Friday, February 17, 2017

It just occurred to me that the reason that Charlie tried to cut Hinman's ear off, is because he wasn't "listening to him".   That suddenly makes perfect sense!  No sense makes sense!!

The reason for Hinman's murder is a mystery to me....

Tex Watson slashed both Abigail Folger and Sharon Tate on the left cheek.  What was the purpose of that?  Because they weren't speaking what he wanted to hear?

There has to be a reason!

I was gonna post the pics of Sharon and Gibby, but I decided not to.  It's just way too gruesome!

You can Google it and see the deep slashes on their faces.

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Anonymous said...

Just returned home from a trip to LA - 3rd time there but first ever driving by 10050 Cielo & 3301 Waverly. Both at night and given that setting both unnerving. Having seen them up close doesn't really change anything of course - and the city now I imagine quite different from the one that existed in August 1969 - but it does provide a different perspective.

For what it's worth ... No way imo LaBianca was random as the place is an off the beaten path side street not very long and winding - sort of hidden - from any nearby traffic flow.

And the Tate site also a winding path up the hillside from Benedict Canyon Rd which is rather stunning in its beauty - both natural & man made (the residences are
make-believe quality.)

Just a Tate-LaBianca Case follower's take who's finally seen the locations I've read about for almost 50 years now & t/y for reading to here if you have.

Peace to the victims, their surviving loved ones and all of us too.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hello JJ, and welcome to the blog.

grimtraveller said...

jjinchitown said...

No way imo LaBianca was random as the place is an off the beaten path side street not very long and winding - sort of hidden - from any nearby traffic flow

Paradoxically, I both agree and disagree with you !
I think it was random insofar as when the troupe set off from Spahn that Saturday night, Charlie wasn't necessarily intending to go there. He seems to have been keen to show his band of psychedelic killers how to commit random killings and really throw the fear into LA at large. But, if his accomplices are to be believed, none of his attempts that night came to anything and he was supposed to be showing them how to do it in the light of what he'd heard about the night before. At the point at which the sports car incident happened, they'd been out for ages with no result. The night before, by that point 5 people were dead.
Sometimes I suspect there was some competition among the denizens of Spahn, despite all the talk of selflessness. They were still human, after all. And as the night was looking like something of a damp squib, I reckon Charlie decided to go to a place that he knew and that he had some angst towards ~ not the LaBianca house but the one next door. He had reason to be pissed off with its inhabitants as they'd vetoed him moving in some 10 months previously when Harold True moved out. True speaks of this in his 27/01/70 interview with Aaron Stovitz.
Manson himself admits that he headed towards the True house ~ a house he knew True no longer lived in. There happened to be no one in and it was seeing a dog in the yard next door and a light on that made the LaBianca house catch his attention. He knew the house as he'd been in it before when it was empty. In fact, he always knew it as empty and went to have a look. So in that regard, the LaBianca involvement was random but his heading to Waverly wasn't.
It's worth remembering that there were, according to both Atkins and Van Houten in Dec '69, in statements to their lawyers that weren't intended for public consumption, two death squads that night. People say that the Ocean Walk death squad that was supposed to get Saladin Nader was a Linda Kasabian fabrication but it's actually partially corroborated {in a very loose, roundabout way, it has to be said} by Clem during his penalty phase testimony.
Despite the haphazard nature of the night's activities, ironically it was the murder of the LaBiancas that really did throw the fear into LA.