Friday, November 16, 2018

Sam Kinison: This country's last Republican college professor.


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I could watch him rip that chair out of the floor 100 times. Lmao

It never gets old...

sunset77 said...

I never was a big Sam Kinison fan but I did buy one of his cassettes back in the day. It had a song on it I kinda liked, I had to look it up. (I found a video he did about Manson). I used to race to work every morning in my Mustang GT, it had a factory rebuilt 5 liter engine, 4 barrel and 5 speed manual. It was one hour and 20 minutes one way racing against the deer, pulp wood trucks, and other people on the way to work. I can still hear the growl of the headers in third gear down the crooked West Virginia roads. Sometimes Sam Kinison would be blaring through the Jensen's--Wild Thing

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Wow Sunset, I forgot that Kinison had done that version of "Wild Thing". Talk about a blast from the past.

At 2:30 it gets hilarious, when Kinison goes into his diatribe narrative "breakdown" mode. That's what Kinison is best at (and famous for). Prior to that, the song is kinda lame. The producers should've cut straight to Kinison's screaming diatribe much sooner.

Watching that, it makes a person wonder how Billy Idol ever got so popular. Jeez... what a freaking dork. He only did one song that I ever liked, and it was somewhat obscure. It was called "Sweet Sixteen". It was based on a true story.

The strange (true) story behind the song:

The song itself is here:

I had never actually watched Billy's video (of "Sweet Sixteen") until today, and I wish I hadn't.
Having watched the video, I'm SURE I never would have derived all these years of enjoyment from the song, if I had watched the video initially. Billy's grimaces and stupid facial expressions are so "off-putting" to me, it completely kills the experience (of the song).
Some songs are much better WITHOUT video accompaniment.

As an aside, the girl in that "Wild Thing" video is smoking hot (Jessica Hahn).
That was actually Kinison's girlfriend (at the time).

Kinison dated some really beautiful (and famous) women, which is kinda mind-blowing, since he was such an ugly bastard.
But then again... fame and money are popular commodities with some women.

"Kinison was also known for his outrageous appetite for women and had romantic dalliances with the likes of Jessica Hahn, Penny Marshall, and Beverly D'Angelo over the years".

According to the same website, Kinison also did cover versions of "Highway to Hell" and "Mississippi Queen".
Jeez... I'd love to hear those... LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

"If you go to Homestead, Florida and visit the Coral Castle, you can see the "rocking chair" that Idol refers to in the lyrics; a remarkable structure carved out of a single piece of coral stone and yes, it rocks".

Excerpted from the comments section:

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Here's Sam's cover of Highway to Hell

There's no maniacal rant in that one, so it's essentially a straight-up cover... boring.
If you're gonna just sing the song, let AC/DC do it.

And Mississippi Queen...

He's got nothing on "Mountain".

Dilligaf said...

Wild Things was great fun to watch when it came out. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Slash, and even Dweezil Zappa made the video especially funny. Kingston was an acquired taste, but to me he was a comedic legend.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

When you consider the creative lyrics, Sam's version ROCKS! LOL

"We all got some kind of wild thing
that went through our lives and made it hell
'Cause everyone's had one
You, me, nobody likes to lose

And you know she's out there laughing at you
I don't care if it was last week or third grade
Someone broke your heart, what was her name?

Wild thing, I'll never forgive you
You make my heart scream
How do you live with yourself?
You took everything, you never loved me
Oh, wild thing, you used me

(Wild thing)
I hope you slide under a gas truck and taste your own blood
(You make my heart scream)
Why didn't you tell me you were a Demon from Hell?
(You took everything)

You deserve the men your're gonna meet, you loser
(Oh, wild thing)
Railroad bums, transients, out of work guys
(Wild thing)

Guys that are gonna use you like you used me
(Wild thing)
Guys that are gonna take money out of your purse
And crawl out a window
(Wild thing)
Oh, oh

(Wild thing)
What's her name? Yeah"

sunset77 said...

I didn't know Sam Kinison was such a big deal. Jessica Hahn was the girl that brought down the "PTL" empire of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. The "PTL Club" was a big multi million dollar deal, it used to be on TV all the time here. I still see Bakker on TV occasionally, he's selling $75 five gallon buckets of "food", I think you are supposed to keep them in your bomb shelter for Armageddon.

Beverly D'angelo was in several of the "vacation" movies with Chevy Chase. She was also in the anti Vietnam war movie "Hair". She can be seen at the 4:25 mark of this film clip-->Let the Sunshine In

beauders said...

Lynyrd you should check out The Divinyls version of "Wild Thing" I think you will like her and her rendition. Actually every straight guy out there probably will like Chrissie Amphlett and The Divinyls. Sadly Chrissie died on April 21, 2013 from a combination of breast cancer and MS. Great Australian band but a one hit wonder in the U.S. with "I Touch Myself. "I Touch Myself" is a song used today to promote breast health and the fight against breast cancer. She was the sexiest woman in rock in my opinion, but it was her voice that got me. I became a fan in 1985 when their album "What A Life" came out.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Beauders,

I'm familiar with the song "I touch Myself" (and I knew the band's name was "The Divinyls"), but I've only heard the audio.
I've never seen a photo or video of the singer, and I didn't know her name.

I'll check it out.

beauders said...

Make sure you do. Today is also the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown Massacre. As I've said before it was Jonestown that led me to study the Holocaust and then onto Manson and the Family. I'm working on a new theory about Jonestown and the assassinnations in San Francisco. When you look at the whole picture three extremely liberal politicians from San Francisco and the Bay Area (Leo Ryan, George Moscone, Harvey Milk) and 600+ liberal and 308 future liberal voters (the 308 children that died in Jonestown) died in a ten day period. Seems fishy to me but the only person who publically benefitted was Dianne Feinstein. I'm sure the whole Republican apparatus benefitted as well, and that is what I'm researching.

sunset77 said...

The DiVinyls "I Touch Myself" is another song I used to listen to on the way to work, I still have a whole drawer full of cassettes. I remember when that lead singer died, she was very young.

There was a Hollywood movie about the Jonestown massacre, I don't know how accurate it was, but it was a good movie. My personal opinion is Jones was taking drugs that made him paranoid, and he got his followers to commit suicide with him. I had to look, the movie was called "Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones (1980)"

I've studied the Holocaust for decades, long before I ever started looking up Manson. I'm in Auschwitz Study Group on Facebook. There are still a few survivors left. A few years ago I talked online to Magda Brown, she was sent to Birkenau when she was 17, was there 2 weeks and shipped to Allendorf to work in a chemical plant. She said she didn't get her number tattooed because they were a "rush job". She was in Pittsburgh and supposed to speak a couple of weeks ago when that shooter shot up that Jewish temple. A survivor left a comment the other day that she remembered Clauberg and Mengele.

Here's another one hit wonder from back in those days-->Groove is in the Heart

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Beauders,

I watched a good handful of Divinyls videos, including "Wild Thing".

While Chrissie definitely has obvious sex appeal, she doesn't do too much for me (in the way of attraction).

I can tell you without any hesitation, which performance by a female vocalist I find most attractive.

That would be "Crimson and Clover" by Joan Jett in 1983.

Joan is at the height of her beauty in that video... from her eyes, to her lips... heck... even her teeth are beautiful.
She smiles 3-4 times (at someone in the audience) during that video, and her smile is just intoxicating. It's pretty obvious, that she must have known the person that she's smiling at very well.

At any rate, I find her absolutely gorgeous in that video... and it certainly doesn't hurt that I love her version of that song.

Rumors have swirled about Joan being a Lesbian for years, but to my knowledge, she's never confirmed that suspicion.

And I quote:

Jett has consistently refused either to confirm or deny rumors that she is lesbian or bisexual. In a 1994 interview with Out magazine she said, "I'm not saying no, I'm not saying yes, I'm saying believe what you want. Assume away—go ahead." In 2006, she also addressed the rumors that she is an open lesbian by saying, "I never made any kind of statement about my personal life on any level. I never made any proclamations. So I don't know where people are getting that from."

At any rate, the fact that she "might" be a Lesbian kinda makes her even more attractive in that video (in a unique way).
I guess it's the whole "never gonna happen"... "forbidden fruit" thing. LOL
As humans, we're often most attracted to the things which are least attainable.

Watch the video, and tell me what you think.
I'd be VERY interested to know the opinion of a Lesbian on the matter, just out of curiosity.
Don't miss her smile at 2:18. LOL!
If she smiled at me like that, I would totally "smash" that shit! LOL

I bet she's filthy in bed.

Here's the video:

Of course, attraction is a completely subjective matter.

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd when did you get so trashed-out potty-mouthed? Shame on you. I thought you were busy? HA HA HA!

beauders said...

Belinda Carlisle I believe said Joan Jett was the baddest behaved female rock star of her time. I saw Joan Jett about a year ago she played at a casino on the Oregon coast. The guy in front of me sang and danced and blocked our view for the whole show---but I found him humorous. Joan Jett as far as I knew is an out lesbian. She's really not my type. My type was Gypsy from her Manson Family day's but a lot cleaner and more honest. Please say a prayer for my mom Lynryd hospice has took her off her medications and she is going to pass sometime in the next month also I just found out my sister has a tumor in her lung---she has three kids, one an adult and twin eleven years olds, adopted, premature, birth mother tested positive for meth during their birth, and didn't know she was carrying twins so had no prenatal care. The twins are special needs both have terrible anxiety and the boy will be lucky to only have autism. So my sister is needed if you could say a prayer for her too it would be appreciated.

katie8753 said...

Prayers for your family Beauders!!! God Love & protect them!

beauders said...

Thank you Katie.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Jeez Beauders, you've had some tough times over the last couple years... several operations of your own, and now this...

I will keep everyone in my prayers.
I wish you the best.
You've always been a good egg.

Losing a parent is always tough, regardless of their age or circumstances.

beauders said...

Thanks Lynyrd

sunset77 said...

Sorry about your family problems Beauders, about all you can do is get by as best you can. Medical problems are terrible.

Joan Jett used to be an Orioles fan, she sang the national anthem in Baltimore at least once. I think I had one or two of her tapes. I seen Belinda Carlisle and the Go-Go's live in 1983, it was great show, almost everyone in the coliseum dance the whole show.

There's a girl in this old video that has a "look". There's 2 gay guys, don't pay any attention to them-->Crucified

beauders said...

Thanks everyone I have become stronger for all of this and have done things I didn’t think I was capable of

katie8753 said...

Beauders I'm glad to hear that. This blog is a fun place to hang out, but we're a strong support for anyone who needs it. We are family!!! :)

We come and go, but we NEVER CLOSE!!!