Monday, April 21, 2014

My encounter with the Manson girls...

Reading Starship's post, it reminded me of my encounter with "Charlie's girls."  This occurred in 1970-71.  

My sister (who is much older than I) worked for an attorney from 1967-1972.  In 1968, she was assigned to the West Hollywood office.  Their office was upstairs in this building (now a restaurant), and the office across the hall was none other than "Bob Marcucci Productions"...yes, "The Idol Maker"... and she was good friends with him.

It was at the corner of Sunset and Sunset Plaza in West Hollywood, within walking distance of Ben Franks, a well-known coffee shop hang-out for "anyone who was anyone" (at that time).  See below...

One day out of the blue, my sister decided to take me to work with her for the day, mainly because I think she was bored at work and wanted someone to talk

On the way there, we came in from the East and I was quite curious of Hollywood so she drove the full length of Sunset to show me around "the scene".  I remember the Hari Krishnas, the sidewalk guitar players, the "love children"....

Then while stopped at a traffic signal, I noticed these "weirdos" on the corner - their heads were shaved.  I asked my sister "what's wrong with them?"  She screamed so loud I was startled:  "Roll up the windows and lock the doors, hurry!  And for Christ's sake, DON'T STARE AT THEM!!!"   I said "why, who are they?"  She said "They're Charlie's girls, don't look at them."  I said "Who's Charlie?"  She said "Charlie Manson!"  I was only slightly familiar with the case, as my parents wouldn't allow me to watch any news related to violence or war.....and being a preteen at that time, I could care less about that stuff.  I was only interested in seeing David Cassidy or Davy Jones...but that didn't happen!

At the time however, the incident did scare the crap out of me, but I think my sister embellished that!  And no, I have no idea which ones they were, but they did have an "x" carved in their forehead... my sister pointed that out, before she told me not to stare at

Submitted by Kimchi!  Thanks Kimchi!!


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thank You Kimchi, for sharing your story with us.

Great story!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Starship's thread (which initiated this topic) can be found here:

Starship said:
"It makes me wonder if meetings with various X engraved Family members was just part of the daily routine back in LA during that time?"

The fact is... encounters with these folks was probably more common, than we'd initially assume...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Kimchi shared this story with me, 3 years ago.

I contacted her earlier today, and asked her to share this story with our readership, as a personal favor to me.

If anyone has any doubts regarding the authenticity of Kimchi's encounter, they can take it up with me.
I will personally vouch for Kimchi.


katie8753 said...


LOL. That reminds me of the tiny medium on Poltergeist.

It knows too much already...

Thanks for sharing Kimchi!

katie8753 said...

Kimchi, is this corner you saw them on near the Courthouse where the trial was held?

katie8753 said...

Tiny Medium. Hmmm....Sounds like I've created an oxymoron. LOL.

I'm just wondering how many people going down that street heading to work or to lunch with friends encountered these freaks on a daily basis. Maybe asking for a ride or just having a hand out for money.

I'm amazed that they were up around 7:30am. Did they sleep there on the sidewalk? Probably. No more money left on the stolen credit cards to get a nice room at the Motel 6?

leary7 said...

looks like Sandy and Cappy in the back. Is it Brenda and Kitty in the front? And remind me again what the upturned hands signified.

Nice story. Don't stare. These girls knew the power of fear. They used it. Don't stare at the fear. Solid parenting advice.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Leary said:
"Remind me again what the upturned hands signified."

The girls explain the significance of their upturned hands, at exactly one minute and 24 seconds into this video clip...


And yes... I've watched WAY too much TLB footage online. LOL!


In short Leary, it means they've "given-up" on society.
According to Nancy:
"We've X-ed ourselves out of society... and we give it up, to whoever wants to take it."

Whatever the f#ck that means, right???... LOL

Well... one thing's for sure, Leary:
The Manson chicks "gave it up to whoever wanted to take it" in more ways than one! LOLOL!

Kimchi said...

Hi Katie -

Regarding where we saw them, I had to ask my sister...

She said it was on Sunset at Highland, across the street from the high school...they were trying to get a ride, that's why she panicked and said "roll the windows up and lock the doors"...

All I remember is they looked weird, like aliens or something...that's why I asked her what they

louis365 said...

katie8753 said:

I'm amazed that they were up around 7:30am. Did they sleep there on the sidewalk?

I read somewhere that for awhile, they slept in a hippie van that they kept near by.

sunset77 said...

Every girl I knew back in those day was going around looking for KEITH!!.

I read somewhere the girls slept in Mark Ross's van when they were on the "street". They also spent some time with one of the lawyers, according to his girlfriend at the time, Erica Gavin. I think Gavin said she gave the girls some clothes including the short mini dress Atkins can be seen wearing some pix.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Kimchi! I'm with you...I'd rather see David Cassidy or Davy Jones ANY day.

It seems like it would be against the law to approach people and scare them.

Thanks Louis & Sunset. Those kids would spend the night anywhere.

I was just wondering how embarrassing it was for those girls' parents to have them on the news with bald heads and X's on their heads.

Phone Rings.

"Hi Mr. (Good, Fromme, Pittman, fill in the blank), I see your kid is on TV trying to scare people with her plastic smile and glazed eyes. I hear she joined up with that murderin' hippy cult. Bummer.

Well, see you at the office tomorrow."


starship said...

Thanks, Kimchi.

I hear that bald headed and x'd still rolls in at least one MickyDs out in California.