Friday, February 9, 2018

Sharon Tate’s sister calls Hilary Duff movie about actress’ murder ‘classless’ 

The late Sharon Tate's sister is sick of people exploiting the actress' murder.

Debra Tate, called the upcoming film "The Haunting of Sharon Tate" both "classless" and "exploitative" after actress Hilary Duff shared an image of her dressed like Sharon Tate for the role.

"It doesn't matter who it is acting in it — it's just tasteless," Debra Tate told People. "It's classless how everyone is rushing to release something for the 50th anniversary of this horrific event."

Debra Tate was 16 when he sister was murdered in 1969 by one of the followers of Charles Manson's cult. The 26-year-old actress was married to director Roman Polanski at the time of her murder and was 8½ months pregnant with their first child.

Debra Tate commented on the film's premise, which claims that Sharon Tate had a premonition that she and her former boyfriend Jay Sebring would have their throats slit — which is similar to how they were killed by being stabbed repeatedly.

Debra said the so-called dream never happened.

"It's a total fabrication," she said.

"I know for a fact she did not have a premonition — awake or in a dream — that she and Jay would have their throat cut," she told People. "I checked with all of her living friends. None of her friends had any knowledge of this. "

"Tacky, tacky, tacky."

Duff called portraying Sharon Tate in the independent film an "incredible opportunity."

She was an amazing woman and it was a true honor," the 30-year-old wrote on Instagram.

"The Haunting of Sharon Tate" is an independent film directed by Daniel Farrands.


katie8753 said...

I did read somewhere (maybe Sanders' book) that Sharon spent the night at Jay's house and supposedly she saw a ghostly figure at the foot of the stairs with its throat slit.

Bear in mind that neither Sharon nor Jay had their throats slit. So whether this scenario is true or not, it's definitely NOT a premonition.

Debra is upset about this point in the movie, and I surely don't blame her!

Does anyone else have an opinion, someone who has a lot more information about Jay Sebring's house than I have? Venus? Kimchi? Sharmagne Leland-St. John?

beauders said...

Katie I have heard of that dream several times and it always is the same.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Beauders! Was that in Sanders' book? Can't remember where I read that one....

CarolMR said...

Hi, Katie! No offense to Ms. Duff, but there is just no one beautiful enough to play Sharon. I remember reading about Sharon's dream several times, but I always thought Sharon was embellishing the story a little.

beauders said...

I think it’s in Sanders books and also Greg Kings book as well as several magazines.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Beauders, that's what I thought.

Hi Carol! I agree with you, Sharon may have seen something in the house that night but maybe she embellished it to make it scarier?? I think that house was supposedly "haunted" because of Paul Bern killing himself there. Didn't Jay say that's why he bought that house because of its interesting dark past?

Yeah if they make a movie about Sharon they're are just going to have to "settle" because there's no actress I can think of to match Sharon's beauty. I think a lot of her being so photogenic was her personality. You can a lot of her personality in her photos.

katie8753 said...

katie8753 said...

Another news tidbit:

Venus said...

Katie, that story came out in a 1970 book by Dick Kleiner. Here's the story (from the Cielo Drive website)

katie8753 said...

Thanks Venus!!!

katie8753 said...

I was watching a show today about Bruce Lee's death. The show said that Steve McQueen was one of his pall bearers. And I then remembered that Bruce knew Sharon & Jay, which I guess is how he knew Steve. In fact, I think it was Jay who recommended him for the TV show Green Hornet.

Another untimely death!