Monday, March 4, 2013

I listened to Attorney Michael Beckman last night, on Brian's show.

Once again, Beckman was calm, level-headed and extremely informative.  In short, I have tremendous respect for the man.  I think it's important, for Beckman's information to be heard and circulated.  I feel very strongly about that.  There's tremendous value, in his words.

In that light, I have asked Brian for a copy of Beckman's commentary.  Brian has agreed.
If things go to plan, I should have the audio of Beckman's commentary for you, within 24 hours (or so).

For those completely in the dark, Michael Beckman is Bruce Davis' attorney.

I hope with time, that the various TLB locations will begin co-existing peacefully, so we can share information in this manner.  These on-going feuds, have simply gone too far, and have extended into the realm of bad taste.  There are times when sharing pertinent TLB information, should take precedence over our disagreements.  I believe, this is one of those times.  It is my goal to be on good terms with everyone.

"For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations".
Richard Feynman - US Educator and Physicist (1919-1988)

Peace... LS


katie8753 said...

Boy Lynyrd you may single-handedly get Bruce out next time.

Maybe he can come over and cut your grass for a living. LOL.

starship said...

Right on, Lynyrd, right on.

katie8753 said...

Bobby I agree!

Lynyrd could probably get Jodi Scarias a free walk. LOL.

katie8753 said...

No it's far from done Bobby. Jodi is back on the stand today, lying through her teeth again.

katie8753 said...

If you've been in prison for over 40 years and you get out on parole, do you have to go to the DPS and take a driving test to get your license back? Surely it's expired.

If you fail the test do you just have to walk or take the bus? Maybe hitchhike? LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hey Bob!

That Watkin's Glenn thread that we did together, is still one of my all-time favorites!

Great memories...

You, Me, Starship and MattP are all within driving distance of each other.

I could probably pick-up Prokes, and meet you guys out there by evening.

Wouldn't THAT be a scream?! LOL

"The LSB3 East Coast Tour"???

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

The Summer Jam at Watkins Glen was a 1973 rock festival which once received the Guinness Book of World Records entry for "Largest audience at a pop festival."

An estimated 600,000 rock fans came to the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Raceway outside of Watkins Glen, New York on July 28, 1973, to see The Allman Brothers Band, The Band, and the Grateful Dead perform.

Many historians claimed that the Watkins Glen event was the largest gathering of people in the history of the United States.

Considering that most of those who attended the event hailed from the Northeast, and that the average age of those present was approximately seventeen to twenty-four, close to one out of every three young people from Boston to New York was at the festival.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

You guys can flatter me all you want.
I'm not working "Pro Bono". LOL

Unknown said...

I was all caught up in the Bruins-Habs game last night so I missed the show...It would be cool if You could post some if not all of it.
As for the Manson Blog Harmony You're hoping for I think that will happen right after the Bruins and Canadiens fans share a big warm group hug at center ice.
Not to say that You shouldn't try anyway.

katie8753 said...

"The LSB3 East Coast Tour"???

I know where you can get some cheap T-shirts! LOL.

You guys can flatter me all you want. I'm not working "Pro Bono". LOL

How about "Pro Boner"? HA HA. Ah my nasty side is coming out.

Oh where did I put those pop rocks? HA HA. said...

Well said Lynyrd

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


You ROCK!!!

Michelle78 said...

Thanks LS! I wanted to catch that last night but I wasn't able to.

Katie, I didn't know much about the Jodi Arias case until I caught the Dateline NBC special last week. That chick is as cold blooded as it gets. The voice mail she left Travis after she killed him is proof positive. I can't see how she avoids a murder one conviction, that voicemail seals it for me. No way that a person who just snaps would then turn right around and start setting up her alibi. said...

Hi Lynyrd

I'm pretty sure you rock. I on the other am pretty square

katie8753 said...

Hi Michelle. It's not just the voicemail she left. This whole case just creeps me out.

I don't know how much you know about the case, but the night she killed Travis, she talked him into doing some poses in the shower, saying that she'd seen a Calvin Klein ad and wanted to do something similar. You can see the shower poses on the internet. The last pose she made him get into was a crouching/kneeling pose on the shower floor, and I'm sure that's when she started stabbing him.

I think she first stabbed him in the back and when he stood up and tried to confront her, that's when he got the stabs in his palms and upper torso. Then she cut his throat so deep she almost cut his head off, then shot him in the head.

Afterward she dragged his body back to the shower stall, turned the water on and washed him off, and left him there to rot.

She's claiming self defense, but why stab him 27 times, shoot him in the head, and try to cut his head off? That poor guy didn't see it coming.

She is evil incarnate.

Michelle78 said...

I do not know that much about the case other than the recap that Dateline gave. They showed snippets of her interviews with the detective, some of the shower photos, and played the audio of the voicemail. Everything they showed just seemed so inconsistent with someone who just snapped and lost it. The self defense argument doesn't seem plausible either. Her defense team must be angling for a manslaughter conviction as opposed to a murder conviction so that she has a chance at getting out at some point, but there is just too much that points to her being a cold blooded killer as opposed to an abused woman who just snapped or someone who was defending herself.

katie8753 said...

I agree Michelle. Jodi's defense team tried to plead her guilty to 2nd degree murder but the DA didn't buy it. He wanted to go for murder in the first with the death penalty.

She gave an elaborate story of what happened that day in his bathroom which lead to her having to defend herself, but the DA blew it all away as ludicrous.

I don't think any jury on this planet would conceive of any of this as self defense.

This is just plain rage.

MrPoirot said...

Jodi had decided to kill Travis while she was three states away in Yreka, California and he was in Mesa, Arizona.
When she arrived earlier she hid the gun on the top shelf in the closet above his eye level. The knife was probably there too. He was shot first. He was able to get to the sink. He blew a fine mist of blood out his mouth onto the sink/counter top.
While at the sink he was stabbed in the back.
At some point he was in the closet for refuge. There was ton of blood there. He was also in the hallway as there are ghastly blood smears on the hall walls.

The pic of her dragging Travis is worthy of a Vincent Price horror flick. At 5'6" she had the size and strength to drag 190 lb Travis around the house and stuff him in the shower possibly even throat slashing him there.

The camera pics should seal her fate. She used the foto shoot excuse to lull him into a defenseless state before she launched her commando attack.

But this is a tv trial. Jurors seem to go brain dead in tv trials. As if they ask themselves, "how does the audience expect me to vote?"

This will be the last time in world history a murder defendent testifies. This is a drop kick in the DA's mind.

katie8753 said...

Mr. P!!! Good thinking. Except that the Coroner said the shot in the head was last. But what does he know. LOL.

Very good synopsis. I was wondering how all that blood got on the sink. Skank-City Jodi isn't going to expound on that ever.

Self defense my ass. This was a cold-blooded, calculated murder..

Well, on a lighter note, and one which will make me sleep the sound sleep of a "little baby"...

Here is Casey Anthony in her first appearance since her self-imposed exile after her release in 2011, being mauled by reporters and haters:

She's living off the "kindness of others". HA HA. Her champion Cheney Mason is protecting her. Where is Jose? He's off making real money instead of defending this loser who can't/won't pay him. HA HA HA.


G'night Jugdish!

MrPoirot said...

The DA quite boldly says because the 25 cal shell casing was on top of a blood spot this proves the shooting was last.

The shell casing easily could have been kicked onto a blood sot. The whole bathroom, clost, hallway and bedroom was a blood spot.

katie8753 said...

The coroner says the shooting was last because there was no blood flow in his brain after the shooting. Hence...he was already dead. The shell casing landing on top of blood is irrelevant.

I'm not a pathologist but that's what he said.

Mr. P., I'm not dissing your theory. I think it's a good one. We'll never know what really happened. We know she dragged him back to the shower. Why? Don't know. But I agree with you, dragging a 190 pound man around takes strength. I'm assuming she put a towel under him and dragged him with the towel. The floor was wet and probably easier to drag him. Then she put the towel, along with the camera, into the washer.

I'll say one more thing that I meant to say earlier.

Did you notice in the photos how expensive the furniture was in Travis' house?

The desk in his office looks like polished mahogany as well as the armoire in his bedroom. And his closet shelves as well.

This guy had some money. Jodi knew that. She wanted to marry him. He didn't want to marry her.


MrPoirot said...

Katie a medical examiner said early on that due to advanced decompisition he was unable to determine if the gunshot was post mortum.

Travis used to make $100K per yr but he was having money issues when he was murdered. Remember the recession had begun.

As far as what Travis wanted? he wanted what he wanted regardless of what he said he wanted. He was a duplicitous person. For example: he constantly reminds Jodi of Mormon teachings yet he then proceeds to break every church tenet their is in existance.

when Jodi stabbed travis it had to be more violent than the stabbing scene in Psycho. he has two deep slashes on the back of his skull so he ran at one point.

While sitting in the shower his right temple was facing her as she stood. the bullet entered the rt temple and lodged in his left cheek: a downward angle.

MrPoirot said...

The DA did an excellant job of demonstrating in several occasions over several years that when you cross Jodi Arias that she will confront you very quickly. I think this aspect of Jodi's personality intensified over the years until it manifested itself into violence. There are many occasions when Arias says, "I was trying not to be confrontational". Well...she eventually could not control emotions when crossed. This underlying violence she possessed gradually grew in her twenties until it destroyed her and Travis. He definantly saw this side of her materialize in her on several occasions as he even tells a friend she might be an axe murder. He knew she was crazy but he couldn't turn down sex.

katie8753 said...

Mr. P that does make more sense that she shot him first. I don't think he would have been that incapacitated with just stab wounds at first.

Travis wasn't any different than any other man on the planet. If a man finds a woman that will drop her drawers on command, he's going to use her. I don't care if he's a Mormon or a Voodoo High Priest. LOL.

Her story about being "body slammed" is ridiculous.

I think she got mad because she couldn't convince him to take her to Cancun instead of the other woman.

leary7 said...

Lynyrd, this is truth.
I was at Watkins Glen for that concert. I remember on the bus ride there I did the only hit of organic mescaline I ever did in my life. It was a mind blower.
The concert was great and me and my three buddies were excited for the final jam session. So we took some acid we had bought from a friend of a friend. cept it turned out not to be LSD at all but some very strong sleeping pills. Me and my buddies zonked out almost as one right smack in the middle of 600,000 and just as the Allman Brothers and the Dead and the Band were starting to jam. We woke up 14hours later with nobody around cept seagulls and trash collectors.
Ah, the idiot ways of youth.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Oh my God Leary!... LOL

You missed the whole freakin' show! LOL

GREAT story though...
Thanks for sharing.

I love those kinda true stories.

I could tell ya a few... but, I'd have to open a new blog. LOL
I could write a book! LOLOL

CarolMR said...

I bought a magazine in the supermarket today dedicated to Doris Day. I'm a fan of hers and I also was hoping there would be something new on the relationship between her son Terry Melcher and Manson. Nothing much new, though. Just a few paragraphs:
"In 1968, Dennis wilson of The Beach Boys introduced Terry to Charles Manson, who was angling for a recording contract. Terry decided against recording with the eccentric musician after hearing a few of his half-formed songs, and cut off contact after witnessing him in a terrifying fight with a drunken stuntman in a ranch where he lived with his followers. A short while later, Terry sublet 10050 Cielo Drive to Roman Polanski and his pregnant wife Sharon Tate. On Aug. 9, 1969, members of the Manson 'Family,' broke into the house and murdered Tate and four of her friends. Susan Atkins, one of the killers, later claimed: 'Charlie picked that house to instill fear into Terry Melcher, because Terry had given us his word on a few things and never came through with them.' After Manson got arrested, Terry got a bodyguard, and he told Vincent Bugliosi he was so shaken by the episode he'd been undergoing psychiatric treatment."
In another part of the magazine, there is an article about Terry's son, Ryan, who is now 30 years old. Unfortunately, he is estranged from Doris and has been cut from her will.