, they tried to make a go of it where they were and the Dad finally took off for California and left them.  After a couple of years, the Dad contacted them.  He was living in CA and wanted them to join him.  So they did.

The next few years is just talking about how they went from commune to commune and got more and more “hippy-ish” by the minute and Dianne was subjected to all kinds of pervs.

They ended up at the Hog Farm and the owners of that fine establishment finally told Dianne that she couldn’t stay there because she was underage and a liability, of all things.  This was after she got caught doing the horizontal mamba. 

Dianne suffered at the hands of multiple perverts, and at the end of her book, Dianne says that she doesn’t blame her parents for what happened to her, but I think it was totally irresponsible of them not to take care of her until she was an adult.  They were acting like children instead of parents.  Just my opinion.

She left the Hog Farm with a couple who took her to The Spiral Staircase and her eventual introduction to Manson.  She says when she walked in a red-haired girl kept saying “Dianne is here”!  It turned out to be Squeaky.  Of course when she met Charlie, he did his little impy goon act plus he told her she was pretty, etc., etc. and she fell for him, just like all the other girls say when they first met him.  He didn’t show his “crazy side” until later.

She also met Pat there.  In the book, she speaks highly of Squeaky, Pat & Gypsy.  She immediately disliked Mary, Sandy, Susan & Leslie.  I found that interesting.  In fact, she talks glowingly about Pat & Squeaky until the end of her time with them, when she found out Pat was involved in murder and when she showed up to testify for the trial and Squeaky made a sarcastic remark.

She mentions that often times, Charlie would start singing and draw a crowd, then he would start on his mumbo jumbo about life.  He would pick out a certain target in the crowd, then nod to one of the girls or guys, who would then go sit by that person and start trying to recruit them with the rest of the mumbo jumbo.

She also mentions that Charlie is the one who came up with most of their fake ID names.  I had always wondered if he did that.  He named her Dianne Bluestein, a married lady of 20, to hide the fact that she was a minor so he wouldn't get in trouble.  She says her fake husband was a guy named “Bruce”, and his fake name was John Bluestein.  I don’t think it was Bruce Davis.

She says they went to Harold True’s house and Charlie told her to sleep with Harold and she didn’t want to because he was fat and he scared her.  She started bawling and Charlie started to hit her, then softened and offered her candy when it was over.

She talks about their time with Dennis Wilson and how it started out so good but ended so badly when Charlie had the recording session at Brian Wilson’s house and he got mad at them because they were giving him advice, and supposedly pulled a knife on them.  End of relationship with Dennis.

She talks about multiple beatings from Charlie & how he even raped her.

She mentions Tex briefly before the murders.  In fact, she doesn’t really talk much about him at all in the book.  She mentions Clem once, and says “what he lacked in brains he made up for in his endowment”. 

She talks about going to Myers & Barker Ranches and also the need for the family to get money to make the permanent move.

She first mentions Gary Hinman when she said that on one of the many times Charlie tried to get rid of her, he took her to Gary’s house.  I think this was a few months before Gary was killed.  She talks lovingly about Gary, how nice he was, and how into Buddhism he was.

She also states her opinion on Gary’s murder.  She thinks Bobby & the girls went there strictly to get money, not for reimbursement for bad drugs.  I agree with her on that one.

She says that Tex told her about the murders when they were at Olancha. 

She says that the morning after the LaBianca murders, she saw Leslie come into the room around 7am and she was trying to start a fire.  She says that Leslie burned some clothing , some credit cards,  a purse & a rope and when someone drove up, she took the rope out of the fire and tried to put it out.  Not sure what the rope signified.  She said she helped Leslie, not knowing where Leslie had been or what she had done.  When Tex told her what happened, she figured out that Leslie was burning evidence of her crime, and that made her sick.

She says that at some point, Leslie, Pat & Susan started talking about the murders.  She said that Leslie said “the woman” she stabbed was still warm and said stabbing was fun.  Susan talked about “saving the baby” while she was stabbing Sharon Tate.  Susan also talked about killing Hinman and sounded “put out” that Gary just wouldn’t die quick enough.  She says Pat talked about tackling a woman then stabbing her to death.

She says she wasn’t that surprised that Susan & Leslie would do such a thing, but she was really surprised at Pat for doing that.  From everything she says about Pat from the time she met her, it seems to go against the kind of person Pat was.  That shows how strong Charlie’s control over her was.

She was finally spared from this life of misery when she, along with other family members, were arrested in October and she was put in a Hospital because she was underage, which got her completely away from the other girls and out of their control, and helped her heal up to think normally again. 

She talks about testifying at the trial and how difficult it was because she was afraid of what Charlie might say or do, and admitting on the witness stand that she still loved Charlie, which pissed him off. She was relieved when they were all found guilty.  She knew she could finally get on with her life.   

There are a few things in her book that I disagree with or question, or at least I’ve read these in the past from various sources that are different:

She says that Nancy  Pittman introduced Deidre Lansbury to the family.  I thought it was the other way around.  Also, she says that Deidre did not have a note from her mother saying she could hang out with the Family.  I’ve read that she did have a note.

She says that Dennis Wilson picked Patty & Ella up hitchhiking, they told him about Charlie, and he drove them to Spahn’s Ranch to meet Charlie.  I’ve always heard he took the girls to his house, left the house for a while and when he got home, Charlie & more girls were there.  That’s when he first met Charlie.  Then Charlie kissed his feet or something.

She says that when Charlie went to Lotspoppa’s he took TJ & Tex.  I thought he just took TJ.

She says that Charlie found out about Bobby being arrested on August 5.  I thought Bobby was arrested on August 6 & Charlie found out August 8.

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A few photos I've never seen...

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Manson Family’s Youngest Member Shares How She Was Seduced by a Madman at Age 14 — Then Helped Send Him to Prison

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“He was extremely intelligent,” Lake, now 64 and living outside of L.A., tells PEOPLE. “He had the incredible ability to pick up on other people’s weaknesses and their needs and their desires, and he could fulfill those.”

It’s a skill Manson turned to deadly ends, as Lake would learn.

For the first time in 47 years, she is breaking her silence about living with him and being the youngest member of his cult, the so-called “Manson family.”

In Member of the Family, a new book out Oct. 24 and exclusively excerpted in PEOPLE, Lake details her experiences falling under Manson’s spell — and, eventually, how she was free of him.

In 1967, at the age of 14, Lake navigated through communes and love-ins after her parents, a homemaker mom and former-Marine-turned-artist, “dropped out” of society and gave her a note granting their permission to live on her own.

A few months later, she met up with Manson at a party in Topanga, California.

“I needed love and affection, and I needed a family. I needed to feel like I belonged somewhere,” Lake says. “And he perceived that from the get-go.”

For more on the Manson family’s youngest member, pick up this week’s issue, on newsstands Friday.

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Any predictions on Leslie's chances at release?

Personally, I don't think she's going anywhere YET.

If she lives to a ripe old age, she'll eventually get out.

They'll wait until she's got one marble left in her head, and then, they'll let her go.

If I had to put a number on it, my guess is that they'll "kick her to the curb" when she's around 80-85 years old.

By then, what's left of her, will be an embarrassment.

The release of a woman that old, will represent "a grand spectacle of punishment", and that's exactly what the world wants.

At that point, society will have their "pound of flesh".
The cycle will be complete.

As a side note:

Manson's death would definitely put Leslie and Bruce closer to the door.

Once the boogey man croaks, people's thirst for restitution will be quenched (to some extent)... and the world will begin to "move-on" emotionally. The "Manson stigma" will begin to wane. That can only help their chances.

As long as Manson is still breathing, their chances of release are hampered.

If I were Leslie or Bruce, I'd be wishing for Manson's death.

That's just my "prediction" of what we can expect, and my interpretation of the surrounding circumstances.

That's not my "opinion" of what should happen, but rather, my prediciton of what will happen.

Anyone else, care to take a stab at predicting the future (LOL), just for the sake of discussion?

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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

I'll never understand law or lawyers.

The DA and Judge both agreed/determined that "Van Houten cannot obtain evidence after her conviction, because she does not face a sentence of death or life without parole".

Okay cool.
If that's "the law", then that's the law.
Game over.
Case closed.

But what confuses me, is this:

Richard Pfeiffer is a lawyer.
It's safe to assume, that Pfeiffer knows the law (just like the DA and Judge).


Why would Pfeiffer even bother trying to get the tapes released, when he knows darn well, what the law states? He certainly must know, that Leslie is not entitled to the tapes (because she does not face a sentence of life or life without parole).

Restated another way:

If the law clearly states, "Van Houten cannot obtain evidence after her conviction because she does not face a sentence of death or life without parole", then WHY THE HELL did Pfeiffer even bother petitioning for the tapes (in the first place)???

Are lawyers like Pfeieffer just trying to "slip one by" the DA and Judge?

Was Pfeiffer just hoping that the DA and Judge wouldn't know, or look-up the applicable laws???

Dilligaf described Pfeiffer's petition (for the Tex Tapes), as a "Hail Mary". 

Jeez. I guess so...

It seems to me, if "the Law" was against Pfeiffer from the very start (and he knew it), then it was more of a "complete waste of everyone's time", than a "Hail Mary". LOL

Am I missing something?

In retrospect, the whole thing seems like a stupid exercise in futility to me.