Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Bruce Davis' Parole Recommendation will be hitting Governor Brown's desk this Monday, February 4, 2013.

Los Angeles district attorney opposes release of former Manson follower Bruce Davis
District Attorney Jackie Lacey sent a letter to Gov. Jerry Brown last week urging him to reverse a parole panel's decision to grant Davis freedom.

The 70-year-old Davis was convicted with Manson and another man in the killings of a musician and a stuntman. He was not involved in the infamous Sharon Tate murders.

Lacey says Davis still lacks insight and genuine remorse for his crimes.

Monday will be the end of a 120-day review period by the entire parole board. If they uphold Davis' parole recommendation, Brown then has 30 days to review the decision and either approve or reject it.

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adam said...

Hey Bruce you murdering fuck, good thing they were never able to pin any of your other victims on you!

How on earth can they keep Pat locked away if this piece of work gets out?

Bing said...

adam said...
How on earth can they keep Pat locked away if this piece of work gets out?

Because Pat is responsible for 7 murders while Bruce only got nailed on 2. That is why. Let him out hes 70 fuckin years old. He's not gonna reoffend.

katie8753 said...

I wonder if Bruce ever thinks back to when he surrendered in 1970 and is rightfully embarrassed by his goonie answers to questions and appearing to be "half-wittish".

Unknown said...
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starship said...

Perhpas if the 49ers win the superbowl, the guv might be feeling good come Monday morning, no?