Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Skip Homeier, Nazi Child in 'Tomorrow, the World!' and 'Star Trek' Actor, Dies at 86

He also stood out in the 1950s films 'The Gunfighter,' 'Halls of Montezuma' and 'Cry Vengeance.'

Skip Homeier, who played the menacing Nazi youth in the 1944 drama Tomorrow, the World! before appearing in scores of Westerns, war films and TV shows, has died. He was 86.

Homeier died June 25, his son, Michael, and wife, Della, each reported on Facebook.

Homeier also is known to fans of the original Star Trek for portraying Melakon, a Nazi-like character, in the 1968 episode "Patterns of Force" and as the arrogant Dr. Sevrin, who carries a deadly bacteria within him, in 1969's "The Way to Eden."

Homeier also played Judge Charles Older, who heard the case against Charles Manson (Steve Railsback), in the acclaimed 1976 CBS telefilm Helter Skelter and appeared as the title character, a cop working the night shift out of Hollywood, in the 1961 NBC crime drama Dan Raven.



katie8753 said...

I added that song Garbage Dump because Charlie mentioned it.

I wonder why that wasn't on the Top 40 Hit List!!! HA HA.

sunset77 said...

Pretty sad. I remember him from several Star Trek episodes, particularly the "space hippies" episode. I guess he was also the judge in the 1976 "Helter Skelter" movie also.

The episode "The Way to Eden" was first broadcast on February 21, 1969 (stardate 5832.3). Just a few months before the helter skelter murders. Apparently, the 6 hippies in that episode wore something on their costumes that resembled a fried egg. In this clip "Dr. Severin" is sitting "indian style" listening to Charles Napier sing. Napier died in 2011.

Rest in Peace "Dr. Severin" (we reach)-->I hope they found Eden

grimtraveller said...

The space hippies in that episode really reminded me back in the day, of the Family, what with their looking for Eden and stuff. When I first got on the internet I remember writing that on a forum called "Jumping the shark."