Monday, February 6, 2017


Good times... Good times...

First... my man... Donald Trump... SHOCKED the world, by winning the Presidency!

And tonight... my team... the New England Patriots... SHOCKED the world, with the NFL's greatest comeback of all time!

Down by 25 points in the third quarter, the Patriots just wouldn't be denied!!!

With FIVE Super Bowl wins each... Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are now the UNDISPUTED Champions of the NFL!

**No Quarterback or coach has EVER won FIVE Super Bowls!** 
(As they say in Boston... "EVA"!!!!!! Mwahahaha!!!!)


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Atlanta Falcons... "You're Fired"!



LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I should play a lottery ticket.

I'm on a fucking ROLL!!!!

katie8753 said...

I'm glad the Patriots won! Good game!

What's gonna happen to the Manson killers in prison when CA gets unfunded? Are they gonna just open the doors to all prisons and tell all the prisoners to get out because they have no more money for electricity, water, food, etc?

Charlie, Tex, Pat, Leslie, Bruce & Bobby oughtta send a thank you note to President Trump!

And Whoa to the citizens of California!

sunset77 said...

Atlanta blew that game, all they had to do was run the ball and run the clock out. But hey, the Pats did what they needed to do, went for 2 twice and got it. The Falcons had 'em down 28-3, that was the choke of the world.

In other news the Cash me outside girl is apparently going to be on Dr. Phil again this coming week, she apparently got into a fight on an airplane last night on or in Los Angeles.

Cash me ousside, houbou dah

She's 13 years old, she explains the recent fight, (foul language warning)-->Danielle Bregoli

sunset77 said...

I just come to find out that my cousin's daughter that was at one of the inaugural balls was also at the super bowl, she gets around. She ate a big holiday dinner here one time, about 25 people, we had a mountain of dishes that had to be washed. Her comment was "I'm a show horse, not a work horse". (needless to say, I washed the dishes).

katie8753 said...

Sunset, you're so funny! Maybe next time your cousin's daughter comes to dinner, you should use paper plates!

What's a ball anyway? Is it a dance like we had in high school? Is it ballroom dancing? Why do they call it a ball? Is the punch spiked?

Unknown said...

Is this an I love Trump site now?

katie8753 said...

You know I find it hysterical that the liberal left just comes out of the woodwork to make a comment when you talk politics, but if we posted a thread that SOLVED ALL the TLB murders, they would all just remain silent and stay a silent reader with no comment, because they don't feel confident to even post!

This is Lynyrd's blog, and he can say anything he wants. So if you don't like it Debbie, and you can't take a few threads about current events, then why don't you hook up somewhere else?

katie8753 said...

The 9th Circuit Court in San Francisco (A/K/A the 9th CIRCUS Court) ruled that Trump's EO should be banned, i.e., that Judge from Washington said that it's not consitutional. Which he never proved.

That judge is a liberal, along with the Circus Court.

What a surprise!! All the liberals commiserating with each other.

They should all wear clown suits with big red noses! And have Elizabeth Warren as their cheerleader!


katie8753 said...

BTW, the citizens of CA are paying $25,000/month to support Eric Holder to whine. I wonder how many of those taxpayers are glad about this. I'm sure there are many who don't like it. Or maybe they're all just nuts and paying $25,000/month is just a fun thing! Then they have more dollars than sense.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Until further notice (or until the Democrats finally stop flooding the media outlets with their tantrum behavior)... whatever comes first... it's a dual blog.

Both "TLB" and "I love Trump" comments and threads, will be accepted and discussed.