Wednesday, November 16, 2011

As usual, you heard it here first...
Manson Follower 'Tex' Watson Denied Parole
Posted: Nov 16, 2011 5:44 PM EST - Associated Press

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - The chief lieutenant of cult leader Charles Manson, who was convicted of orchestrating the Tate-LaBianca slayings 42 years ago, has been denied parole from a California prison.  Charles "Tex" Watson, who is 65, has now been denied parole 14 times.

Corrections spokeswoman Terry Thornton says parole officials ordered him to wait five years before seeking another hearing, after the decision Wednesday at Mule Creek State Prison in Ione, 50 miles southeast of Sacramento.

Four relatives of Watson's victims asked that his parole be denied for killing actress Sharon Tate, who was eight months pregnant, and four others at her Beverly Hills home in August 1969.

The next night, Watson helped kill grocery owners Leno and Rosemary LaBianca.

Watson's attorney, Cheryl Montgomery, did not return repeated telephone messages.
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katie8753 said...

Does anybody know if this hearing is on You Tube?

katie8753 said...

I'll bet the High School princess is in tears for her own fate.

She's probably crying on the shoulder of her new beau as we speak. LOL.

Mary said...

Watson read a statement but did not answer questions from the parole officials during the nearly five-hour hearing, Sequeira said, leaving them without enough information to decide if he is ready to be released.

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Mary said...

I hate when the news doesn't report the whole story...what did the statement say? why didn't he answer questions?

katie8753 said...

Hi Mary. He didn't answer questions because he's tired of going through the motions of the killings that night.

At each parole hearing, they go through the scrutinizing minutia of the blow-by-blow details of each of the murders.

Watson's refusal to discuss those details indicates that he's not remorseful for the killings. He's tired of being in prison. He just wants everyone to forget it ever happened.

But it did. And baby-killing Tex needs to realize that he was given the death penalty, it was rescinded, and he was given the opportunity to live. Unlike his many victims.

However, it won't be outside the prison walls. Period.

He will take the memory of his cell to his grave.

And that's what he deserves.

Nothing more...nothing less.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Mary.

It's likely his statement will surface in the following days.

If/when I find footage of Tex reading his statement, I'll upload it for you.

I'd like to see/hear that myself.

Peace... Lynyrd

katie8753 said...

All these fuckers got the death penalty. Just because it was rescinded by some left wing liberals doesn't mean they should ever get out.

I have no mercy for them...just as they had no mercy for their victims.

The Jury voted them guilty...and voted the death penalty.

So let it be done.

1 down....6 to go. HA HA.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

The one good thing about these hearings, is that we get a glimpse of what these folks look/act like currently...

People always look so much older, when you haven't seen them in a while.

It was surreal seeing Pat...

Mary said...

I understand the questions they would ask him...what I don't understand is coming there, making a statement and then refusing to answer questions...why show up at all - he didn't that last time.

I thought that maybe his statement would answer these questions...but most reporters nowadays are not what they used to be

katie8753 said...

I'd really like to know what Tex's siblings think about all this.

If my big brother was involved in these horrendous murders and was having a parole hearing, I would hate for the press to dub him "The chief lieutenant of cult leader Charles Manson".

I don't recall them going to his hearings, or did his parents even go?

Are they so embarrassed that they won't acknowledge him anymore?

Tex's family in the small po-dunk town he grew up in was very well known and historically valued.

I'll bet they are as ashamed and hush-mouthed about all this as Abigail Folger's family was.

katie8753 said...

Mary, I'm sure his statement was terse and to the point, and he was hoping by making that statement to way-lay the never ending questions of "why".

He didn't even show up last time. And this time he's not answering questions.

He doesn't want to hear the questions. He's tired of relating what happened. He wants people to focus on HIM...not his crimes.

But it doesn't work that way.

Not for him or anyone else.

katie8753 said...

Wow, I just watched that video on this thread.

It's amazing how old Tex looks. But it's sad how old the families of the victims look.

They are as sick of going to these hearings as Tex is of being in prison.

If only baby-killing Tex hadn't done what he did.

But he did....

MrPoirot said...

Looking at the pic Lynyrd posted you can see that Tex is 6'3". He is 1 foot one inch taller than Charlie yet Charlie controlled him like a rudder controls a ship.

MrPoirot said...


Anonymous said...

Ooops- posted this on the wrong thread

From his website posted in April of 2011 I give you Tex's personal feeling on the Jail system in Cali :

But Who's Listening?

In the early '90s, I wrote an article called "Stop Crime God's Way," addressing the missing factor in our criminal-justice system. God gave us the answer centuries ago, but God's solution for crime is rejected just like His answer is for our personal lives. Listen to the immortal words of Augustine (A.D. 354-430):

"...let your indignation against their crimes be tempered by consideration of humanity: be not provoked by the atrocity of their sinful deeds to gratify the passion of revenge, but rather be moved by the wounds which these deeds have inflicted on their souls to exercise a desire to heal them."

Californians are being forced to listen as their massive-prison population drains the economy. The courts have ruled that prisoners must be released due to inadequate health care. All efforts to reform the criminal population are failing. The authorities are seeing that it takes a power greater than ourselves to fix the problem.
Some Are Listening

In the Los Angeles Times article, "The Time Might Be Right For Kamala Harris," Cathleen Decker reports that Harris, California's next Attorney General, hopes " make the criminal-justice system reform criminals rather than lock them up perpetually." Of course, her job limits her from reducing sentences, but from her bully pulpit, she can call for new approaches to heal the broken justice system.

Our newly elected Attorney General has a 2009 book out called, "Smart on Crime." The Los Angeles Times reports:

"In it, and during her campaign, Harris argued that criminal-justice money is wasted on the "revolving door" that prison has become as 70% of 120,000 convicts released annually end up being caught committing new crimes."

Let us thank God for opening Kamala Harris' eyes to see the "age-old concept of redemption."
The Age-Old Solution

The age-old problem is sin, resulting in crime. Call it what you want, but mankind was never intended to solve his problems without God. Some would dare say, "This is not relevant. It has nothing to do with the crime problems we're facing." To the contrary, it is relevant to do things God's way, which will make a significant difference in the criminal-justice system whether you acknowledge it or not.

Restorative justice is getting back to doing things the way God does things. He created mankind as one big family. It harms everyone when one is hurt or disconnected from the family. As we will see in the next view, restorative justice is based upon love, respect, care, trust, and humility. These values can only be achieved through faith in the amazing grace of God.

If we fail to see the relevance of redemption through the new birth that Christ offers, the crime problem will increase, the victim will lack healing, the offender will lack forgiveness, and the community will lack restoration.

"Now, you can have sincere love for each other as brothers and sisters because you were cleansed from your sins when you accepted the truth of the Good News. So see to it that you really do love each other intensely with all your hearts."5

Anonymous said...

and not to double repeat myself but :

Reading Tex always makes me think of an old Charles Bronson movie where he is just about to shoot a guy, and he notices the guy is wearing a big gold chain, so he asks him :

" so you believe in jesus?"

and the guy about to get shot says " Yes"

So Bronson cocks the trigger and says..

" Good- your going to need him"


Then he blows him away lol

katie8753 said...

Hi St.' Tex thinks that everyone ought to just forgive him for brutally slicing, dicing and bludgeoning complete strangers because God said.


katie8753 said...

The Bible according to Good Ole Tex. LOL.

Well it's too bad that he wasn't reading his Bible back then. Maybe he wouldn't have been stealing, ripping off drug dealers and murdering people.

Anonymous said...

He is quite amusing these days...

He is trying very hard to convince himself that it will all be o.k...

I sure hope not

katie8753 said...

I wonder what happened to Patti's daughter. I thought she was chomping at the bit to go to parole hearings.

Mary said...

Tex - expressing his thoughts on what will happen if we don't let him and others like him out of prison -

"the victim will lack healing" -But do victims ever really heal - especially when their loved ones were butchered as in this case...whether Tex is dead or alive - the people left behind will never have their loved ones back and will forever have this void that can never be filled – they may move forward but I doubt there is much healing – even if we do believe we will see them one day in heaven

"The offender will lack forgiveness" - that is between Tex and God...but if one does not accept responsibility for one's crimes, forgiveness cannot happen - once he accepts his own actions, that is only when forgiveness can happen – by both God and man

"The community will lack restoration" - I am not sure how letting him and other like him out of prison will restore our community... we are not talking about people who stole or robbed – these people ruthlessly CHOSE to take a life. It was not an accident or in the heat of passion…they stalked and planned these murders – how can that be rehabilitated? I am not sure we can ever be sure. I think I like my community fine without his types running free.

katie8753 said...

Mary you make some very good points here.

I know there are those who make fun of Debra Tate and only see her as an "attention getting bitch", but one thing I think about when I see Debra Tate is that first of all, her whole life changed for the worse when she got up on the morning of August 9th, 1969, and found out about her sister Sharon.

Her family was devastated.

I truly believe that Doris got cancer because she was so filled with resentment, anger and sadness. The only way she could even smile again was to get active in making sure animals like Tex never set foot out of prison again.

Secondly, if Debra's only ambition was to get attention, it's not a very flattering way to do it. To appear on TV with your face swollen from crying. That's pure raw emotion.

Debra has lost her whole immediate family. They're all gone. And that's a bitter pill to swallow when you're only 58 years old.

katie8753 said...

Tex Watson makes me sick. He needs to stop wasting everyone's time with this parole stuff.

Maybe God can forgive him, I don't know.

But he can't expect the victims' families to forgive him. I'm certainly not going to judge them. I haven't even come close to walking in their shoes.

I'm sure Debra Tate and the others at the hearing can think of a hundred different ways to spend their afternoon other than sitting in a stuffy little room, breathing the same air as the monster who brutally and without any thought killed their loved ones. For no reason at all.

I'm sure they'd rather be sitting with those loved ones right now, laughing and talking.

katie8753 said...

You know, the Col and some others want to carry on how Debra Tate sucks and Debra Tate has no rights to Sharon's likeness, blah, blah, blah, but I'll guarantee you one thing.

It takes a whole lot of chutzpah to show up at these hearings and listen to how your sister was murdered, and speak to the panel and tell them how you feel, the whole time you wish you were anywhere but there, and try to tell the panel why this animal should not be released.

Anyone who thinks that Debra Tate shouldn't be at these hearings can kiss my ass.

She deserves to be there as long as she wants to take the time to be there.

Patti's daughter wasn't there because she DOESN'T CARE ENOUGH to make the effort. End of that story.

MrPoirot said...

Charlie has said that he blames Tex's habit of burning everone in all those drug deals was a big reason why all the trouble rained down on everyone.

Huh? Sounds like Charlie hasn't forgiven Tex for messing up everything. The big trouble started after Charlie thought he had murdered Crowe trying to help out Tex out of a drug burn.

katie8753 said...

Mr. P., I don't think Tex has forgiven Charlie either. LOL.