Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I really like this video and song!  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  I hope you have a very happy turkey day!!! :)


katie8753 said...

Thank you George Smith. You are AWESOME!!! :)

grimtraveller said...

Some people are just naturally photogenic. Others have to be worked on to bring out their photogenic qualities and others just never have it no matter what you do or how much jiggery pokery one employs. And being photogenic is nothing to do with being good looking or not. It's about the way one translates onto film {and then whatever medium that film is printed to}.

maudes harold said...

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to Everyone!

Venus said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

katie8753 said...

Hi Venus! Good to see you!

Hey Maudes, if you wouldn't mind would you e-mail me? I recently read thru your website and you've got some good stuff on there. I have an idea about a thread and wanted to "pick your brain" about something. We can collaborate on it.

Lynyrd, next slide slide. LOL.

katie8753 said...

Grim, I've seen pictures of Sharon without any makeup and she's even more beautiful than she is with it.

I know she's photogenic, but she was also very beautiful.

sunset77 said...

Off topic comment:

I ran across a website with many old photographs called "Mashable". While it's not really in the context of this blog, I found it interesting nevertheless.

One series of photos is of a Rolling Stones performance on July 5, 1969. The description reads in part "Providing security for the event were self-described members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. They were not actually affiliated with the notorious outlaw group but were merely fans of American biker culture.

The real Hells Angels were later hired for the infamous Altamont concert later that year, which descended into violence and led to four deaths."

The photos of the earlier Hyde Park performance can be seen -->HERE.

There are also many other interesting photos on that site, the opening of King Tut's tomb and it contents, The Moulin Rouge nightclub from the early 1900's, and probably a number of other interesting photo's.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Sunset!!

leary7 said...

Ever seen Colin McGregor give his crazy stare? I wish I knew how to link, it's as close to Manson as I have ever seen. Should be a good fight this Sat night. Colin is as much a performance artist as he is a fighter. It got me thinking that was what Charlie was too...a performance artist who just developed a perverted obsession with death. I've always viewed Manson as a court jester, but maybe he was the first real life performance artist but all those years in prison seriously distorted his ability to distinguish art from real life. Just a silly thought on a cold winters day.
It is, of course, a beautiful song, Katie. I seem to think Judy Collins sang it but is that her on this version? It's not really my cup of tea, a bit to mawkish. I would have enjoyed something by Jimmy LaFave instead.

Man, I am jonesin for a hard news update...on Tex tapes, on Squeaky's travels, on Manson's health...etc. I haven't been to the Cielo Drive site in a long time. Guess I should make a visit.
happy holidays to all you guys too...always a treat to click on here and see Katie, Venus, LS, the Grim One and others. Long live our interest in the bizzaro world of TLB.

katie8753 said...

Hi Leary! I personally like the Roberta Flack version, but I think that might have been Celine Dion. Not sure.

Good to see you!! :)