Thursday, December 13, 2012

Family Jams & Family Jams Two

Here's another one from the Archives.  I picked-up this album about ten years ago, and it's not bad at all.  I think its hard to find, because new copies are listed on Amazon at around Two Hundred Dollars... used copies go for One Hundred ! 

Others have posted tracks from this album on Youtube, but as far as I can tell, no one has posted the whole thing in one piece... so here it is, just for You lucky LSB3 readers.
The copy I bought, has a second Disc of outtakes and songs that didn't make it onto the original Album so I've posted that as well.

Some Wiki Info:
The Family Jams is an album featuring members of the Charles Manson "family." Recorded in or around 1970, the album was released in 1997. Although Charles Manson himself does not appear on any of the tracks, he is given writing credit for all of the songs. Most of the male vocals are sung by "family" member Steve "Clem" Grogan. Other members appearing on the album are Sandra GoodLynette FrommeCatherine "Gypsy" Share, Catherine "Cappy" Gillies, Nancy "Brenda" Pitman and Ruth Ann "Ouisch" Moorehouse


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Matt.
I really like this album... I have two copies! LOL

Hopefully, some other folks will be turned-on to the music...

Unknown said...

Yeah,I think if people heard this without knowing who it was most folks would like it.
I'd forgotten i even had it til i started organizing my discs a few weeks back.
Steve Grogan has a pretty good voice as do the Girls.

bobby said...

Matt, Thank you for this and all the cool stuff you provide. You are a freaking awesome !


Unknown said...

thanks bob.
watching the news today i have come to the conclusion that human beings suck.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree Matt. You literally took the words from my mouth.

This album is really good


Anonymous said...

No matter how much I disagree with some of you. You're all good people. Thank you all for your comments and the entertainment and joy you all bring to my days.


katie8753 said...

Thanks Josh! :)