Saturday, February 8, 2014

Alice Skolfield LaBianca McCallum

Leno La Bianca's first wife Alice passed away in 2011...

Yes, this is old news, but I just learned about it last night and thought I would share it.  It made me sad to hear of her passing; her book "No More Tomorrows" was one of the few I've read that I actually enjoyed, mainly because it was more about life than death. She shared a lot of intimate details of her life with the La Bianca Family, and how she dealt with the tragedy, and helped her and Leno's children deal with it. 
RIP Alice....

Birth: Nov. 5, 1924
Los Angeles
Los Angeles County
California, USA
Death: Nov. 30, 2011
California, USA

Leno and Alice were divorced in 1956.
There were three LaBianca children from this marriage.

Alice married Wm. G. Findley in 1957

There was the 0ne daughter from this marriage.

Family links: 

Carl Anderson Skolfield (1901 - 1969)
Jane McCallum Forline (1902 - 1986)



LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Kimchi!

Jeez... Alice wasn't too bad on the eyes.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

In fairness to Kimchi:

Kimchi shared this information (regarding Alice) a few months ago.
This thread has been sitting in the blog's "drafts folder" for a very long time.

Kimchi's narrative reads: "I just learned about this last night"... but in fairness, Kimchi wrote this thread months ago.

This situation is my fault, and I take full blame.

I just want to make that point clear.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Kimchi!

katie8753 said...

Alice was beautiful. What a beautiful smile and I love that dimple!!

CarolMR said...

Thanks, Kimchi. I agree, Katie - Alice was beautiful.

sunset77 said...

Off topic comment:

Apparently, there is murder trial taking place in Florida of Michael Dunn resulting from the 2012 shooting death of 1 of the 4 teens that was parked next to him at a convenience store playing loud "thug" music.

Dunn has claimed the 4 teens in the SUV had various weapons, however, none were ever found.

On the way back to a hotel from a wedding Dunn and his girlfriend Rhonda Rouer stopped at a convenience store to purchase a bottle of wine and a bag of nuts. Rouer went in the store. At around the 28:13 mark of a video, Rouer can be seen on the surveillance vid of the "Gate Gas Station"-->HERE. The wine and nuts can be seen on the counter, shortly thereafter, approx. 10 gunshots can be heard.

Apparently, 9 of the rounds from a 9 mm Taurus struck the SUV containing the 4 teens. A pic of the SUV with trajectory rods sticking in some of the bullet holes can be seen HERE.

Dunn and his girlfriend fled the scene, it looks like a murder to me.

Venus said...

RIP Alice

MrPoirot said...

Sunset I read a bit on the trial today in Florida. I would not call that 1st deg murder. I'm not sure I'd even call that manslaughter. The three teens were deliberately posing a threat and Michael Dunn was most likely in fear of bodily harm.

katie8753 said...

If the trial is in Florida, the defendant will be found "Not Guilty". That's what Floridians do...

katie8753 said...

But, if the trial was in Texas, we'd be giving Dunn a medal. LOL.

"Damn, turn that gol-durn music down!!!"

sunset77 said...

As far as the Dunn case is concerned, I found out that there are apparently cameras in the courtroom and the trial can be "streamed" live. I've watched about the last 3 days live on the internet.

My personal opinion is that was murder plain and simple. The 4 black kids in the Durango had no weapons, the only person that "thinks" they did was Dunn. While he might have "felt threatened", that gave him no right to simply open fire with a 9 mm handgun with hollow points at point blank range. He could have easily killed all 4 in the SUV, plus as the SUV backed out, Dunn apparently got out of his Jetta and fired 3 rounds into that back of the SUV as it fled.

Dunn's girlfriend said Dunn drank approximately 3 alcoholic drinks at a wedding before they got to the Gate Gas Station. The police couldn't check his alcohol level because he fled, and made no attempt to contact police after firing 10 rounds at an occupied vehicle.

The jury picked a foreman at 5:03 Eastern time and began deliberations. They asked for all the surveillance from the Gate Gas Station and quit around 8 p.m. They should continue deliberations around 10 a.m. Eastern.

katie8753 said...

Well anyway, Alice was beautiful. She seemed to be very upset that Leno was killed. I get the feeling that she didn't think he was a "bad guy" who deserved to get rubbed out.

MrPoirot said...

Yea but the three teens were playing Rap music by Kanye West with Kim Kardashian singing backing vocal.

katie8753 said...

And Bruce Jenner is wearing a "bro".

Rafe said...

Upset that her husband was being murdered? Ummm...DUH.

Rafe said...

Dunn must be a real pussy, feeling threatened while packing a 9mm with hollow-point ammo.