Saturday, January 14, 2017

I've always wondered why Sharon & Roman would rent a house in LA when they both knew they were going to be gone for months.

They rented 10050 Cielo Drive in February of 1969, had a house warming party which turned disastrous, then Roman left for Europe in a couple of weeks, and Sharon left for Europe in March of 1969, returning in July of 1969.

Then, to make matters more questionable, supposedly Roman asked Voytek and Gibby to live at the house until they got back.  And then after the murders, he says it may have happened  because Voytek was there. 

Why ask them to live there?

The "Caretaker" was watering the yard, the gardeners were mowing and trimming it.  Why pay Ms. Chapman to work 5 days a week to clean a house and cook when they weren't even there? 

That doesn't make any sense.  

But the whole case doesn't make any sense!  Inquiring minds want to know!


Dilligaf said...

No one knows for sure except a victim and her pedophile husband, anything else is conjecture.

They needed a legal residence, so that address was as good as a studio address. I don't know the child rapist's immigration status, if he had a green card, a visa, or what, but it could have been part of the plan to establish residency. As far as having house guests, like an onion, I would not be surprised to find several layers that impacted that decision.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Dill! This is a hazy mystery. I'm assuming Polanski had a "green card" or something to allow him to film Rosemary's Baby in New York at the Dakota in 1968. And I know they lived in Patty Duke's house. I don't know Roman's immigration status but to pay a landlord $1,200/month for a house you're not even living in seems silly to me. Maybe Gibby was paying the rent while she and Voytek were living there? But Rudy sued after the murders, and asserted that he didn't know they were living there, so I'm not sure.

katie8753 said...

Just thinking out loud here, but if Polanski wanted Gibby and Voytek to move into Cielo Drive during their absence, he might have done that so Gibby could pay the rent for those months, so he wouldn't have to worry about paying rent on Cielo Drive and also his and Sharon's rent on the digs they were living at in Europe.

It's interesting that Rudy said that August rent hadn't been paid by August 9th, so if Gibby was paying rent March thru July, probably thru Polanski after paying him and he was paying Rudy, Gibby didn't pay August rent because Sharon was back and Polanski dropped the ball on that month.

Gibby and Voytek's rented house on Woodstock was being rented by that polish artist, so they didn't have to pay rent on that house.

Whew, that was a doozy!! LOL.

CarolMR said...

I never saw these photos. Who are the people with Sharon and Roman in the top photo?

CarolMR said...

I never saw these photos. Who are the people with Sharon and Roman in the top photo?

CarolMR said...

I never saw these photos. Who are the people with Sharon and Roman in the top photo?

katie8753 said...

You know Carol I got those pics using a Google Image search, and looking again, that top photo appears to be on Oops! I'd better get on that pic and acknowledge that or I'm gonna get in big trouble. Sorry Maudie and Chris!

The caption says: Gene Gutowski, Simon Hessera, Henri Sera, Shahrokh Hatami, Roman Polanski with Dr. Sapierstein, Brian Morris, Sharon Tate at Chateau Marmont, LA, 1968.

The other picture says it's from Pinterest. I liked those 2 pics because they both have the little dog Saperstein.

katie8753 said...

I guess that's the same dog. It looks the same to me. LOL.

CarolMR said...

Thanks, Katie. Sharon looks very different in the top photo.

CarolMR said...

I just realized there are 6 people in the top picture, but 7 names.

katie8753 said...

Yeah you're right Carol. Is someone hiding in that photo? Hey Maudie, do you know who is in that photo?

I recognize Gene, Sharon & Roman, but the others I don't.

katie8753 said...

I just deleted that picture. I don't need the blow-back.

No one seems to know who is in it, and they all look kinda gay anyway. Who cares who they are?

I just liked the little poochie!! I was hoping someone would read the thread!

CarolMR said...

Katie, maybe Hatami took the photo? It was an interesting picture. Sharon had such a different look, almost plain-looking.

katie8753 said...

The next time I do a thread on this blog, I'm gonna draw "stick figures" and label them and point arrows to them.

No one is EVER gonna accuse me of stealing pictures again. Because it's gonna be my own drawings. LOL.

katie8753 said...

Carol this is nothing against you. I get accused of stealing pictures from people, and it's a long story. And if it gets convoluted and we don't even know who is in the pic, I'd rather not deal with it.

I'd rather just delete it. I don't know who those folks are anyway.

NorthernLightsInMyEyes said...
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NorthernLightsInMyEyes said...

Hey Katie, this is Mrs_Toni, moderator at All is cool, we don't mind sharing with credit and we do the same with you. At the end of the day, this is all one big forum and really no one has the ultimate "rights" to anything on this murder rampage. Only the victims have lost rights. Share away, credit us, and we always, always credit you guys. Cheers and peace.

katie8753 said...

Wow thanks Mrs. Toni. I appreciate your post! And I agree only the victims have lost rights.

Thanks again!

NorthernLightsInMyEyes said...

Any time, katie. We have to be the voice of the victims.

NorthernLightsInMyEyes said...
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louis365 said...

As for why pay for this, pay for that...because people who have lots of money and haven't worked for it don't give a sh*t.

grimtraveller said...

louis365 said...

As for why pay for this, pay for that...because people who have lots of money and haven't worked for it don't give a sh*t

Love them or hate them, one thing you really cannot say about people in the entertainment business, be it sport, music or movies, is that they do not work hard. The idea that they do virtually nothing is not borne out by the reality or the facts.

Anonymous said...

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Sharmagne said...

I am fairly certain I know the photo you are speaking of.

Far left is Gene Gutowski, next to him is Simon Hessera, then his brother Henri Sera , then Mr. Hatami,
front row Roman with Mr. Sapirstein, (named for Dr. Saperstein Rosemary's Baby) Brian Morris and Sharon.

Brian opened the Ad Lib private club in London and I think Raffles as well. He can be seen coming down the stairs in the video of Sharon and Jay "Chillin' at home" I think he was also one of the owners of Bumbles, a private backgammon and disco club in Beverly Hills.

Gene was Roman's lifelong friend and business partner.

Simon, Brian and Mr Hatami all lived at the Chateau Marmont before August 1969.

Simon is prominent behind me and Alex Cord at Jay's funeral.

Sharmagne said...

They rented Cielo Drive because they needed a place to live before they both went off to do movies. Roman was prepping DAY OF THE DOLPHIN in London with my late husband. Also, they knew Sharon would be returning before the baby was born and they didn't want her to have to be house hunting at 8 months pregnant. Additionally, as I mentioned or was quoted as saying in an earlier thread, they talked about trading houses with Michael Butler at the top of Rising Glen.

As far as Winnie is concerned, I doubt she was working there 5 days per week 9 to 5, because she was also working for Jay and I turned her on to Harry Falk and she was cleaning for him one day per week. She had other clients as well.

We often had a housekeeper in to clean when we were away. Dust collects. There is always something to be done.

After the murders, she refused to clean for Harry anymore, claiming she didn't want to work "up in the hills", He only lived one block up from Hollywood Blvd. but she was terrified to be in an isolated area.

Rafe said...

"They all look kinda gay anyway"? WTF?

Sharmagne said...

Ed Miller,
I don't see any of the guys in the photo wearing earrings! That to me looks pretty gay if you are not a pirate! None of the men in those photos was gay. 4 of them were close friends of mine and three out of the 4 were married with children.

Sharmagne said...

PS the photo was taken on the balcony of the penthouse at the Chateau Marmont. We all lived at that hotel at one time or another. Patty Duke was no longer living in the house on Summit Drive when Roman and Sharon leased it from Harry Falk, Patty's former husband.

Sharmagne said...

Hi Katie,

You don't necessarily need a green card /work permit to work on a film in a foreign country.
Robert Evans wrote a letter for me explaining that I was the best person for the job,etc., when I
worked on "Who Shot Victor Fox", in England and Wales. I think or it may have been a film we
shot in Mexico, Berlin, Athens and Cairo.with Liam Neeson and Andy MacDowell. I think it was
called "Deception" or "Deceived." They changed the name several times. Memory fails. But
it was one of those. Bob was an old friend and I had worked with him on Cotton Club.

Also, remember Roman was married to Sharon so he was eligible for a green card.

And to the guy (Ed Miller) who said all the guys looked "gay". Time Magazine didn't call us "The Beautiful People "for naught! It was a new era for men's style. No more buzz cuts. Jay changed the barbershop concept for men's hairstyling which continues to this day into a very lucrative business. Before this everyone went to Angel who had the barber shop at Paramount and got the same old boring hair cuts they'd always worn. Jay sculpted your hair to fit your face.

If anyone has any questions feel free to run them by me. I was a part of that "crowd".