Friday, June 21, 2019

Manson's Estate

Submitted by Lee


sunset77 said...

I thought Freeman already took at least one DNA test, I'm not sure if proved he was Manson's grandson or not, but I thought it did--

"So curious were both men to once and for all solve the mystery, CNN took the extraordinary step to have both men's DNA taken and the results compared." (Comparing Freeman and Roberts, another guy that thought he was related to Manson, but apparently not)

Manson was apparently married to Rosalie Willis, Freeman's apparent grandmother, and they had a son, Charles Manson Jr, (Freeman's father). Manson actually looked kind of "normal" in 1955--

Freeman might not want to bring up the bad memories by taking a DNA test. However, for legal purposes, he might have to take another one.

katie8753 said...

Kiken’s lawyer, Alan Davis, said after the hearing that Kiken received a handwritten inventory of items from prison employees at Corcoran State Prison, where Manson was an inmate when he died. But Davis said the documents were difficult to read and that he has yet to fully review them.

Sorry, but that statement caught my eye. A handwritten inventory of items, but it was "too difficult to read". Who can read Manson's writing? LOL.

Destroyer of Opinions said...

I hope like fuck that this legal battle won't be anything like the Manson and OJ Simpson trials.