Friday, July 6, 2012

Rock Musical "MANSON'S GIRLS"
Set for NoHo Arts Center, 7/30-8/8
The performances are July 30 and 31, August 6 and 8, at 8:30 PM.
Ticket prices are $10 at The NoHo Arts Center,
11136 Magnolia, North Hollywood, CA 91601.
For tickets, visit

A new rock musical, Manson's Girls, based on the true story of Charles Manson killings in the late 1960's, will be presented the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood, CA for four nights only, on July 30-31 and August 6-8.

'Manson's Girls' traces the storylines of a half-dozen of the young women who were involved with the Sharon Tate and LaBianca murders in August, 1969. During the course of the musical, Linda Kasabian joins the Manson Family and transforms from a wide-eyed young runaway from New Hampshire to one of Manson's Girls, capable of committing murder 35 days later.

"It's not a gruesome musical," says bookwriter Scott Guy, "We don't dwell on the actual killings. It's much more an exploration of what happens when you give your mind over to someone else, whether that person is a cult leader, or religious or political of cultural figure. The Manson Family gave these girls comfort, friendship, stability and even love....It's really only when they stopped thinking for themselves that the slope became too slippery for them to turn back."

Manson's Girls was developed by the Academy for New Musical Theatre in partnership with the Department of Drama at University of California Irvine, where it was featured at the 2012 Festival of New Musicals.

The musical will be presented in staged concert reading format for four evenings, featuring a mainly-UCIrvine cast. Manson will be played by professional actor Christopher Maikish.

"Just the idea of playing Manson is already a bit creepy," says Maikish. "And what can be seriously unsettling (and fascinating) in this version is not the expected portrait of an eventual cult monster, but rather a charismatic and often kind father figure. His worldview is of course flawed and deeply troubling, but I'm really enjoying the exploration of Manson pre-Helter Skelter, the magnetic singer-philosopher who attracts a tribe of lost girls."

The music has been one of the driving forces in the workshopping of this musical. Composer Todd Irving says that "the theatricality of the music comes first and foremost in this piece; secondly is a sense of the 60's music...but it's not an imitation of 60's music; it evokes it without quoting it."

The concert will feature a small rock combo, and a cast of ten, music directed by UCIrvine's Dr. Gary Busby, directed by Little Fish Theatre's Stephanie Coltrin.

"We're exploring the inner lives of these girls," explains Coltrin, "trying to make sure they're real and honest, so the audience has a fighting chance of understanding them and maybe even possibly feeling for them. Ultimately, the show is about the pecking order of the girls, with a constant grasping for Charles Manson's attention and affection. I think the writers have done a phenomenal job at getting inside the heads of these girls, rather than just make them drug-crazed cult followers. You almost get the sense that the same thing might have happened to YOU, if you'd been there on the Manson Family Ranch that scary July in 1969."
Submitted by Katie.  Thanks Katie!


lurch said...

Wasn't there also a movie being made called Manson's Girls????

So who's down to go see this bit of theatre? The popcorn's on me!

katie8753 said...

Hi Lurch! There was a movie called Manson Girls, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I don't think it was released, but I could be wrong about that. Does anyone else know?

katie8753 said...

This looks pretty interesting. I'd like to see a production that focuses on the "Pecking Order" of the girls. There had to be one. I've always said that there must have been some jealousy among the girls because that's just human nature.

Paulina, you oughta check this out. Isn't this your neck of the woods?? :)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


There was a horrible movie slated under the same title.
The script was absolutely terrible, and luckily, the piece of shit was never made.

The "Manson Girls" trailer clip depicted Charles Manson not only slicing Hinman's face, but stabbing him twice in the chest!
Bobby is nowhere around.
THEN... Susan Atkins finishes Gary off, by placing a pistol in Hinman's mouth, and pulling the trigger!
Manson and Atkins kill Gary in Susanna Lo's movie.

Lurch... it's ridiculous.
Thank Gawd, it never hit the big screen.

Watch the "Manson Girls'' trailer for yourself:



Kimchi caught the last Manson-related production for us, and wrote a great review.
Maybe she'll be our roving reporter once again.
Here's hoping!

I really wish these productions would take place within driving distance for me, but it seems unfortunately, they're all out in Cali.

leary7 said...

I'm not a huge musicals fan but I would go see this. Of course I would be far more interested in the audience make-up. I doubt this is something you'd take a date to, but then Cal is a different world. Still, I'd probably be hangin in the lobby checkin all the faces to see if an old familiar Family face would have the gumption or curiousity to show - maybe and Ella Jo or a Cappy or such. Maybe we should all pool our resources and make an offer to Gypsy or Kitty to review it.

leary7 said...

Speaking of Manson girls...I had a sorta revelation the other night. I have always sort of adopted Ella Jo Bailey as my favorite Family member. I always loved the story of she and Vance telling Charlie they had better things to do when Manson asked Ella Jo to go with Bobby to Hinmans. ANd the fact that she and Vance split immediately after learning about Gary's murder made her seem like a together person to me.
BUT THEN, I got to thinking, always dangerous, and realized, duh, if Ella Jo and Vance had left Spahn and gone immediately to the police with their knowledge of Hinman's murder then TLB would never have happened.
In a VERY REAL way the blood of the seven TLB victims and Shorty is on Ella Jo's hands and the hands of anyone who knew the details of Hinman's murder and did not have the virtue to come forward.
Of course I love what Doris Tate did for victims rights and such. But what I really wish she or the Folger family or someone had done was file a civil suit against Spahn Ranch as the place that harbored the murderers. If Sandusky's victims can sue Penn State, why couldn't the relatives of the TLB victims have sued Spahn Ranch? Mr. Dill....calling Mr. Dill.
It still pisses me off on a daily basis the people who were involved in Shorty's death and walked scott free. I don't care if they just got rid of the car, they should have been charged. And I will shout from the rooftop nightly that Tex still should be tried for Shorty's murder and given the death penalty he deserves.
Whoops, got off topic, sorry.

katie8753 said...

Leary you crack me up. You're always thinking of "what ifs". LOL.

Ella Jo was pretty ballsy telling Charlie to get lost, but like you said, if she had been that disgusted with murder she could have told the cops what she knew....but on the other safe would she have felt? She knew they were obviously capable of killing. What would stop them from killing her?

As far as suing Spahn's Ranch, I don't think old man Spahn had 2 cents to rub together. And that run-down ranch couldn't have been worth much, except for the land value.

I agree TOTALLY that more should have been charged with Shea's murder. It burns me up that Mary walked scott free after Hinman's murder too.

It's amazing how you can make someone "squeal like a pig" when offered a "deal" from the prosecution.

katie8753 said...

I wonder if they'll do "Always is Always Forever", or whatever the name of that song is the girls used to sing. LOL.

katie8753 said...

Oh BTW Leary, another victim has come forward to sue Sandusky, Penn State and the Second Mile (which should be renamed the "Green Mile"), bringing a total now of I believe 3 more post conviction. 3 more and I win the bet. LOL.

beauders said...

is it possible ella didn't know they murdered hinman? remember they were supposedly going to get money not kill anyone. hinman wasn't found for a while and the press wasn't covering this murder like they did with tate/ labianca.
speaking of the manson girls movie katie, jennifer landon is now on young and the restless. she really is a very talented actress.

katie8753 said...

Beauders!!! Jennifer Landon is on the Young and the Restless? Good for her.

She was on As the World Turns, a show I watched for eons, and was terminated.

She is a very talented actress. Her father being Michael Landon, as I'm sure you know.

Did Ella not know they killed Hinman?

I doubt it. I'm sure word was surging left and right. You know how it is in cults...errrr...groups of ilk. HA HA.

katie8753 said...

I think that would be like not knowing that the Willets were killed. I mean how would "they" not know that?

Come on now.....

I love this song by Creedance. I think they should use it in this musical.....

I Put A Spell On You....


katie8753 said...

Okay one more. I know some people hate this song, but it relaxes me to my knees......


Unknown said...

i can't imagine anyone hating that song katie

Unknown said...

heres a good one

katie8753 said...

Hi Bob! That's a great song too!! LOL.

katie8753 said...

Question. I was just wondering....what if Gary DID have money? What if, after being bullied for a day or so he relinquished it to Bobby just to be rid of them? Does anyone think that Bobby would still have killed Gary?

leary7 said...

you got the "what if" virus, Katie. I confess I overundulge in it. Hell, it relaxes me as I try to get to sleep.
With the TLB saga there are a thousand 'what ifs'.
As Tex was walking across the desert after returning from Hawaii he suddenly had a premonition that if had continued on and went to Barker Charlie would have him killed. Was he right? Would Manson have seen him as a liability and erased him?
If Mary and Sandy hadn't been in jail on 8/8/69 would they have been chosen for the Cielo Drive carnage?
A thousand 'what ifs'.
If Rosalie hadn't left Charlie would he have settled down and become an All-State agent?
that's a joke, son, I say.

Dilligaf said...


There is a big difference between Penn State and Spahn Ranch. It could be argued that because the leadership of Penn State was aware of the crimes being committed, their inaction actually furthered on-going crimes. By not addressing the reports of abuse, they made themselves liable. George Spahn on the other hand, appeared to have no knowledge of the TLB/Hinman/Shea crimes. There was no evidence that he attempted to cover-up or ignore criminal acts. As such, it would be difficult to argue liability.

Now, the family of the victims could have attempted to file suit for wrongful death against the killers, but, how much would one expect to recover from bums and hippies who have no assets? It is not likely that their earning potential in prison, especially when they were were on DR, would have much value. Secondly, typically the surviving members of homicide victims are in varying levels of devestation, with thoughts of legal action not foremost in their minds. While it does sometime occur, it is the exception rather than the rule. In the late '60's and throughout the '70's, wrongful death suits were somewhat uncommon, as families tended to keep such things below the radar screen. Times have changed. Now, a great number of society tend to be drawn towards the camera to air their problems, rather than shy away. I have always told people, if tragedy occurs, do not talk to the media, it will not help your life at all. Just my opinion though..

leary7 said...

Katie, the point to filing a suit against Spahn would not have been for money. Obviously the Folgers did not need money. It would have been to get Family members into court and under oath and see exactly who knew what.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I don't think the Browns or Goldmans have gotten a cent from OJ. They just wanted the SOB found guilty in court.
The purpose of a suit against Spahn would just have been to get on record the who, what and when of Family happenings prior, during and after the TLB horrors. It might have brought into light exactly what periphary folk like Ella Jo and Vance etc were guilty of.
Was RICO in effect back in '69? Where is Mr. Dill?

leary7 said...

Aaaahh, I must have rubbed the genie right, I ask and Mr Dill arrives. Thank you.

leary7 said...

Thank you Mr Dill. Of course you are right, Penn State and Spahn have little in common. But I would put forth that George Spahn did have a sense that things were not kosher with Charlie and his gang. Certainly folk like Ruby Pearl and Shorty were aware that the Family was not the west coast version of the Waltons.
But you're dead on of course - civil suits were rare back in those days. Now someone sues McDonalds if the coffee is to hot.

leary7 said...

And going public with one's grief and anger is of course painful and not for everyone. But if one feels others are complcit in the death of a loved one, and they haven't been charged due to lack of evidence or such, isn't filing a civil suit about the only recourse they have?
Again, to me sometimes filing a civil suit is not just about money, it is about getting facts established in a court of law.
Of course the person I would have really loved to have seen file suit was Shorty's wife. But then being an African-American topless dancer she probably did not have a lot of faith in the law. That, and a healthy fear of the Manson psychos.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Dilligaf!

Thanks Leary!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks MattP!

(Bob Stinson is out friend Matt Prokes... for anyone not aware).

leary7 said...

you mean Matt Prokes, the dastardly Flyers fan???

katie8753 said...

I only have a minute now, but wanted to say that I wasn't aware that Matt=Bob. LOL.

Also, Leary I think there were civil suits filed against the killers by victims. The only one who kept renewing it was Bartek Fryskowski. I believe he did receive money off royalties that would have otherwise gone to Manson.

Gotta run!! :)

leary7 said...

you're right as usual Katie, I remember hearing about that. Are there transcripts from the suit or suits. Any idea who would have testified?
In one of his recent posts the COl campaigned to get Tex tried for Shorty's murder - something allot of us have been lobbying for a long time - as a means or leverage to get to THE TRUTH.
A civil suit, a new murder trial,'s been 43 years and there are still more questions than answers. That just shouldn't be so.

Unknown said...

mattprokes is a lifelong bruins fan...allthough he doesnt hate the flyers as much as the leafs and habs and canucks.
i've got to back into my profile and change things around so my handle reverts back to matt prokes.

katie8753 said...

Leary we did a thread on that a while back. I don't have time to look for it. Lynyrd could tell you which one.

I don't know anything about the suits, except that Bartek kept renewing his and he's the only one that I know of that saw any actual money.

As far as Tex being tried for Shorty's murder, I'm sure he wouldn't spill any beans. He's not getting out anyway. What's he got to lose? Even if Bruce testified against him, it's Bruce's word against Tex's. Charlie's sure not gonna say anything.

katie8753 said...

Hi Matt!! :)

Unknown said...

lets give this another try

Unknown said...

i'm baaaaack!

katie8753 said...

Hi Matt!!! :)

leary7 said...

but the question is Katie, would folk like Mary and Nancy value their freedom and their "comfotable sixties" enough to risk perjury now. I mean Clem and Bruce would be called as witnesses. Would Clem risk his freedom or Bruce his parole chances by lying on the witness stand. You're right about Charlie, he is pathological and wouldn't give a damn. He'd just be happy to have the pulpit one more time.
There have been a bunch of muder trials in recent years for killings that happened thirty or forty years ago. The Medgar Evans one comes to mind I think. Why not put the scumbag Tex in the crosshairs again. I am sure little Paul, hangin up in heaven like the girl in "The Lovely Bones" would appreciate it.

leary7 said...

by little Paul I mean Sharon's baby of course, not Watkins.

leary7 said...

damn, I confused mattprokes with TomG. My bad, sorry.

katie8753 said...

Leary, Mary & Nancy could just say they didn't know anything about it. Who is going to prove otherwise?

I don't know if they could get Clem to come in as a witness. I don't think he's in the country anymore.