Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunset Writes:

Hi Lynyrd,

I've noticed several people talking about the latest Nikolas Schreck book, while I haven't read it, I did find a bit of background info about Schreck.

Apparently, he was/is married to Zeena LaVey Schreck, the daughter of Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey. They also apparently had a music group called "Radio Werewolf" at one time. I think she was baptized in the Church of Satan at age 3, her website says she has since renounced that church.

Nikolas Schreck can be seen in an old TV interview here:

Zeena Schreck's singing talents can be seen here:

Thanks Sunset! You ROCK!


Unknown said...

Wally George!

katie8753 said...

She a pretty lady. Thanks Sunset.

Whatever happened to that LaVey guy?

sunset77 said...

Thanx for the post, there are many vids of Schreck, Anton and Zeena LaVey, and Radio Werewolf on YouTube.

A pic of Zeena can be seen here on her website. I found that pic interesting because I spent many years studying the Nazi's and the Holocaust. Zeena is apparently standing in front of an anti aircraft tower constructed by the Nazi's. In fact it is probably "Flakturm VII G-Tower Augarten", a pic of which can be seen here, in Austria.

If anyone doesn't know, there are pics of Susan Atkins appearing semi nude in a "play" with Anton LaVey.

I find this "Satanism", "Death Rock", "Nazism" connection at least worth consideration. Apparently, to this day Manson has a "swastika" carved in his forehead.

katie8753 said...

Sunset you're right. This case is multi-facted.

The cult behavior, devil worship, Scientology, drug dealing and music. That's why it's so hard to find the truth about these murders.

Charlie supporters like to say he has no affinity toward the Nazis or Hitler, but the swastika speaks volumes.

katie8753 said...

Oops...meant "multi-faceted". LOL.

beauders said...

schreck was one of those that put together the 8-8-88 celebration in san francisco. they celebrated the death of sharon tate. they showed the movie "the other side of madness" and the crowd cheered during the scene of tate being murdered. mrs. tate found out about this and was shocked.

beauders said...
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LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Wow Beauders...


That's some pretty twisted shit.

Sounds like Schreck is on "the other side of madness".

Unknown said...

Most of the info about Nikolas and Zeena Schreck posted above is extremely dated - nearly 25 yrs. old.

They have been Tantric Buddhists for many years for 1 thing.

Check out their websites



for accurate up to date info on where they are now..

Unknown said...

3 new interviews with Nikolas Schreck about his work about Manson




johnnyseattle said...

as Michelle says, people should understand where Shreck is now not where he may have been back in the day.
as Shreck points out in an interview on the show 8 8 88, the only reason people have heard about the show is that Geraldo did a show on it (this was back when Tipper Gore and the Rock Lyrics brouhaha was going on) and he used this show as a back drop to satanism, etc.

that some folks may find Shreck distasteful etc should not take away from the magnitude of his book. you do not have to agree with him as a person as he was then or even now, you do not have to ascribe to satanism, etc to read his latest book on Manson and find real positive nuggets of information that rock the helter skelter theory.

johnnyseattle said...
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johnnyseattle said...

Matt Prokes
The Wally George comment is spot on funny.

Unknown said...

Wally George was a jerk off...but he was an entertaining jerk off.
I had'nt thought about him in 10 or 20 years.

Unknown said...

Heres Wally on the Howard Stern show way back before Howard turned into everything he ever made fun of.

beauders said...

i read schrecks newest book and i thought it was interesting and informative i just wish it listed sources--of course i believe the main source was manson himself.

sunset77 said...

I just re-watched part 3 of Charles Manson Superstar, it was produced and narrated by Nikolas Schreck, it's a very good documentary. Zeena Schreck also speaks as a narrator.

What I found interesting in this part, is he has pix of the dump at Barker, I assume around 1989. He says the dump is littered with the remains of stolen vehicles. Part of the psychedelic paint schemes could still be seen.

Part 3 of this documentary can be seen Here.

johnnyseattle said...

I hope that Schreck goes ahead and on his website post some of the source documents and interviews that he used. Some may be impossible to list given promises of anonymity, but many of the police reports, polygraph interviews (such as the Amos Russell one) should be such that they can get posted. For example, Shreck says that the LAPD found that the LaBianca phones were tapped by the FBI. (this goes to the LaBianaca's being more than just a Grocer and a ladies garment seller). It would be great to see the documentation or at least who was interviewed from the LAPD who stated that.
Post the Rosteau arrest report on the drug burn at his apartment with his girlfriend who worked for Jay Sebring, etc. So many interesting points made in the book which chip away at 'helter skelter' that you want to verify by looking at his source documents.

To those that haven't read it, it is not a Manson apology book. It is an in depth look at Manson but more important an in depth look at Tex.