Saturday, October 20, 2012

The "Tex Tapes" Revisited.
Lynyrd's Gut Feelings....
On October 7th, I listened to the Starcity Radio Program.  Attorney Michael Beckman was interviewed.  Beckman of course, was Bruce Davis' attorney for Davis' recent parole hearing. 
Beckman stated (paraphrasing), that Davis' best strategy at this point, is to keep things quiet.  According to Beckman, he advised Davis to refrain from speaking (to anyone) about his recent approval... media, fellow inmates, anyone... and essentially "keep things under wraps".  Good advice!
Conversely, Beckman stated (paraphrasing) that Debra Tate's next strategic move (now that Davis has been approved) is to make as much noise via the media, as possible. 
He said that Debra had already begun that effort... effectively bombarding media outlets as much as possible.  Obviously, Debra knows that raising "Manson" consciousness will thwart Davis' chances.
Since the new resurgence in media attention to these "Tex Tapes" began... Beckman's words have echoed in my ears.
My gut feeling, is that this recent resurgence of media attention to the "Tex Tapes", is directly related to Debra Tate.  I have a strong "gut feeling" that Debra Tate is using these tapes as a tool, to get the "Manson" name (and all that conjures) back into the public psyche.  At this critical time for Davis... that's actually a formidable strategy.  
The recent media attention to these tapes... and the potential for 12 new Manson victims in the public eye, can only hurt Davis' parole bid. 
Bear in mind... Debra Tate is obviously well-aware, that Davis' release, would likely put Leslie and Bobby closer to the door.  In her mind, this is for all the apples.
I say all this, because when you really look at it... there's no new information being released, in regards to these tapes.  We already knew about the tapes.  We already knew the LAPD was interested in them. We already knew the LAPD suspected more murder confessions could be contained therein.  We already knew about the ongoing litigation over possession of these tapes.  There's nothing new here.  It's the same story unresolved...  yet revisited.  Is anyone else (like me) wondering why this story is being revisited, without further information???
If the LAPD had been granted full custody of these tapes... THAT would be an update worth publicizing.  If the LAPD was permanently denied custody... THAT would also be an update worth publicizing.  And certainly... if new confessions were (in fact) found on those tapes... THAT would be a groundbreaking update.
But think about it... there's nothing new here... and yet, the story is being re-run in the media, without an update.  Ironically... coinciding with all this, is Debra Tate's face all over the news... and Beckman's words ringing in my ears.  It all seems kinda strange to me, and I personally believe, that Debra Tate is the catalyst.  I have no proof... just a "gut feeling"... but my gut rarely lets me down.
Don't get me wrong.  The potential for new information on those tapes is certainly an exciting prospect.  I'm not arguing with that concept. I'm looking forward to more TLB information myself.  But, something seems strange here.  Why would the media run an update to an old story, without any updated facts?? 
What do you think????  Am I missing something here?? LOL!


leary7 said...

Dead on as usual, Lynyrd. I had the same thought yesterday after I posted a musing on how great a second act would be. I thought to myself, wait, I already said that a couple of weeks ago. What's new here. Answer us nothing except Debra's efforts. Of course if Debra's efforts resulted in more photos of her daughter I am all for it.
Off topic, but I am sick to my stomach this morning at the news that Lance Armstrong got a standing ovation at his gala last night. The guy is the most arrogant elitist lyin scum imaginable and his supports attitude is summed up by one of their admonitions to the media "quit your whining". Just plain sickening.

katie8753 said...

Excellent Lynyrd. That thought never even occurred to me, even though I was wondering why they were re-hashing this tape stuff since nothing has changed since they first brought it up.

But it's pretty evident that Debra is reaching out to the media to start a blitzkrieg to circumvent Bruce's release.

I have to say, it's pretty clever of her. I know a lot of people don't like her, but I gotta say I admire her spunk. :)

katie8753 said...

Leary, I read somewhere that they were going to take Lance's medals (or whatever you call them) away because of this illegal drug use. Is that true? Sorry I haven't kept up with this saga.

leary7 said...

yeah Katie, and this morning there is a new story that he bribed other cyclists to throw races. The guy is scum, especially so for using his "cancer survivor" status as a shield for all his cheatin and lyin. Armstorng is as conniving and duplicious as they come. Couple that with his attitude of superiority and he really is a fucking nazi. I always hated him.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Leary. The only thing I know about Lance is that he has one nad and he used to date Sheryl Crow. He surely sounds like a "bike nazi". LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

In Debra's eyes... Bruce's release would open the door for Bobby and Leslie.
Debra stated that sentiment, the last time Bruce was approved.
That's not such a farfetched notion.
That's obviously why, she's throwing herself into this effort so vigorously.

Ya can't really blame the woman.
If it was my sibling who was brutally slaughtered by "the family", I'd try to keep these jamokes behind bars too.
Blood's definitely thicker than water.
It is, what it is.

Granted... Debra's crackers.
I mean...
The murders obviously left her damaged, both mentally and emotionally.
She didn't even get the attorney's name right... she said "Boyle" instead of "Boyd".
She looks like a nervous breakdown.
And, there's absolutely no condoning her defense of Roman Polanski.
Consensual sex with a child???

But, be that as it may... I can understand her motivation, and I don't blame her for it.

It seems the "Tate" name still commands respect and attention, with the media.
Debra always seems to get her mug on the newsreels, one way or the other.
I wonder if one of us shmucks could get our face on the news so easily?

Anonymous said...

Nope, I hadn't thought of this either. Nice thinking.

The only new news as such in this is the LA Times quoting "Los Angeles police officials " last Thursday.

That may be an update but, like you say, not exactly newsworthy.

So yeah... looks like Deb's PR team, with allies in the media and police, might be serving us up with 3 or 4 months of Manson headlines in the run-up to Brucie's hot date with Jerry Brown.

Mrstormsurge said...

Mr. Armstrong ought to take his ball and go home!!

katie8753 said...


katie8753 said...

Here's an interesting article on this subject:

It states:

Considering Watson has almost no chance of ever getting out of prison, the state should cut him a deal in which he spills all he knows in exchange for a promise they won’t charge him with anything more. He’s already spent more than four decades behind bars. Closure for other families is needed, not more justice.

That's a good point!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Cease2 said:
"Looks like Deb's PR team, with allies in the media and police, might be serving us up with 3 or 4 months of Manson headlines in the run-up to Brucie's hot date with Jerry Brown".

There Cease2 goes again... effectively summarizing my entire litany with one sentence!! LOL!

I don't know how he does it.

If I was being executed, and had to summarize my "final last words" with one sentence... I'd definitely let Cease2 speak on my behalf!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Here's a blog post, that should interest you.

It's titled:
"Heroes in the Lance Armstrong Doping Investigation".
It's about the folks who worked to expose Lance's doping... including my man, Greg LeMond.

You can leave comments as "Leary7"... it's a google blog, just like this one.

Another good article:

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

johnnyseattle said...

I think that your observation about media manipulation is spot on.

Keep the name out there in the news. Stir up a shitstorm and hope that some of it gums up any parole release in the works.

As far as what is on those tapes, I suspect that there may be some tantalizing clues as when Tex made 'em he was looking to make a bargain or exchange. 8 plus hours of talking...who knows what was said.

Ultimately, the only thing the Prosecutor wanted to hear were the chords to Helter Skelter. As such, Tex's best play was to go with the 'brainwashed by Charlie' 'high on drugs' nice kid from Texas who only did it cause he had the misfortune of falling under the spell of Charlie Manson.

Tex got off drugs, denounced Manson, and 'found religion' while in prison. He thought he would be out by the mid 80's. He just didn't reckon on the force of Dorris Tate and Stephen Kay.

leary7 said...

Pathological liars like Manson and Watson and Armstrong....
Sorry, I just wanted to write that sentance.
Thanks for the links, Lynyrd.

katie8753 said...

Johnny I agree. Most of those tapes are probably Tex's excuses for his actions, never taking responsibility. He probably did envision himself getting out long before now.

If he did do any talking on those tapes, it's probably to point the finger at others and deflect blame from himself. Of course we'll never know unless we find out what is on those tapes.

Personally, the thought of listening to Tex ramble on for hours about his eating habits turns me off.

beauders said...

nike has dropped armstrong, there have been people protesting outside nike headquarters all week.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the cops trying to pressure the judge. They say Tex has said they can listen to the tapes just that they can't have them. Why not listen? Did you see that they interviewed Tate in a parking lot in the dark? That I'm going with police pressuring judges and choosing to believe that Deb doesn't have enough power to stir up national media, 'cause that seems kinda scary.
Good Morning All!!!!!

johnnyseattle said...

Josh Brait
It very well could be the cops trying to put pressure on the Judge. The Judge has subtly been pushing back with the constant use of the phrase '42 year old crime' so he may not be buying it.

I wonder how much Tex recalls about what he said back then? He probably told some whoppers but he had to toss in some truth/clues.

All I know is that at this point Bruce can't be happy and if this screws up his parole no doubt he'll be praying to catch Tex alone for just 5 minutes in the Vestibule after Choir Practice...

66 year old Tex vs the 71 year old 'Zodiac'...

katie8753 said...

Johnny I was going to say that but you beat me to the punch. LOL.

I'm thinking the same thing. Tex can't possibly recall everything he said all those years ago. Those hours of tapes were probably recorded over a long period of time. And I think Tex was doped up with prescription drugs a lot of the time too. He's probably wondering what all he said. Maybe he's nervous about anything he might have revealed.

sunset77 said...

There is a news story on Yahoo commemorating the 35th anniversary of the plane crashing involving the musical group Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Oct. 20, 1977, the story can be read HERE.

MrPoirot said...

What is gypsum and how can you get high off of it?

johnnyseattle said...

somehow i do think that there is a karma dealie going on here that once again bruce will regret he ever met charles tex watson...


hope everyone went over to tom gulley's site to download the free podcast of his interview with ron eckerman the road manager for lynyrd skynrd.
great stuff at great prices: free!!!!

seriously, tom gulley puts out a quality/funny ass show.

Anonymous said...

I bet if he gave up some info on unknown crimes that he remembers exactly what he said. But the fact that he would let the cops listen to the tapes tells me there's not much there. Also, the chaplain who helped write Tex's book probably would've said something too. Didn't he listen to them? Did he only get some of the tapes? That's a lot of taklin though in all those hours and Tex is a twisted dude, so, you never know.....til you know

katie8753 said...

If I was a former Manson family member who was involved in anything to do with another person's death, I would really be wondering what Tex had to say for hours.

Tex would think nothing of throwing them all under the bus to save his own sorry ass.

Anonymous said...

The only window of hope in any type of confession lies in that Mr Stabby's attorney was a family friend. Or so I've know how that goes

The length piques interest as well

MrPoirot said...

Once somebody starts these rumors about new info on unsolved murders the police are duty bound to investigate. By now they have already exhausted all known leads. They mostly will be listening for complicity that could lead to the killer or body which will give closure to surviving relatives.

I just don't see how anyone can listen to these tapes due to atty/client privelidge. If they allow these tapes to go public then they have to allow all tapes to go public. A real can of worms this is.

johnnyseattle said...

well, attorney client priv is a tricky deal but basically when you have breached it in one area then claiming it later becomes a problem.

so i don't see this as leading to a whole sale loss of of attorney client priv. but in this case it seems clear that those tapes will eventually be in the hands of the police.

it will be interesting to see if those tapes are still in playable condition.

that the attorney hung on to them so long without destroying them is what intrigues me.

starship said...

Yes, I think you're righ on Lynyrd...but I wonder if Debra is swinging the branch or if it's the DAs office or the LAPD spurring the effort.

Kimchi said...

Starship said:

"the DAs office or the LAPD spurring the effort."

I would also throw in the LASD and eff bee eye....

I think they all have an interest...can't rule any of them out...

AustinAnn74 said...

I don't blame Debra Tate for causing a shit storm. Look what these people did to her family. I have NO SYMPHATHY for Manson Family members whatsoever. Plus, there has always been rumors that they were responsible for more deaths that they were caught for. I hope Debra Tate continues to fluff a few feathers. Remember, these people enjoyed killing. Everywhere they went, someone always ended up dead, whether it be Zero, or even Ronald Hughes. Too many to name....