Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Lynyrd's Answer Key... 
The Winner of the Contest, is TomG!
Dennis Rice's children (pictured) were some of the "Chicken Coop Kids"... a topic discussed in a previous thread.
Found here:
"Click below", for the supportive newspaper article:


MrPoirot said...

I got the "unknown" one right!

Bing said...

does anyone have any info. on "Kevin" that was part of the family at Spahn's during the filming of "Manson"?....RH doesn't really say much about him.

Mary said...

Katie - I know you will be fuming at this...Casey Anthony video diary on youtube

katie8753 said...

Thanks Mary.

I wonder where that bleached-blonde skank is holed up.

Well let her keep running her mouth. She's got litigation pending and she'll end up hanging herself with her own tongue.

I'd like to skype an ice pick down between those horseteeth and bury it up to the handle in her throat.

Whoooaaahhh. It's way too early in the morning to get THAT viral. HA HA HA.

katie8753 said...

Yeah Bobby. She's talking about how she finally has something that belongs to her.

Let's see....she did have a daughter....she doesn't even mention that...or her parents.

Yeah that dog's chances of survival are much better on a busy highway than with that devil-spawn.

Patty is Dead said...

Spelling correction: Walleman. Also you prolly know this already but TJ's first wife Barbara was also known as "Bo." Patty has never seen a photo of her, so thanks!

katie8753 said...

Collie Sinclair???

I knew there was another dog in there somewhere. HA HA.

TomG said...

You know, I just watched this Casey Anthony video diary twice....and if this be Casey, and it appears it is.........I don't think the girl is all there.

She doesn't assimilate information and come to reasonable conclusions of what it all means. The heart and the brain don't connect.

It would take years and years of expensive therapy to make her at least understand that murdering your toddler daughter is a horrible thing.

She doesn't quite get it yet.

katie8753 said...

Tom, Casey is a sociopath.

Sociopaths never get better. Casey doesn't care about anyone unless they can help her better her position in some way. Then they are disposable.

TomG said...

Well, I'm old school Catholic, taught that every single solitary human being born into this life has value and there is forgiveness, redemption and atonement for anyone who may have gone astray.

Having said that, having said that, these late 80's and 90's babies freak me out. Can people be born without a soul or empathy for their fellow human being.

Sometimes, it seems like that is so.

katie8753 said...

Well Tom, Casey was born without a soul.

She was lying and stealing long before Caylee was even born. Caylee was a tool to get new boyfriends, make excuses for her parents to tolerate her, etc. When those excuses started wearing thin, she had to think of new ones and get rid of the old ones.

She never talks to her parents and doesn't give a shit about her daughter.

Completely soul-less.

katie8753 said...

The night before Caylee disappeared Cindy & Casey had a terrible fight. It wasn't admissable into the courtroom.

Cindy had found out that Casey was still stealing from her and her mother and she told Casey that she was going to get custody of Caylee and she (Casey) would be in the street.

The next day Caylee died.

What better way to "show up" her mother, and turn around and live off anyone who would pay her way.

She's still living off somebody. Whoever that is (probably the lawyers who defended her) they'll get tired of it. I'm sure she's still lying....and still stealing.

TomG said...

She stole from her friend and roomate Amy Hunzinger too. For some reason that always bothered me. Kids have run ins with parents all the time.

But when you betray a peer and a true friend, that says something about your character, or lack of.

Emily P Strange said...

Guy on top right is Charles (Chuckleberry)for sure