Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Katie's "Anniversary Special"
Katie Writes:
"It happened 42 years ago today. August 9th & 10th, 1969…..The “Tate/LaBianca Murders”.  It’s the reason we all even know each other.  The main reason we all get together... to discuss who & why.  And, after all these years….we’re no closer to the truth than when we started.  Let’s also remember Bret from Iceland.  He did have “the best damn Manson site on earth”.  RIP Bret."

Thanks Katie!
Katie said: >>>>"Lynyrd, I wonder if Pat, Leslie, Tex, Clem, Linda or even Charlie remember the dates too".<<<<
Personally, I'm not so curious about the one's who have been "cooling off" in jail for 4-plus decades.  One would think... for them... having thoughts regarding these crimes (periodically), would be expected.  I mean, after all... that's why they're rotting in jail. 
If nothing else... they have to "re-live" this, at every parole hearing.
I'm more curious about those, such as Ruth, Nancy, and Cappy... who are out... leading lives... how much they ponder these events... especially, when these dates come around.  Judging from recent photos... my guess... would be... they don't ponder these events very often... if at all.  It looks to me, like Nancy is living the "life of Riley"... but again... who knows?  How much can one speculate (or extrapolate), based on a picture alone?  My "guess"... is that they probably spend less time contemplating this stuff, than we do...
"Thoughts" anyone??


katie8753 said...

Let us not forget the victims.

Not ever!!!


katie8753 said...

Hi Starship. Thanks for the book review.

You are most welcome!!! Always!!!

katie8753 said...

Thanks Lynyrd for the anniversary rememberance!!!

You Rock!. And roll???

Seriously thanks for the memories...

like Dean used to say.....

beauders said...

is that sinead o'conner singing on the second song?

katie8753 said...

No Honey, that's Melanie.

A bit before your time I guess!! :)

katie8753 said...

She did a lot of good songs in the 60's. Look her up!!!

Anonymous said...

75% of the stuff I learned which I consider good information came from The Manson Family today- great site....

Nice Post Katie!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I wonder... if while dating a check... or referring to a calendar for any reason... folks like Nancy Pitman and Cathy Gillies... ever think back... long and hard, about what happened on these dates?
I wonder... after 42 years, if these dates still haunt these folks?
Is it cause for remembrance, and if so... what kind of memories do they have?
... or, have these dates ever haunted them at all?

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd, I wonder if Pat, Leslie, Tex, Clem, Linda or even Charlie remember the dates too.

It should be etched in their psyche forever.

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Pat feels remorse and regret. 42 years ago today, she threw her life away.

Leslie and Tex, not so sure. Leslie still jumps from man to man to rally to her defense, to no avail. I guess Tex just accepts what it is, knowing he'll never get out.

katie8753 said...

St. Circumstance....Bret's site was a most wonderful place!! I still miss it. I learned a lot there too. It was all at our fingertips!!!


Anonymous said...
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katie8753 said...

Lynn thanks for posting that link.

>>>Says Melanie: "So many people say 'In your time (in the 60s and 70s)' and I say 'This is my time. I'm living now. What are you talking about 'My time?''' she said. "That was a time and this is a new time and this is my time too.">>>

Right on Baby!!! HA HA.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Lynn said:
>>>>"It's in the movie Taking Woodstock, a movie that I loved".<<<<

I always wanted to see that movie!
I gotta add it to my list.

I also want to see "Orange County"... even though, there's no relation what-so-ever. LOL

katie8753 said...

Wait a minute!!!

It was Bob Hope who said "thanks for the memories"....right??? LOL.

My bad.

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd, regarding your comment on the thread about how much the family members remember the anniversaries of the murders, You've got a good point!

We see pictures of Nancy Pitman as she is now and it's hard to believe she was ever entangled in this mess.

Does she ever think about the Willets?? How they died young so many years ago for no reason. Any remorse there for that?

It seems unfair that she's living the good life....but as you say....maybe that's only what it looks like in the picture.

katie8753 said...

In the evening of August 8, 1969, Charlie told Tex to go to the house where Terry Melcher used to live and kill everybody there. He said to make it as gruesome as he could. He also told him that they needed $800, and to get all their money. He said that if they couldn't get $800 there, to go to the next house, and the next, until the had $800.

Charlie told the girls to go with Tex, and do whatever Tex says. He told the girls to "do something witchy".

After all the savagery, the killers arrived back at Spahn's. Charlie asked if they had remorse. No.

Later that morning, Charlie and another person (I think Clem) went to Cielo Drive, for which reason we'll never know.

The bodies of Sharon & Jay were moved to the porch, and then back to the living room.

Why? We'll never know that either.

CarolMR said...

RIP, TLB victims. And please remember Donald "Shorty" Shea. He was a victim, too.

katie8753 said...

Hi Carol.

Yes Shorty was a victim too. Thanks for mentioning him! :)

There may other victims too. But we may never know exactly who they are and how many.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Carol!

beauders said...

oops. sounded like sinead o'connor to me, i thought maybe she was doing a cover.
i think some of killers realize what today is, just because it is brought up in their parole hearing and hopefully their shrinks bring it up as well.
people should berage them with letters of remindment though. the father of etan patz the first missing child featured on milk cartons does that to his son's killer. he reminds him on his son's birthday and the day he disappeared. they know who did it but have no evidence to convict him with so mr. patz sends him a picture of the boy twice a year saying "what did you do to my son?"
just an idea.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Beauders. That's a good idea, for the families to make sure the killers remember the anniversary of taking so many lives.

So Mr. Patz knows who killed his son but there wasn't enough evidence to convict? That sounds familiar. These killers have way too many rights now.

katie8753 said...

Speaking of anniversaries, yesterday a tribute to Caylee Anthony was held with lots of people, balloons and stuffed animals. Caylee would have turned 6 yesterday.

RIP Caylee!!

beauders said...

they know who killed etan patz but have never found the body. the killer is in prison though on an unrelated crime/

whiskybeauty said...

What happened with Brett's site/Brett? Was that the mansonfamilytoday site?

andy said...

i believe Brett passed away of illness. There was something on th Col's blog about it when it happened. Another invaluable Manson related site gone.

Also posts like this are why i love these blogs. Other people who think just like me (at least about this case) I always wonder also if all the old family members, remember the date and if they dwell on it.

I also wonder, how many of them read these sites and blogs and all. Through the years several have turned up. There was Barbara Hoyt and Jenny Gentry both posting on one of Mark Turners old boards. Diane Lake writing a letter to Liz at her blog. Pitmans son telling her to fuck off or something. Doesnt Bobby write to the COL? There were other little coneections through the years too, but i forget them. I bet more of them read this stuff then we might think. With that in mind id like to say Lynn, im in NY too, get in touch I'll cook us some kick ass vegetarian food and we could talk about all sorts of stuff.

fiona1933 said...

that guy Bret ripped me off. I sent him money for the Hendrickson films, films he said were ready and prepared for me, and as soon as he picked up the cash, he never replied to me again. 1000 HK$ I sent him, the ....@*!**!!!! And this is well before he died, so it's not like he just went into hospital or anything. I heard from someone else as well he wasnt too reliable.
Rip-Off! Never mind RIP!