Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Tex Watson Tapes
As one might expect, I've been bombarded with links, videos, articles, news reports, etc, on the recent developments. 
Mary, Kimchi, MattP and Poirot (just to name a few) have donated various sources. 
Everyone's contributions (and interest) are most appreciated.  You guys/gals ROCK!

I've held-off on this topic... awaiting a definitive outcome. 
When and if, anything is found on those tapes... it will be posted here immediately.

My thoughts on the matter are mixed:
On the one hand... my gut tells me this is going to be a disappointing dead-end. 
Tex has proven himself, to be very adept at self-preservation. 
Until now... he's completely avoided saying anything of substance, which would interfere with his own interests. 
If Tex does "sing" on those tapes... it would be a complete departure from what we've come to expect from him... which is zero. 

Although... one must consider, that I'm a bit jaded. 
I'm not a completely unbiased barometer of optimism at this point... as every "lead" we've ever gotten as TLB enthusiasts, has ultimately (in the end) turned to shit... including the infamous "digs". 

I excitedly followed the "dig" story (daily) for months. 
I was fully swept-up by the whirlwind... I absorbed every tidbit.
In the end... I watched "scientists" dig waist-deep holes!
Seriously folks... if you saw the photos of those holes... you'd laugh. 
It was a horrible experience, which I haven't fully recovered from. LOL.
Maybe "someday"... they'll go back, and do the job right.

Of course all the "Manson supporters" gloated for weeks because no bodies were found. 
I tried to explain to them (in vain)... that the holes were simply not deep enough, to prove conclusive of anything. 
That of course, was a complete waste of time.

It's was painfully obvious (to me), that the "dig" project had been abandoned prematurely, for reasons not disclosed to the general public.
They obviously didn't venture into the desert.. fully equipped with experts, dogs and specialized equipment... with the intention of digging shallow holes.
That would make no sense.

Anyway... I digress...

The point is:
One can't help but grow cynical, after years and years of dead-end leads... and, I have. 
Nuff said...

On the other hand:
The fact that the LAPD has interest in these tapes speaks volumes. 
Their interest strongly suggests, that there's something of substance on those tapes. 
The LAPD has to believe there's something of value on those tapes... or, they wouldn't bother pursuing this ordeal.
That's pretty straight forward logic. 

Let's also consider, that there's 8 hours of audio on those tapes. 
Eight hours, is a LOT of conversation folks. 

Moreover,consider this:
Tex was conversing with his lawyer on those tapes.
To me, that increases the likelihood, that there's something on those tapes.
Look at it this way:
IF Tex had "let his guard down"... with anyone (in wake of the murders)... it would most likely have been, with his attorney. 
(He hadn't found the clergy yet, LOL).

Some sources indicate that Tex was not (initially) concerned with the release of those tapes. 
This may suggest, that there's nothing on the tapes... OR... maybe that Tex has resigned himself to the fact, that he's never going to be released anyway... and hence, doesn't care much at this point.
Who knows?

Bottom line: We just have to wait.

I've heard from a very reliable source, that the LAPD still considers this case very much "open" after all these years.  Their pursuit of these tapes after 40+ years, is strong indication of that fact.  The general public may well have forgotten this case... but, it seems the authorities have not.

One thing's for sure:
Anything found on those tapes... could really breathe new life into this dormant case. 
Could we see these folks "taking the witness stand" once again, for examination? 
I'm not a lawyer... but, wouldn't THAT be a hoot! 

I've heard it said many times on the blogs, that "there's no statute of limitations on murder". 
I have no idea if that's actually true from a legal standpoint... but, here's hoping.

Any trial held now, would obviously "play out" much differently than the original (trial).  Manson's "hold" over (most of) these folks is long gone. 
These folks would probably sing like a bird... and every fact we ever wanted to know, would come oozing out... or more likely... raging out, like a waterfall! LOL

You see folks...
THIS is why, I didn't want to touch this topic... until something concrete surfaces. 
My mind reels... and I'll end-up looking like an ass, when they come back with nothing! LOL

Oh well... I'll let myself dream... if only for a day.
I owe it to myself. : )


MrPoirot said...

I agree Lynyrd, some of these new leads into the case went nowhere. Especially the "digs". But then how were we to know that Buster the wonder dog was just a big liar? Heck, the dog looked honest to me.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Poirot.

It had nothing to do with Buster, or anyone being dishonest.

There may very well, STILL be bodies out there.
The dig was simply too shallow to be conclusive.

The plug was pulled on that dig for reasons not disclosed to the general public.
The reason (for the premature halting of that dig) may have been political, legal, or financial... I have no idea.
But make no mistake... it was halted prematurely, and was inconclusive.

The entire "dig" started and culminated in like 48 hours.
If you blinked your eyes... you would have missed it.
It resulted in shallow, inconclusive holes.
(I've stated ALL these facts, several times... ever since the first day the digs were halted).

I had stated those facts on Thelma's blog countless times... and I'm certain I"ve shared that opinion here, as well.
I don't care to go digging, to prove it.

As I said on this post:
"It's was painfully obvious (to me), that the "dig" project had been abandoned prematurely, for reasons not disclosed to the general public.
They obviously didn't venture into the desert.. fully equipped with experts, dogs and specialized equipment... with the intention of digging shallow holes.
That would make no sense".

katie8753 said...

If Watson sold those tapes to Ray Hoekstra to write "Will You Die For Me?", how did the attorney still have them???

Lynyrd I agree. I DO think there are bodies out there, but they didn't expend near enough time or effort to really look for anything. It was practically over before it started.

There's a lot of square miles in the desert. Why just look around the house? There could be bodies scattered all over the place.

katie8753 said...

Hi Bobby. I agree. I think after all these years somebody would have said something.

Just wondering....if anything actually was on those tapes about murders that the family committed but weren't charged with, wouldn't the DA still have to have evidence other than Tex just saying so? Isn't that just hearsay??

Kimchi said...

I said it once, I'll say it again..


Not only did Sgt. Dostie do a Discovery Channel special called "Manson's missing victims" but I was at Spahn when the equipment was there...I have pictures..I also know someone that has one of the little flags that was used where the dogs alerted...he was with me - he has a video, not when the film crew was there, but when the equipment and flags were all over the place.

I think it was filmed in Dec. 2008 or is the link:

Maybe they will air it again with all the hoopla going on.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I'll vouch for you Kimchi.

I remember when you e-mailed photos of flags in the ground at Spahn's... and there was a mini-backhoe machine there too.
That was (at least) a year ago.

I'm also pretty sure, you shared a video from Backporch Tapes, in which that church guy.... (who tormented Michael every time he went to Spahn's)... talks about "the FBI digging there".
That video was lost, when Michael's channel was closed.

I've never watched the documentary "Manson's Missing Victims".
The description of the documentary does state Spahn's (as well as Barker's) as an investigation site.
In fact... it says "both".

And I quote:
"Once a remote home to Charles Manson and his "family", the Barker Ranch has long been the subject of stories suggesting that several disenchanted young people who spent time there in the late 1960's attempted to leave — but "disappeared" without a trace from the isolated community. Now, police Sgt. Paul Dostie and his cadaver dog Buster are investigating what might have happened to missing persons at both The Barker Ranch in Death Valley, CA., and at the Manson family's Los-Angeles area home, The Spahn Ranch in Chatsworth, CA.
This one-hour documentary will feature interviews with former family members, detectives and prosecutors, as well as archival footage, rarely seen photos and forensic investigation, as Sgt. Dostie and Buster lead us on a search for clandestine graves and buried secrets".

I certainly couldn't prove it on the spot.
But... I've seen enough material evidence trickle-in... here and there... (from several sources)... to be easily persuaded that digging has in fact, occurred at Spahn's, as well.
From what I've seen personally... I wouldn't readily dismiss the notion that digging has also occured at Spahn's, as a hoax.

Kimchi said...

Hi Lynyrd -

No, it wasn't a hoax...we were told there was and is an ongoing investigation...

By the way, it wasn't just Buster that hit on Spahn, they brought in other cadaver dogs at different times and they hit on the same places..

The problem with Spahn is, after the fire burned all the buildings down, they used tractors to bury everything, and it seems they pushed everything "Westward", very close to where that "cave picture" and Charlies rock is (area) to bury the burned out stuff, so there's like 11 feet of burned out buildings, garbage and what not they have to dig to get to the area of what it was like in 1969...seems hard to imagine that...the area looks the same as it did in 1969 photos.

I only saw that documentary once, but if I remember correctly, that's exactly what they dug up, burned up remnants of structures.

katie8753 said...

Kimchi I agree with you. I have no doubt that there might be bodies buried at Spahn's Ranch. We know they buried Shorty there, why would we have trouble believing that they might have buried others out there. Runaways that nobody would look for.

When Clem volunteered to show them Shorty's grave he had a hard time finding it because, like you said, the earth shifts for various reasons and the terrain is not the same anymore. And if Clem had never offered to show them, they probably never would have found Shorty.

Kimchi said...

No, I never said there were other bodies buried there..

I said "they looked" for other bodies buried there...

I'm with AC...if they found any children buried or what not, they weren't murdered, they may have been miscarried or what have you...

I'm on the fence here kids...

As much as you might hate it Katie, I'm non-judgmental...can't help it...I'm still listening to both sides...

Both sides I mean by Charlie...what the minions did and what Charles Watson did is a whole 'nother story..that comes without saying...guilty as hell..should have fried a long time ago - instead he tax payers expense...and I am one of those tax payers! So did Bruce doubt we paid for that one too.

Kimchi said...

And the taxpayers of California undoubtedly paid for Nancy Pitman's kids...spawned by more prison crap...

What fine outstanding citizens they turned out to be.."not"...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Would the bones of a mis-carried baby, actually be large enough... and dense enough... after all this time... to trigger a police dog's nose... or the likes of Arpad Vass' equipment?

I visualize the bones of a mis-carried baby, to be along the lines (and density) of chicken bones... very thin and frail.
(Not to be gross... but that's what I visualize as a completely uninformed layperson, in that area)

Wouldn't a miscarried baby's bones be completely disintegrated into worm food, after all this time?
(Again... not to be gross)

I'd be more sold on the concept, that dead horses bones are being detected... if anything.
A horses bones and flesh must produce a much stronger scent... and last much longer, than an unborn baby's.

I'm not saying there are (or aren't) more bodies out there... OR, that mis-carried baby's weren't buried there.
The burial of miscarriages, is quite likely actually.
But... I'm just not buying, that's what the dogs are detecting.

Kimchi said...

Yeah Lynyrd, you are right...

I think they also said something about chicken bones, believe it or not...long time ago, I can't remember the details...

Kimchi said...

I don't think any unsolved homicides or missing persons are buried there...

Getting back to the tapes, I doubt Tex said anything incriminating...he still hasn't admitted his involvement with the Shea homicide...and he was the one that killed him..

But because he was never charged with it, why would he admit to that, even in the 1970's? He wasn't a fool...he played everything for what it was worth..I have no use for that tool.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

One thing's for certain...

If the right information is detected on those tapes... we may finally get a conclusive dig.

Hopefully, the evidence (on those tapes) will be so overwhelming... the political, legal and/or financial constraints which hindered the last dig project... will be superseded... and they'll start digging like MoFo's! LOL

Then... this issue of "more bodies" will finally be answered to everyone's satisfaction.
We could only be so lucky.

I'm with Bob on this one, however.
I'm extremely doubtful these tapes will yield much.
I'm preceding with pessimistic optimism. LOL
... or, optimistic pessimism! LOLOL
I hope I'm wrong.


I hate to state my opinion point-blank.
I always like to leave room for speculation and change.
Over the years... my opinion has formed... and reformed.

But... here's where I'm at, point-blank:

I think it's kinda foolhearty for us to believe, that we're currently aware of every single person "the family" (and extended family) directly (or indirectly) killed.
I believe there's likely more casualties of that time and place, still unidentified.
Yes... I believe there are likely more "Jane Does".
That's my opinion.
I believe the odds... and logic... point that way.

The question becomes:
Are we ever going to find, identify, and prove these other casualties?
This is where I've become extremely pessimistic.
My answer is:
I highly doubt it.

I just don't believe we will ever find, or identify these folks after all this time.
Those tapes... quite frankly, are probably our last shot.
Here's hoping...

That's where I'm at... for what it's worth.
With my opinion and a dollar, you can buy a newspaper. LOLOL

Kimchi said...

That's why we love you Lynyrd...

I can't understand anyone that get's pissed off at you...

You are so "logical" and "rational" ...LOL

Anyway, we are all waiting to see this drama unfold, even if it turns out to be nothing...and then be disappointed...

It wasn't Tex that disputed these tapes, it was his lawyer...probably just to play into the media..this stuff sells newspapers and should read how England is playing this up...trying to match it to Joel Pugh's death and all...shame shame..

Kimchi said...

One more thing...

I have to say the timing is right...Bruce Davis has a parole hearing June 13th!!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I agree Kimchi.

If Tex reveals anything of substance on those tapes... it will be completely out of character for him.

Our only shot... is IF Tex was extraordinarily trusting of his lawyer at that time.
IF Tex trusted his lawyer overwhelmingly... he just may have acted completely out of character... and revealed something important, during portions of that 8 hour discussion.

It's Possible... but not likely.

The other possibility, is that Tex "squealed" on his comrades during the interview, with his lawyer.
He may have revealed information about more crimes committed by his comrades... while keeping his mouth shut about himself... and his own crimes.
That type of information leakage (betrayal), is much more likely, from a piece-of-shit like Tex.

We'll see...

Kimchi said...

BUT, and it's a big but...LAPD will only reveal what they want to reveal...they will claim "evidence, ongoing investigation, etc., etc....

Too bad the media didn't ask for it first! Public Records Act you know!

sbuch113 said...

Bodies buried Spahn/Barker it's possible......might even go as far as to say likely.
Tex was a killing machine.
Warm up murders prior to TLB?
With a few encore snuffs in Death Valley.

Barker bodies.
In the vastness of Death Valley why plant them in their front yard?
Even Shea got a short ride down the rode.

One reason given for the aborted dig in at least one Barker site was the discovery of ancient Indian artifacts.....federal law protects them.
With the discovery the site was turned over to park rangers.

Kimchi....I didn't know about the dig at Spahn...Thanks
I do remember reading in Ed Sanders The Family about a dig that revealed chicken bones....although I can't recall where.

katie8753 said...

I do think there are bodies buried at Spahn's Ranch and at Barker's Ranch.

I have no reason to suspect that Shorty was the only victim.

In that video of Sandy, Squeaky & Nancy, they were handling weapons and talking about the fate of "snitches".

I can just imagine a young runaway stumbling onto this group of outcasts, thinking it was "hippy heaven" only to find that it was a compound of stolen vehicles, credit cards, guns & knives.

If someone said "thanks, but no thanks" they may have been regarded as snitches, and thusly taken care of, with a knife in the gullet or a hammer on the head, followed by a shallow grave.

Who would even miss them? They were just runaways.

katie8753 said...

How hard would it be to dig a grave at Spahn's, or even easier at Barker's, with no one even noticing or caring.

I think by the time they got to Barker's Ranch, they thought they were impervious to being caught and they could do anything they wanted.

Charlie taught them that they would outlast time and be the chosen ones. What did they have to lose??? Nothing, in their minds.

The cops seemed clueless until the October raid. What would stop them from killing and burying all over the ranch??? Nothing.

I'm especially talking about the main killers...Watson, Krenwinkel & Adkins, but there were others too who were potential or wanna-be killers who could just as easily have done the job.

katie8753 said...

Sorry, I meant ATkins. I'm just running in first gear because I'm tired. I promised myself to get to bed by doce plus diez. Now's the time. LOL.

Night all.

MrPoirot said...

The gas spectrum detector used can discriminate ancestral burial sites and horse or chicken cadavers from modern human remains by detecting the flouride present in all modern human remains.

The digs at Barker were shallow because the ground is rocky and hard.

It isn't likely that adult bodies remain buried at Spahns or Barkers because if there were then somebody would know about it and squeal. The Family was notorious for spilling the beans. One source of buried body tales comes from White Rabbit who is a fantastical bullshit artist. He claimed two girls were buried at Barkers.

The only human remains at Spahns would most likely be stillborns. Nancy's baby was stillborn and is still unaccounted for. Most likely Clem buried Nancy's stillborn child. But that isn't murder.

Even Shorty Shea was not buried at Spahns. He was buried down the highway a ways beside the railroad track. But true to their nature the person who buried Shorty squealed about it.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I'll agree with one part of your post Poirot.

White Rabbit is not a credible witness.
He is... as you said... a "fantastical bullshit artist".
In short, he's full of shit, and a pedofile (from what I hear) to boot.

sbuch113 said...

Hi LS, Melton is indeed a molester.

Go to the TXDPS Sex Offender Registery web site, search by name Larry Allen Melton.

You'll see the freak....his all his disgusting glory.

katie8753 said...

>>>Mr. P said: The only human remains at Spahns would most likely be stillborns....Even Shorty Shea was not buried at Spahns. He was buried down the highway a ways beside the railroad track.>>>

Why would the only human remains be stillborns?

And they buried Lauren Willett in the basement of the same house they were living in. I don't think they got the willies about where they buried people.

Anonymous said...

LOL... How fucking badly do you wanna sit in front of your TV and drink a cold Coors Lite Can and smoke the fattest Joint you can roll with the funkiest stickiest bud you can find and listen to fat-ass Nancy Grace say the following words....


The Los Angeles Distract Attorney has announced arrest warrants for the following people who were once called the Family of Charles Manson..."

Then she runs off the list of every name of every stinking one of those degenerate losers that is still alive and kicking anywhere in this country today.... Nance/Gypsy/ And Sandy :) Clem- throw him back as well..

Tex came through lol after all these years... Could you imagine???

I have every one of my fingers and toes crossed...

We should get so lucky..

katie8753 said...

That's right ST! Wouldn't that be a HOOT!! LOL.

Mrstormsurge said...

White Rabbit's telling of the reattaching Clem penis sure sold me !!!! yessir.

But seriously, I can't believe there's anything on those tapes that would incriminate Tex further than he already faced. I doubt Tex would have waived his rights to release them in 1978 if there was, or that his lawyer would have allowed him to back then if there was or that the co-author - if he had any brains - would allow himself to be privy to new unreported, unknown information on other murders would potentially make him criminally culpable for not reporting it.

katie8753 said...

Tex sold those tapes, purportedly to pay some of his legal fees. I'm sure his parents had tried to pay them. Fees in the $10's of thousands.

I was thinking how much it would suck to be the parents of these losers, more specifically, Tex, Pat & Leslie, and spend your time and money raising these children, spending money on their education, medical bills, making sure their teeth were straight and pretty, music or dance lessons, sports activities, prom dresses & tuxes, graduation activities, college education, business school, etc., etc., only to have them disappear, steal your credit cards and rip you off, steal your money to support their lazy hippy jobless friends, and they eventually end up savagely killing strangers because their hippy cult leader told them to. spend the rest of your life savings on a defense that was useless because they spent the entire time acting like fools because their hippy cult leader told them to, and they got the death penalty anyway.

They sullied your name for the rest of your life, and you lost your nest egg because of them.

Man....that's really gotta SUCK!! LOL.

katie8753 said...

Stormy, very good point!!! That author would most likely be bound to reveal any info that would lead to solving murders.

I seriously doubt that Tex would have spilled any beans, before or after Susan blabbed, because like Lynyrd said, he has never shown the propensity for excessive blabbing that we know of, so why would we think there is any reason to believe there are additional murders mentioned on those tapes.

I can't imagine Tex volunteering ANY info that he didn't have to.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Seriously folks...
How can you not love this f#ckin' guy?!! LOLOL

Leave it to Saint, to put it all in perspective!

I really should just delete my entire thread... and replace it with Saint's commentary. LOL
That was Awesome!

Saint, YOU ROCK!

: )

katie8753 said...

The Krenwinkels, the Van Houtens, the Watsons, the Frommes, the Beausoleils, ad nauseum, came to this country at some point in search of a dream. They minded their P's & Q's and tried to build a good reputation based on hard work, sacrifice and betterment of family.

Only to have it undone by some loser ancestors who treated their legacy like a condom being flushed down a rusty toilet.

And that's exactly what happened. Flushed it all down the toilet.

I hope these Manson losers have the decency to feel bad about what they did...not only to the victims they massacred, but to their own families, taking away their very dreams and leaving them just as massacred, dried up and dead as the very victims they forced themselves on.

And why? There really is no why.....just a pissed off hippy cult leader who didn't get a recording contract.

Anonymous said...

Too kind :)

I really dont expect anything myself...

He was a strange bastid though- ya never know...

I have read some of the things he said to his Docs when he was first brought back to L.A. before the trial, and he was very belligerent still...

He uttered his infamous " they were running around with their heads cut off like chickens" line during this time.. and according to the Docs notes- he was laughing at the recollection...

He is really a very strange dude for so many reasons...

but he is also a very bad dude for so many reasons which is more important...



he can somehow assist- even inadvertently- in bringing some of the others either to justice, or at least to the public eye and assumation of public responsibility for their respective roles...

Then maybe he isn't totally useless after all...

But I dont hold out much hope personally...

By the way...

Assumation is not a word..

but the usage sounded really good in that sentence :)

Anonymous said...

By the way lol

Bruce- really guy... do you even get up for these any more???

what is the difference???

Even if you get votes- you dont get out

Wow- the same chance Gary and Shorty had...


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Saint Circumstance in top form is blogging at it's best.
It just doesn't get any better...

Saint please... tell us how you really feel!
: )

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...



katie8753 said...

Some say that Tex wasn't loyal to the family. And he really wasn't.

So why did he kill for Charlie?

Well, it's known in the psyche world as "blackmail".

Charlie used the old "I did you a favor and now you owe me one" thing on Tex. Probably on Bobby too. BTW, Bobby wasn't loyal either.

Charlie told Tex on August 8th that he "owed" him one for Crowe. He told him to go kill everyone at Cielo Drive.

Far fetched? I don't think so. People do it all the time. Especially people like Charlie who don't have any self esteem and have to glean it from others by miter sawing into their pea-brained constituents and drawing out the useless gray matter and re-training it to his purpose.

P.T. Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute". And he was right.

And all these fools were suckers for Charlie's con game.

And...some still are.

Mrstormsurge said...

That code is big in prison, Katie. That's why new prisoners NEVER should let anyone do them a favor no matter how innocent it seems. Being in debt inside the big house is grounds for having to pay it off...or else.

leary7 said...

agree LS. The Saint nailed it - Nancy Grace and Charlie. a match made in bizzaro heaven. Reminds me of Joan Rivers expressing disgust at Willie Nelson's dirty fingernails on the Tonight Show. To paraphrase the BareNaked Ladies, if I had a million dollars...I would pay it to see Lynn and Nancy and Clem and Mary et all on the witness stand one more time. And of course Charlie. Ya gotta believe Manson wants the pulpit one more time.
And since Pugh is the best bet, the trial would be in England which would just add to the drama...ya know, judges in wigs and such. What better way to celebrate the Queen's 60 years of reign than a Manson trial?

leary7 said...

And the Olympics too!!! They are in London this summer, right? The Family should be there for that. Now that would be an interesting ratings battle - track and field versus true crime.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Stormy! I'm sure the big house is one of the LAST places on earth you'd wanna owe someone something. Shudder....

katie8753 said...

Leary...powdered wigs! HA HA HA.

Couldn't you just see Charlie & the gang thumbing their noses at the prim and proper English court?

If Charlie dared to lunge at the Queen Mother, he'd probably be dead before he hit the floor.

Or he might have his last meal in the Tower of London, waiting for the last time his head and body were acquainted. LOL.

MrPoirot said...

I would like to see Buster have another crack at Barker Ranch. This time don't give him milkbones every time he reveals a buriel site.

katie8753 said...

What I'd like to see is good old-fashioned dueling. Tex Vs. Charlie, Bruce Vs. Bobby, Pat Vs. Leslie, Sandy Vs. Squeaky, Gypsy Vs. Linda, etc.

Back-to-back, walk 10 paces, remove blindfolds, turn and fire.

And remember people, this time...misfires COUNT. LOL.

katie8753 said...

Well, baby-killing Casey Anthony got fat. HA HA.

>>>sources who claim to be close to Casey Anthony say that she's "a fat, broke, computer obsessed hermit.">>>

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Eastern Conference Finals.

Celtics - 3
Heat - 2

Game 6 tonight in Boston!

It's a must-see folks!

Will the aging, beat-up, tired veteran Celtics have enough left in the gas tank to close the deal against a younger team?
We're gonna find out!

Leeet's get ready to Rumble!!!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I can't get any cuts or scrapes tonight, 'cuz I'll bleed GREEN!

katie8753 said...

Well, I'll Have Another (TB) was scratched today from participating in the Belmont Stakes tomorrow, supposedly due to a swollen tendon. There won't be a Triple Crown Winner this year.


katie8753 said...

Well this is an interesting article. It asks the question of why, if Tex's attorney/client privileges had been revoked years ago, is LAPD just now asking for these tapes.

Also it asks if Tex was fully aware of the privileges and if Tex actually owned the tapes and they are his property.

This guy suggests that a higher court in Texas make a decision on these tapes.

katie8753 said...

Well, Bob Welch killed himself. Sad....,,20602623,00.html

katie8753 said...

Well, Union Rags won the Belmont today. YEAH! He was the favorite at the Derby but he got side-lined out of the gate. They kept him out of the Preakness to let him rest.

He had a different jockey today and just barely won...but he won. LOL.

I just wish I'll Have Another could have been in that race. Would LOVED to have another Triple Crown Winner.

TomG said...

I'll Have Another....won't have another. I loved that horse, too. Hope he is happy being a Stallion. We'll miss you chasing down the favorites in the stretch!

TomG said...

I'll Have Another. The definition of having heart.

katie8753 said...

Hi Tom. I agree. I think I'll Have Another had a good chance at the Triple Crown.

He beat Bodemeister the same way in the Derby & the Preakness. Came from behind on the final stretch and just outran him.

But, from now on, I'll Have Another's life will consist of eating, sleeping and servicing mares. I guess we shouldn't feel sorry for him. LOL.

TomG said...

We shouldn't feel sorry for him.....but then again, I think the happiest he ever was in his life was when jockey Mario Guteriezz, under a gentle but pleading whip, asked his horse.....go get them!

Of which he did.

katie8753 said...

Here is I'll Have Another beating Bodemeister in the Derby. This horse is amazing. He just slams it up into 5th gear and outruns all the other horses in the final few seconds of each race.

The owners of Bodemeister were so upset about the 2 times that he almost won but lost to I'll Have Another that they didn't even enter him into the Belmont. Since I'll Have Another was scratched the day before the Belmont, if they had entered Bodemeister, he had a really good chance of winning the Belmont. Horse racing is really a hard sport to predict.

katie8753 said...

Tom that's so true. That horse was born to "run like the wind".

TomG said...

All of life, is a search for truth and beauty....

starship said...

not to brag, but I hit on all three of the triple crown races this year at my friendly neighborhood OTB.

katie8753 said...

Hi Starship! Who did you bet on?

I was thinking that you might actually attend the Belmont since it's in your neck of the woods. Quite a crowd there on Saturday.