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TLB Timeline

I received an email last night, which contained an extensive timeline of the TLB events. The person who compiled it, would like to remain anonymous. Kudos to this individual for her hard work and generosity.


1887 Dec 12-Karl Stubbs born, ME -possible Family victim

1889-George Spahn  born, PA  

1903-Nancy Warren born, MO -possible Family victim

1909 May 2-William Manson born, WV-Listed on Manson's birth certificate as father
1910-Colonel Scott born, KY -Manson's biological father

1913-Frank Retz  born

1918-Kathleen Maddox, KY –Manson’s mother


1920-Paul Caruso born –attorney

1920 Feb 13 –Dean Moorehouse born, MN

1922-Robert “Ballarat Bob” Dunlap born
1923- Colonel Paul Tate born –Sharon’s father

1923-Earl Deemer born –detective
1924-Doris Tate born, TX –Sharon’s mother

1924-Paul Crockett born –miner, deprogrammer

1925 Aug  6-Leno LaBianca born, LA

1927-Nuel Emmons born. –author  "Manson: In His Own Words"

1929 Dec 15-Rosemary LaBianca born,  Mexico * per DL

1933 Aug 18-Roman Polanski born, France

1933/5? Apr 17 -Willam Rex “Bill Vance” Cole  born –w/ crew @ Shea’s murder

1933 Sept 18- Donald “Shorty” Shea born, MA

1934 est –Rosemary is adopted by the Harmon Family

1933 Oct 10-Jay Sebring born, AL

1934-Vincent Bugliosi born, MN

1934 Nov 12- Manson born, Cincinnati OH.

1934 Dec 24-Gary Hinman born, CO

1936-Manson's mother filed a bastardy suit against Colonel Scott, KY

1936 Dec 2-Wojciech Frykowski born, Poland

1937-Rosalie Willis born, WV –Manson’s 1st wife

1937-Paul Fitzgerald born-attorney

1939 –Dean Moorehouse marries Audrey Lucille Sirpless(Ruth’s mother)

1939-Kathleen Maddox, brother Luther, robbed gas station, WV

1939-Manson moved  w/ aunt & uncle in McMechen, WV

1939-Ed Sanders born, MO –author “The Family”

1939-James Craig born, CA  -murdered w/ Edward Barabas 1978

1939 Aug 23-Kenneth “Spider” Como born


1940 June 7-Joel Pugh born - Sandy’s ex-bf *per Simon

1940-Harold True born, CA  - F associate, lived on Waverly

1940- Krenwinkel's half-sister Charlene born, CA

1942 Feb 8-Terry Melcher born, NY

1942- Maddox paroled, reclaimed Charlie

1942-Bernard Crowe born, WA

1942-Johnny Swartz born –car used in murders

1942 Oct 5.-Bruce Davis born, Louisiana

1942 Dec 10-Catherine “Gypsy”  Share born, France

1942 Dec 18-Thomas “TJ the Terrible” Walleman born, MI

1943- Pic Dawson born, AL

1943 Jan 24-Sharon born, Dallas, TX
1943-Al Springer born, MI -biker
1943 Aug11-Abigail Folger born, CA

1943 Nov 9 –John Leo “Juan” Flynn born

1943 Dec 17-Mary Brunner born, WI

1944 –Daniel “Donkey Dan” DeCarlo born

1944-Maddox married 2nd husband

1945 Feb 27-Mark Stephen Ross born -Haught ‘suicide’ @Ross’  house, helped w/ Manson film

1944 Feb 20-Sandra “Sandy” Good born, CA

1944-Dennis Wilson born, Hawthorne, CA

1945 Dec 2- Charles “Tex” Watson born, TX

1945 Nov 4-Fillipo Tennerelli born. -possible Family murder victim

1946-James Willett born, KY -Family murder victim

1946 May 24- Steve “Clem” Grogan born, CA

1946 May 27 -Madaline Joan”Little Patty” Cottage born

1947-Maddox sent Manson to Gibault School for Boys-Terre Haute, IN –he raped another boy while holding a razor to throat

1947-John "Zero" Haught born, OH

1947 Nov 6-Robert Beausoleil born, CA

1947 Dec 3-Patricia “Katie” Krenwinkel born, Los Angeles CA

1948-Manson ran away from Gibault School for Boys
-Sent to juvenile center, Indianapolis, escaped next day
-Sent to Father Flanagan's Boys Town, escaped 4 days later.
-Sent to Indiana School for Boys, Plainfield, IN

1948 Feb –Susan LaBerge Struthers Welk born, CA

1948 Mar –Jennifer “Ginny” Gentry born

1948 May 7-Susan “Sadie” Atkins born, CA

1948-Michael Monfort born, CA –Brenda’s husband /

1948 Oct 22-Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme born, Santa Monica, CA

1948 Dec 15- Brooks Poston born, TX

1949-David Hannum born, CA –worker @ Spahn, Linda borrowed car, fled CA

1949 Aug 1-Catherine “Cappy” Gillies born, CA

1949-Aug 23-Leslie “Lulu” Van Houten born, Los Angeles, CA

1949-William Garretson born, OH –Cielo guest house caretaker

1949 June 21-Linda Drouin Kasabian born, ME

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1950 Jan 25-Paul Watkins born, CA

1950-Doreen Gaul born -possible Family murder victim

1950 Aug 11-Claudia “Collie” Leigh Smith born, LA –Family member

1950 -Maria Theresa  “Crystal” Alonzo born –married William Goucher

1951-2? Jan 6-Ruth Ann “Ouisch” Moorehouse born, Toronto Canada

1951?-William Cywin born,.- VanHouten's husband

1951 Jan 1-Nancy “Brenda” Pitman born, IL

1951-Manson escaped Indiana School for Boys -18th escape from there

1951-Manson violated Dyer Act in Utah, remanded to Federal custody

1951-Marina Habe born, -possible Family murder victim

1951 Feb 12-Steven Parent born, CA

1951 Mar 9-Manson sent to National Training School for Boys- Washington, DC

1951-Edward Barabas born, OH -murdered w/ James Craig 1978

1951 June 21-Susan  "Country Sue" Bartell born, CA

1951 Nov 13-Stephanie Schram born, CA

1951 Dec 27-Barbara Hoyt born

 1952 –Rosemary married Frank Struthers Sr
1952 Jan 3-Charles “Chuckleberry” Lovett born, CA –Family member

1952 Sept 22-Manson transferred to Federal Reformatory, Chillicothe OH

1952 Nov 6 –Debra Tate born –Sharon’s sister

1953 Feb 28-Dianne “Snake” Lake born, CA?

1953-Mark Walts born, CA. -possible Family murder victim

1953-Lauren Willett born, CT -Family murder victim

1954 Jan 1-Manson given Meritorious Service Award

1954-Frank Struthers Jr born, CA –Rosemary’s son
1954 May 8-Manson granted parole. Moved back w/ aunt & uncle, WV

1954?-Manson moved to Wheeling, WV w/ mother

1954- Shea began working @ Spahn

1954-James Sharp born, MO. Possible Family murder victim

1954-Colonel Scott Sr died, KY

1955 Jan-Manson married Rosalie Willis, WV

1955-Manson drove stolen car to Ft Lauderdale, FL

1955 July-Manson drove stolen car from Bridgeport, OH to LA

1955 Oct?-Manson arrested for stolen car

1955 Nov 7-Manson given 5 years probation
1956 Mar 14-Manson arrested, Indianapolis, returned to LA
1956-Charles Manson Jr born, LA

1956-Manson probation revoked, sentenced 3 yrs @ Terminal Island, San Pedro CA

1957- Rosalie quit visiting M, learned she was living w/ another man
1957 Apr- Manson transferred to Coast Guard unit
1957 Apr 10-Manson attempted escape
1957 Apr 22-Manson denied parole.  Wife soon filed for divorce.
1957 Oct 30 -Patti Tate born, WA –Sharon’s sister

1958-Manson’s divorce final.  Wife granted custody of Charles Jr
1958-Rosemary divorced Struthers
1958 Sept 30-Manson released 5 yrs parole
1958 Nov-Manson pimping @ Roosevelt Hotel
1958-Rosalie remarried
1958 Dec 10-Krishna Venta died in explosion @ Fountain of the World

1959 –Lynette on tour traveling with the Westchester Lariats (founded by J. Tillman Hall)–per Jess Bravin

1959 April 15- Charles L. Manson born-son with Leona

1959 May 1-Manson arrested trying to cash forged US Treasury check,($37.50) LA
1959 Aug 7 –Sharon crowned Miss Richland in WA

1959 Sept 28-Manson sentenced 10 yrs, suspended, on probation
1959 Dec-Manson married Leona (Candy Stevens-hooker)  CA
1959 Dec 31-Manson arrested-burglary, charges dismissed released to Sgts. Yound and Northrup of LAPD-Hollywood (Michael’s Backporch


1960?-Charles Luther Manson (son of Manson-Leona) born –never mentioned by M per Simon

1960 Feb 19-Leno & Rosemary married

1960 Jun 1-Manson arrested Laredo, TX - pimping
1960 Jun 23-Manson jailed-violating probation
1960 Oct-Sebring (27) married Cami (17)?
1960-Sebring bought Easton house $50k, other source says rented(source?verify)

1961 Feb 21-Shea married

1961 Apr 15 – William Manson dies, LA

1961 Spring –Davis graduates Roane Co. High, TN (interesting info from sister)

1961 July-M sent to US Penitentiary @ McNeil Island, claimed Scientology as religion
1961-Davis attended college, Knoxville TN

1961-Birth of M's half-sister
1961 Dec 21-Abigail’s coming out party, SF

1962-Polanski divorced from Barbara Lass

1962- Graham visited Cielo while house shopping- police interview
1962- Davis went to CA didn't stay, worked Lake Tahoe, then to Seattle WA
1963-Lori Lynn Mardesich (Ansom 13) born  
1963-Sharon auditioned for "Petticoat Junction"
1963 Aug-Jay & Cami separated
1963-Davis returned to CA, left, returned to TN

1964 Jan 6 – Leona Rae Manson granted divorce from Manson
1964- Bugliosi graduated law school, started  @ DA's
1964- Watson graduated Farmersville High School

1964- Davis returned to CA, lived in Anaheim, Riverside, Buena Park, Costa Mesa, possibly Newport Beach.

1964 Fall- Watson began attending North Texas Univ, Denton TX
1964 Nov-Sharon met Jay @ Thanksgiving per Greg King


1965 Mar-Jay & Cami's divorce final  
1965-Sharon’s 1st featured role "Eye of the Devil"
1965-Linda16, started living by herself, married 1st husband
1965-Polanski made 1st English film "Repulsion."
1965 –Gypsy makes a record under name “Charity Shane” at Autumn label in SF

1966 –Atkins still in high school

1966?- Lake joined Hog Farm commune
1966 Mar 23- Grogan arrested -possession of drugs
1966 Apr 27- Grogan arrested -shoplifting
1966 June-Manson returned Terminal Island for release purposes
1966 Summer-Sharon met Polanski, London
1966 Summer-Watkins 1st visited Haight Ashbury
1966 June 23- Grogan arrested- disturbing the peace
1966 July 30-DeCarlo convicted -smuggling marijuana from Mexico

1966 Sept 12-Atkins arrested -carrying pistol w/ 2 men, OR –sentence suspended

1966 Oct-Nov – Atkins moved to San Francisco, go-go dancer (about this time dad testifies at parole hearing that she needs pysch help but declines to commit her)


1967-Mar-Sharon in "Playboy"  
1967 Mar 21-Manson released from Terminal Island, went to LA ,same day asked, granted permission to go to SF
1967 Spring-Watson's last semester North Texas State Univ
1967 Spring-Watson moved to Dallas--worked for Braniff Air Lines
1967 Spring – Grogan living at Spahn
1967 Apr-Manson met, moved in w/ Mary
1967 Apr-July-Manson & Family lived @ 636 Cole St, SF
1967 2nd week Nov-Atkins met Manson, SF, they left in the bus soon after

1967-Frykowski left Poland
1967- Watson moved to CA

1967-Sharon filmed "Valley of the Dolls"
1967- Davis spent 10 days jail- drugs per Howard Davis
1967?- Lake joined
1967 June-Garretson graduated high school
1967 June 5- Grogan arrested-marijuana
1967 Summer-Watkins to Haight-Ashbury, spent 2 weeks @ commune. Taos NM
1967 July 21-driver's license issued, shows M's middle name as "Willis." shows bd shows Nov 11(incorrect) Gives address @ 705 Bath St Santa Barbara,

1967 July 28-M arrested Leggett, CA  w/ Ruth, gave name Charles Willis Manson for 1st time

1967 Aug –Moorehouse and wife divorce

1967 Aug 12-Grogan arrested-shoplifting
1967-Watson enrolled @ Cal State LA, never took a class
1967 Sept?-Garretson arrested-Contributing to Delinquency of Minor, OH  w/ friend  bought beer for under-aged girls
1967 Sept –Linda married Robert Kasabian
1967 Sept-Krenwinkel left job, car, apartment to join
1967 Sept- Watkins returned to high school senior year
1967 Sept-Davis met Manson in Seattle. Per Howard Davis
1967 Sept 11-Supposed recording session of Manson, bootleg release

1967 Nov 10 –Atkins informs parole officer leaving on bus w/ 7 girls—2 pregnant
1967 late-Polanski completed "Rosemary's Baby"
1967 Dec- Watkins arrested –marijuana, probation

1967 Dec –Watson a pall bearer at Tommy Caraway’s funeral, Tx (said he owned a couple of hair salons/ also said he sold tvs)


1968 Jan-Watson in car accident, Laurel Canyon, injured knee, had operation
1968 Jan 20-Sharon & Polanski married, London
1968 Jan 22-Grogan arrested-loitering
1968 early-Abigail met Frykowski, NY
1968 early-Sandy joined, handed over $6k
1968 Feb 23 –Lynette arrested, Redwood City, CA(up north) -10851 VC

1968 Mar-Harold True met Manson, Family came to 3267 Waverly next day
1968 Mar 3-Tonya born, LA
1968 Mar 16-Watkins met M, one source says June
1968 Mar 26 –Dean Moorehouse arrested- Contributing to Delinquency of Minor
1968 Apr 9-Sebring net worth estimated @ $100k ?
1968 Apr 15-Pooh Bear born, LA
1968 Apr 22-infamous Manson mugshot taken, on "Life" magazine, Dec 1969
1968 spring-Watson met Manson
1968 late spring-Wilson 2x picked up Ella Jo & Krenwinkel hitching, 2nd time, took to Sunset house for two hours,girls  talked about Charlie. Wilson retuned that night, M + mostly F girls there, stayed several m doubled in size. Family met Watson, Watkins?, Poston, Dean
1968 May?-Jakobson met Manson @ Wilson's
1968 May 2 – Manson/Bruce/Sandy/Dianne +2 others arrested, Malibu—marijuana (arrest report Michael’s Backporch

1968 May –Dean Moorehouse arrested, Ukiah –selling LSD

1968 May 20-Ruth married Edward Heuvelhurst(23), Santa Cruz
1968-Charlene Cafritz met M @ Wilson's

1968 June-"Rosemary's Baby" premiered
1968 June-Sharon & Roman rent Patty Duke's- 1600 Summit Ridge

1968 June-Bob &Linda attended peyote party @ True's 3267 Waverly
1968 June 22- Atkins+5 others arrested- narcotics raid, Booneville CA

1968 summer-Manson+ Family living @ Wilson's
1968 summer-Altobelli met Manson @ Wilson's
1968 Aug-Folger & Voy left NY, drove to new home @ 2774 Woodstock Rd
1968 Aug-Wilson moved out of house 3 weeks before lease expired, moved to Jakobson’s. Family  left, moved to Spahn
1968 Aug –Moorehouse returns north for trial, hung jury, re-trial for Dec

1968 Aug 9-Manson recorded @ studio,Van Nuys.  Arranged by Jakobson
1968 Auf 12-Beach Boys concert, England
1968 Sept- Watson joined Family, living in tent @ Spahn for 2 weeks w/ Dean, Watson began building a house for M. worked on it until Dec
1968 Sept-True moved out of 3267 Waverly
1968 Sept 11-Beach Boys recorded "Never Learn Not to Love"
1968 late-Abby registered for volunteer social work
1968 Fall –Davis boards ‘portugese’ ship to Spain(Scientology ship)

1968 Fall- Family 1st appeared in Barker Ranch/Death Valley area.
1968 Oct 7-Atkins gave birth to Zezo. Where ?
1968 Oct 13-Clida Delaney & Nancy Warren murdered, Ukiah CA.  Possible Family victims

1968 Oct 24 – LSD possession becomes illegal in US
1968 late Oct-Garretson hitched CA w/ friend
1968 Nov-LaBiancas moved to Waverly
1968 Nov-Watson left Family, lived w/ David Neale but returned to Family
1968 Nov 12-Karl Stubbs attacked,Olancha. Died 11/26/68 *grave says 12/15/68? Pat questioned yr later
1968 Nov-Manson in Goler Wash w/ Jakobson few days before Thanksgiving.
1968 Nov or Dec?-Davis began working @ Scientology HQ,London
1968 Dec-Watson quit working on house
1968 Dec-Manson+3 girls spent time with Charlene Cafritz in Reno, NV,  films supposedly made.(which girls?)
1068 Dec-Beatles released "White Album" Manson heard in LA on trip from Barker?(sexy Sadie nickname given months before –per Simon)
1968 Dec-Davis supposedly in Berkeley CA per one witness.
1968 Dec 1-Watson's webpage says he & Manson 1st heard "White Album" in Topanga Canyon, same street Spiral Staircase
1968 Dec 2-Watson &David Neale had Army physical. W unfit, Neale enlisted same day.W got Neale's car & lived w/ Neale's brother Jay.  W moved in w/ Luella (Neale's gf) by Magic Castle, Sunset. W & Luella dealt drugs
1968 Dec 17 –Moorehouse re-trial, found guilty

1968 Dec 30-Marina Habe was murdered.  Possible Family murder victim.

1968 Dec 31-Manson returned to Death Valley reportedly talking about the significance of "The White Album"


1969 Jan Family moved to 20910 Gresham, Canoga Park (Yellow Submarine) near Spahn Ranch because Death Valley too cold in winter.  M started talking about Helter Skelter, planning escape routes to desert

1969 Jan 2 Moorehouse sentenced to 6 mos, sent to Vacaville, sent to many different prisons , interviewed after murders, “no useful info”

1969 Feb Manson told Brooks @Gresham blacks would go to rich parts, commit horrible murders  write "pigs" on wall in blood

1969 Feb 12 Sharon & Roman signed lease Cielo  $1200/mo
1969 Febr 15 Sharon & Roman moved to Cielo
1969 Feb
1969 Late Feb M sent Brooks & Juanita to Barker, remainder Family back to Spahn
1969 Feb or Mar Watson returned to Family
1969 Mar Garretson planned return to Ohio, unable due to drug arrest/court date G moved to Cielo
G saw Voy making movie w/ nude woman in pool.  Abby+2 men present.(try to verify this)

1969 Mar (est) Garretson heard prowlers @ Cielo
1969 Mid-Mar Polanskis had party @ Cielo,100 guests  Fight w/ crashers. One had previously threatened to kill Voy

1969 Mar 21 Gun used @ Cielo stolen from Archery HQ ,El Monte, CA.  Randy Starr got it from someone named Ron.  Eventually traded to Manson(.22 caliber Longhorn, serial number 1902708)

1969 Mar 23 Manson visited Altobelli, stopped @ Tate house, saw Sharon & Hatami.He was sent to the guest house, left shortly, returned later in eve, spoke to Altobelli,.Sharon, Abigail, Jay and Voy@ main house during 2nd visit.   possibly just one visit

1969 Mar 23 C. Smith (17) reports being raped @ Spahn after being picked up @ 5:30pm

1969 Mar 24 Tate & Altobelli flew to Italy together

1969 Mar 23 or 24?? 11pm DeCarlo & Manson beat eCarlo’s wife Miriam

1969 late Mar Crockett begins living @ Barker per testimony

1969 Late Mar-Apr Watson returned to Family
1969 Apr Davis quit working @ Scientology HQ, London.

1969 Apr 1 Hoyt joined,  living w/ them on & off @ Gresham

1969 Apr 2 C Smith reported rape but declined to press charges

1969 Apr 9 Dale Butler (Butler's Buggy Shop) purchased stolen VW from friend of Manson (Patricia Joan Baldwin).VW stolen from Butler's own rear storage yard,reported incident to poli
Ce .

1969 Spring Crockett prospecting Death Valley met Manson's advance party
1969 Apr 5 Grogan arrested-grand theft money, prowling
1969 Apr Charles Melton visited Watkins @ Spahn, met Watson who said "Maybe Charlie will let me grow a beard someday."

1969 Apr 19 Lynette arrested, LA –GTA insuff evidence

1969 Apr 23 Watson arrested-drugs (belladonna) beep, beep, beep
1969 Apr 25 Davis left England for USA


1969 Early May Davis arrived @ Spahn
1969 May Jay opened SF shop
1969 May ? Linda in court in New Hampshire- driving w/out a valid dr license

1969 May 7 Moorehouse denied parole

1969 May 18 Melcher visited Manson @ Spahn
1969 May 20 Grogan arrested-grand theft auto
1969 May 27 Darwin Scott (M's uncle) murdered, KY.
1969 Late May Darrell Kistler moved to Cielo guest house w/Garretson, Kistler+ girls talked to someone @ main house on mescaline

1969 Late May-June

M told Watkins blacks could only do what whites taught, he’d show how to start race war. few days later, Watkins went to Barker

1969 June-Aug According to Lake, M told F had to be willing to kill to help blacks start Helter Skelter.
1969 June 3 Melcher, Jakobson, Mike Deasy visited M @Spahn, Melcher &Manson argued, girl w/ Melcher

1969 June 4 Manson booked -rape @Spahn

1969 June 4 Edward Sunshine Pierce left Spahn, flew home TX due to Manson talking about wanting to kill someone (probably Melcher)

1969 June 11 Grogan arrested-child molesting- indecent exposure

1969 June Grogan sent to Camarillo for observation, walked away, returned to Spahn
1969 Late June Bob Kasabian called Linda in NH to reconcile, living w/ Melton, had recently inherited $20k, Linda & Tanya flew to LA, reconciliation failed
1969 Late June Garretson kicked out Kistler, Debbie Tidwell, Patty Montgomery (NOT Katie)
1969 June or July M bought rope @ Jack Frost, Santa Monica similar to Tate murder rope
1969 Early July (est) Lake says M told Family "I'm going to have to start revolution."  
1969 July 1 Manson shot Crowe, TJ present
1969 July 4 Share visited Melton, met Linda. Told about M Linda  Tanya moved to Spahn Ranch same day. Linda had sex w/ Watson, told him about $ Watson suggested steal it.

1969 July 5 Linda stole $5k,gave to Watson or Van Houten.? already gave own possessions.Linda had sex w/ Manson

1969 July 15 VW reported stolen from Dick Joyce VW, Van Nuys, seen in ditch Spahn Ranch about Aug 1 during aerial flyover by Offcr Ted Leigh

1969 July 18 Mark Walts murdered, Santa Monica, possible Family victim

1969 July 19 Grogan escaped from Camarillo
1969 July 21 Police visited Spahn  investigating  Mark’s murder, Offcr Leigh present
1969 July 24 Flat bed truck w/ 2-3 VW engines spotted @ Spahn by fire dept reported it to police Aug 9
1969 July 25-27 Hinman’s torture/murder.

1969 July 28 2:30 A.M. police found two stolen vehicles at Spahn’s.  Police encountered a man Summers, probably Manson. Search found rifles

1969 July 28 Deputies ran license check Hinman's Fiat @ Spahn

1969 July 29 about this date, Offcr Leigh received ammunition which fell from a dune buggy on highway. Leigh  contacted by Manson said were his

1969 July 30 Fire Dept spotted several rifles at Spahn Ranch.  Reported on Aug 9
1969 July 30 Call to Esalen placed from Tate house. 3:07 PM
1969 July 31 Hinman's body discovered.
1969 Late July Manson told DeCarlo establishment pigs should have throats cut, hung by feet

 1969 Aug 1 Manson shoots Crowe

1969 Aug 1 Police flew over Spahn, observed VW parts
1969 Aug 1 Barry Hanlin reported 2 men w/ rifles walking along highway near Spahn Reported automatic guns fire in eve hours recently.

1969 Aug1 (est) M told Family he was going to Big Sur to seek new members.  Did not leave until Aug 3

1969 Early Aug Linda & Good picked up by Nader,Linda had sex w/ , returned to his apt night of LaBianca murders.Note Nader lived very close to Mark Ross

1969 Aug 1 or 2 Possible visit to Esalen by Tate or Folger
1969 Aug 3 Manson left LA for Big Sur. Bought gas,Canoga Park.  May have gone to Esalen Institute in Big Sur that day per Sanders

1969 Aug 4 Manson picked up Schram, Gorda, CA.
1969 Aug 4 Manson bought gas, Lucia CA
1969 Aug 5 Chapman cleaned door where Krenwinkel's fingerprint found
1969 Aug 5 Manson to Esalen,@ night per Bugliosi  Apparently, he auditioned for several people, turned down

1969 Aug 6 Manson returned to Schram whom he'd left in van overnight.  Later, he struck her.  Left Big Sur.  Bought gas SLO & Chatsworth, returned to Spahn w/ Schram  spent night

1969 Aug 6 Bobby arrested for Hinman murder

1969 Aug 7 Manson & Schram left Spahn went to sister's house, San Diego to get clothes.Rece traffic citation, Oceanside,  Drove 1952 cream colored Ford bakery van w/ license K70683.  Manson told Schram's sister blacks getting ready to overthrow whites. Spent night San Diego

1969 Aug 7 Last time Garretson had beer (4 cans) before arrest, gardener used guest house to mhave sext w/ gf  Tom gave G beer.  returned to guest house for 2 hrs later @ 10:30 or 11:00.   Garretson smoked pot w/ them,took dexedrine (or something else).  Garretson got sick, was possibly on Aug 6

1969 Aug 8 Chapman washed  front door, Watson's fingerprint found
1969 Aug 8 Manson-Schram returned to Spahn @ 2PM, learns Booby arrested
1969 Aug 8 In afternoon, Manson gave Brunner-Good stolen credit card to purchase items for him, girls arrested, San Fernando @ 4PM.driving a 1952 Ford van w/ license K70683
1969 Aug 8 Manson told Family about Esalen visit,.Per Linda, Manson told Family "Now is the time for Helter Skelter."

1969 Aug 8 Garretson home all day.Saw cars around 7:00.Got call from Altobelli G, said Tate+others returned 8:30-9pm. G went to Sunset Strip-Turner's, returned 10pm, watched TV, cooked TV dinner.  Parent arrived "about quarter of twelve."  Parent asked about "2 girls" in  main house. P called Friedman, drank beer G gave him.  Parent left, G ate, wrote letters, heard barking during night. called for time shortly before dawn, phone dead, up until daylight, then went to sleep

1969 Aug 9 Tate murders @ Cielo, shortly after midnight

1969 Aug 9 Fire dept reported seeing VW engines- July 24, several rifles- July 30 @ Sphan
1969 Aug 10 Informant told police he spent at least 10 days @ Spahn since early July, saw many weapons, threatened by Manson

1969 Aug 10 LaBianca murders @ Waverly,.LaBiancas @ Lake Isabella earlier

1969 Aug 10 Garretson polygraphed

1969 Aug 10 Linda told Manson she was pregnant-after murders
1969 Aug 11 or 12 Al Springer's 1st visit to Spahn, Manson demonstrated sword throwing
1969 Aug 11 Manson sent Linda to waterfall
1969 Aug 12 Dave Hannum started working @ Spahn

1969 Aug 12 Manson sent Linda to visit Mary, Sandy, Bobby,  Borrowed Hannum's car.  She was unsuccessful in visiting

1969 Aug 13 Linda left Spahn & Tanya, Went to Albuquerque, NM where husband living. Hannum’s ‘borrowed’ broke down. Located husband @ commune in, NM. Told about murders, leaving Tanya behind.  A told a few others of murders. Eventually returned  LA to get Tonya from foster family.Traveled to Miami, FL, then Concord NH

1969 Aug After murders, Wilson denied Manson's demand for $1500  Manson threatened Wilson's child.  $$ for desert move

1969 Aug 14 Watson & Lake sent to Olancha for a week
1969 Aug 15 Springer's 3rd-final visit to Spahn
1969 Aug 15 Straight Satans visited Spahn, broke sword used in crime –left Rhinehart-nabbed in raid
1969 Aug 16 Raid on Spahn

1969,Aug 12 Roman's original return date from London  
1969 Aug 17 Watson told Lake about murders
1969 Aug 25 or 26 Shorty Shea murdered

1969 Late Aug-Sept Manson gave Jakobson bullet, told him, "Tell Dennis there are more where this came from."
1969 Late Aug-Sept Van Houten told Lake she stabbed someone near Griffith Park, Los Feliz.

1969 Juanita eloped w/ Bob Berry, Crockett's partner
1969 Crockett "deprogrammed" Brooks & Watkins
 1969 Sept Polygraphs of
-Doyle  ---
-Amos Russel (Sebring’s butler)

1969 Sept 1 Steven Weiss found gun
1969 Early Sept Hoyt overheard Manson talk about killing Shea
1969 Sept Manson+ 8 went to Barker, M met Crockett for 1st time.  More Family members arrived next week

1969 Sept 9 Death Valley Park rangers found burnt Michigan loader
1969 Sept 11 Family stole dune buggy from La Paz Buggy, LA
1969 Sept 16 Good's son, Ivan, born, LA

1969 Sept 22 Phone records show Spahn called Wilson's private #, following day, Wilson phone disconnected

1969 Sept 23 Mary,released- probation-credit card forgery @ Sears
1969 Late Sept Watson told Mary about killing Shea
1969 Late Sept Mary went to Wisconsin
1969 Oct Watson returned to Texas.
1969 Oct 1 Fillipo Tennerelli murdered.  -possible Family victim
1969 Oct 3 Dep. Sheriff Don Ward interviewed Crockett-Brooks on hippies in Golar Wash
1969 Oct 10 Schram-Lutesinger fled Barker

1969 Oct 10-12 Barker Ranch raids

1969 Oct 22 Manson indicted -arson
1969 Oct 27 Joel Pugh checked in Talgarth Hotel, London w/ female, there since at least April 25, 1969.
1969 Early Nov Watson contacted CA attorneys on how to contact him if anything happened to him.

1969 Nov 5 Haught (Zero) ‘death @ 28 Clubhouse Ave, Venice

1969 Nov Watson moved from CA to Texas, spent time w/ Jeanne Mallett
1969 Nov

1969 Nov 6 Atkins tells Graham everything

1969 Nov 19 DeCarlo interviewed by police

1969 Nov 18 Bugliosi given Tate-LaBianca case
1969 Nov 19 Bugliosi visited Spahn, found .22 cal bullets, casings
1969 Nov 21 James Sharp & Doreen Gaul murdered- LA, possible Family victims

1969 Nov 23 Arrest & Investigation report if Barker Raid

1969 Nov 25 Police took door from Spahn w/ phrase "Helter Skelter is coming down fast" on it.
1969 Nov 24 Davis went to England

1969 Nov Bugliosi  repeatedly asked LAPD to infiltrate Family, was never done
1969 Nov 26 Bobby's 1st trial ended-hung jury

1969 Nov 29 Police found Watson's real name- looking for "Montgomery".
1969 Nov 30 Watson’s prints matched to Tate, taken into custody, McKinney Tx

 1969 Dec 1 Davis returned to CA (verify)

1969 Dec Ruth testified before grand jury, moved w/ divorced mother in Minnesota, began attending high school
1969 Dec 1 Joel Pugh found dead, London- ruled suicide
1969 Dec 1 Krenwinkel arrested, Mobile Alabama, Initially gave name Montgomery.

1969 Dec 1 LAPD Chief Davis press conference announcing  Tate-LaBianca solved
1969 Dec 2 Linda arrested-Concord NH flown to LA next day

1969,Dec 2 (est) Brunner agreed to help police

1969 Dec 3 Manson held on car theft charges

1969 Dec 3 Schram told deputies about "murder school" @ Barker

1969 Dec 4 Atkins made deal: testify @ grand jury, no death penalty
1969 Dec 4 Police matched Krenwinkel's fingerprint to Tate crime scene
1969 Dec 4 Wilson received anonymous death threat
1969 Dec 5 Atkins testified to grand jury
1969 Dec 6 Police detected blood in Swartz' car, unable to determine if human
1969 Dec 8 Grand jury indicts Manson, Watson, Atkins, Krenwinkel, Linda, Van Houten for Tate-LaBianca murders

1969 Dec 9 Manson charged w/ Tate-LaBianca murders
1969 Dec 9 Police found Shea's car, Canoga Park.  Prints later matched to Davis
1969 Dec 9 Attorney arranged sale of Atkin's story
1969 Dec 10 Rosemary’s wallet found in Sylmar gas station toilet tank
1969 Dec 10 Watson court hearing
1969 Dec 11 Paul Fitzgerald appointed as Manson's lawyer.
1969 Dec 12 Subpoena issued for Watson's papers.  Application for writ of habeas corpus
1969 Dec 14 Atkins' story appeared in LA Times
1969 Dec 15 KACB-TV found killers’ clothes based on Atkins' story in LA Times
1969 Dec 16 Atkins pled not guilty.
1969 Dec 16 After great pressure from Bernard Weiss, police "discover"  already have Tate murder gun.
1969 Dec 17 Manson asks to represent self
1969 Dec 17 Krenwinkle pleads innoncent

1969 Dec 19 Van Houten changed attorneys from Barnett to Part
1969 Dec 19 Manson on cover of "Life"
1969 Dec 24 Manson allowed to represent self

1969 Dec 26 Police found house Tate killers cleaned up w/ hose, Owner Rudolf Weber, remembered license plate #


1970 Early Jan Ruth returned to Family, got pregnant, around Mar-Apr
1970 Jan Lake admitted to Patton State Hospital, labeled schizophrenic.
1970 Jan Krenwinkle fights extradition

1970 Jan 5 Watsons' return to CA ordered
1970 Jan 6 Linda arraigned, pled not guilty

1970 Jan 6 Van Houten's attorney requested Psych eval
1970 Jan 16 Watson granted 30 day continuance

1970 Jan 19 Van Houten requested change of attorney, from Part to Reiner

  1970 Feb 4 Manson’s cell mate speaks

1970 Feb 6 Van Houten ruled legally sane, granted change of attorney.
1970 Feb 6 Manson requested trial start, Judge Keene set date-Mar 30.
1970 Feb Bobby-Kitty’'s daughter  born

1970 Feb 16 Manson requested change of venue, denied
1970 Feb Krenwinkel waived extradition, returned to CA
1970 Feb 24 Krenwinkel’ 1st court appearance, requested Paul Fitzgerald appointed as her attorney.
1970 Feb 24 Davis arrested @ Bakersfield, CA –attempting to buy guns w/ fake license(verify)
1970 Feb 26 Prosecution gave immunity to Linda
1970 Feb 27 Davis arraigned in INYO of fed weapons charges
1970 Feb 28 Prosecution 1st interviewed Linda

1970 Mar Watkins burned in VW camper fire
1970 Mar 3 Prosecution took Linda to Cielo, where clothes disposed of, Weber house.
1970 Mar 3 Moorehouse denied parole

1970 Mar 5 Manson allowed to meet w/ Atkins
1970 Mar 6 Keene vacated Manson's right to represent self, appointed Charles Hollopeter to be his attorney

1970 Mar 6 "Lie" album released

1970 Mar 7 Linda taken to hospital
1970 Mar 9 Linda gave birth to boy, Angel
1970 Mar 11 Atkins allowed to substitute Shinn w/ Richard Caballero as attorney, recants

1970 Mar 13 Linda returned to jail
1970 Mar 15 Davis released from jail (verify)

1970 Mar 15 Prosecution w/ Linda to show route killers took on LaBianca murders.
1970 Mar 19 Manson asked to represent self again, denied, allowed replacement of Hollopeter with Ronald Hughe
1070 Mar 20 Al Springer interviewed

1970 Late Mar (est) Fitzgerald quit public defender job to represent Krenwinkel, previously, he had a conflict of interest

1970 Late Mar Bobby's retrial began, took stand said Manson was  killer

1970 Late Mar (est) Lynn & Brenda visited Mary in Wisconsin apparently to discuss her testimony in the Hinman  trial

1970 Apr 6 Brunner arrested, makes statement

1970 Apr Bugliosi requested Atkins, Van Houten, Krenwinkel print words left at crime scenes.  Krenwinkel refused, others complied

1970 Apr Bugliosi 1st interviewed Ruby & Starr. Starr identified rope, gun used in the Tate murders. He once owned gun

1970 Apr Offcr DeWayne Wolfer determined wire cutters (id’d by Linda, did not match cut at Cielo

1970 Apr (est) Bobby convicted

1970 Apr 13 Manson filed affidavit of prejudice @ Keene.  accepted complaint, Charles Older

1970 Apr 15 Sgt Lee visits Spahn. Found more.22 cal casings
1970 Apr 16 Charlene Cafritz indicted—drugs

1970  Apr 20 Brenda married Davis in NV –using her real name and ‘Mark Rollins Grant’

1970 Apr 21 Bobby guilty of Hinman death (2nd trial)

1970 May Bobby asked for new trial on affidavit by Mary stating she lied @ trial, Mary called to stand reversed herself  many times, petition  denied
1970 May Manson made  motion to represent self in Hinman trial, denied
1970 May 11 Atkins filed declaration repudiating grand jury testimony
1970 May 15 Ella Jo interviewed by LA Sheriffs for Hinman-agreed to testify

1970 May 25 Bugliosi discovered police had door from Spahn in evidence w/  "Helter Skelter is coming down fast" on it

1970 Early June Manson allowed to replace Hughes w/ Kanarek
1970 Early June Bugliosi visited Lake @ Patton Hospital
1970 June 9 Manson turned chair away from judge, said "Court shown me no respect  so I am going to show Court same thing"
1970 June 10 Atkins, Krenwinkel, Van Houten turned backs on judge
1970 June 11 Manson stood, head bowed, arms out as if crucified, girls did same
1970 June 15 Trial begins: Start of jury selection
1970 June or July Mary re-indicted-rearrested for Hinman murder, released on writ of habeas corpus
1970 June or July Grogan pled guilty-Grand theft auto, Barker raid, probation, returned to Family.
1970 June 24 Krenwinkel interrupted voir dire asked Fitzgerald removed-Denied
1970 June 25 Van Houten interrupted voir dire asked Reiner be removed-Denied

1970 July 14 Prosecution & defense accept jury, sworn in, still to select alternates
1970 July 17 Van Houten formally requested Reiner replaced by Hughes, appointed.
1970 July 21 6 alternate jurors sworn in
1970 July 24 Tate trial began, Manson in court w/ "X" on forehead

1970 Aug Lake left Patton State Hospital
1970 Aug 26 Moorehouse denied parole

1970 Sept Lake entered high school
1970 Sept 4 Charlene Cafritz died -nembutol overdose.???

1970 Sept 5 Bomb exploded @ Hall of Justice

1970 Sept 11 DeCarlo testifies

1970 Sept 19 Watson id’d in court @ Tate trial

1970 Oct Manson ejected from court again

1970 Oct 31 Watson moved to Atascadero State Hospital

1970 Nov Manson & Girls meet for strategy

1970 Nov 6 Manson ordered to stop singing

1970 Nov 16 State rests
1970 Nov 19 Defense rests
1970 Nov 20 Manson made "children that come at you" speech in court
1970 Nov 30 Attorney Ron Hughes goes missing

1970 Dec 2 Davis & Brenda turned selves in, CA

 1970 Dec 31 Tate court case break for Hinman-Shea case

1971 Jan 25 Manson & girls convicted
1971 Jan 26 Manson’s mother comments

1971 Feb 14 Watson removed from Atascadero
1971 Feb 22 Manson on his music

1971 Mar 23 Moorehouse released

1971 Mar 29 Jury gives death sentence

1971 Mar 29 Hughes' body found

1971 Apr 19 Judge Older gives death sentences
1971 June Lake finished high school
1971 July 15 Manson tries to plead guilty

1971 Aug 13 Robbery of Covina beer distributorship by Manson Family
1971 Aug 21 Shootout @ Western Surplus, Hawthorne CA

1971 Aug 24? Watson goes on trial
1971 Aug 25 Hoyt testifies

1971 Sept 2 Watson admits killings

1971 Sept 14 Manson sets fire to cell

1971 Oct 12 Watson convicted in 7 murders

1971 Oct 20 Como escaped jail, picked up by Sandy
1971 Nov 8 Grogan convicted on Hinman-death sentence, later to Life per judge

1971 Nov 30 Manson convicted/sentenced for life in Hinman-Shea murders

1971 Dec 23 Grogan’s death sentence reduced to Life per judge

1972 Feb 18 CA Supreme Court rules death penalty unconstitutional
1972 Mar 14 Davis convicted Hinman-Shea-life sentence

1972 Nov 8 Body of James Willett found, Guerneville CA. Family murder victim 

1972 Nov 11 Body of Lauren Willett found, Stockton CA. Family murder victim

1972 Nov 14 5 held in Willet murders

1973 Mar 21 Brunner sentenced for Hawthorne shootout

1974 Inyo Co. detective John Little searches Barker for bodies

1974 July 21 Manson in psychiatric unit

1974 Fall Davis converts to Christianity(Tim Dailey-minister)

1974 Sept 22 George Spahn died, 85, last residence North Hollywood

1975 DeCarlo living in OR,

1975 Mar Lynette attempts to visit Jimmy Page, LA
1975 Sept (Thurs) Lynette returned from SF

1975 Sept 5 Lynette pointed gun @ Pres Ford

1975 Sept 21 Lynette -psych eval

1975 Sept 22 Sara Jane Moore attempted assassination on Pres. Ford
1975 Sept Atkins becomes born-again Christian

1975 Oct Ruth arrested on 4yr old warrant
1975 Nov 26 Lynette found guilty--attempted assassination

1975 Dec 18 Lynette sentenced to Life

1976  Jan 27 Brenda married Michael Lee Monfort
1977 Grogan stabbed in prison

Grogan tells authorities where Shea is buried

1976 Aug 13 Manson’s appeal

1977 Aug 6 Van Houten's trial ended--hung jury
1977 Nov Davis ‘1st takes responsibility’ per psych report
1978 Mar Magazine article exposing Tex’s prison ministerial behavior

1978 July 20 Atkins parole hearing

1978 Oct 19 Davis parole hearing

1978 Nov 15 James Craig shot in face, Edward Barabas died same incident.  Barabas lived w/ Priscilla Cooper

1978 Dec 22 Craig died

1979 Sept 7 Watson-33 married Kristin Svege-20 in San Luis Obispo

Davis transferred from Folsom to CMC(Mule Creek?)

1980 Mar 27
Davis parole hearing

1980 Oct 21
Grogan parole hearing

1981 Sept 2
Atkins-33 married Donald Laisure-52, San Bernardino

1981 Sept 16
Atkins parole hearing

1981 Oct 20
Grogan parole hearing

1981 Oct 22
Watson’s parole hearing

1981 Nov 18
Van Houten-32 married William Cywin 30, San Bernadino

Linda arrested –indecent exposure

Watson's son born

Watson's son born

1985 Apr
Davis marries Beth Davis, has 1 daughter

1985 Nov 18
Grogan released on parole

1985 Dec 4
Bobby’s parole hearing

1985 Dec 31
Atkins parole hearing

Suzan LaBerge begins writing anonymously to Tex, meets w/ him in ‘87

"Pic Dawson died

1987 Dec 23
Lynette escapes prison, WV, captured 2 days later

1988 Nov 6
Krenwinkle parole hearing

1988 Dec 16
Atkins parole hearing

Watson's daughter born

1989 Dec 20
Atkins parole hearing

1990, May 4
Watson parole hearing. Suzan (LaBerge) Struthers appeared on his behalf.

1990 Aug 3
Watkins died, LA

1991 May
Moorehouse convicted on child molestation, sentenced to 8 yrs (served 52months)

1992 July 10
Doris Tate died, LA

1993 Feb 1
Bernard  Crowe died, LA

1993 June 22
Davis parole hearing
Charles Manson Jr, son w/ Rosalie, went by "Jay White" at times, committed suicide in Kit Carson, CO

1993 June 29
Charles Manson Jr, son w/ Rosalie, aka "Jay White" at times, committed suicide, CO

1995 June 7
TJ Walleman killed in car wreck

1995 Sept 2
Moorehouse released from prison

Watson's son born

1996 June 25
Atkins parole hearing

1997 May 29
Moorehouse violated parole, returned to prison

1998 Feb 8
Frank Retz died in car accident, LA

1998 May 22
Moorehouse re-released on parole

1998 July 28
Earl Deemer died, Riverside CA

1998 Oct 4
Lori Lynn Mardesich Walleman (Ansom 13) died-Orange County CA.

1999 Sept 9
Moorehouse discharged from parole supervision

1999 Nov 2
Watson busted for violations @ Mule Creek

2000 May 21
Al Springer died-Yuba CA

2000 June 3
Patti Tate died-SSDI states June 1

Davis’ daughter born

2001 Aug 14
Attorney Paul Caruso died

2001 Oct 2
Attorney Paul Fitzgerald died from heart attack

2001 Dec
Davis parole hearing (defunct posting)

2002 Oct 2
Linda arrested-

2002 Nov 15
John Powers (Tate/LaBianca cop) died, 90 according to newspapers

2002 Nov 19
Nuel Emmons died.  Author of "Manson:  In His Own Words."

2003 Jan
Tex- Kristin separated

2003 July
Tex- Kristin divorce final

2004 July 7
Krenwinkle parole hearing

2004 Early Sept
Ken Como died

2004 Nov 19
Terry Melcher died, Beverly Hills

2005 Jan
Hawthorne Western Surplus demolished

2005 Jan 28
Judge Raymond Choate died,85-Manhattan Beach

2005 May 18
Paul Tate died,82—Washington

2005 June 1
Atkins parole hearing :{link defunct}

2006 Feb 21
Charles L Manson dies –son with Leona

2006 June 17
Judge Older died

2006 Aug
Davis parole hearing

2007 Aug 6 Davis parole hearing
2008 Sept 15 Davis parole hearing
2009 Aug 14 –Lynette released on parole, NY
2009 Sept 2 –Atkins parole hearing

2009 –Atkins dies in jail

2010 Jan 28 –Davis parole hearing

2010 May 22 –Dean Moorehouse dies, Shasta Lake, CA

2010 –Davis denied parole by CA gov

2011 Jam 20 –Krenwinkle parole hearing

2012  -Davis parole hearing

2012 Oct 4 –Davis granted parole

2012 – Davis parole appeal

2014 Mar 12 –Davis 28th parole hearing


leary7 said...

2015 Feb 7th. Finished reading timeline account.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

C'mon Leary... A-pply yourself. LOL

Venus said...

LOL Leary!

Great timeline, thanks!

MrPoirot said...

I always thought Garretson could not have stayed up till dawn the night of the murders unless he had taken speed. Timeline mentions dexadrine a few days earlier.

Notice how many times Clem was arrested even before he met Manson.

Mary was well into adulthood when she met Manson. Mostly she was by herself until then. Why would a young lady be a loner? What was wrong with Mary?

Notice the quick succession of heavy events in Manson's life just prior to ordering Cielo murders. Charlie shoots Crowe, fears of Black Panthers attacking him, Charlie cut Hinman, Hinman murder, Beausoleil arrested murder, failed audition at Easelen, beats Schram in bread truck at Easelen, Mary and Sandy arrested, given ticket with Schram in San Diego. All in about 8 days time.

MrPoirot said...

Nice to see you posting Leary. How are you doing now? I've seen a lot of people in different forums ask about you Leary.

Zeke002 said...

yeah, sorry, I should also have said a great effort on the timeline. it's an invaluable tool. thanks anonymous.

retoolin MrP. thanks for asking. I had heart surgery four years ago and have honestly been in constant chronic pain ever since. Obama declared me a natural disaster site from the waist down. but I am back in the ring at least. good to see all of you too.

leary7 said...

shit, I was in the wrong email account again.
I should have also said what a great effort on the timeline. It is an invaluable tool. muchos gracias anonymous.

Hey MrP., been doin better, thanks for askin. I was thinking today it has been exactly four years ago that I had a triple by-pass and it is amazing what can happen to the human body afterwards. It's like with a car, when one thing goes, everything goes. Four years of staph, cancer, neuropathy, kidney malfunctions and a bunch of other shit.
The life of a pumphead sucks. Have you ever heard the term "pumphead". When they remove your heart they have you on the pump and depending on how the surgery is going you can be on the pump for an indeterminent period of time. But the longer you are on it the more pronounced the side effects such as lost of taste and memory and depression etc.
The human body just wasn't meant to be carved open and had its most vital organ pulled out.
But I sound like I am whining. I am just honestly amazed at the repercussions of intrusive surgery. There are many on this site who know what I am talking about.
But back to Charlie and the timeline that will go on forever.
There's gotta be Manson grandchildren by now, are they in there?

katie8753 said...

Thanks Leary, glad you're doing better! :)

sunset77 said...

Hope you are better Leary.

You mentioned Manson grandchildren, there is at least one I'm pretty sure. Jason Freeman is the son of Charles Manson Jr. (aka Jay White). Freeman mentions in an interview that he's raising 3 boys with his wife. I would guess if those boys are Jason Freeman's biological children, they would be Charles Manson's great grandchildren.

leary7 said...

always a joy, Katie.

you gotta wonder, Sunset, if Charlie has the capacity to generate any curiosity or interest in his kin, particularly his offspring and descendants. If prison is his world, as he often proclaims, then I suppose anything and anyone on the outside is an irrelevancy to him. Everyone compartmentalizes - I suppose the Evil One does too.

sunset77 said...

@ Leary

When you are in prison, nearly everything on the outside becomes irrelevant to all inmates very quickly, not just Charles Manson.

Manson is probably held in a cell nearly all the time, the only time he comes out is for visits and possibly showers. He probably has no radio or TV. Yelling back and forth to the 3 cells to the right and left becomes his entire world. Things like Gary Hinman and Mary Brunner become very distant memories. Trying not to get stabbed, beaten or pepper sprayed becomes the focus of many inmates.

Charles Manson is very famous certainly outside of prison, probably inside as well. Some inmates might try to kill him, just to gain notoriety for themselves.

I expect Manson's notoriety has caused problems for nearly all his blood relatives, as well as his extended "family". Charles Manson Jr. changed his name, then later committed suicide as he couldn't deal with it. Charles Manson himself, probably doesn't even know about much of the grief he's responsible for on the outside. That's not his "thing".

Sharolee said...

Rosalee changed Charles Manson jr's name to Jay White before the murders, when he was a kid, so he would have the same last name as brother and mother. Had nothing to do with Manson.

PaulH said...

Does anyone have any documents of Manson's arrest on March 30, 1969 for the assault on Danny DeCarlo's wife, Miriam?