Sunday, October 18, 2015

Manson Family Vacation

Submitted by Mr. Stormsurge. Thanks Stormy!

Judging from the trailer, this film looks really fun... and it's eerily reminiscent of many TLB enthusiasts (Lol). I'd like to see it!
I highly doubt we'll learn anything new from this movie, but hey, that's obviously not the intent. It looks like good entertainment.


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Stormsurge.
This movie looks like a lot of fun.

It's basically a "spoof" about Manson/TLB enthusiasts.

It kinda makes you wonder, if this film wasn't created by a fellow blogger.
The producer seems to have it "down" pretty good. LOL

I mean... I'm sure they over-exaggerate the "stoner" qualities of the main character, but beyond that, it looks pretty accurate. LOL

It's an interesting idea...

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I have to wonder though, if folks in "mainstream society" (who don't follow this case at all), would understand the humor though...

It's almost as if, the movie was created BY a TLB enthusiast FOR TLB enthusiasts.

That's my "take" on it.

Either way, I'd like to watch it.

MrPoirot said...

I had an interest in the Manson saga because I was 13 when TLB happened and 18 when Squeaky tried to kill Pres Ford but the star in this movie was born after all that happened yet an interest developed in his mind about the Charlie saga. Star is even younger(27) and she is transfixed by Charlie.
Having been alive when Charlie happened apparently has nothing to do with societies
interest in Manson. He seems to be like a Butch Cassidy. I was born a hundred years after Butch and I have always been a fan of his.

Does society see Charlie as the last wild West outlaw? He did live on a horse ranch near Hollywood at a time when Hollywood was still making Westerns. John Wayne didn't die until late in the 1970's.

Or is he in the category of a fictional character from literature like Sherlock Holmes? Butch, Sherlock and Charlie seem to be timeless.

Perhaps society has always had a craving for a good story. Does it matter at all if Butch, Sherlock and Charlie were real or just storybook characters? There is massive documentation on all three of them. There is so much written on those three that it is easy to see them as being part of any time.
Even if Charlie dies he isn't going anywhere. He will remain larger than life in people's minds.

Anonymous said...

It's a good movie, but not intended to follow historical story lines nor to unearth gems of knowledge.
Charlie is the last real, old time prisoner. Before the war on drugs, before rampant gang warfare and before incarceration nation.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

The full movie can be seen here:

Scroll halfway down the page, and simply hit the "play" button (on the video player).
The "video player" is located immediately underneath the photos of the cast.

If the captions drive you crazy, click the "CC" (closed caption) button, to the left of the volume control.
That will turn them off...

Also, the button to the RIGHT of the volume control, expands the movie to full screen!


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I'm definitely gonna watch this, when I get a chance.
It looks funny as hell. LOL!

maudes harold said...

I don't watch many Hollywood movies anymore, but of course I watched this one. I actually liked it. The opening scene cracked me up in an elementary schoolyard way!! I liked the story about the brothers, but I think for people not obsessed by this case, they will look at it and think all TLB 'enthusiasts' are crazy, loser

None of the locations were the real locations, which was a tad disappointing for the TLB groupie that I am, but understandable for other reasons.

While watching it, I kept thinking the brother that wanted to 'see the sites' looked a lot like Marlin Marynick!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I just finished watching this...

It was actually a pretty good movie.
I enjoyed it.

The character named "Blackbird" was a little "dark" for my taste, but other than that, it was pretty cool.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

The trailer led me to believe, that this was a straight-up comedy.

It actually has some serious overtones about "acceptance" etc...

MrPoirot said...

In this movie it is a reverse bizzarro world where attorneys are the good guys and they are honest.

The movie also perpetuates a false story about flames coming out a faucet due to nearby fracking. That never happened and was proven to be faked video.

The movie wrongly states there were many babies from Charlie's sexual exploits yet there were few in reality. This has never been followed up on. Why did all those girls choose not to give birth to a Manson child if they worshipped him? Wasn't Mary Bruner the only gal who gave birth to Charlie's offspring? Were there more? There certainly weren't a flock of Charlie babies as the movie showed.

There is a Dan Manson in the credits.

Blackbird and Sunshine? Are they supposed to be Gray Wolf and Star?

Connie appears to be an amalgam of many real life TLB characters. first Connie is Paul Watkins. Later he is just a harmless internet TLB tourist fascinated by yet another Hollywood story. Conrad the lead character then shifts to a real and supposed Manson offspring. Conrad was always changing.

katie8753 said...

I tried to watch this movie, but you have to sign in. It's always SOMETHING!!!

beauders said...

It's on Amazon if you want to pay for it.

Venus said...

"Somebody" else sent this to you on Sept. 24th, I wonder who that was....

Venus said...

I think it looks "interesting."

beauders said...

It was ok but would be of no interest to anyone not interested in the case.