Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Aftermath of these "Parole Hearings"....

Statement by LA County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequiera regarding Leslie Van Houten:

"Some crimes may be an exception to the law guaranteeing the possibility of parole".
"There are certain crimes that are so heinous, so atrocious, so horrible, that it should cause denial of parole"

Written statement by Governor Edmund G. Brown regarding Bruce’s Davis:

“As our Supreme Court has acknowledged, in rare circumstances, a murder is so heinous that it provides evidence of current dangerousness by itself.  This is such a case.”


The meaning of these statements are obvious, and the implications blunt.

The "Powers that Be" maintain that the "heinous nature of these crimes" will always be sufficient reason for parole denial… and that’s indefinitely (i.e., forever).

I say "indefinitely" with confidence, because “the past” is one variable none of us can ever change.
These inmates can never "go back" and change the nature of their crimes.

In a nutshell… what Attorney Sequiera and Governor Brown are saying, is that NOTHING these inmates can ever do (or achieve), will supersede the gravity their crime(s).

Read Attorney Sequiera’s words.
He explains things point-blank.
These Manson Associates  are "the exception to the law guaranteeing the possibility of parole".

Bottom Line Friends:
These inmates can never change the past, and their good deeds and accomplishments will never eclipse the gravity of their crimes.
These inmates are truly "'the exception to the law' guaranteeing the possibility of parole".


Onward and Upward!

So what now, you ask?  Where do we go from here?

The only humane way to deal with this situation, is to change the law (for these individuals) and discontinue these parole hearings completely.
That will never happen… but, that would be the most humane decision.

These hearings are horrible for the victims' families, and the inmates.
These hearings open old wounds needlessly (again and again).
I say “needlessly“, because the outcome of these hearings is a foregone conclusion.
These hearings serve no other purpose, than to promote stress, misery and disappointment.

I’m starting to believe that the Parole Board is finally beginning to embrace, my opinion.
That’s probably why the Board handed Leslie a five-year denial.
Let's get real.
The Parole Board doesn’t want to face Leslie Van Houten (again) in 12 short months!

Let’s be frank:
It was easy to deny these inmates a parole date (with a straight face), when they had only 10-25 years under their belt.
Now that these folks have been in jail for almost a half century… these parole denials are becoming an embarrassing experience for everyone.

This (uncomfortable situation) is also (most likely) why, the Parole Board sent the Bruce Davis’ decision to Governor Brown.
These Parole Board members don’t know whether to shit or swim, at this point.
They figure… send this crap to the Governor… let him handle this miserable situation.
Let him do the “dirty work”.

Yes… these “parole hearings” (and consequent denials) have become an embarrassing “hot potato”, which no one wants to touch.

Long denials and/or Governor vetoes, will probably be the norm going forward.

The outcome of these "parole hearings" is clearly a foregone conclusion, when the decision is based on the nature of the original crime(s).

The nature of the original crime, is a variable which no one can change… and when the attorneys and politicians make that a primary condition for release, it truly becomes a “carrot on a stick” situation, if ever there was one!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand, Esquire

Foregone Conclusion
1. An end or a result regarded as inevitable: 
2. A conclusion formed in advance of argument or consideration.
3. A result that is obvious to everyone even before it happens


Kimchi said...

Lynyrd said:

"The "Powers that Be" maintain that the "heinous nature of these crimes" will always be sufficient reason for parole denial… and that’s indefinitely (i.e., forever)."

That's it in a nutshell Lynyrd, in my opinion...

Clem was very fortunate to get out when he did, I'm still of the opinion he had some kind of connection to the "Powers that Be"...they work magic when they want, wouldn't you say?

On another note, I watched a video from a local LA News station last night and guess who was there and interviewed at CIW after the PH? Yep, Deb Tate...also a young member of the La Bianca family, who was very well spoken...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I agree.
Grogan was extremely fortunate.

The results of these recent parole hearings (coupled with Atkin's compassionate release denial), further serve to amplify, just how extremely fortunate Grogan actually was!

Grogan could easily have been in the same soup as the rest of these inmates... begging futilely .... year after year... for forgiveness

I too, firmly believe, that Grogan had an "IN" with a judge or politician.
His deal was just too sweet to believe...

One has to wonder, how Clem feels about these parole denials and vetoes.
He must be counting his blessings every day... and, if he's not... he certainly should be.

I wanna say, Clem served about 13 years total.
Another fine example, of how uneven our scales of justice actually are...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Kimchi said:
"On another note, I watched a video from a local LA News station last night and guess who was there and interviewed at CIW after the PH? Yep, Deb Tate...also a young member of the La Bianca family, who was very well spoken..."

From the AP article:
"The ruling came after a full-day hearing at which six representatives of the La Bianca family spoke in anguish about the loss of the couple".

I was kinda wondering if Debra Tate snuck under the wire, as one of the "six representatives" mentioned...

That seems to be the case.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Bob, you ROCK!!

Please Thank your Dad for his service to our country!

Venus said...

Bobby, God bleess your dad! Please thank him for what he did. I had several beloved relatives who also served in WWII and they certainly were/are "the greatest generation."

katie8753 said...

Hi Bobby. Thanks.

Kimchi said...

Bobby - Bless your are so fortunate to still have him with you...

My dad would have been 90 TODAY if he was still with us...

Off topic -

I remember 44 years ago today - when I woke up, I looked for my mom, I found her watching TV and sobbing.. I said "What's wrong?" she said "They shot Bobby Kennedy"

I'll say one thing, that was a huge deal in our household...I remember that waaayyyyy more than I remember the TLB murders...and we lived in the LA area...

Unknown said...

Why go through the whole Dog and Pony show when everybody knows none of them will ever be released?
Even if the parole board says o.k. you know some politician worried about his public position will put the kibosh on the whole thing.
Don't know how Clem managed to get out by telling them where Shorty Sheas body was...there must have been more to the story than that.

St. Circumstance said...


I think that is my favorite post you have ever done and I couldn't agree with every single word of it any more...

Really incredibly well laid out and so precise in my opinion.

I think you nailed this one and couldn't be more right.

Who wins in these pointless hearings? so sad all the way around...

St. Circumstance said...

My idea on Shorty is that they sentenced other people over it corpus delecti and when you can justify sentencing several more important people by releasing one less dangerous person- you make that deal..

for god sakes the government let Sammy the Bull walk....

Clem was small potatoes- even less culpable than LULU who was always supposed to be the first one out...

They wanted the body because it was the one crime Charlie actually participated in, and leaving that lingering doubt out there was probably something they would rather not deal with if they had an option...

anyway that's my take

St. Circumstance said...

p.s.- all the best Bobby and Kimchi and your families :)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Prokes posted on the previous thread:

"If the name Charles Manson were not attached to her she would have been out a long time ago".

Hi Matt.

Whether folks want to stare starkly into the face of reality (or not) is their own business... but the fact of the matter, is that your statement is 100% accurate.

If Leslie was not connected to the name "Manson" (and all that entails), she would have been released a long, LONG time ago.

To quote one of Leary's famous phrases:
"Folks can howl at the moon till daybreak, but the truth will still be waiting". LOL
(...or something to that effect).

That's the entire point of this thread.

The "Powers that Be" have the final say... and they will NEVER exhaust reasons for keeping these folks in jail (if that's their intent).

We're almost a half century into this... and all reasonable excuses (for denial) have been exhausted.
A half century of imprisonment? Seriously?

So NOW...
We've come full-circle, and the lawyers and politicians are (once again) utilizing the nature of the original crime(s) to support further incarceration.

Think about it:
The "nature of the crimes" is the very reason these folks went to jail in the first place. LOL
We KNEW the nature of their crimes, as of the FIRST parole hearing!
These f#ckers are literally no closer to the door today, than they were 40+ years ago!

Did these lawyers and politicians think that "the nature of these crimes" was going to miraculously diminish (and change) with the passage of time??
What were these knuckleheads thinking, when they gave these folks the possibility of parole??
To quote Attorney Beckman:
If it wasn't so pathetic, it would be comical.

We're now basing these denials... on a variable which the inmates have absolutely no control over! The past!
How freakin' insidious is that?! LOL

It's essentially "cruel and unusual".
They should never have given these folks "the possibility of parole" (on paper) to begin with.
I say "on paper" because c'mon:
Does anyone STILL believe that these F#ckers have a fair chance at parole?
Is anyone really THAT gullible?

In fairness, they should have told these folks the truth 40+ years ago.
They should have told them:
"Don't even attempt rehabilitation, because you're never getting out. No matter what you do, the 'heinousness of your original crimes' will always be a completely unshakable nemesis".

That truth is a pretty bleak message, huh?
It's the truth nonetheless.

The saddest reality is this:
Manson called it!
He played his cards correctly.
THAT'S the biggest bitch of all!

Yep... Charles Milles Scott Manson called it.
Total apathy was definitely the way (for these folks) to go, all along.

katie8753 said...

Bobby! SMOOCH!!!!

You are my FAV blogger!!! :)

Michelle78 said...

Excellent post Lynyrd! Based on the fact that the hearing yesterday was 8 hours long, it's seems like Leslie went all in on this one thinking it was now or never. I would think that she now realizes it is going to be never. Not only is she (and the rest of them) no closer to the door than 40 years ago, she's actually gotten further away as time has gone on. She was getting 1 or 2 year denials 15 years ago, and now she has been hit with a 5 year denial, which is the same denial that Tex Watson got at his last hearing. I give the board credit yesterday for not even pretending that this denial was about her still being a danger to society. These hearings are nothing more than a sad dog and pony show, as Matt pointed out, at this point. I think if the board could legally just end the possibility of parole for the Family, especially the TLB killers, they would. After thinking about it, I do think that the 5 year denial for Leslie was more about sparing them, the victims' families and even Leslie from having to endure another hearing like that in the near future, when they know that she is not going to be granted parole.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Excellent post Michelle.
Great summary!
Thanks for your input.

I hope to read more of your thoughts in the future.
Best Regards, LS

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thank You SaintC for the kind words.

johnnyseattle said...

Well, it's not a complete waste as look at all the Associated Arts Degrees these folks have piled up...

I am betting that Tex fully understands at this point that if Van Houten is on a 5 year parole cycle that he'll be lucky if he doesn't get put on the 15 year plan aka the 'Full Charlie.'

As Katie said in her earlier post, the walk of Van Houten's back to the cell and hearing that door close must have been sobering.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I still can't get over that photo of Leslie.
She's 63, but she could easily pass for 80.
Her face has aged 15 years, since the last time we saw her.

I fret to think, what she'll look like in 2018.


Michelle78 said...

Thanks for the kind words Lynyrd. I can't get over the photos of Leslie from the hearing either. She is unrecognizable. In her hearings in the 90s, she still looked good, of course she was all made up and dressed nicely at those hearings. It seems like she started aging rapidly (perhaps not coincidentally) once members of the LaBianca family started attending her hearings. At the end of the 1998 hearing, you can tell from her reaction to the 1 year denial that she thinks a parole date is on the horizon. After the LaBianca family began coming to her hearings in 1999, she aged so terribly. It's almost as though she felt like freedom was close enough for her touch, and then it kept getting pushed further and further away by various things that were beyond her control. I'm sure she realizes now that she will never again be as close as she was in the late 90s, and I can't imagine just how wrecked she will look in 2018.

I'm not normally in the habit of feeling sympathy for convicted murderers, but these parole hearings for Leslie and Bruce have actually made me feel some sympathy for them. Both of them have been praised by parole boards for their progress while in prison, and have been given reason to believe that the positive things they have done in prison might one day lead to them being released. To see them now, just these broken elderly people who keep coming to these hearings clinging to the hope that they might be freed, is just sad. I understand that what they did back in 1969 was horrific, but I can't help but wish that they would just put these 2 out of their misery and stop holding sham hearings. I don't have the same sympathy for the others because they've never been given even the slightest hint that parole is possible.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Well stated once again, Michelle.

I agree.
Leslie has slid downhill very quickly in recent years.
I also agree, that her decline is likely attributable to her parole dreams being dashed.

As you stated...
It seems Leslie was "closer to the door" (for lack of better terminology) ten years ago, than she is now.
If anything... her parole chances appear more bleak, than ever.

Leslie has to be wondering:
Why are my chances (of parole) decreasing with the passage of time?

Bottom line (as you said, Michelle):
Leslie believed in past years, that she had a pretty good shot at freedom.
The writing is now, on the wall.
She will die in prison, and she knows it.
She's a broken woman, and that reality has taken it's toll... and it's written all over her face.

Let's face it...
Leslie is gonna look absolutely horrendous in 5 years.
She's already given up.

It's a sad story all the way around.
There are no winners here.
The victims... their family members... and the perpetrators themselves, have all suffered.
The parents of the perpetrators probably died ten years early, due to all the inherent stress and shame.

katie8753 said...

At this parole hearing, Leslie decided to come clean and be truthful about her thoughts and actions back then. She did that because Bruce did it at his last hearing, and it worked. He got approved.

I'm sure she was thinking that if that was all that was needed to get a "get out of jail free card", it was worth a try.

But it backfired on her. She ended up looking more evil and dangerous than she ever has.

I just wonder if Leslie has ever asked Charlie or Tex "WHY did we kill these people"?

Because I don't think Leslie, Pat or Susan ever really knew why.

Marliese said...

Bobby, Bless you, i love everything you write, you bring me back to reality every time I read what you say...whether heartfelt or down to earth, you are the best.

I still have to wonder if Leslie's appearance has more to do with years and years of smoking, poor to no skin care, institutional food, past drug use, severe sun damage...Corona has brutal some photos over the years, she's looked so sun thrashed, etc etc, and, too, we don't know her personal medical history.
Smoking by itself though does terrible damage to a woman as she ages...for what it's worth.

It's sad, but it's prison, after being convicted as a young woman, she's endured the limitations of prison for 40 some years.

On the other hand, she had the chance to give years of interviews...sparkling on Larry King, for example, get married and be with a man...he turned out to be a flake and a criminal but just saying, she's earned an education, worked decent jobs in the prison jobs go...teaching, tutoring, mentoring etc etc. I'd have gotten a clue by the 12th or 15th denial that i wasn't getting out, but still, at that time, she was either refusing to talk about the crimes, or minimizing and rationalizing etc. She's been all over the place.

I guess I'm just not comfortable with Leslie Van Houten, but that's just my personal opinion.

It was startling to read her say she doesn't know if she would've have killed a child, that Charlie couldn't have done what he did without people like her, still blaming her parents divorce etc

And then asking to go...she knew they were out to kill, her brutal crimes against Rosemary...abusing, hooding, tying, fighting, stabbing, hearing Leno being stabbed to death, calling in Tex, etc etc etc, the way she cleaned up the house...that doesn't strike me as someone without conscious thought, eating food, bragging about how fun and easy it was to stab, etc etc...all that behavior has the consequence of life in prison. And after enduring years and years of prison, still minimizing, rationalizing, changing stories...

We know their sentences allow them the right to apply for parole. And Marsy's Law now...approved by voters in 2008, extends the time in between denials. It's just how it is, imagine the outcry if their right to apply was taken away from them...
The prisoners could spare the dog and pony thing, and themselves, and not apply...

Just thinking here. Nice to read everyone.....:)

Marliese said...

Hi Katie, i'm anxious to read the entire transcript...i think you're right. By finally admitting, the evil she committed came through. And in seeing it, i think they've been right to keep

And what is the nonsense about acting out over her parents divorce? Seriously?

katie8753 said...


To me it looks like she's been disingenuous all these years, minimizing her participation, blaming others for her actions. This time she opened up a whole new can of "sic 'em" on herself with these new revelations.

In the past she's gotten a lot of men on her side. She must have some kinda magic she works. She probably thought if she got approved, she could flirt with the Gov and get out.

I think the parole board was right in keeping her in all these years. I think there's something wrong with that gal.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Yeah... it's that blasted California sun! LOL

These inmates don't have access to sunscreen?
Now THAT's "cruel and unusual". LOL

Hey... maybe they don't have access to sunscreen... I've never been in prison myself... so, I wouldn't know.
Maybe sunscreen is considered "contraband". LOL

I'll tell ya what, though... I'll put 40 Massachusetts winters up against that hot California sun any day... and our women definitely don't look like THAT! LOL

That's psychological damage, not environmental. LOL!

Marliese said:
"The prisoners could spare the dog and pony thing, and themselves, and not apply..."

As I said... Manson is making all the right moves. LOL!

I will concede, Leslie seems to have had a pretty good life in prison (as far as, a life in prison goes)... but then again, I'm not living with her daily, so I can only surmise from our outside glimpses.
She DID look pretty sweet in some of those interviews. LOL

I really believe Marliese, that it doesn't matter what these jokers say (or, don't say) at these hearings.
When they play things down, it works against them.
The Board says they're "minimizing".
When they "come clean", the Board gives them even more years! LOL

There's nothing Leslie could have said yesterday, that would have earned her an approval.
There's no "golden ticket speech" eluding her.
She was dead in the water, as soon as she showed-up... especially with family representatives present.

These denials have varied SO much through the years, with no rhyme or reason.
I'm starting to think, that the Parole Board goes out back, and pulls the "term" out of a hat. LOL

These folks will never be released.
They're just yanking their chain, until they croak.
They only reason they conduct these parole hearings (at all), is because they have to.

Good to see you Marliese!

katie8753 said...

Well here's one way to get off death row:

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I'll never forget the night, Marliese and I "role-played" Tex Watson's ex-wife out on a date (with a new suitor). LMAO!

What's her name? Kristen? LOL

Anyway... in the skit... Kristen explains to the potential suitor, that she has a slew of Tex Watson's children at home (over a glass of wine). LOL!

Seriously... it was hilarious.
I was literally in tears.

One of the best blog moments!

The only thing that eclipsed that laugh, was when "Lurch" contacted the blog at midnight on August 9th, while walking around Spahn's Ranch with a flashlight. LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Good times... LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

"Honey... these last 3 weeks have been amazing ... just great (clears throat)... but uh... there's something you should probably know".

"Jeez sweeite, what is it?"

Uh... err... well... maybe you should have another glass of wine first."
"Excuse me waiter... another full caraf over here please... "


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


The next time you want a cigarette, just take a good hard look at that parole photo.
Now THAT's a powerful deterrent. LOL!

There's "abstinence"... "the patch"... and now, for a limited time only... the most effective smoking cessation treatment yet... ugliness therapy! LOL

katie8753 said...

HA HA HA. I should hang Leslie's pic on my fridge as a constant reminder of the result of smoking those coffin nails.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Just put her photo right on the cigarette pack.
You'll be smoke-free in days! LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Big Game Tonight.

Bruins VS Penguins in Boston.

Bruins are up 3 games to zip!

Winner of this series goes to the Stanley Cup!


Leary and Prokes... are you with me?!!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I can taste victory!!
Game starts at 8PM EST.

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd said: Hey... maybe they don't have access to sunscreen... I've never been in prison myself... so, I wouldn't know. Maybe sunscreen is considered "contraband". LOL

If you don't know, why are you commenting?

I really believe Marliese, that it doesn't matter what these jokers say (or, don't say) at these hearings. When they play things down, it works against them.
The Board says they're "minimizing". When they "come clean", the Board gives them even more years! LOL

HEY. I've got an idea...WHY NOT JUST TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH!!! That's the ticket.

There's nothing Leslie could have said yesterday, that would have earned her an approval.
There's no "golden ticket speech" eluding her. She was dead in the water, as soon as she showed-up... especially with family representatives present.

Ah poor Horseteeth. Please...a thousand violins....

I agree with Marliese. If these idiots really wanted to tell the world they are sorry, they would just button up and play dead and stop asking for parole hearings. THEY are the ones that are wasting everyone's time.

Leslie is doing the crying game, ad parents got a divorce...I had to get an abortion....I got a pimple when I was 13....cough...cough....cough....

Can you gimme a B? Can you gimme an A? Can you gimme an R? Can you gimme an F? What does that spell???? B-A-R-F!!!!

These stupid fuckers don't even KNOW why they killed folks. DID THEY EVER ASK ANYONE WHY????

katie8753 said...

Let's look back at Horseteeth's past:

She used Bobby B. until he got tired of it and kicked her to the curb.

She used the hitchhiker that picked them up after the butchered the LaBiancas, then when he went looking for her at the ranch, she hid and lied.

She used her "husband" William Cywin, to try to bust her out of prison, stealing uniforms, then divorced his ass because he "failed".

She used JimNY for all it was worth to get out of prison. When he got worthless, through no fault of his own, she kicked him to the curb.

And she's using Waters to try to further her cause.

I really don't understand how a freeze-dried old hag, who looks like one of the Graeae, could seduce any man. But this chick seems to still have it going on.

More power to you horseteeth, but know this. Your time is running out. Better think of a new plan.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


A relaxing passtime. LMAO!

katie8753 said...

You know, Leslie should have mentioned that it was because her parents adopted some Korean kids that tripped her wires. That's gotta be earthshaking.

And when her parents got a divorce, why didn't she go to her mother OR father, and say "Hey are you okay? Is there anything I can do?"

But it was always about her sorry ass. Because she's a sociopath.

Did she stay around and make sure her younger brothers & sisters were okay??? NOOOOO.

She took off to some fucking, sucking and killing.

That's our GIRL!!!

And now she wants out...sorry're gonna have to think of a better story than that. And BTW, lose the glasses. They suck. Remember what Charlie glasses.

katie8753 said...

Bobby you're sweet. And you don't have to respond.

Okay, I'm done on Van Skankston for now. I got my wires tripped earlier but now it's on an even plane. I've had my say. LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


You're thinking WAY too far into this.
It doesn't even matter what Leslie says (or, doesn't say) at these hearings.

The politicians and lawyers are not going to release anyone related to this high-profile case any time soon... and that's final.

Leslie could stand on one foot naked, while whistling the National Anthem, and she'd still get a denial.

Leslie could tell the entire truth, and no one would believe her anyway.
(I'm not personally convinced, that she hasn't already told everything she knows)

It has nothing to do, with any of those details.

These parole denials are all about public image... the high-profile nature of these crimes... and politics... and have nothing to do with the content of Leslie's prepared presentation(s).

My grandmother lived to 96 years old.

That's the ONLY shot Leslie has at freedom... (i.e., if she lives insanely old).

Case in Point:
If Manson croaks... and Leslie goes before the board 27 years from now (when she's 90)... they just might kick her to the curb, and send her to a nursing home.

At that point... most of the victims' representatives will likely be gone... and the general public will likely be disinterested.

At that point, Leslie can discuss her parent's divorce... her abortion... the truth... the fiction... or whatever the funk she wants... and they won't give two shits.
They'll open the door and let her stumble out, with two marbles left in her head.

They're not ready to let her out... period.
There's no need to memorize the hearing transcript, unless that floats your boat.

lurch said...

Everytime one of the TLB crew come up for parole, it seems that the same question comes up:Why bother if we already know they ain't ever getting out?

Wanna know why?


Maybe the reasons for the hearings are to let these people cling to the thin hope that maybe, someday, they might actually see the outside of a prison and be free to walk down a street.

Then, after spending hours going over how well they've done in prison and what they've made of their lives since '73 (figure they were pretty f#%&ed up at least till then), comes the part that really matters.

In front of relatives and people who hold their future in their hands, they have to revisit their crimes.

What did you do? Why did you do it? What made you do it? How did you feel while doing it? After doing it?

Every time they come up for parole they relive the worst moments of their lives, while being constantly grilled on every detail.

do they really think they'll ever get out some day, or is this their way of doing penance for the sins of the past?

I don't know, but I'm tired of seein my tax dollars wasted on this s#%t!

Just my 2 cents!

Night y'all

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Katie said:
"If you don't know, why are you commenting?"

Go Fuck Yourself.

katie8753 said...

Why don't you go fuck yourself?

katie8753 said...

I said previously that I was done with this. Now you're keeping it going. I told you on the phone tonight to stop it, but you kept on.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Now I'm on an even plane, and have had my say too. LOL!

katie8753 said...

Now you're probably gonna delete my comments and shut the comments down. But this is your fault..not mine.You're the one who kept on with this crap.

katie8753 said...

And that's a fact JACK.

katie8753 said...

This happens every time. I was just gonna let this go. Jesus.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Good to see you Bro!

If I'm understanding you correctly (LOL)... you're saying that the miserable experience of these parole hearings (and the subsequent disappointment), is part (and parcel) of the inmate's overall punishment?

Well... that's certainly one way to view it. LOL
In a sense, I suppose you're right.
The parole hearing experience and the disappointment which follows, has definitely become part of their torture.
There's no two ways around it.

It's too bad we (and the victims' relatives) must be tortured along with them every time, though.

And, as you said... it's the taxpayers who foot the bill.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


If you wanna debate any topic... I'm ready anytime.
But, you're not gonna tell me when I can (and can't) comment on this blog.
That's precisely where you stepped over the line.

I strongly suggest, we end this conversation now.

katie8753 said...

Now available...on the Best Seller's List: "How To Deal With Less Than Perfect Siblings", by I. M. Nutz.

Now, never before read incantations by an actual pseudo-human experiencing her parents adopting foreign children, and changing her life forever, causing her to stab a stranger 16 times.

Read it here, now, for the first time!


Wooo, wooo. LOL.

adam said...

Now that they are all getting older I think the 5 year denials are being given out in the hope that they will croak between hearings.

I think Manson has the right idea, he refuses to attend his hearings because he knows the whole thing is a sham. By not going he's send a big 'fuck you, I refuse to play this stupid game' to the system.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Adam.
I agree.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I thought I told Katie to go Fuck herself?
Why is she still posting nonsense?

Although... in fairness to Katie... 1 hour and 50 minutes DID elapse between my admonishment and her silly post.

I suppose... with almost two hours to work with... she very well could have Fucked herself in the interim.
She did have ample time.

I'll assume that's what happened (i.e., she fucked herself as I instructed, and then came back to the blog afterwards).

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Bruins WIN!!!

It looks like we'll be facing-off against the Blackhawks for the Cup.
But then again, it's not over until the fat lady sings.
It could be the Kings.
Either way... the Bruins are going to the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!!


I really believe the BlackHawks have the best uniforms in hockey.
Those UNI's RULE!
(Worn by "Wayne" in "Wayne's World")

My next favorite uniforms would be the Flyers... and the Red Wings (featured in the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off").

Red Wings

Top three uniforms in Hockey!

Any other opinions?

Unknown said...

Nothing looks better than the spoked B!

L/S why do you think Manson dying would get any of these People out of prison?

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Forgive me Matt, of course you're right.

The Spoked "B" will always be #1!!!


leary7 said...

Gotta love dem B's. Great story lines with Campbell and young D and Tukka and Jagr and all. Just a blast to be a Bruin fan right now.

Weird, kinda, but haven't seen a thing on any of these blogs on the Night Stalker's demise. I guess his following was limited to Cal satanic.

I know this is past tense but I have been away....loved Bobby's tribute to his dad. That guy should get a standing O everytime he enters a room. Those guys who jumped off landing crafts INTO, those were men.

katie8753 said...

Hi Leary. I put up this link about Ramirez dying yesterday:

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


It's always a pleasure to have your participation!
Good to see you Bro!
Hope things are well with you.

Y'all come back now, ya-hear. LOL!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I say, I say son...

(You guys finish the rest) LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

OK, here's one:

I say, I say son...

That Leslie's got as much chance at parole, as a snowball in a furnace. LOL!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I say, I say son...

That Leslie's face has got more wrinkles, than a 40 year old catcher's mitt. LOL!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I say, I say son...

Them Manson Associates get more refusals than a prostitute with leprosy. Ahahahaha!

(Now THAT was a good one)

Doc Sierra said...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I say, I say son...

Them Manson Associates get more refusals than a prostitute with leprosy. Ahahahaha!
Who told you about my fetish? lol......

katie8753 said...

Matt Prokes said this on a previous thread:

If the name Charles Manson were not attached to her she would have been out a long time ago.

I tend to disagree Matt, and here's why:

The Clutter family was massacred in Kansas in 1959, by invading strangers who killed them for no reason at all. They were given the death penalty which was carried out. Hung by the neck until dead.

Those killers never heard of Charles Manson.

The killing in Cheshire CT, perpetrated by Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky. Another home invasion by people who didn't even know the victims, same as TLB. The murders were horrendous, and the killers were given the death penalty. They won't get out.

Neither killer knew Charles Manson.

We need to understand that these home invasions were horrific in nature and need to be addressed every single time these killers come up for parole.

And it really has nothing to do with Charles Manson.

A person's home is their sanctum sanctorum. A place to rest and be safe. In the Hinman case, and both TLB cases this was violated to the Nth degree. The killers came in illegally and killed violently and viciously for NO REASON.

So the punishment really has nothing to do with Manson. It has to do with the violent nature of the aggressive killing of the parties.

katie8753 said...

Oh, correction..they were "hanged by the neck". LOL.

katie8753 said...

I know that everyone thinks I have a closed mind, but can everyone just open their minds for a moment and look at what I see?

In the Hinman, Cielo Drive and Waverly Drive murders, each of them were just relaxing in their homes, trying to enjoy their day. They weren't "going to the mattresses" expecting a fight. Conversely, they were just relaxing and getting ready for sleep when the invasion happened.

Gary was planning for his trip. Packing and planning when he got the knock on the door. He wasn't expecting anything violent at all. Hi death.

The occupants at Cielo Drive were relaxing from a long day, drifting off to sleep, reading a book to get to sleep, talking thru some stuff getting ready for sleep, driving off going home for sleep. Not expecting anything violent at all.

The LaBiancas were home ready for bed, Rosemary in her jammies in bed, and Leno reading the newspaper on the couch in his jammies, getting ready to to go bed. Not expecting anything violent at all.

How do these killers get a pass? Even if they didn't know Manson? I don't get the reasoning...

katie8753 said...

Oh well, have a nice evening everyone. Leary, you're the tops!

Doc, don't ever drop your toothbrush in the toilet. LOL.

Night y'all.

Doc Sierra said...

This mouthwash tastes like bleach.... G'night Katie.

St. Circumstance said...


I am back working for my old bosses at the company I worked for when I first discovered the Blogs (Col's being first)...

They are from Boston and out of 30 people in our office- 23 are friends or college buddies of theirs from Boston. They all play mens league hockey that is how I met them. They are huge sports nuts. They flew up to Boston for less than 24 hours a couple weeks ago for one night to catch the Sox game in the afternoon and the Bruins clinch against the Rangers that night. flew in Sat morning and were back Sunday morning. - They went to Tampa a few years back for a Sox Rays game and wound up after in the same restaurant as Big papi and Manny and sent them a bottle of Vodka- now he have a huge picture of my owners and those two hanging over the entrance to our office lol...

they all moved down here and their buddies opened up a huge sports bar on the beach in Delray Beach on the water called...

you guessed it- "Bostons on the Beach"

I have been going there for 20 years on Monday nights they have a killer reggae night ...

interesting side note- Clem Grogans band was rumored to be playing there once- but it never came to fruition..

You ever down this you need to let me know. I could take you out and make you feel right at home...

and we will get you out on a boat somewhere for drinks lol make those pics more real ;)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Saint You ROCK!!

I've received a dozen serious invitations to visit California over the years.
Ya know... to tour the "TLB sites".
I've been offered free accommodations... free tour expertise... the whole niner.
All I'd have to do, is "show up" (LOL)... and yet, I never go.

I've also been propositioned to visit Upstate New York a couple times, to see the old "Woodtstock" concert grounds.
I guess it's now "Bethel Woods"... an outdoor concert hall with a museum attached.

This is my FIRST invitation to Florida! LOL

Truth be told Saint... I'm really not much of a traveler.
I've got a few familiar haunts that I visit yearly, and that's my relaxation.
I like old familiar places.

But then again...
I never say never!

If I ever end-up in Florida... I just might take you up on it.

That "Boston on the Beach" sounds about my speed. LOL!
Put a beer in my hand, with hot chicks dancing around... and I'm good! LOL!

leary7 said...

it's nothing but the Boston fans truly are as obnoxious as our reputation. But that's just part of the Cliff Clavin/Norm/Carla Boston charm. My bar in Austin, the Hole In The Wall, was an oasis of yankees from Boston and Buffalo and Philly etc. I could never have lasted two decades in Texas without it.
I don't engage in or encounter much drunken obnoxiousness these days as I am on the back nine of life, but memories of being in the Hole watching those Bird/Magic battles and of course the Sox in 2004 and Brady and those Super Bowls.
Truly Boston is a great city and a supreme sports town.
Just a quick aside, when I first went to Austin I worked construction with primarily Chicanos and the only thing they knew about Boston was the Boston that is what they called me - Strangler.
Now back to Charles and his singing gal pals.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

It's funny Leary... I was JUST having this conversation last night!

My buddy and I, were just saying, that Boston always has one good team, to keep us entertained.

The Celtics had a remarkable run of titles from 1956 until 1969. They won 11 of 13 years straight!

Then the Bruins kicked-ass in 1970 AND 1972.

Then the Celtics won in '74, '76, '81 '84 and '86..

The Bruins lost to the Oilers in '88 and '90. (2nd place)

The Patriots won in 2001 and 2003.

The Patriots AND RedSox BOTH won in 2004.

The Redsox won in 2007.

The Celtics won in 2008.

The Bruins in 2011.

Yep... there's ALWAYS something Brewing (Bruin) in Boston!!!

...and most of those years in-between, we had at least one (if not two) second place finishes.

Doc Sierra said...

Sorry Bruins fans but that was a good game last night. They fought like animals in the 2nd overtime. That one off the post was wicked.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hey Doc!

That was a tough loss to swallow... but I agree... from a "sporting" perspective, that was a great competitive game.

The Bruins played extremely hard.
I don't have the stats in front of me, but it seemed to me, that the Bruins took more "high-percentage" shots, during the overtime(s).
We caught a couple bad breaks... and let's face it, the Blackhawk's goalie played extremely well.
My hat is off to him...

In a game that long on the road, fatigue becomes a major factor.

Let's see what happens in game 2.

It would have been great to put that first game "in the bank"... but, it wasn't meant to be...

Onward! LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


In the future, feel free to post similar comments on the newer threads.

A lot of folks (other than me) likely won't see your comments down here.

I really don't mind off-topic comments, as long as they're friendly.