Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Friend Michael from Backporch Tapes
Visited "Sound City Studios" and has donated photos and Information!

Michael Writes:

"I called Sound City Studios.  They are still there and the dude in there told us where the room was Manson recorded in.  Manson was there.  I even asked Manson that question and he said he was there. 
BUT... Did he record LIE there is another story.  I'm not sure if any tracks made it on LIE from this studio, but he did record there.  They are still open but refuse to mention Manson history and wont show it in any way so that sucks too".

I asked Micahael if I could post this, and he replied:

"Sure no problem man...thats what he told me and the guy at the studio an old timer told us about Manson but when asking to see the room NO FUCKEN WAY.... They think Manson is a serial killer really".

He continues:

"Manson recorded many places and some with people, not just himself.
He did do an audition for Spector's group the Teddy Bears and that could have very well been there (Sound City).  Who knows what he recorded where... really Mansone don't even remember".
Thanks Michael!  You ROCK!


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Michael!

Your donations are always well enjoyed... and most appreciated.

You're hands down the most generous person I've encountered online.

Thanks Again from all of us...

Very Sincerely... Lynyrd

katie8753 said...

Thanks Michael!! :)

Kimchi said...

Thanks Mikey...

I think Mike and Bobot went that day..he had some video of it too..

TomG said...

A good fellow...

MrPoirot said...

I always thought that all of Charlie's songs subliminally revealed him as suffering from depression. His music has a feeling of gloom. Charlie was never a happy man at any point of his life.