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Colonel Walker Scott

Here is a little more information about Colonel Walker Scott, just updated August 24, 2013...

From Findagrave.com:

Birth: May 11, 1910
Pike County
Kentucky, USA
Death: Dec. 30, 1954
Boyd County
Kentucky, USA

Colonel Scott, Charles Manson's birth father of record.

About 14 months after Charlie was born Colonel and his first wife Dorothy had a son and named him after his father. On April 19, 1937 the bastardy suit filed by Kathleen Manson in 1936 was settled in Kathleen's favor. The Colonel was ordered to pay a modest amount child support for Charlie. In 1940 another son was born to Dorothy and Colonel.

April 17, 1941 Dorothy Scott sued Colonel for divorce and won. His drinking problems, abusiveness and non support issues were brought up in court. Dorothy won custody of both boys.

Colonel Scott dies in 1954 of cirrhosis of the liver at age 44. He was survived by his second wife Sylvia and his two sons.

Catlettsburg Cemetery
Boyd County
Kentucky, USA

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LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

"Bastardy suit". LOL!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

"Colonel Scott dies in 1954 of cirrhosis of the liver at age 44".


Fuckin' drunk. LOL

beauders said...

I wonder if Manson's half sibling's know about him?

sunset77 said...

A website called "accuracy project" says this:

Biographical fast facts
Full or original name at birth: Charles Milles Maddox (a.k.a. Charles Milles Manson)

Date, time and place of birth: November 12, 1934, at 4:40 p.m., Cincinnati General Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. *

Date, place and cause of death: (Alive as of 2012)

Marriage #1
Wife: Rosalie Jean Willis (m. January 17, 1955 - 1958) (divorced)

Marriage #2
Wife: Leona Rae "Candy" Stevens (m. 1959 - 1963) (divorced)

Sons: Charles Milles Manson, Jr. (d. committed suicide in 1993)
Charles Luther Manson
Valentine "Pooh Bear" Michael Manson (b. April 1, 1968, Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, California)

Note: Rosalie is the mother of Charles Manson, Jr., Leona is the mother of Charles Luther Manson, and Mary Theresa Brunner (considered to be the first member of Manson's "Family") is the mother of "Pooh Bear" Manson.

Father: Colonel Walker Scott (b. May 11, 1910, Pike County, Kentucky - d. December 30, 1954, King's Daughters' Hospital, Ashland, Kentucky, of cirrhosis of the liver)**
Mother: Kathleen Maddox (1918-1973)

Note: William Manson was Charles Manson's stepfather."

Whether or not that is accurate, I have no idea.

If Manson was born to Maddox in 1934, Maddox would have been around 16 as she was born in 1918. Walker Scot was born in 1910 so he would have been around 24.

The "accuracy project" site also says:

"Understand that like most Americans, Charles Manson actually has two different "birth certificates." The first birth certificate is given by the hospital, and is often called a "souvenir" birth certificate. These are no longer considered valid in most jurisdictions for use as identification in obtaining a drivers license, passport, and such. The second birth certificate is the one filed with the county or state government, several days, or in some cases, weeks after the birth. We raise this issue in light of the fact many sources claim the name on his birth certificate is "No Name Maddox." Again, the birth certificate on file with the Ohio Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics, clearly shows his first and middle name "Charles Milles" not "No Name Maddox." Manson's mother, Kathleen, addressed this issue in 1971, saying that she had not decided on a name, and waited a couple of days until her mother arrived in Cincinnati (where she'd given birth) to help her choose a first name for her child. Thus the officially registered birth certificate filed on December 3rd, 1934, three weeks after Manson's birth, indeed does show the name she settled on.

NOTE: The hospital made a typographical error when supplying his birth data to the government, offering the misspelling "Moddox" instead of the properly spelled Maddox. So this misspelling appears on the aforementioned birth certificate."

It seems pretty obvious that Manson was an unwanted pregnancy. Most of the girls I know, have names picked out for their babies before they even get pregnant. Charlie was shuffled around between various relatives and probably never had a "real" family, so I'm guessing he decided to make one of his own, and considering how he treated them, Manson was not a big fan of the concept of "family".

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

It's been brought to my attention, that "Cindy" at Find-a-Grave ascertained this information (regarding Colonel Scott) from Eviliz.com.

In fact, Cindy's narrative seems to be copied word-for-word from Eviliz.



I honestly had no idea where this information originated... and if "Cindy" had simply stated her source upfront, this wouldn't have happened.

Kimchi uploaded this thread as a draft... but, it was actually me, who posted it.
I'll shoulder any residual blame.

Last night, I had Poirot and SaintC exchanging addresses (for a confrontation) on the previous thread (LOL)... and I decided to quickly upload a new thread (in an effort to change the subject).

Under the circumstances, I never reviewed this thread closely, or even followed the link to Find-a-Grave.
I just posted the thread quickly, as a filler.

I'm 200% certain, that Kimchi had absolutely no idea, where this information originated.
Kimchi is better than that... in fact, she's the best.

My apologies to DebS for the confusion.


DebS said...

Thanks a lot Lynyrd! The blame lies squarely with "Cindy" for this. I'll see your 200% and raise you another 100% that Kimchi posted in good faith! I think she was on hiatus when that post was made at Eviliz and wouldn't have known about it. She is a first class researcher!

Patty is Dead said...

Patty will second that.

MrPoirot said...

Well that's what you get Lynyrd for taking down my Brady Bunch parody.

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