Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Ramrodder

Featuring Miss Catherine Share and Robert Beausoleil.

You will need to sign-in to watch as it's a bit cheeky. A gentleman helpfully simultaneously translates the dialogue into Russian throughout.


louis365 said...

I was sent a legit DVD copy of this some years ago by Mr. P. It was a composite DVD that also included the movie "Revenge of the virgins". Some time later, after I had made a copy, I offered to send it back to him, but he declined. I wonder why LOL - it's the type of movie, you just watch it once, and then that's it.

Venus said...

I have this on VHS somewhere in my collection. Great scenery! I am referring to the setting of the film, you guys will be referring to other things, I'm sure, LOL

(I can hear the stampede as the guys all run to watch this)

sunset77 said...

I think "cheeky" would be an accurate description, there are quite a few cheeks in that film.

In 1965 Catherine Share released 2 "singles" that I know of using the name "Charity Shane", they can be heard on YouTube:

Ain't it? Babe


Then, You Try

Wikipedia says: In early 1967, Share met Bobby Beausoleil on the set of a softcore porn movie entitled Ramrodder. She eventually began an affair with the aspiring musician and, after meeting Charles Manson through Beausoleil, moved to the "Family"'s location on Spahn's Ranch, where the other Family members nicknamed her "Gypsy",

Share apparently had a pretty rough early life. Both her parents committed suicide when she was 2. Her maternal grandmother died in a ghetto, and both her paternal grandparents died in concentration camps.

Share's father made arrangements with a French lawyer to have her adopted by a French woman who apparently married an America psychologist who later moved them to Hollywood CA. Share's childhood in America was, according to Share, a relatively happy one until her adoptive mother was diagnosed with cancer and committed suicide when Share was 16. Share then lived with her blind adoptive father.--Wikipedia

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Great to see you Brother!!!!

katie8753 said...

Thanks Chris!

Wow, a lot of butts in that movie. Some wide loads.

Did Bobby play an Indian? I didn't even see Gypsy. Course I fast forwarded it. I'm not gonna watch that junk for long.

Thanks Sunset for that bio. Gypsy did have a hard life. No excuse for her behavior, but at least it's a start.

It's funny how before, when Gypsy was spewing nonsense, everyone seemed to lap it up, but later when she "got saved", she told us that the "copy cat" motive was just a bunch of bullshit Charlie made up and told them to recite during the punishment phase, and she described how Charlie almost beat her and Mary to death, but when she talks like that, a lot of people diss her.

I like her after she was saved, and I believe everything she said about the "copy cat" motive being just another one of Charlie's lies.

katie8753 said...

p.s., I've said it before, and I'll say it again (sigh, I sound like Tigger), Gary Hinman was NOT making drugs. Bobby Bourgeois made all that up.

He later said he killed Gary because Gary threatened to call the police. What kind of drug dealer CALLS THE POLICE???

That's simply a lie that Bobby thought up to make himself look less guilty. He killed Gary because he was afraid he'd call the police just like he said. He only went there to steal his money that Manson said he had inherited.

And Manson was the one who told him to get it.


Venus said...
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Venus said...

Yes, Bobby was an Indian in the film, he kills someone near the end of it. I don't know where Gypsy was in the film. Sad background story for her, that was new info to me.

Venus said...

Phooey, I double posted so will delete one.

sunset77 said...

I actually got an e-mail from Bobby Beausoliel about this film maybe 2 or 3 years ago. I sent an e-mail to his website and asked what role he played in this film, I lost the e-mail when my hard drive crashed though. I think I remember he said he played the part of "Mogu", but I'm not certain. Anyway, Bobby is the Indian with a big knife. IMDB lists Bobby as "saddle tramp" but that's incorrect.

Catherine Share plays the role of "Cochina", she's pretty obvious if you are familiar with what "Gypsy" looks like.

leary7 said...

Still kickin, LS, thanks for asking. Been in hospital - 37 days without fresh air - pure torture, but am motoring once more. Hope there is news about Bruce soon. good to read all the gang once more. no computers allowed in hospital. sucked.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


MrPoirot said...

Leary I had a strong suspicion you were ill. Glad to see you are doing better.

MrPoirot said...

I went to look at Star City Radio
discussion room but the discussion section doesn't appear
on the screen. Is anybody else having this problem?

revatron said...

Over on 's latest entry Trilby replied…
"With regard to Hinman/drugs - I did find it significant that Sandy told an officer from LASO as early as '68 that she had gotten capsules they found in a bust of some "Family" members in Topanga from Hinman"

When an officer asks where you got your drugs you usually make up a story. This sounds to me like a made up story by Sandy, and a clear indication that the family already at this point had resentment/dislike for Hinman.

sunset77 said...

@Mr.Poirot, When I got a new hard drive for my computer a few months ago with Windows 7, the Star City Radio website stopped working for me. I haven't been in there for months.

@Leary, hope you are well, take care.

katie8753 said...

Hi Leary! Hi Bobby! Good to see you both!!!

Mr. P., I went over to SCR and didn't have any trouble seeing the discussion room. Try using another browser.

I agree Revatron. Nothing Sandy has to say means anything as far as the truth goes. LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


MrPoirot said...


I found out why I couldn't get the Star City discussion room to show up.

I had gone into "TOOLS" and inadvertently clicked on "ACTIVE X FILTERING". This filtered out the discussion section. I clicked on it again to turn it back off. Now I can see the discussion room.

katie8753 said...

Mr. P, All's Well That Ends Well. LOL.