Sunday, August 27, 2017

This is an excerpt from Leslie's website.  My comments are in red.

One of the many misconceptions some people have of Leslie Van Houten is ironically, her crime and actual participation. Most of society today have never even heard the name Leslie Van Houten- or- only until  Debra Tate begins parading around to all the tabloids, campaigning for the politicians, radio shows, and each and every interview who will have her. Leslie Van Houten was not involved in any way with the murder of Tate's sister, Sharon and her friends. Leslie was not at the residence, and is not convicted on any such crime. 

Leslie is not charged with the Tate murders, but she has admitted many times that she was jealous that she wasn't chosen to go on the first night of murder, which is, of course, Cielo Drive.

​Leslie Van Houten made regrettable mistakes and deserved some punishment, but not to the degree she has endured.

​The facts below are exerted from consistent testimonies from many of the defendants involved, witnesses, reports and interviews- to be a considered a factual account of the details at the Labianca residence, of Leslie's participation. On August 9, 1969 Charles Manson, Charles "Tex" Watson, Steve Grogen, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Leslie Van Houten, and driver Linda Kasabian pulled up to the LaBianca residence. 

Manson and Tex only, got out of the car and walked into the house. They bound and tied the couple up and told them they were there to rob them. They stole Mrs. LaBianca's wallet and exited the house. Manson then ordered Leslie and Patricia to go inside with Tex and "do exactly what he tells them to do" Manson and the others left.

Upon Tex's instructions that he said came from Manson, the girls followed Tex inside the house. The scene at this point - Both Leno and Rosemary LaBianca was in the living room. They took Mrs LaBianca into the bedroom and Tex instructed Leslie and Patricia to kill her. They put a pillow case over her head and tried to tie it around with a lamp cord. Back in the living room, Tex began stabbing Mr.LaBianca to death. This instigated a major struggle with Rosemary, as she was hearing her husband scream. At this point both girls had knives that was retrieved from the kitchen upon entering, but Leslie did not use her knife. While she did help subdue Mrs. LaBianca and help hold her down on the bed, she did not stab her, although Patricia attempted to.  Bits of reality of the situation, may have set in with Leslie at this point because she then left the bedroom - and left her knife - as an obvious act of not wanting to participate. 

At this point, Leslie and Pat called to Tex to help kill Rosemary. Leslie admits this in her parole hearing. 

After leaving the bedroom, in an attempt to block out the fear and horror she was experiencing, she stared into another room –   while Tex Watson – who just finished stabbing Leno Labianca to death in the living room –had made his way to the  bedroom, overpowered and proceeded to kill Mrs. LaBianca.

PictureWords written in blood by Patrica Krenwinkel.
Tex had assured Manson that no one would leave the house without "getting their hands dirty"  Leslie had not a drop of blood on her, nor a knife. Tex, who had blood all over him, and a knife, then orders Leslie to “do something,” knowing she hadn’t participated.  So, after Mrs. Labianca was lifeless on the floor, already stabbed to death and motionless, Leslie did as she was ordered.-  Frustrated, scared – as much for what could happen to her if she DIDN’T do her job – Leslie finally plunged Tex’s knife -  numerous times, mostly in the lower back, into the dead body (there is the occasional speculation from those who will argue Mrs LaBianca may have still had a pulse - that she was just nearly dead- But the autopsy report stated the postpartum wounds were backside area.  The fact is, no one can really know with certainty. Either way it changes nothing.

Leslie admits that she didn't know if Mrs. LaBianca was dead or not.  She stabbed her in the lower back 16 times.

Manson, who has admitted this himself, also told them to them to "leave a sign...something witchy" and the scene was horrific, just as instructed. (Patricia Krenwinkel has admitted to being responsible for most or all of the "witchy" aftermath carnage.

The concept of mind control or brainwashing can be argued all day long. But Leslie Van Houten's crime actions will never be up for debate. She is essentially serving life in prison even though she has never took a human life. Her crime was participating in stabbing a dead body, after mass murderer Tex Watson pointed a bayonet at her and ordered her to do something.This isn't minimizing her crime, it's is just stating what really happened. 

That is not a fact.  It's been debated since the crime happened!  Leslie herself has admitted she wasn't sure if Mrs. LaBianca was alive or dead.

One would think, if Leslie really wanted to kill Mrs Labianca, that she could have- with no struggle. There was 2 girls armed with knives against a woman bound, tied up and blind folded. What this shows by her actions once in the house is that Leslie did not want to participate in this. But under the circumstances, her participation was in fact minimal, as much as it could be. 

That's also not a fact, because Leslie admits that Rosemary was much more than she & Pat could handle.  Rosemary wasn't tied up or blindfolded.  She had a pillow case over her head and a lamp cord wrapped around her neck.  Whatever that does!  Rosemary was whooping up on Leslie & Pat.  Leslie called for Tex to  help kill her because they were failing to do so.

Leslie likes to portray that she didn't understand murder, but she watched the news reels that very morning about the murders at Cielo Drive.  She says she was jealous she wasn't picked out for Cielo Drive.  But suddenly she doesn't understand murder?  

Plus, after the murders, Leslie wiped fingerprints, rifled thru Rosemary's closet for  designer clothes, stole those clothes, stole money that she found, ate food out of the fridge while her victims were lying on the floor dying or already dead, lied at a later parole hearing that she only stole Rosemary's clothing because Tex wanted her blue jeans (which is really hard to fathom), flirted with a guy that gave them a ride back to the ranch, burned Rosemary's clothes later at the ranch, and when she was charged with the murders, laughed about murder & sang stupid songs to & from the courtroom, carved an "X" in her forehead to support Manson, and threatened the jurors when they pronounced her guilty and gave her the death penalty. 


katie8753 said...

Ahhh, I love it when you hear the truth instead of FAKE NEWS!!! HA HA.

katie8753 said...

Oh yeah, and Leslie married Bill Cywin because he was trying to get her out with a fake uniform.

Didn't work.

katie8753 said...

I could go on and on with fake boyfriends, like the one who drove them back to the ranch after Waverly, but I'll decline.

Marliese said...

I'll have to get back later, Katie, not enough time to get into all I have to say about this post from LVH's website. Briefly though, it's so full of errors...and not just in the poor writing (certainly wasn't written by a lawyer, was it? LOL. Not even by someone with basic writing skills) ...wrong on just about every point. Reminds me of the idiots that post in the comments of you tube videos. Thanks for putting it up..will get back later. Hope you're safe from Harvey.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Marliese, we lucked out on Harvey. Minimal wind and rain.

I was thinking this was written by one of her "admirers". Can't wait to see what you have to say!

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Was just reading somewhere else that Leslie couldnt attend due to a "fractured kneecap" and that Barbara Hoyt and Gypsy Share attended, how on earth is it allowed for Share tovattend when shes a convicted violent felon who also attemted a prison escape, i thought the rule in most states was that any felon who had served ptison time couldnt attend those hearings, PLUS she attenpted to escape when she was locked up in the 70s

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Acrually nevermind i just read its just a court hearing bot an official parole hearing

katie8753 said...

Well I've been looking for the hearing results all day. It's 5:21 in CA. Surely the hearing is over!

Didn't Gypsy get Leslie into this family stuff in the first place because she knew Bobby? What can she possibly say?

katie8753 said...

Beauders said that Gypsy lives in Dallas. If she was at that hearing, I'll bet she didn't plunk the over $500 air fare from Dallas to LAX or John Wayne. Somebody else probably paid that. Leslie's attorney?

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Gypsy and Leslie were "Bobbys girls" so yeah i think she did bring her there, its kind of funny because didnt Gypsy bring Kasabian to the ranch too? Shes responsible for bring two of the murderesses to the ranch, then she goes full psycho and takes part in the Hawthorne fun store robbery shooting at police, real awesome member of society lol

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Gun store not fun store lol

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Youre probably right, i just read somewhere else that she appeared as part of the pro Leslie contingent so i wouldnt doubt if Pfeiffer or whoever is representing Leslie now paid her way

Susanatkinsgonorhhea said...

Now im curious how Leslie broke her kneecap lol

Brian G said...

I don't think Leslie should be mentioned in the Tate crime simply because she wasn't convicted of those murders. But I feel she should've been tried as an accessory after the fact she was part of a gang of criminals and kept silent then went out and killed the next day.These people forfeited there right to live outside prison with there laughing and joking in the victims faces. Not so funny now is it?Die in there

Brian G said...

I don't think Leslie should be mentioned in the Tate crime simply because she wasn't convicted of those murders. But I feel she should've been tried as an accessory after the fact she was part of a gang of criminals and kept silent then went out and killed the next day.These people forfeited there right to live outside prison with there laughing and joking in the victims faces. Not so funny now is it?Die in there

sam dass said...

I have just checked on, all of the attendees listed on Leslies' parole transcripts from 2017 - 2006 and Gypsy wasn't listed.
I can't imagine Catherine Share would want to go to any of Leslies' parole hearings, not really, and i cant imagine she would be allowed either.

The press would be all over her, a load of attention im sure she doesnt want.