Sunday, March 20, 2016

Is anyone following all this?

#1) Last week, Trump's son received a death threat in the US mail. (Illegal activity)

#2) This week, Trump's sister received a death threat in the US mail. (Illegal activity)

#3) There's a whacko in a mask declaring "total war" on Donald Trump. 
If you haven't seen his "viral" video yet, he's asking all computer "hackers" to hack into Trump's personal and business computers. (Illegal activity). Hint: You know you're probably doing something illegal, when you have to wear a mask to get your message across, no?

#4) The protesters have now taken to blocking roads and traffic, leading to Trump events. 
I've seen these idiots stomping on the cars of Trump supporters. They stand on the person's car roof and hood, and ruin their car. Not to mention, they're blocking US roads. What if someone needed urgent medical care, and they were delayed by the calamity? (Illegal activity).

This is ALL illegal activity. These people aren't protesters, they're criminals. 

The goal of these criminals, is to take away our right to hold open elections, through strong-arm tactics. It's that simple. 

This behavior cannot prevail. Our nation's ability to hold peaceful elections, is one of the few things that separates us, from third world countries.

It's absolutely amazing, that Sanders and Clinton... and everyone else for that matter, has failed to call for an END to this nonsense!

Clinton's only (related) remark was:
"If you play with matches, you might start a fire you can't put out".  Really? That's it?

I don't know about you, but I've always enjoyed living in a great country, where I can vote for the candidate of my choice (without fearing intimidation tactics)! Are those days over?

If your candidate is condoning this criminal behavior (by failing to speak-out publicly against it), I would strongly urge you, to rethink your position.

Personal story:
I was watching some video footage, of one of these "protest scuffles". There were hundreds of people on my computer screen. In the forefront (of course), there were two men trading blows. That's what the media wants us to focus on. 

In the background however, there was a little old woman (she looked about 80 years old) wearing a knitted sweater. She looked like your typical Grandma. Amidst all the calamity, she quietly stood up, and exited the building. 

I was emotionally moved by the experience. This woman has probably been a US citizen and taxpayer for 80 years. Her husband is probably a US veteran. I thought to myself: "How awful it is, that a senior like this, cannot participate in the election process, without fearing for her safety".

Think about it, my friends. Who's REALLY the bad guys here? Are you perpetuating the problem, by remaining silent?

This black man attended a Trump rally, and he discusses the experience openly.

Which of these 3 guests, seems the most sensible to YOU?
Can you say "dumb and dumber"?

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