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A Live Manson Musical in Texas! LOL
"The unholy trio of Charles Manson, Squeaky Fromme and Tex Watson make mayhem and music in 'Mean' at the Ochre House" by Martha Heimberg.
 Published Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dallas — An unholy trinity of psychotic egomaniacs come together on a freezing night in a roadside honky-tonk in 29 Palms, Calif., get drunk on Bud and Jack and start boot-scootin' around the floor to a two-step rhythm. This chance meeting will set off a shocking chain of events, including several mass murders and an attempted presidential assassination.
The lethal trio are, of course, Charles Manson (Mitchell Parrack), Squeaky Fromme (Anastasia Munoz) and Tex Watson (Matthew Posey), igniting each other's violent mania and singing about it in Mean, a musical about the birth of the Manson family cult, written and directed by Posey, at The Ochre House. As the evening unfolds in the dingy joint, the cocky singer Dale Evans (the flying Justin Locklear) and the Hell Raisers crank out original country-rock and funny obscene ditties like "A Monkey Full of Cocoanut" and "Six Pack." 


Parrack's Charles Manson is bone-thin and obsessive. Unsmiling and determined, he keeps grabbing the mike from Dale to sing his grim songs about visions of coffins and an apocalyptic race war on the horizon. There's something chilling and reptilian in Parrack's unblinking stare, when he tells the weary one-eyed barkeep (Kevin Grammer), "I'm more real than you." Manson's intensity attracts a latecomer to the joint, a thin young woman, a delinquent runaway he nicknames Squeaky because she squeals when he grabs her ass.
Munoz 's Squeaky Fromme has a reed-liked suppleness that bends to whatever man grabs hold of her. Swaying easily to the music in the embrace of Manson or Watson, her sexiness springs from her utter surrender. She never presses back—she's all give. Squeaky 's plainly drawn to vicious older men who tell her what to do. And she's thrilled when she sidles up to the big guy at the bar in boots and a straw Stetson.  

Tex Watson
Posey's Tex Watson is downright menacing. Smiling, handsome and on the lookout for an easy buck, he's a good dancer and a natural born psychopath. He's unpredictable because even he doesn't know what he's going to do next. "Maybe rob this bar," he speculates when asked about his plans. A lady-killer, both metaphorically and literally, the barflies swarm him and he reciprocates. Watson enjoys murder so much he feels a surge of tenderness for his victim. In an astonishingly macabre and telling scene, Watson carefully covers the head and hair of the barkeep's terrified wife (Delilah Buitron) with a plastic bag, and drags her around the dance floor in a close embrace as he suffocates her. Ritual murder has got to be right up this guy's alley. 
Other characters wander in and out of the bar—all weirdoes barely operating on the fringe of the society that has no place for them. Elizabeth Evans and Dante Martinez, two terrific actors who starred in Ochre House's hit play about Frida Kahlo, are hilarious and pathetic as a bitter husband and wife act. A drunken indian and part-time shaman (Cyndee Rivera) and his cowboy grandson (Trenton Stephenson) take the stage briefly, and everybody fills the floor for the dance numbers and strobe-lit brawls that crowd the small stage space periodically. 

The tight staging of the show puts the audience right at the edge of the dance floor. (Keep your legs under your seat in the front rows.) Big theaters shift their entire inner structures around for a restaging. Posey simply moves the bar at the entrance to the middle of the theater, shifts the folding chairs, and—presto!—a whole new arena is created with the band in the rear and the actors entering and exiting through the same front door that the audience uses to enter the theater from outside. At Friday's opening, it was a chilly night, too; you could feel the breeze! 

I'll give this to Posey and company: they don't flinch. This is a compelling production, spooky in its implications about the nature of evil, particularly in the startling final tableau. The singer sums it up: Charlie did the thinking, Tex did the killing and Squeaky cheered them on. They also serve who only stand and cheer. Right? Shiver.  
Submitted by Katie!  Thanks Katie!  YOU ROCK!
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LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I think Leary and Katie should go together, and write a review for the blog!


(Well... that's asuming Leary is still in Texas these days)

katie8753 said...

Aaahhhh...feels good to get back in my own skin. HA HA.

2 Hours with 1 intermission. Wow! That's a lot of Manson Dancin'. LOL.

"Charlie did the thinking, Tex did the killing and Squeaky cheered them on."

I wonder if Tex's family will stop in and check it out. They're only a stone's throw from Dallas. :)

Patty is Dead said...

Hi guys, Patty is not a twelve stepper, but nevertheless feeling remorse and the need to apologise for any and all nastiness directed at you and yours. She cannot and will not speculate on what has brought any of us to our current common subject of interest.

Here we are though, and we absolutely must learn to tolerate one another. It is the only right thing to do. Patty does enjoy your blog immensely, and she hopes that we can all agree to disagree, and drop in on one another every now and again. She also hopes that The Saint will come back one day soon.

Lynyrd, Katie, Bobby, sorry for saying you suck. That was stupid of Patty. Peace.

leary7 said...

Interesting review, Martha's got game.
It would be fun to know more about Posey, I should google him.
And Lynyrd, I'd go anywhere with Katie, but only if I can wear my seersucker suit.
I would think Posey would be interested in bringing the play to Austin. There is an audience here for sure.

damn, there is no way I can do these gibberish words. I struck out ten straight times.

leary7 said...

and Patty, I missed whatever you are talking about, Matt probably did some elective and appreciated editing, but please know that I am a huge fan of your spiritedness, and if you can't vent and rant on a Manson blog, where the hell can you.

leary7 said...

oh crap, yet another brain fart - I meant Lynyrd did some editing...
always a good thing.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Patty.

I must say, your visit is completely unexpected...

Like everyone (I suppose)... I could write an entire book at this point... in regards to the complete madness, which has taken place (in blogland), over the last two months.

In short:
I'm completely ill-prepared to discuss everything which has transpired.

Where would one even begin???

The only thing I can say... on the spot... with certainty... (and without reservation)... is that, things have gotten WAY out of hand in blogland.
I'm sure that's the one thing, everyone can (and should) agree upon.

Folks in blogland are getting hurt, insulted, frightened, hit below the belt... you name it... regularly.
Everyone... including myself... has contributed in some capacity, to this deterioration.

I have my opinion on the "root" of this deterioration... and possible solutions (which, I may share at some point)... but, this is neither the time, nor the place.
The blog world doesn't need my opinion right now.

I've asked my "regulars" to refrain from throwing any unnecessary gasoline onto any burning fires.
They've done a pretty good job... and for that, I'm extremely grateful.

As always... I have my opinions, regarding people's behavior and decisions.
I wouldn't be "Lynyrd", if I didn't.
I've said things on-blog and off-blog... which weren't appropriate at times.
Who among us hasn't?

But know this:
Any issues (or opinions) that I may have had... regarding You, Matt, Liz... or ANY bloggers... or blogs... have never been personal to the extent of wishing injury on anyone.

I Thank You for your good-faith visit here.
Your visit here... amongst weeks of complete turmoil... demonstrates a tremendous amount of balls.


This on-going blogland turmoil has completely exhausted me, at this point.
And for me to say that... is monumental.

I like a good debate, banter, and a healthy rivalry... as much as the next guy.
But, any bloggers who have viewed the recent developments in blogland as entertainment, are seriously exercising bad taste.

I just hope, that everyone will take a deep breath... a couple steps back... and make sensible decisions, going forward.

I've got nothing else.
Your visit, and your apology are appreciated.
Have a good night Patty.

Peace... Lynyrd

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I don’t want any major “Hoopla” tonight.

So… unless folks have something friendly to say… to Patty… or this subject in-general… let it rest.

Shak El said...

texas also hosts another manson show in austin:

MrPoirot said...

I find it ironic that showbiz treats the Manson saga just like they treated the old West film genre. Since the Family lived mainly on an old cowboy movie studio I guess it's only fitting that Manson's wild ride in 60's Hollywood is now being exaggerated to the point that there are few facts involved in a Manson play or movie. Just get some hippies and some dune buggies and start slashing the local populace. Or, if you wanna make a Western just get some horses and indians and buy some black cowboy hats and some white cowboy hats and let the white guys start shootin up the town.

leary7 said...

I am happily in the dark about whatever hoopla and shenanigans you guys are talking about.
I am still hoping Katie will go to the play with me and we can get Gypsy and her husband to double.

katie8753 said...

I feel like I should reply to Patty.

I'm colder than a rag doll in a hail storm. BRRRRRR. HA HA.

Thanks Mr. P and Shak El for replying.

Patty, I'm tired.

I'm tired of fighting. I'm tired of everything.


So be it.

You want to apologize. I see that.

Siente Mi Amo.

katie8753 said...

I'm so tired of this bittle battle between blogs. It's ridiculous.

Stop it!!

Leary, yopu have to wear a seersucker suit to go out with me?

Does that include a fob chain and Dangerfield hat?

Should I wear Twiggy knickers?


katie8753 said...

As Larry David says "why don't we all go upstairs and get under the covers and SOB."


That is the funniest thing I've ever heard!!! HA HA

Anonymous said...

my favorite larry line is when hes talking to richard lewis
'those are'nt breasts they're just big chemical balls'
theres a million good lines in cye to choose from.

katie8753 said...

Hi Matt. I LOVE Curb Your Enthusiasm. Richard Lewis & Larry are funny together, and in the last few seasons, I've really gotten to like Leon too.

Check this out:

"I hit it...and I quit it."


Anonymous said...

my favorite episode is 'the doll' from season two

'mommy mommy that bald mans in the bathroom and theres something hard in his pants'

Anonymous said...

the black swan was great too

katie8753 said...

HA HA. The Doll!!!

I love it when they play that mariachi music when Susie's standing outside on the driveway with her arms crossed.

"Where's the doll's head? I know you two took it for some voodoo shit or something. Your daughter is HYSTERICAL because her DOLL HAS BEEN DE-CAP-I-TA-TED."

LOL. Love that Suzie.

katie8753 said...

>>>Mr. P said: Just get some hippies and some dune buggies and start slashing the local populace.>>>

Well, that just about sums it up, except I guess for the drugs & orgies. LOL.

katie8753 said...

Patty, you're right about one thing...boobs are overrated. LOL!

Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979 said...

So Katie & Leary are you going to go see this production? Looks like a good time and I am pretty sure hilarity would ensue one way or another.

The description in itself makes me laugh and also makes me wonder if "Mean" is sponsered by that HELTER SKELTER FORUM..."an unholy trinity of psychotic egomaniacs.." and "The lethal trio are, of course, Charles Manson, Squeaky Fromme and Tex Watson, igniting each other's violent mania ..."

Wow such vitriolic language..and why do the actors playing Charlie and Tex look to be about 50 years of age? Is there some sort of time travel Twilight Zone thing going on?? Looks like tons of fun to me..I would go.

katie8753 said...

Hi Missy! You changed your avatar. Does this have something to do with Leary? LOL.

This sounds like 2 hours of listening to Charlie's babble.

"In an astonishingly macabre and telling scene, Watson carefully covers the head and hair of the barkeep's terrified wife (Delilah Buitron) with a plastic bag, and drags her around the dance floor in a close embrace as he suffocates her."

Now that sounds like a real showstopper. HA HA.

>>>Charlie and Tex look to be about 50 years of age? Is there some sort of time travel Twilight Zone thing going on??>>>

Yeah, what's up with that?

The girl portraying Squeaky looks NOTHING like her.

But I guess if you tried to find actors who really looked like the real-life people, it wouldn't be as interesting, although they could try to get closer than that.

It would be interesting to watch....

How is our little Meow Mix Manson doing???

Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979 said... Katie the avatar change had nothing to do with Leary..actually I am going to change it again to our very own MEOW MIX MANSON once I find a good picture and she is doing very well thanks for asking. I have totally mastered the art of administering her pills without her outfoxing me by pretending to have swallowed it and then spitting it out. I have had her since she was a kitten and she is 7 years old now but she will always be my witchy baby!!

katie8753 said...

Missy, I'm glad she's doing well.

My hat's off to you. I've tried giving pills to a cat and it's akin to the "feats of strength" at Festivus. LOL.

I failed at is miserably. I'm glad you figured out how to master it. All the better for little miss kitty!! :)

I have a kitty that looks like Meow Mix, she's a brown & yellow tabby. Her name is Deadly Little Miho. Named after a character in Sin City. And she really is deadly little Miho. LOL.

Mrstormsurge said...

Giving pills to cats?!?

I wanna party with you ladies!

MrPoirot said...

Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979 said...
"The lethal trio are, of course, Charles Manson, Squeaky Fromme and Tex Watson, igniting each other's violent mania ..."

Poirot replies:

Sudden crime sprees that erupt when total strangers meet and a maniacal force is created out of nothing. It's the Bonnie meets Clyde thing. Thelma and Louise. Captain and Tenille.

lurch said...

For those who can't make it to Texas, there's a play called "California Dreamin" playin at a theatre here in L.A. It's playing through mid-March. Anyone interested?

katie8753 said...

Stormy!!! Come on down! LOL.

katie8753 said...

Hi Lurch.

If that play is based on the idea that Gibby & Manson were good buds....I think I'll pass.

I'd probably be quickly escorted to the door after all the booing & hissing. LOL.

leary7 said...

damn Katie, you make me sound like a stalker or perv. Can't a guy pay a compliment to an attractive woman without it being inferred he is related to ted bundy?
sorry, but I am hyper-sensitive to this because in real life I am a big fan of female beauty. My dark secret (my borthers and sports buddies would ridicule me to death if discovered) is that I love women's fashion. I'd honestly rather read Vogue than Sports Illustrated. But on the same hand, I am probably the least lascivious guy you could meet since I lost my libido in a poker game up in Yellowknife Alberta back in 2002. (Actually, in truth, I lost it to Zoloft, damn stuff).
Anyways, I shall refrain from compliments and weak ass attempts at sex humor from now on - to much of a chance of misunderstanding.

Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979 said...

Mrstormsurge said:
Giving pills to cats?!?

I wanna party with you ladies!
okay that was pretty me it is not as glamourous as it seems..

Miss Spiritual Tramp 1979 said...

Leary for the record I for one do not think it creepy or weird that you complimented me. I can totally take a compliment and I appreciate it, its flattering.

Thanks for sharing your dark secret with us...there is no way I am sharing mine though. What man, or woman for that matter does not like to look at beautiful people in Fashion mags....everyone does.

I have always liked to read the Economist and New Yorker and people think that is strange but whatever I have never played the role I have been assigned and the way girls are conditioned in this society is a disgrace.