Friday, November 11, 2016

The Protesters...

All of this "Anti-Trump protesting" is an assault on our Democratic process. It's Un-American. Our nation's ability to hold open elections, with a peaceful transition of power, is the key element that separates us, from third world countries. 

Do we really want to become a nation, where the outcome of our Presidential elections are not honored by all Americans? Do we really want to become a nation, where our official election results (every 4 years) will spawn discord, violence, vandalism... and maybe even assassination? 

I’ve voted my entire life. In that span of time, only TWICE did my chosen candidate win. In short, I’ve been very disappointed following almost all elections. BUT nonetheless, when my candidate lost, I didn’t kick and scream, burn the flag, stop traffic, harass the incoming President, skip my college classes, move to Canada, or anything else. I’m an American. I did the right thing. I conceded the loss graciously, and I got behind the newly elected President. That’s what Americans do… and that’s what makes our nation great.

Instead of condoning this “protesting” behavior… parents, college professors, and celebrities, should use this situation as an opportunity to teach the next generation. Teach these kids, what it means to be an American. Teach these kids, that our election process is sacred, and the results are final. Teach these kids, how to behave, when faced with defeat and disappointment.


Venus said...


katie8753 said...

I agree completely!

TomG said...

I hope these kids go off. What was started in 1969 can be finished now. White Amurica does not want to live peaceably with others. How many more clues do you want? The

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Dilligaf said...

"White Amurica does not want to live peaceably by others", what a total crock....

Considering that Trump took almost 30% of the Hispanic vote, 12% of the black vote, and no one tracks the Asian vote so we don't know, but once again, the true hatred and racism rears its ugly head from it's roots, liberal beliefs. Those on the left are apoplectic that half of America saw through the evils of corruption and dishonesty that embodied the essence of their candidate, and were not fooled. Only one group wants to see racism thrive, and it is those who push it, liberals...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I think it's pretty obvious at this point, that Dilligaf is correct.

The liberals are the one's pushing racism and division.

As Morgan Freemen said it best:
"I'll stop calling you white man, and you stop calling me black man... that's a good place to start".

When you keep harping on something, you perpetuate it!

As another individual said:
"A wound will never heal, if you keep picking at it".

The Democrats are a party of "dividers".
They have the biggest "US vs THEM" mentality going!

Their party's SLOGAN was "STRONGER TOGETHER"! (of all things..).


It's pretty obvious now (with all this protesting), the Democrat's slogan only referred to the 50% of America, who agreed with their agenda.

Stronger Together??

Mrstormsurge said...

to me this is an outgrowth of what's happening on American college campuses. Conservatism, pro-Trump speech is derided and intimidated and silenced. This is intolerance and augurs poorly for the future of this country UNLESS people say "enough" and demand that universities takes as much care in protecting and ensuring the rights of the politically diverse as much as it does the racially and religiously diverse. If not, then the federal govt should consider withdrawing tax-exempt status and withdraw federal funding from those colleges.

I am also of the belief that MANY of these rioters are paid plants by global leftists like George Soros. We know from wikileaks that the Democratic party had a role in playing people to protest at Trump rallies and even try to incite violence there.

Mrstormsurge said...

Exactly how is America racist for not voting for a rich old white woman?

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Stormsurge,

You're right.

The colleges (and professors) are famous for being extremely leftist.

They keep pushing their liberal agendas... but hey... they don't mind receiving public funding (of which, 50% comes from Republican pockets).

These professors are teaching our kids to be a bunch of pussies.

They're cancelling classes, handing-out free pizza, hot chocolate, play dough and crayons... (YES... fucking play dough and crayons)!

They're providing therapy dogs for the kids to cuddle with...

It's fucking embarrassing.

If I saw my kid laying on the sidewalk crying, I'd tell him/her to get his/her ass in fucking classroom!

THIS is where our college tuition dollars are going???

And, it's all "fun and games" until these protests turn violent, and some innocent bystander gets killed!!

And when some innocent bystander DOES get killed, the fucking Professors (who are to blame), will be nowhere to be found...

Shit stains like "Michael Moore" fuel the fire too.

And again... when some innocent citizen gets killed, Moore will be nowhere to be found.

katie8753 said...

Yeah and Hillary wants College to be FREE. Which means these jackasses can stay in college forever, protesting anything they want.

And the Middle Class would have paid OUT THE ASS for all this skullduggery!! And the Government would decide what they will do for a living!

Thank GOD Hillary lost her bid to be the NEW STALIN!

katie8753 said...

The Demoncrats remind me of the Borg. The brainwashed collective...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Why the electoral college isn't going anywhere...

"The electoral college, after all, is enshrined in our Constitution, which means getting rid of it requires a constitutional amendment. That's a two-thirds vote in both the House and the Senate, and the ratification of three-fourths (38) of the 50 states".


2/3 of the House AND Senate have to vote for it... and 38 states must approve it.

Good Luck with all that!!!! ..............

Anonymous said...

On November 6, 2012 Donny-Boy sent the following tweet regarding Obama's second election "We can't let this happen. We should march on Washington and stop this travesty..."

Just another example that this thing that was just elected president is a hypocrite.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

But alas, there were no mass protests in 2008 or 2012.
No one has ever been injured or killed, from a "Tweet".
What's happening now, is real... and it's dangerous.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should tell these protesters to STOP, in no uncertain terms.

If the Democratic leaders made a strong effort, they could put an END to these protests. I'm convinced of that.
By doing so, they would save fellow Americans from possible injury or death.

Their failure to intervene swiftly and strongly, is unforgivable.
That's real hypocrisy...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Americans have had it... and this Democratic bullshit, is getting old.

No one is permanently renouncing their US citizenship, and moving to Canada.

California is not seceding from the union.

The electoral college is not overturning their designated votes.

The country is not switching to a "popular vote" system.

And these protesters... beyond endangering the lives and welfare of themselves and others, are simply wasting their time.

Some of these protesters, will probably end-up with an arrest record.

If anyone gets injured, killed, or arrested, I hold the Democratic leaders responsible.

Anonymous said...

"No one has ever been injured or killed, from a 'Tweet'."

So, can I use that excuse if I send a tweet that says Donny-Boy is going to be assassinated? Its not something I would do, but you better believe that I would have the Secret Service at my door AND Drumpf supporters calling for me to be put in jail.

I also believe from the bottom of my heart that if Michelle Obama had posed for pictures even half as explicit as Melania did, she would have been raked over the coals by "republicans" "conservatives" and "christians." Yet not a peep out of any of you. "Lets leave Melania out of this." Except you wouldn't if a Democrat had posed for those kinds of pictures.

The blood of everyone who dies during the Drumpf administration is on the hands of everyone that voted for that thing.

Anonymous said...

It would be amusing if it wasn't so sickening that the same people who say that this thing's election is democracy at work are the same people that called Obama a "monkey"

katie8753 said...

Gilmore, here is President Obama calling Hillary a thief and a liar back in 2008, then in 2016 he said she's more qualified to be President than anyone, including him.

That sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

BTW, no one wants to see Michelle in any form of undress. Trust me on that one!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi John,

Two weeks ago, I would have played verbal tennis with you.

But at this point, like most Americans, I’m completely exhausted from this political season.

In short, I couldn’t be bothered.

I’m just about ready, to put this entire election season behind me.

It’s unfortunate that some Americans feel the need to endanger themselves and others by protesting, but at some point, I have to realize, that it’s beyond my control.

Instead of protesting, I think the Democrats should take a hard look, at why Obama was able to win twice, and Hillary couldn’t close the deal.

Essentially, it was the same people voting in 2016, who voted in 2008 and 2012. No?

Okay, granted, some older folks died-off, and the kids ranging in age from 18-24 couldn’t vote in 2008... But barring that, it’s the same group.

And hey... those demographics actually favor Clinton. The older folks (who died off) would be more likely to vote Republican... and young millenials usually favor the Democrats.

Moreover, there are more minorities in the country now, than there were in 2008 or 2012.

And again, more people identify as LGBT in 2016, than in past years.

So... if anything, the national landscape should have made it EASIER for Clinton to win, than Obama!

So what happened???

It’s easy to say, that several hundred thousand Americans suddenly decided to become a racist over the past 8 years... but yeah... that’s pretty stupid. Especially, since the same "racists" didn’t bother to vote in large enough numbers, to defeat a black candidate! And yet... those same RACIST Americans turned-out in large enough numbers to defeat a white woman???

If you think the situation through with simple logic, you really have to dismiss the race card.

Here’s my theory... and evidently, Bill Clinton agrees:

Democrats close to Bill Clinton said Thursday that one mistake Clinton's top aides made was not listening to the former president more when he urged the campaign to spend more time focusing on disaffected white, working class voters.

Many in Clinton's campaign viewed these voters as Trump's base, people so committed to the Republican nominee that no amount of visits or messaging could sway them. Clinton made no visits to Wisconsin as the Democratic nominee, and only pushed a late charge in Michigan once internal polling showed the race tightening.

Bill Clinton, advisers said, pushed the campaign early on to focus on these voters, many of whom helped elect him twice to the White House. The former president, a Clinton aide said, would regularly call Robby Mook to talk about strategy and offer advice.

But aides said the Clinton campaign's top strategists largely ignored the former president, instead focusing on consolidating the base of voters that helped elect President Barack Obama to the White House. In the closing days of the campaign, Clinton targeted young people, Hispanics and African-Americans with laser like focus, casting Trump as a racist who only sought the presidency to benefit himself.”


Aside from all her obvious flaws, Hillary kept beating down the door of blacks, Hispanics, women, gays and millenials. The problem is... she already HAD their vote. At her rallies, she was simply preaching to the choir.

If she had reached-out to white middle-class men AT ALL, she may have coaxed 5% of them, to reconsider their vote.

I really believe, that a 5% shift in the white male vote, would have pushed her over the top.

Lesson learned:
When your motto is “Stronger Together”, and you fail to live by it... you lose.

Something happened this year, and you can’t just attribute the phenomenon to racism.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

For the record... I’ve never understood the humor behind the “Drumpf” joke.

Trump is of German decent, and evidently, his name is pronounced (and spelled) Drumpf in German.

So… umm… who cares?

There are millions of Americans whose names are pronounced (and spelled) differently, in their native country. Many change their name when they immigrate to the United States... others don’t.

I went to high school with a Hawaiian guy. His name was Steve Acucca. (Yes… pronounced like the euphemism for shit).

Steve was a tall handsome guy. He was the captain of the football team. By senior year, he had dated every cheerleader in the school. He was probably the most popular guy, in the school.

Who knows... maybe "Acucca" means "handsome warrior" in Hawaiian.

Bob Dylan was born "Robert Allen Zimmerman". The dude just won the Nobel Prize.

Gene Simmons of "Kiss" was born "Chaim Witz". Hey… Love "Kiss" or hate them… Gene could buy or sale either of us.

The list is absolutely endless.

When you make fun of the name "Drumpf", you’re actually making fun of German heritage, and making a racist remark.

Would you make fun of an Asian guy named "Wong"? Evidently, you would…


katie8753 said...

Hillary is blaming her loss on the FBI director Comey. She needs to look inward and realize that her illegal activities, i.e., illegal server, destroying evidence, pay for play, using her position at the White House to make personal gain, as well as pretending to like minorities, which they say through because they're not stupid, did her in.

Stop blaming others Hillary, and accept the fact that you failed because of your dubious honesty.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I agree Katie,

It's easy to blame James Comey, but if Hillary Clinton hadn't engaged in so many behaviors that screamed "impropriety", she wouldn't have had any issues with the FBI.

The Democrats need to take a giant step back, and re-evaluate how best to serve ALL Americans.

Trump reached a large audience of people, who felt they weren't represented (or valued) by the Democratic party.

Hillary only "courted" certain groups, and as an obvious consequence, those are the votes she received.

For some strange reason-- the middle aged, white, heterosexual, blue collar, middle class, male, has been demonized in this country.
Unless you're gay, black, Hispanic, young, a celebrity, or dirt poor... you're considered a piece of shit.

Democrats live in a "bubble".
They're totally out-of-touch with middle-class rural America.
That's why the Dems were so completely shocked, when Trump won.

The bottom line:
The Republicans won the Presidency, the Congress, the Senate... and in due time, the Supreme Court.

If THOSE RESULTS don't tell the Democrats they need to make some changes, then they're completely deaf.

The only thing the Democrats won this year, was the legalization of marijuana (in some states).
If the next 4 years go as I suspect, they're going to need it! LOL

katie8753 said...

For some strange reason-- the middle aged, white, heterosexual, blue collar, middle class, male, has been demonized in this country.
Unless you're gay, black, Hispanic, young, a celebrity, or dirt poor... you're considered a piece of shit.

That's right Lynyrd. The marchers in these protests are mostly gay, I'm assuming, because of the rainbow flags.

I won't even say "white" at this point, but the heterosexual, blue collar, middle class male has definitely been demonized.

There's some obscure director who is calling for violence in these protests.

I suggest these people get back to school or their jobs, before they lose out, because these protests are only going to end in arrests or disinterest.

TomG said...

I think this is the baby boomers last gasp. Since they were drug addicts and pale comparisons to the greatest generation, who actually won the war , now they want to reclaim the values of their parents and also the racism and superstition and backward economics.

But guess what? Like the Vietnam war, losers lose and the enlightened people prevail.

TomG said...
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