Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our own Bob, has informed us, there's been changes at:
The old interviews, emails, and such, have been removed.
It's now a presentation of Bobby and Barabara's art only.
Or, as our own Bob said it best:
"Has anyone noticed the big change to Bobby B's & Barbara B's web site? It's a real bummer Bob. He had a section where he answered emails. He took on very tough ones from haters & likers both. He was very frank, honest and definitlely articulate. He was also alluding to a book. Now the site is just a sales site for their art & music".
Thanks Bob!

1 comment:

katie8753 said...

Bad idea for Bobby.

His music and artwork sucks!!!!

The only way he's gonna make money off this crap is to tie into the Manson trainwreck.

If he hasn't figured that out by now...he's not that smart. Nor is his wife.