Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Why do people join cults?  People turn into mindless robots and obey their master.  It's amazing.

Don't these people ever read the Good Book?  Don't they know this is all bunk??

Some people don't believe in cults.  They don't believe in brainwashing.  They don't believe that people actually join up as mindless robots to serve a certain human master.

I guess they never heard of Jonestown!  Pity....

But, folks, it happens time and time again!

The Manson Family joined a cult, and obeyed their master, to kill, kill, kill.  That master was Charles Manson.

They were taught that killing people "released them" into a higher power, to make them free.  And that was okay for them.  That is, until they got the death penalty.  Then dying didn't sound so good....

But Charlie learned it from L. Ron Hubbard, and passed it on to his cult followers, who willingly killed innocent strangers. 

Here is a bit on another cult.  SCIENTOLOGY.  The biggest joke released on mankind by that insane guy L. Ron Hubbard.   And the sad thing is...they're still believing in this nonsense!



katie8753 said...

Is he smoking an e-cig?

katie8753 said...

This guy L. Ron Hubbard was a lunatic! How could anyone follow him?

katie8753 said...

What am I saying? How could anyone follow Manson's stupid shit either. HA HA.

katie8753 said...

But they did.

MrPoirot said...

Notice that Scientology goes after people with money. They don't go after the masses. if you are broke you will never see a Scientologist at your door. Germany outlawed Scientology as a money making scam. Germany did not want tom Cruise in their country.
L Ron had a fleet of boats he sailed in the Mediteranean looking for money and converts in ritzy yachting hangouts. Every time the authorities came to investigate them after receiving complaints the fleet would sail off.
I read the first two Scientology books investigating Charlie. Scientology is not a religion. It is a philosophy and you buy it with money. It all starts out very slow and seems like good common sense logic but eventually you will be pulled down a rabbit hole if you don't quit.

Mrstormsurge said...

One thing about a cult is that they really don't approach a person with what they are or what they want at the start. No. They approach offering fun, companionship, belonging - all of which can be enticing to someone naive, lonely, unsure of themselves, etc. Then they start making demands, using guilt, fear, the threat of a form of excommunication which to someone vulnerable is enough to make them keep compromising and convincing themselves that there's really nothing wrong with going along. Hell, maybe the person convinces themself that what the cult is asking them to do is really correct. Along the way some people have enough inner strength to tell them to pound sand and leave while others don't and stay. But it's gradual this gaining and absorbing members. Very evil power hungry people get off on building their little cults of worship to themselves even if they claim it's never about them.

MrPoirot said...

Hurricane fan:
Scientology is listed by many as their religion yet I saw no evidence of a deity or spirituality in what I read. It seemed to be ore of a philosophy or ideology.
The problem seemed to come with their tendency to require money to continue being a member and their cult techniques of controlling people.
Charlie being a borrower of ideas seemed to use the cultish mind control techniques he found in Scentology in order to have better control of his hookers in his pimping enterprise after he was to be released in 67.
I'm no expert in Scientology after reading two books but if it is a religion then there should be a diety or spirituality but Scientology has neither. Can you list hypnotism as your religion? Is communism a religion?
Is academia and intellectualism a religion? Is Environmentalism a religion? Is Atheism a religion?
The fact is: some people don't have a religion or spirituality in their lives at all and they want this like everybody else has. Scientology enables some people to think they have a religion when they don't.
Scientology most likely is a form of advanced Atheism which is more related to Philosophy and Ideology but Scientology is also geared heavily towards making money which is actually the antithesis of most known religions which teach a separation of the materiel and the spiritual worlds.

katie8753 said...

Right on Mr. P. Scientology is akin to atheism. It completely disagarees with The Good Book.

And I agree Stormy, they approach people who are lonely and miserable. But even if I cried myself to sleep every night with loneliness, I wouldn't listen to this horseshit.

Nice crowd.

But what I don't get is how people fall into this trap!! I guess I don't have to get it. It's not my bag, not my mantra, not my problem.

People think that some "lie detecting" contraption is gonna measure their stress?

I KNOW MY STRESS! Jesus, I don't need some machine measuring it.

And what are they gonna do? Give me a monkey's paw, a rabbit's foot, a lucky horseshoe to get rid of my stress???

What a fucking joke!!!!!!!!

If anyone ever told me the church forbade me to see my mother again, I'll tell them to fuck themselves 7 different ways.

And believe you me, I know how to tell them that! And yes, the lucky number is 7!

katie8753 said...

And if anyone wants to say that Charlie "quoted the Bible", he only quoted St. John's The Revelation. Not the whole Bible.

So tough toenails.

MrPoirot said...
Here's an interview with Amanda Knox where you can see how she got herself in trouble because she has a knack for talking and not saying anything. She appears to ramble much like liars do. She goes on and on without conveying much real info. She's dingy. Her memory is definitely screwy exemplified by her being unable to explain a chronological order of what she did the night before which should have been rather easy to do yet she could not.

She reminds me of William Garretson who drove TLB detectives up the wall by not hearing or seeing anything nor being able to adequately compose himself well enough to tell exactly what he did and where he was all night during the TLB murders. Never-the-less, Garretson was completely innocent but his dingy behavior kept him in jail several days.

Knox did the same stupid thing Garretson did.
I think you could convince Knox she was an Eskimo if you kept telling her she was for 30 minutes. Despite being a graduate with a degree in creative writing she is completely lacking in creativity.
Makes you wonder what universities are teaching students now days. I read her book and it was boring as hell and says virtually nothing. She had a whole book to tell why she was innocent yet she barely touched upon it. The first two minutes of this video she does more to explain her innocence than she did in her entire book.

How the cops dragged Sollecito into this I'll never know. Knox's dinginess may have been why they suspected Sollecito.

katie8753 said...

There was no evidence of her being there? I thought she lived there...

She was reading Harry Potter on a date?

I don't trust her because she has big eyebrows.

There's always 2 sides to every story:

MrPoirot said...

This is a interview with Knox. Notice how many times she says she flipped out and was confused.
Yet her room mate Philomina recognized it was murder instantly. Why couldn't Amanda figure it out unless she was guilty?
Amanda's highly inappropriate, wishy washy, vague behavior sent her and her BF to prison 4 years.
If you want to become a suspect then do exactly what Amanda did.
Raffe should have told Amanda to knock out the dingy act because they are beginning to suspect her because of her inappropriate responses. Yet Amanda NEVER stopped acting dingy. She still acts dingy today. She has given countless interviews now and in every single interview she keeps looking up and pausing trying to think of something as if she still doesn't know that there was a murder. She continually falls back into her space cadet mode which doomed her and her BF to a 7 year nightmare. Why can Philomina figure it out in two seconds but Amanda can't figured it out in 7 years.

MrPoirot said...

This 60 second interview tells it all. Amanda realizes she is a wacked out, weak dingbat but can do nothing to change that. Whoa is me for being a dingbat.

louis365 said...

...a Guilty dingbat.

katie8753 said...

Sorry M. P, but when someone sees blood spattered all over the bathroom (like in the crime scene) and thinks someone is having "menstrual issues" (or so she says) we all need to take a big step back.

No one having "menstrual issues" is going to bleed like this. If so, it would be a case for the medical journals.

She should have known that something was terribly wrong. And she says she went back to her BF's apartment and he told her to call her roommates and find out what happened? She should have figured that out on her own....

MrPoirot said...

Blood was not all over the bathroom. That is a total lie. There were three drops on the faucet of the sink. The prosecution released a foto showing a bathroom which had been treated by CSi with a chemical which turned reddish. There are actual fotos online showing that the bathroom was normal looking when Amanda saw it.

MrPoirot said...

Katie you day "she should have known". That is the understatement of the year.

I could name a hundred things she should have known. Why she went in that police station and did a yoga split is beyond belief. That was absolutely suicidal and akin to sticking your head in a lions mouth. Yet this dumb bitch did that. Astounding!
The fact remains though that neither she nor Raffe were in any way involved with that murder.
She seems pathologically addicted to taunting the police with her stupid antics and vague behavior. I have heard her say many times in interviews "I couldn't understand why". But why couldn't she understand there had been a murder and police were looking to solve it by hook or crook.
It is as if she baited the cops. Her own family has acknowledged she is batty. I have no idea why her parents willingly let their dingbat daughter travel 7000 miles from home is also a mystery.
She clearly was not capable of taking care of herself.
This case may be the worst case of prosecutorial misconduct I have ever seen.
So the mix of a batty Amanda and a dishonest justice system created this disaster. Amanda behaved as stupidly as the prosecutor behaved dishonestly. Amanda knows she brought much of this own herself with her weird, stupid behavior.

I have wondered if the prosecutor despised her stupid behavior so much that they finally just said; ok you little smartass, you want to act as stupid as you can while screaming you are innocent? Then we will burn you for it Bitch. Which they did.
She could have avoided this whole effing thing if she had just shut her big stupid mouth.
I don't know why she wants to be a writer because she is stupid and everything she says is a bunch of shit.

Marliese said...

About got away with it liars AK and RS, I was just reading that it's been reported in Italy by Italian daily The Repubblica, and confirmed by the senator, that Italian Senator Andrea Augello, during a parliamentary visit to the prison, was told by Rudy Guede that in light of the acquittal of AK and RS, he wants a new trial because "I'm accomplice to a crime for which no one else has been found guilty. I can't be an accomplice to myself..." The high court upheld his conviction saying he was guilty of committing the crime with others. Rudy Guede's attorney, Walter Biscotti, denies a plan at this time to ask for a new trial because "we have to see the high court's reasoning..."

katie8753 said...

Thanks Marliese. I was wondering why Rudy Guede was the only one convicted of Kercher's murder. Like he said, how can he be an accomplice and still act alone?

Marliese said...

Sure, Katie. Thought you might find it interesting. I think it was the senator that also said something to the effect of wanting a new trial is not the same as getting a new trial etc etc...
And the attorney is being quiet now, doesnt want anything said unless it's said in court, I guess

Guede knows the truth. He didn't kill Meredith by himself, and he didn't clean up the crime scene. He knows. His conviction won't ever be reversed but i think it's fair to want to see him clear his name at least as far as AK's supporters, like a bunch of rabid dogs, constantly referring to him as the lone killer.

He wasn't the only one and a lot has been said about him that isn't true. I personally don't think ak is stupid, I think rather than being dumb, she has some kind of borderline, or psychotic personality disorder traits, I don't know, haven't seen her psych evaluations. But I they'll end up living tortured lives...they'll never truly be free, even if just of the suspicion of being murderers. I wonder what they'll accomplish in life?

katie8753 said...

Yeah I agree Marliese, I think she has a borderline personality too. She reminds me of Jodi Arias, who is definitely borderline.

And just like Arias, she can't keep her mouth shut. What is it about these liars that compel them to keep on talking and lying, lying and talking??? Don't they know they are making themselves look more and more culpable?

I wonder what would happen if Guede decided to make a deal to spill some beans in order to get a new trial...

MrPoirot said...

The crime scene being "cleaned up" was another lie in this saga.
Guede is either already out or soon to be out. He doesn't need a new trial.
There were no other killers. Guede was the only attacker. The claim of their being multiple attackers is a lie.

Had Knox not acted so stupid this case would never had been heard of outside of Europe. When Amanda starts talking she falsely incriminates herself with her bizarre idiocy. She behaves as a guilty person would behave after a murder. She brought all of it on herself and she knows it. She could not answer the simplest question. If you suggested to her she witnessed the murder and forgot she saw it then she would start believing you are right. She herself started to believe she saw the murder when she was not home at the time. What can you think of somebody that stupid?
Her biggest flaw was that she never gets mad. She has no high gear to shift into in which to defend herself from danger. There are times when you need to get mad in order to fight off danger. That lack of assertiveness in her personality is another odd indicator of how mentally incomplete this woman is. She is not all there psychologically.
However, that does not make her guilty of murder.

The case is over for all involved.

MrPoirot said...

There is a second bizarrity in the Amanda Knox trial and that is the Kercher family. The prosecution had fed them tons of lies and the Kerchers ate up everything told to them. This family should have realized that the prosecution's evidence was ENTIRELY bogus and they should have quickly discerned at the trial that Amanda was too stupid to murder anyone. I don't get the impression that the Kercher family is a bunch of Einsteins. They strike me as being as weak and malleable as Knox.
The entire prosecution's case has been debunked online and the Kerchers should have studied the fabricated evidence and saved themselves a lot of heartache if they had done so. The truth of this case is now available in English for the Kercher's to be able to understand. Why the Kerchers can't see that they have had the wool pulled over their eyes by the prosecution is another mystery in this case. The Kerchers should have gotten wise to the prosecutorial BS as the prosecution began to change their descriptions of what went down for each different appeal..

katie8753 said...

Jodi Arias sentencing hearing live on HLN right now. You won't believe what Jodi said....

katie8753 said...

Jodi got live in prison WITHOUT parole! Finally, justice!

katie8753 said...

LIFE in prison, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I saw it Katie. She truly is a evil woman who never gets tired of causing pain to the family of Travis Alexander. They talk about having to think about how he suffered, Juan Martinez specifically talked about how haunting the picture of his slit throat was for what does she do? Gets up there and admit that yes he was still alive and she remembers slitting his throat! So much for that fog I guess! What do you think of that Dr. Dick? Can she possibly be any more evil? Her Mom standing up there talking about how she was defending herself and was the victim made me sick as well. She and many others saw bruises on Arias but they weren't allowed to testify? Right! They would have been the first people her slimy defense team had on the stand. You and I have always seen eye to eye on Arias. If people don't see her true colors now I pity them. She just trashed her victim and his family again and admitted she lied on the stand. I wanted DP because of the solitary confinement that comes along with it but at least she got LWOP. She truly is as evil as any other murderer I can think of. Just because she didn't have multiple victims means nothing to me. She probably would have given more time.

katie8753 said...

I know Krissy. She's speaking to the Judge supposedly trying to convince her that she's remorseful and deserves parole, but the first thing out of her mouth is bad-mouthing Travis' sister Samantha. Plus did you see the way she turned around and glared at Travis' family right in the middle of her talk? That was probably the creepiest thing she's done yet.

And yes, telling the court that Travis was alive when she slit his throat and was "still attacking her". What a joke. How can you attack someone when you're face down on the floor and have someone sawing your neck open.

And Jodi' mother is just pathetic. She called Travis "the biggest mistake of Jodi's life". It's much more appropriate to say that "Jodi was the biggest mistake of Travis' life".

katie8753 said...

The reason Jodi mentioned Travis still being alive when she cut his throat was just for spite.

Juan Martinez made the comment that the family could only hope that Travis didn't feel that particular injury. She was mad at what the sisters said about her when they got before the judge.

That was probably the dumbest and meanest thing I've seen or heard out of her yet.

And Samantha told her to "burn in hell" when they walked out of the courtroom.

MrPoirot said...

Travis refused to commit to Deanna so she moved on. Travis refused to commit to Jodi so she carved him up. Kinda got to play it by ear. What works with one chick won't fly with another.

Anonymous said...


If people don't see her true colors now I pity them. ( from my previous post)

Perfect example.

Kind of shocking how a man will give a woman a pass for butchering someone- if this had been male on female the whole story would have been wrapped up a long time ago. It wasn't domestic violence it was premeditated murder.

That's all I have to say on the subject. Sometimes it's just not worth the trouble.

Anonymous said...

PS last comment for you.

How ironic was it that she stood up there saying the story she told on the stand was the truth...but then admits she did remember slitting his throat, after years of saying she had no memory of it due to her " fog"? If it wasn't so tragic it would be hilarious. ( at times she often is regardless)
She is certainly no Einstein. I hope she lives a long long life in that cell. Maybe it is worse than the DP for her, I certainly hope so.

katie8753 said...

Krissy, she vacillated all during her talk before the judge. First she blamed Travis' sisters, then she "recalled slitting Travis' throat", and finally she said she hates herself for her repugnant act.

In her mind, she will appeal the verdict and somehow get out.

It's just like how for years she kept telling the media that she didn't kill Travis and no jury would convict her. It's all in her mind.

She's delusional.

katie8753 said...

And you're right, if she had been a man doing what she did, the jury would have given death a long time ago.

katie8753 said...

Just like Pat, Leslie & Susan were delusional. They thought, when their sentences were commuted to life with parole, they'd found an out. That they would get out.

But it never happened. And I think after all these years, they realize it never will. They will leave prison in a cheap pine box.

And one day Jodi will realize this too. And that's justice.

MrPoirot said...

Krissy said this isn't domestic violence? That is exactly what it is.

I don't give Arias a pass as much as I think Travis was responsible for his own murder. Basically he was a phony Mormon and a shit talking lothario who used women. Or more accurately; he used the wrong woman. Travis created a monster out of Jodi. Travis was playing with this chick's head big time and it blew up in his face. Sorry but I don't feel sorry for Travis. If Jodi had simply shot Travis she'd have gotten parole but the gun jammed so she got a knife and put herself in prison forever. The murder was too sloppy to get a sentence with parole. Still I think she should appeal for parole. I mean, heck! She said she was sorry. Isn't that the big thing everybody likes nowadays? An apology?

katie8753 said...

Mr. P, go to my blog and you will see the sentencing hearing.

At 58:21 she says "I do remember when the knife went into Travis' throat and he was conscious".

And the Judge is looking at her like "WTF?"

That dumb bitch doesn't realize, that in trying to get back at Travis' sisters for their testimony, she sealed her own fate. Now she's not only admitting to lying on the stand, but admitting to brutalizing Travis Alexander to the nth degree!!!!!!

It's no wonder that Kirk Nurmi got up after sentencing and said "Can I please get off this case?"

Jodi is a liar. She remembers everything she did.

That's all I'm gonna say about this. Because I'm right.

katie8753 said...

And now, I'm onto other matters.

MrPoirot said...

It's a pity the trial is over. If it went on a couple more years we might hear about what was said in the argument that went on after the last foto was taken.
Oh yea, the fotos. That mighta been a mistake in leaving the camera in the washing machine. She should have left the gun and thrown the camera in the desert.

Travis is still dead so Jodi probably thinks she won the fight which is all that matters to her. She wasn't going to let him get away with using her. Travis really pissed her off bad.