Sunday, October 7, 2012

Marliese asked, regarding Steve Grogan:
"A 'parolee' isn't on formal parole, or whatever the correct term is, forever, is he/she? 
Isn't there a specific term, like a couple years? I don't know, but i'd guess, his performing career came after his parole supervision ended. He's been out for 25 years.
Was the name change official, or a 'stage' name?"

CatsCradle77 from "Truth on Tate-Labianca" replies via email:
Lynyrd, I hope all is well with you. On the Grogan name change.  Grogan mentioned it at his 1980 and 1981 hearings (link below).  So I am thinking that it is legal, and known by the parole board.
HEARING REPRESENTATIVE EPPERLY: Do you anticipate any action or reaction in the future from any of the former or current followers of Manson?
INMATE GROGAN: I don't anticipate it. I have mentioned before that I've considered measures in preventing their associating with me by changing my name possibly, if it's still within the bounds of the court, and kind of going into anonymity.
MR. ROBINSON: Anonymity.
INMATE GROGAN: There you go.
HEARING REPRESENTATIVE EPPERLY: I understand what you mean. Okay. I don't have anything else.
Unfortunately, the link Cats provided does not work for non-members of her site. 
I explained this to her, and she said that's the way it's set-up.  
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Please join me in thanking Cats for her expertise and assistance!
Thanks Cats!!  You ROCK!!


johnnyseattle said...

When Matthew Roberts was interviewed on the Brian Davis show he mentioned how in the 80's he was at a music school and one of his fellow students was Clem.

Roberts said Clem was a heckuva musician and at the time it was an open secret as to who he was.

sunset77 said...

You can read about the "lifer parole process" on the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation website HERE.

From what I know of it first hand, there are basically 2 types of parole/probation. "Unsupervised" and "Supervised".

Unsupervised parole/probation is they basically release you, tell you not to do certain things, such as drugs and violence, but leave you alone unless you are arrested.

Supervised parole/probation is they release you and you have to report to a parole officer, sometimes twice a week, or twice a month. If for instance your prison sentence is 10 years and you get parole after 7, you may have to report to a parole officer for the remaining 3 years.

Parole is almost always for a certain period of time, however, I've read some laws have been changed in some places so that certain sex offenders have to report for life.

Also, thanx Cats!!

Kimchi said...

Per Brian's Radio Show, Davis' attorney said Gary Hinman had a child....never heard this before...

TomG said...

Heard it but don't believe it. The Eviliz people would have friended him on facebook by now.

johnnyseattle said...

it seemed a surprise. also the part about debra tate using a letter from the hinman family that wasn't authenticated. or at least the attorney for bruce davis had qtns on it.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I only caught small bits-n-pieces of Brian's radio show, while I was completing other tasks... but, I recorded it.

The parts I heard, were simply excellent.
I could listen to that lawyer, all day. LOL
The guy is obviously very sensible and intelligent.

When I have a chance... I'm going to listen to the entire playback at my leisure, and maybe post some highlights.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks for the link Sunset77!

Great research, as always!

katie8753 said...

There is a person who contacts me periodically and says she's one of Gary Hinman's family members. I'm going to ask her if Gary had a child. I've never heard this either.

As to the 5-year old letter that Debra carries around, I don't believe that either. How could she get in every year with that? Doesn't make sense.

katie8753 said...

Yes thanks Sunset for all your info. You provide valuable information for us, and it's much appreciated! :)

TomG said...

Well, this case attracts alot of nutty people.....

Glad I'm not one of them. HA HA!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hey, speak for yourself...


sunset77 said...

Apparently, Gary Hinman was in a UCLA dance troupe called the Village Dancers. A pic on Cats website was found HERE on a website called "phantomranch" although I don't have time to find the exact pix. At the bottom of the page it lists a Gary and Gloria Hinman.

A genealogy website says that Robert Hinman "married Frances Joan MIKLISH-19931 on 25 Feb 1933 in Grand Junction, Mesa Co, CO. Frances was born 8 Oct 1909 in Glenwood Springs, Garfield Co, CO. She died 5 Dec 1970 in Fort Collins, Larimer Co, CO.

They had the following children:

12062 M i Gary Allan HINMAN-19957 was born 24 Dec 1934 in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO. He died 31 Jul 1969 in Los Angeles, , LA.

BIOGRAPHY: Gary was a music teacher. He was murdered by Charles Manson.
+ 12063 F ii Carole Ann HINMAN-19885
12064 F iii Barbara Jean HINMAN-19884"

It says that Carole Hinmam (Gary's Sister) married Richard Michael ROMBERG-19883

They had the following children:

15618 M i Michael Brian ROMBERG-19882
15619 F ii Sheryl Anne ROMBERG-19881
15620 M iii Keith Richard ROMBERG-19880
15621 F iv Christin Frances ROMBERG-19879

Finally, there is a news story on at least 2 blogs about Gary's wife or ex-wife being rushed out the door by Gary the night the killers arrived, says she went up the hill behind the house and hid while Gary was being murdered.

I posted a link to that story on another blog once and several people left comments that it was "BS" and wrong etc. I have no idea if stories published in the "National Tattler" are accurate, however, I've never seen any proof or evidence that it's inaccurate other than what people "think".

katie8753 said...

Thanks for the info Sunset.

I have that article about Gary's ex-wife hiding in the hills. I have no idea if it's true or not. It seems like if she had heard gunshots and Gary screaming she would have gone to the police. That's what doesn't make sense about it.

So it looks like Gary didn't have any children from what you presented, since none are listed??

sunset77 said...

Thanx Katie. I've found no evidence of Gary Hinman having any children. He may have, they might just not be easily found on the internet, but I've found nothing that indicates Gary had any kids.

In that story about Himan's wife, she said she was extremely frightened of the Manson family. I mean if you think about, if she went up to the shed behind the house and listened to them killing her husband or (ex-husband), it would probably frighten anyone. She would probably change her name and remain "hidden" as she knew many Manson people were on the street. Why she didn't go to the police, I don't know. It seems to me it was several days or a week before Gary's body was discovered.

Whether that story in "National Tattler" was just a made up ploy to sell newspapers, or it actually happened I don't know. Gary Hinman probably has living relatives, they may know the answer, but I don't.

Kimchi said...

Katie, thank you for asking that question about Davis' divorce on Brian's show last night...but apparently it was pre-recorded so it didn't get asked...

Thanks again!

katie8753 said...

Kimchi you're welcome. I have a feeling it wouldn't have gotten answered anyway because lawyers are pretty tight-lipped about their clients, but I tried.... :)

katie8753 said...

Thanks Sunset. I really don't think Gary had any children. I've never seen anything to support this. I'm not sure where this is coming from.

As far as the article goes, I believe it came out when Bobby was on trial for murder. You have to take yourself back in time to July of 1969. Back then, there was no reason to be afraid of "The Manson Family". It wasn't until December of 1969 that we found out that they committed the TLB murders.

Up until that time, the "Manson Family" were assumed to be thieves and looking for handouts. Maybe a few rough times, but not the bloodthirsty killers they really were.

So in July of 1969, Gary might have been concerned about Bobby and the girls coming to his door. I do believe that Charlie had called and threatened him to join the family. But I don't think at that particular time that Gary would have any inkling that they would actually kill him. So I can't imagine why his ex-wife would be so scared of them that she wouldn't go to the cops and tell them what was going on.

I'm not saying this story is false because I really don't know. I'm just saying I have questions about it.

sunset77 said...

I just found an interesting article on another blog about Bruce Davis. I assume it's several years old as it mentions Schwarzenegger "might" turn down Davis parole. It says in part:

"The Davis family -- composed of Bruce Davis, his older sister Judith, and their parents -- moved around a lot when the children were growing up. They lived at times in Louisiana, Alabama and Michigan before finally settling in the small Roane County community of Midtown when Bruce was about 10 years old.

Despite the wholesome, quiet appearance of the Davis home, what went on behind the walls was an often terrifying experience for the children who lived there, according to Davis' sister. "Daddy had a short temper that quickly turned to violence," Judith Davis recounted in a written statement given to California authorities last year for her younger brother's parole hearing. "He was mean sober and meaner drunk."Judith Davis said their father, a welder at the Kingston Fossil Plant named Bert Davis, "kicked us across the room with his engineer boots, slapped us in the face and whipped us with his belt. As we got older, he pinched us with pliers as we passed him in a room at home."

Davis couldn't be reached for an interview. Beckman said he has advised his client not to give any interviews until after the parole issue is decided.

He is also married to a former airline stewardess named Beth Davis, and -- due to a now-defunct California prison rule that once allowed him conjugal visits -- he has a teenage daughter named Taylor Davis, according to Beckman.

Kimchi said...

Katie, I've seen that article too, I basically wrote it off as tabloid bs...

Interesting stuff Sunset.....was that from a previous parole hearing?

Those parole hearings are worth their weight in gold, so much info...

sunset77 said...

I'm not really sure whether that info about Davis was a book or an excerpt on a news story, it didn't really list any sources. I'm pretty sure it was written between the time of Davis parole hearing that Schwarzenegger blocked, and when Schwarzenegger actually blocked it. It says Davis was granted parole, but Schwarzenegger could still block.

It was a pretty long article, I didn't post it all. One thing I found interesting is it mentions Davis lawyer "Beckman". I assume that's the same Beckman involved in the current parole process.

It was posted on a blog where you have to be a member, so I didn't post a link.