Friday, April 5, 2019

"Charlie Says" Movie Trailer submitted by Lee


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

We've seen dozens of movie trailers over the years.

How many of these movies actually get made?

I don't think I've ever seen one Manson-based movie (at the actual theater) in my lifetime.
Of course, I don't go to the movies very often...

Actually, I think there was one:
It was called "Mary, Marcy, Marlene"... or something like that, but I never saw it.
It was loosely based on the Manson Family.

I looked it up, it was called "Martha Marcy May Marlene".

Okay... I was kinda close. LOL

We actually did a thread on that movie, way back when...

Anyone ever see it?

katie8753 said...

Finally! A "Dreamy" Charlie! LOL.

I saw Martha Marcy May Marlene. It was a good movie.

sunset77 said...

At about 1:50 in the trailer they show what looks like 3 motorcycles rolling into Spahn. They only appear for about a second or two. I would like to see them for a bit longer and closer. I suspect they were made after 1969. My dad had a 1967 Triumph and a 1968 Triumph. Motorcycles made in the 60's were pretty different from bikes made in the 70's and afterwards.

The movie I remember was "Helter Skelkter" 1976. I think it was a made for TV movie, it was shown over 2 nights, I think either a Thursday and Friday, or 2 consecutive Fridays. Back then I didn't stay up late at night, but I just happened to be up and home both nights it was on the CBS Late Movie. I just decided to watch it for some reason and seen both parts all the way through from the beginning.

I don't think I know of any movies about Manson that were in theaters, although there probably were some. I worked in drive in's and theaters, we got movies like "Jaws", "Star Wars", "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever". A lot more money than movies about Manson.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hello Sunset,

The made for TV movie "Helter Skelter" (which you describe), is what got me hooked on this case.

And yes, the program was always aired over 2 nights. It aired on a Friday and Saturday night in my area, the first time I saw it.

I was actually at a keg party, the first time I saw it.
My friends parents had left for the weekend, and my buddy threw a weekend-long bash.

At any rate, it was at that weekend bash, when I first saw the dark-haired girls with the straight hair... they looked like witches.
From there, I just started digging.

It wasn't until the internet surfaced years later, that there was much to find (in the way of alternate motives, etc).

I've told the story in detail a few times already, about watching "Helter Skelter" in the middle of a keg party.
It's a pretty hilarious story, but I won't bore everyone with the details again.

beauders said...

I saw the Van Bebber movie in an "artsy" theater her in Portland. It pretty much followed Ed Sanders book and I enjoyed it. I was with three straight women and they were offended by the male nudity, I wasn't because I expected it. I was also lucky enough to see the one showing of the Process movie here as well in a theater. The Process movie, and I believe the documentary was true, points out how the group was tarred and feathered with the Manson connection, and there really was a tiny connection if that at all. They were just a hippy cult and mainly Jesus Freaks even though they believed in the equality of Jehovah, Satan, and Lucifer. I actually wish the Manson Process connection was true because then it would make the Process more interesting and there would be more research material on them. That MaryAnne DeGrimston did appear pretty evil and for those that don't know it after the Process broke up a group including MaryAnne DeGrimston founded an animal sanctuary that has grown hugely over the years and today is Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. Before I got interested in the Manson stuff I was donating every six months to Best Friends. What a small world. I just about wet my pants, ok not really, but was very excited when I found out the connection. MaryAnne DeGrimston died and was buried at Best Friends. Someday when I'm healthier a friend and I are going to make the trek to Utah to help out at the sanctuary and I can visit MaryAnne's grave.