Saturday, April 29, 2017

How Charles Manson Continues To Control 'Family' — From Behind Bars! 


'National Enquirer Investigates' uncovers the cult's latest secrets.

New details in Charles Manson‘s gruesome cult killings have been uncovered in a brand new show on Reelz network, and has exclusive details!

One of the most notorious killers in history, Charles Manson convinced his cult of followers to go on a gruesome killing spree in Los Angeles during the summer of ’69.

Among the victims were Sharon Tate, actress and pregnant wife of director Roman Polanski, and coffee heiress Abigail Folger. The cult killers wrote “Pig” and “Helter Skelter” in blood on the walls, trying to incite a race war in a summer of racial turmoil.

Four decades after the murders, The National Enquirer investigates how Manson continues to control his “family” from inside prison, how he funds his cause and how he continues to convince young women to do his bidding — all from behind bars!

Tune into National Enquirer Investigates: Charles Manson, Saturday, May 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Reelz.

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grimtraveller said...

Not surprisingly neither "Pig" nor "Healter skelter" were written on any walls.

katie8753 said...

Yea Grim, I watched a Reelz show tonight on Jodi Arias and there were so many mistakes on that show it was embarrassing.

They said blonde hairs were found in Travis' bathroom, which is wrong because Jodi's hair was dark brown when she killed him. They also said that the pictures on the camera showed Jodi was in Travis' bedroom days before she killed him, and that should have been hours before she killed him.

These people evidently don't fact check anything.

katie8753 said...

Jodi Arias' own defense attorney has admitted that she ruined his career. I can't blame him, he was a public defender who was forced to defend her, and he even admitted in court that he couldn't stand her.

It must be hard to be a public defender and defend someone you know is guilty.

I think about the public defenders who defended Charlie, Leslie, Pat, Susan, etc. I'm sure they knew they were all guilty. They demonstrated that in court, but there was nothing they could do about it.

One of them was even killed during the trial.

That's why the defense didn't say a word during the defense part of the trial. There WAS no defense.

grimtraveller said...

katie8753 said...

It must be hard to be a public defender and defend someone you know is guilty

Some of them get around that "knowledge" by ensuring that the defendant is given representation as per their constitutional right. Also, regardless of what an attorney thinks they know about a client's guilt, the prosecution has to prove its case and it's the job of a defender to scrutinize the prosecution case robustly through the questions they use in cross examination and their various arguments. If a prosecution can't prove their case, one can hardly blame the defence for that.
I think if I were a public defender, that would be the only way I could sleep at night if I was defending people I really believed were guilty. I'd have to say OK prosecution, prove your case within the law that we all have to follow. I would throw out inadmissible stuff because a guilty person must be proved guilty within the existing law. I wouldn't feel great about it but the reality is that the onus is on the prosecution to prove a case it brings.

I think about the public defenders who defended Charlie, Leslie, Pat, Susan, etc. I'm sure they knew they were all guilty. They demonstrated that in court, but there was nothing they could do about it

In a way though, there was. By not putting on a defence they kind of ensured that the guilty would not walk free. Kanarek believed Charlie was innocent but Fitzgerald knew Pat had done it {he said so}, Ron Hughes knew Leslie had done it {he was well acquainted with the damning Marvin Part interview} and Daye Shinn was aware of the things Susan had said before the Grand Jury ~ stuff that no longer netted her immunity from the death penalty, seeing as though she recanted.

One of them was even killed during the trial

I'd say "died during the trial" rather than "was killed."

That's why the defense didn't say a word during the defense part of the trial. There WAS no defense

During the penalty phase when Clem testified, he said a couple of times that what was going on in the penalty phase was what should have happened as their defence. 35+ years later Susan Atkins confirmed that the penalty phase was the Family's defence. They got it seriously arse backwards but remember, it was the attorneys that refused to go ahead with a defence. It's often been speculated whether the no defence was on Charlie's say so but it couldn't have been. I conclude this because the women demanded to testify and Charlie did testify, even though it was out of the Jury's hearing.

katie8753 said...

Good points Grim. The defense knew the girls did it, and the only defense left was WHY they did it. If they could prove that Charlie ordered them to, it might have helped, not sure. But if the girls were going to go on the stand and say that Charlie had nothing to do with it, then they're back to no defense.

Plus it's hard to defend clients who giggle and laugh and cause constant interruptions in a murder trial. And there was no controlling that. The girls didn't care what happened to them at that point.

katie8753 said...

I think that California is eventually gonna let these people out because California can't afford to keep housing them.

California wants to be a sanctuary state, and even though a judge in CA blocked Trump being able to withhold certain funds, that's not gonna last. California is going broke because they give too much money away to its citizens, and that includes illegal aliens who break the law. And if the State supports illegals who break the law, why not support the Manson Family?

Once these people are finally released, if they continue to live in California, then the State will have to keep paying their expenses, because I can't imagine any of them getting a job to support themselves. What's rent on an apartment in California? $2000/month? How are they gonna come up with that kinda dough?

Unless they go back to a life of crime, and I kinda think they're too old to pull that one off.

Or...maybe they can all write a book like the rest of the has been celebs in CA. LOL.

grimtraveller said...

Even if any of them had been released by 1980, I don't think they would have dared go back to crime. Especially having by then recanted Charles Manson. And now they're all too old to get jobs. Leslie's the youngest at what, 67 ? Few employers will take a chance on a 67 year old, let alone one that would come with a baggage like theirs, even though they renounced it 40+ years ago.

beauders said...

Katie one thing California needs to do is start executing people on death row or do away with the death penalty and put the inmates in other parts of the prison. There is a man on death row named Lawrence Bittaker who has been there since 1980. This man tortured teenage girls, one girl he ripped apart internally with a pair of pliers. He so hurt her that when his crime partner wanted to rape her again he couldn't because there was nothing left to rape. I hate that man to the point that if I could get to him myself I would kill him and give up my freedom. I am offended that man is still alive but if they are going to continue letting him live get rid of death row. They do easier time on death row such as they don't have cellmates and they are protected from the other inmates who would kill them in a heartbeat. It costs almost twice as much to keep an inmate on death row. It is ridiculous California puts people on death row knowing none are going to be executed. Oregon is the same we put people on death row with no intent of actually executing any of them.

beauders said...

Oh and Bittaker is so proud of what he did he signs autographs "Pliers Bittaker." He also sues the prison when he gets a broken cookie on his food trays. California citizens pay for this nonsense on both sides.

beauders said...

Stephen Kay was the prosecutor and has claimed he needed therapy after the trial and suffered from nightmares. The lead detective committed suicide and wrote in a ten page letter that he was afraid Bittaker and Norris would get out of prison and come after him. He was another victim of this scum. I know that most articles and documentaries say he tortured the girls on their breasts with the pliers because people cannot handle the truth. I think if the truth was told about what these monsters do to their victims every state would be putting their serial killers to death. They are monsters. Watch on youtube the documentary "The Devil and the Death Penalty" to learn more about Bittaker and his crime partner Roy Norris. If there is a Devil in the Universe these people are his children.

katie8753 said...

Beauders, that's awful. I never heard of that guy, but I agree, he needs to be executed. California is just too soft on these criminals.

They need to start executing them, or just put them with the general population.

I didn't know that about Stephen Kay. I can't blame him. He had to face those monsters for years.

beauders said...

Kay was not in therapy for Manson, etc. he was in therapy for Bittaker and Norris. They recorded the torture of these girls on audiotape and Kay had to listen to them over and over. The jurors and judge also had to receive therapy. People were running out of the courtroom while these tapes were being played. The audience was packed on the day(s)the tapes were played, I guess people didn't believe how horrific these tapes were and just though they check out torture day. I heard one tape on YouTube and it is seered into my memory, just horrendous.

beauders said...

I guess no one wants to take on Bittaker and defend his right to life. In a strange round about way I got an invitation to Bittaker's execution and I still wait. I plan on shaking Kay's hand and thanking for putting him on death row if the execution ever happens.

katie8753 said...

Oh okay Beauders, sorry I misunderstood. You seem upset by this. I hope you feel better. The guy is probably not gonna die in the near future. California is one fucked up state. I don't know when it got that fucked up, but it's been some kind of gathering that's taken place during the last several years. I'm sure Osama had something to do with it, but he's not the only one.

There are lots of horrendous killers out there. Try not to listen to all of that. It's hard for regular folks to hear all that stuff.

beauders said...

Katie I've known about Bittaker/Norris since the mid 90's. Yes they still bother me, I have three niece's ages from 31 to 10. When I learned of these murders I had a niece who was real little---the first child I had ever really spent a lot of time with and all I could do is see her being tortured by these two. My oldest niece has a daughter and toddler son and they are all well, so life goes on. on.

katie8753 said...

Well Beauders, take heart in the fact that these horrific murders only happen to a small population and most likely will never happen to your little nieces and nephews.

But I know that monsters lurk and we have to be on guard.

I hope you sleep tight and maybe you shouldn't read about all this stuff. It just makes life scarier.

beauders said...

Katie don't worry about me I keep three windows open on my computer of kitten cams, my real true love are cats.

katie8753 said...

Ahhhh, sweeeeeeeeeeettttt!!! I love kitties! I used to have 4 little kitties that grew into cats. They were AWESOME! I never had a cockroach, snake or rat near my house. The dead ones ended up on my driveway.

My last kitty died last summer! I still miss them. I'm thinking of getting another cat.

I love animals!

beauders said...

Some of my favorite relationships are with cats. It's always sad to lose them but the joy they bring to my life is worth that pain. Actually I took beauders from a cat I had named Beauregard and who was in my life for fifteen years. he was a thirteen pound Himalayan Tabby mix who was rescued from a farm. He caught one mouse in the fifteen years we were together and was so excited he put it in my bed, I found it three days later. Let's just say he was not a mouser and was starving on the farm because they didn't feed them cat food. He was my baby from day one.

katie8753 said...

Sweet Kitty!

Bobby said...


I like your comments, your way of thinking & I even like cats ! Nice to know there are caring people like you out there.


beauders said...

Thanks Bobby

Donna said...

There were so many blatant twists of the facts but what can you expect from the National Enquirer?