Sunday, April 14, 2013

Seriously man... you gotta be kidding me.

The "Rolling Stones" are touring again... and I received my "performer alert" from ticketmaster.

OK... I love and respect the "Stones"as much as anybody... but can we all agree, that these prices are simply ridiculous?!  $625 for a floor seat?!
And check this out... they're actually gonna have a "tongue-shaped" pit in front of the stage. LOL
ONE "general admission" ticket for that section is $1500!  Yup, I said it... fifteen hundred dollars!
The "tongue pit package" includes ONE ticket, a "program book" and a "collectible laminate".
(That's a $5 magazine and a $20 plaque people)
And, check out this tour logo.  It's ugly as ass.  The ugly gorilla tour??
I don't mind spending $100 for a night out, but this is f#cking ridiculous...
If you pay $1500 to stand in that tongue... let me know, and I'll personally slap your ass, on prinicple. LOL!


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I love the way they add two dollars and fifty cents in "US fees", to the $1,497.50 ticket price. LOL

It's almost comical.

I mean c'mon... they can't let someone skate on two bucks, at these prices???

(US $1,497.50 Ticket + US $2.50 Fees = US $1,500.00)

Wouldn't want miss out on that $2.50 fee now... LOL


katie8753 said...

Paul McCartney is going to be in Austin in May and I just checked the cost of the tickets.

For a first row floor seat, you'll pay $3,400. Amazing! You could fly to England and visit these people for these prices. LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Is that pounds or dollars? LOL

What the hell...

Unknown said...

Dylan tickets were only 48 bucks.
Something came up at the last minute and I couldn't go but that seems like a reasonable price to see a legend.

I'd love to see McCartney(an item on my bucket list) but thats too rich for my blood.
From the clips I've seen on youtube the guys still got it.

katie8753 said...

Well Matt, the nosebleed seats are reasonable for McCartney. Starting around $196/ticket. But bring your binnocs and headphones, because you're not gonna really see much of anything. LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Here's a few noteworthy bands who are currently touring (for the sake of comparison):

"The Eagles"
Tickets $95-$200
(Decent tickets for $125)

"Fleetwood Mac"
(Decent tickets for $125)

"Bob Seger"
(Decent tickets for $100)

(Decent tickets for $100)

I don't question "The Stones" talent, musicianship, vast catalog of music... or, the historic value in seeing them perform.
They're a great band.
But, those prices are just ridiculous.

I don't know who's to blame... the band, the promoters, or the nutjobs willing to pay those prices.

katie8753 said...

Well, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and Bob Seeger I'd definitely pay to see them.

But to pay those exorbitant prices for the Stones or McCartney, I think I'll just get my old albums out and replay them. LOL.

Unknown said...

Think I'll just go down to Lupos Heartbreak Hotel in Providence and shell out 30 bucks to see an up and coming band that really needs the money!

beauders said...

the scary thing is that those shows will be sold out.

starship said...

I worked two nights of the Rolling Stones Tour at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse back on Thanksgiving weekend of 1981.

I thought I was pretty lucky seeing as they were getting so old they probably wouldn't tour much anymore...

And in the 90s on a cold snowy night in February you could have walked into the only music lounge in Amenia, NY and seen Joe Walsh play solo for about $8.00. But later in August when he played with the Eagles at Giants stadium it was at about $200.

Those other Eagles must be worth so much more per head...

SurelyYouJest11 said...

In 1982 I was stationed at the Pentagon and got to see the Stones in Landover Maryland for $4 in a box. While they were good they aren't the best I've seen and I sure as heck wouldn't pay big bucks to see em.

Unknown said...

Heres a great story.

This guy writes wonderful songs.

Mary said...

"If you pay $1500 to stand in that tongue... let me know, and I'll personally slap your ass, on prinicple"

Tempting Lynyrd :)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


: )

MrPoirot said...

I would be willing to pay $625 if Mick and Keith would come over to the house and do some painting, clean the gutters and cut down that dead tree in the back yard.

strix aluco said...

I went online for tickets for the UK shows CHEAPEST were £300 and that was pot luck in other words right at the back where binoculars were needed to even see the "big" screen!
For around £800 I could buy gold seats where you are somewhere near the stage and ooohhhh free soft drinks available all day. Add to this the £150 travel costs plus an overnight stay in London and it means I need to win a lottery or 2.
I love Keef Richards to bits- always have since I was 10 and used to practice signing Mrs J Richards all over school books BUT even I CANNOT justify these prices.Shame as Mr R is a national treasure and we don't know how much longer he will be with us ( that's been said since 1975) but this time I will have to give him a miss.
PS Of course its Jagger (Known as Sir Loins in this house) who is behind all these crazy prices you know!

starship said...

Mr. Poirot: You absolutely cannot trust Mr. Richards around your trees. He may just well fall out of one and sue your ass.

Oh, but he does indeed have a connection to this case via the Son of Sam east coast connection.

Ajerseydevil said...

They weren't worth that much to see em in there prime sure as hell ain't worth it know most I ever paid for a ticket was $200 bucks to see The Boss at Boardwalk hall in ATLANTIC CITY and that was from a scalper