Monday, April 18, 2011

A couple quick updates, for previous threads.
1) David Brian Hanum was a ranch hand. His parents owned a ranch in Olancha. 
Seems mysterious #17, page 3... is not our man.  We've got Manson, DeCarlo, Hanum, and 8 or so more, male aliases, on those booking sheets.  Is one of the other aliases Bryn?  Who knows...

2) It apears defense attorney Charles Hollopeter is deceased.  If we're gonna contact him, we're going to need more than a phone. LOL

He also appears on the social security death index. Our Hollopeter appears to be the second from the bottom (if it resets itself, just type in Charles Hollopeter as the search name. He died in 2004)


katie8753 said...

Well now that I have his SSN I can become him. HA HA. Just kidding.

Yeah, it's gonna be kinda hard to contact him regarding Charlie's "deal" to rat out the "mastermind of the murders".

I don't think Bryn was arrested that day.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Matt indicated (back on the Keene thread) that Hollopeter was 59 at the trial, and would be 101 years old now. LOL

Seems Matt beat me to it!

He did look pretty damn old in the TOTL photo. : )

Thanks Matt!!!