Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hello Folks!
Just a quick note, to tell everyone:

I'm absolutely swamped with emails daily, and I simply can't keep-up with the volume. 
If it takes me a long time to reply to your email... or, if my reply to you, is very brief... please realize, it's nothing personal.  I'm doing my absolute best, to maintain an off-blog relationship with several people... and quite frankly, it's become impossible.

Please rest assured however, that ALL emails are read promptly, and everyone's input and contributions are GREATLY appreciated!

Going forward... it might be best, to view my email as an "inbox", or "suggestion box" of sorts.  I simply can't maintain individualized off-blog conversations, with 35 people simultaneously. 
Thanks in advnace, for your patience and kind understanding.
Peace ... Lynyrd


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


I said "offline" earlier...
I meant "off-blog".


It's been corrected. LOL

Venus said...

Can I be the board's secretary? Can I, huh? Can I, huh? Can I.......ok, I'll stop jumping up and down trying to get your attention. :-)

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd...Hire her!!! :)

Venus said...

Will work for popcorn and Dr. Pepper.....LOLOL