Saturday, August 25, 2012

Casey Anthony is free:
Acquitted of murder, mom completes probation sentence
Despite the controversy over daughter Caylee’s death, she can now leave Florida, where she has been in hiding since the acquittal.

By Philip Caulfield / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, Friday, August 24, 2012

She's on the loose.

Casey Anthony has completed her year-long probation sentence for check fraud and is now free to leave the state of Florida, authorities said Friday. The 26-year-old has been in hiding since last summer, when she was acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

In a separate case before the murder trial, the alleged monster mom pleaded guilty to stealing checks from a friend during the time her tot was missing in 2008 and was placed on probation last summer.

She has not been seen in public, surfacing only in self-released video diary last fall and an interview she gave to CNN's Pierce Morgan, in which she did not appear on camera but had her comments relayed by the host.
Anthony, 26, as she appeared in a video diary that surfaced in January.
"She's lost her daughter, she's lost most or all of her family, she's lost her friends, she's reviled by a percentage of the population and that will probably never change," her lawyer, Charles Greene, told ABC News. "She will never be able to walk down the street with anonymity."

Greene said he feared for her safety, and would not give any details about her plans for the future. "If she's walking on the street and someone starts running towards her, are they running to catch a bus? Are they running to give her a hug, running to spit on her or are they running to do worse?" he told ABC News. Those are among the many things she'll have to consider in deciding, where do I go from here?"

Anthony was reportedly living in West Palm Beach after bouncing from different homes around the state.

In the video diaries, which were shot last fall and surfaced in January, she appeared unrecognizable in a short blond bob and thick black glasses.

Last month, People magazine reported that she kept a creepy memento of her dead daughter - a necklace containing the little girl's ashes.  Her mother, Cindy, reportedly had one as well, the magazine said.

In an interview with Morgan in June, Anthony admitted that she was "ashamed" of her lifestyle at the time of the little girl's death, but stuck to her story that Caylee drowned in the family's pool.

"I'm ashamed in many ways of the person that I was," she told Morgan. "Even then, that wasn't who I am. I'm 26 now, and I've gone through hell."

Greene told ABC News that there were no immediate plans for a book or movie about Anthony's life.  "There's things she wants to say, but they need to be on her time, her terms, her conditions," he said. "I hope that one day she says more."

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TomG said...

If I stayed here with you girl,
Things just couldn't be the same,
Cause I'm as free as a bird now,
And this bird you cannot change..
And this bird you cannot change!

katie8753 said...

Well baby-killing Casey claims she's going to Puerto Rico. I guess she thinks they're too dumb there to recognize her.

Casey's mother Cindy is just as nutty as she is. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

She's the one who made the necklaces out of baby Caylee's ashes, a gift of reconciliation to Casey. That's the most morbid thing I can think of. It screams that these 2 women need to be locked away from society.

I feel sorry for George Anthony. Nuff said about that.

Casey has severe mental problems which have not been treated. She's a sociopathic liar, and as such, she will get in trouble again, just like OJ Simpson.

katie8753 said...

Casey is still facing lawsuits from Texas Equusearch and Zenaida Gonzalez.

Did she ever pay her "best friend" back the $800+ dollars in hot checks she used on her wild spending spree after her beloved daughter "drowned" (cough, cough)? I think not.

She's far from being free.

TomG said...

Linda Drane Burdick gave what I thought was a brilliant, convincing closing argument sometime around July 4th of last year.

I was 100% sure of a guilty verdict. TomG, who takes pride in reading trends in American popular culture, would bet it all on the jury coming back saying guilty bitch.

What sort of human being puts duct tape over their child's nose and mouth?

katie8753 said...

Dr Drew says:

katie8753 said...

Tom, the defense basically just honed in on George Anthony to be some type of culprit, and unfortunately, George came across as a skeptical person.

But who can blame him? He was accused on the first day of opening statements that he had abused his daughter, which was absolutely untrue, there wasn't a shred of proof, and the judge even told the defense to leave it out of closing arguments completely. I'm sure George had a lot of anger about that and came across that way under re-direct by the defense.

The jury was just a bunch of clods who were tired of being there and didn't feel like arguing about it so they gave the not guilty verdict. They should all be in jail.

And George Anthony should have sued Casey and her defense team for slandering his name like that.

katie8753 said...

I thought the prosecution did an excellent job too. Another pitfall for them was that nutjob Roy Kronk.

He called in August about finding a child's body in the swamp near the Anthony home, but never followed up on it. Then in December he finally made a big stink about finding it, and they finally did. But he was also bragging to his son in November that he was going to be rich because he was going to get the reward for finding Caylee's body.

So that was another BIG speed bump for the prosecution.

TomG said...

In the state of Florida, you can murder your two year old child, throw her body in the trunk of your car, and then throw her body in the woods down the road from where you live. And then go hang out with your latest boyfriend. And then tell lie after lie to ruin who knows how many lives.

Doesn't seem right to me. But they did give her a years probation for ripping off her best friend, Amy Hunsinger. So some shit they draw the line on.

katie8753 said...

Yeah, and they gave her a few extra days in prison for telling bold-faced lies to the police investigating the disappearance of an innocent child.

Lies which bought her more time....

TomG said...

There is something strange about Casey Anthony who can tell a lie without ever flinching in anyway. Then when caught in the lie, just tells a better lie to cover up the first lie.

I mean, who takes the police to a building, and down the hallway and then says, I don't really work here. She may be a woman, but she's got balls.

TomG said...

Today, Casey Anthony still has a hundred problems. But a kid isn't one of them.

katie8753 said...

Think about it Tom. She lied to her parents for over TWO YEARS about having a job at Universal. She even went so far as to put on her uniform and name tag to make the lie more believable.

She was stealing from friends and family to get by.

Casey is very good at lying. During the 31 days after Caylee disappeared she told her mother a new lie every day about why she couldn't return to Orlando.

It's really chilling how good she is at lying. And that definitely make her a dangerous person.

She didn't get any type of treatment for her mental issues that I know of. All she did was her "video diary", which was basically self-serving.

TomG said...

And not to open up a can of worms, okay I'll open up a can of worms...

Leslie Van Houten has served over 40 years in prison in some Chino Hellhole, for stabbing a dead or dieing lady in the ass, while she had an amphetamine fueled Tex Watson standing over her making sure she did something.

But Casey Anthony is today a free American citizen. Now who do you suppose is more of a threat to public safety....Casey Anthony or 62 year old Leslie Van Houten.

katie8753 said...

Tom, my honest answer to that question is that Casey is definitely more of a threat to the public than Leslie.

BUT...the reason for that is because Casey hasn't been punished for what she did. Leslie has. It does make a difference if you have to suffer the consequences.

Since Casey got away with it, she's feeling like she can always lie and get away with anything because she already did. That's why she's dangerous.

If Leslie had gotten off scott free, I would probably have a different answer for you.

TomG said...

When I figure this goddamned world out, and all its randomness and injustice and chance, I promise all of you I will get back to you and explain it all.

In the meantime, there has to be a good ballgame on. Roy Halladay is pitching for the Phillies tonight!

katie8753 said...

Tom, if you'll remember, Leslie didn't have ANY remorse at all after the murders and during the trial. She was just "all that".

It wasn't until after she was convicted, and she found out there wasn't going to be a race war and there wasn't a bottomless pit to run to and Charlie wasn't going to "perform some magic" and get her out, and that her life was really gonna suck in prison, that she finally decided "stabbing a dead or dying lady" wasn't the smart thing to do.

katie8753 said...

Okay have a nice day. :)

TomG said...

This is an interesting jailhouse video which depicts how Casey Anthony knows how to dominate anybody who tries to reason with her.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Tom.

There are so many jailhouse recordings that show Casey's true colors. Unfortunately, the half-wit jury didn't hear them.

There's one where she calls her mom's house trying to get her boyfriend's phone number and her brother's girlfriend answers and won't give it to her and is just saying she hoped Caylee would be found, etc., and Casey blew up and said "I knew calling you guys was just a big waste of time".

It was so obvious that she didn't give a shit about her daughter. The only person she was ever thinking about was herself.

TomG said...

Thank you, Katie.

I know more about this case than I do the Tate-Labianca saga.

While it is in my nature to always defend the person who everyone hates, I'm coming up empty with Casey Anthony.

Because Caylee Anthony was a trustful child who never thought anyone would hurt her. Let alone, her Mom.

TomG said...

Decent looking white girl with big titties is why she's free.

Their are people who have been in parking lot fights that have done more time than this ho.

katie8753 said...

Tom I bought and read Jeff Ashton's book. A very good read.

I also bought Jose Baez' book and I'm still trying to get through it. It's just chapter after chapter of excuses for his behavior and Casey's, and whining about how unfairly he was treated by the prosecution, the judges, the media, his ex-wife and everyone else on this planet.

I think Casey is ugly. And....she has horseteeth. HA HA.

TomG said...

We have different opinions on female attractiveness, or lack of..

But that is not the point I wish to make here.....

Jeff Ashton and Linda Drane Burdick slam dunked a guilty verdict. Slam Dunked.

If people saw it any other way, my opinion is because they can't comprehend a pretty white girl doing something evil.

Which they can. Not often, But which they can.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Neil Armstrong, First Man on the Moon, Dies

Global hero Armstrong dies following complications resulting from cardiovascular procedures

TomG said...

Sorry to hear that Lynyrd, It was 1969, a year I kind of remember.

katie8753 said...

Neil Armstrong was a good guy. Sorry to hear that, but boy what a life he had!

katie8753 said...

What makes me so mad about this jury is that they sat day after day and listened to the TRUTH...which is that the defendant, Casey Anthony, was nothing but a heartless liar.

Why did they think she left garbage in the abandoned car? To cover up the dead body smell.

Why did they think she lied to her mother for 31 days after Caylee disappeared? To buy time. She was hoping she'd be able to lie for months before the cops even started looking for Caylee.

Why did they think she lied to the cops and lead them on a wild goosechase? Again, to buy time. The longer a body rots, the less it smells and the harder it is to locate. She's hoping without a body, there's no murder conviction.

katie8753 said...

Some of the jurors who were brave enough to speak said that the prosecution didn't prove motive and didn't prove how Caylee was killed.

I don't know how much proof they needed. The lying was enough for reasonable doubt.

The jury in the Scott Peterson trial was fantastic. They were facing the same obstacles. Lacy and the baby were finally found but so disintegrated they couldn't determine cause of death. Yet they looked at the entire case and decided that Scott Peterson was guilty.

katie8753 said...

Linda Drane Burdick said the best statement of all in the very ending of her closing arguments. It should have been the zinger in the bullseye.

She asked the question "Who would benefit most from little Caylee's death?" Then she left the slide up showing Casey partying her ass off, laughing without a care in the world and her tatoo "Bella Vita", the good life.....

TomG said...

My very first post on this thread was

If I stayed here with you girl,
Things just couldn't be the same.

When I figure out the world, I will let you all know. For the time being, it is mystery.

TomG said...

And I am sorry that Neil Armstrong died today as I remember the moment when he stepped on the moon.

No small accomplishmet.

TomG said...

Because a white girl got big ass tits, they can get away with almost any damn thing.

But I disagree with all that. In New Jersey, if you put duct tape over a child's nose and mouth, somebody gonna find you and the outcome won't be nice.

Bing said...

I know this will piss you of Katie,
I think the bitch is sexy. I know she is a psycho child killer, but I'd still feed her the high hard one.
I'm not saying I' want to be with her. I just want to fuck her.

TomG said...

That's cool. Sexuality is a whole different subject matter than morality.

The question being asked is what sort of mother murders her child because it imposes on her life?

Dilligaf said...

Ask Susan Smith or Andrea Yates...

MrPoirot said...

Casey Anthony cares a lot about the environment. She wants us to stop polluting the water and air. She cares about the trees and animals.

TomG said...

I'm not asking any of those bitches why they killed their children.

And I'm not saying there might be a tipping point where raising an infant might take you to a stretching point.

But I am saying that good and decent people, 100% of the time, will always take care of their young.

If I'm wrong, put it along all the other stuff I seem to be wrong aboutl

katie8753 said...

>>>I know this will piss you of Katie,
I think the bitch is sexy. I know she is a psycho child killer, but I'd still feed her the high hard one.
I'm not saying I' want to be with her. I just want to fuck her.>>>

Bing I'm ashamed of you, but you do what you want. Fuck away. I hope you don't get an STD.

A big titted woman is better than nothing.

Use protection. !!! The crazed is after the crazeee..... HAHA

katie8753 said...

That Bing is trying to engage me into something that won't happen...

I know who he is.

I have something more important to say than that.

katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...

Bada bing...HAHA

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I don't know Katie… I think you’re over-reacting.

I find Casey Anthony very attractive (physically) myself.

Under the present circumstances... no... I probably wouldn't go near her.

But under normal circumstances... sure... I'd have sex with Casey.
She’s good-looking.

In fact...
Even under the present circumstances... assuming complete anonymity, like at "Spring break" LOL... ('cuz I don't want her in my life).... and some serious birth control measures, LOL... ('cuz I don't want my baby killed)... and a condom ('cuz I don't want STD's)... yeah, I might go for it.

What if I lived deep in the jungles of Australia, and I had no idea who "Casey Anthony" was?
She comes to Australia for a "guided tour"... and Boom! LOL
There's gotta be at least one guy in the world, who doesn't know who Casey is.
Does it make him a "bad guy", if he finds her attractive?

I'm exaggerating a bit now for a laugh... but my point, is this:

I don't see anything wrong with Bing's (physical) attraction to Casey... in and of itself.
I also find Casey physically attractive.
That DOESN'T mean we condone her actions.

As Tom said:
"Sexuality is a whole different subject matter than morality".

Because I find someone pysically attractive, doesn't mean I support murder.
Just as you Katie:
I desperately wanted Casey to be convicted... and I was very disappointed, when she wasn't.

I found Susan Atkins... and crazy Lynnette Fromme... very attractive (physically), as well.
I’ve stated that many times.
It doesn't mean anything.
It just means they're physically attractive to me, personally.

Case in point:
Years ago... my ex-girlfriend told me, that she found Ted Bundy incredibly handsome.

Her exact words were:
"Boy... you'd never expect such an incredibly handsome man, to be a killer. I can see why a lot of women trusted him. I probably would have trusted him too"

"It is, what it is" Katie.
Ted Bundy was a good-looking man.
I didn’t hold it against her.

How many women on these boards rave over Bobby Beausoleil?
Miss Spiritual Tramp posts Bobby's photo once a week, on facebook. LOL

Some criminals are physically attractive... it's just a fact.
They don’t all look like John Gacy. LOL

I'll go as far, as to say this:
Most guy's probably won't "cop to it"... but, truth be told... the young damsels in Manson's harum, are certainly, a strong initial attraction to this case... for most young men.
Like it, or not... or "cop to it", or not... it's a fact.

Truth us... if Manson's "crew" had been comprised of all men... I likely wouldn't be here, right now.
Gods-honest truth.

Sexuality is a part of our make-up... and it's a pervasive part of this Manson saga.
There's just no getting around it.

My two cents...


katie8753 said...

That must be a guy thing I guess. I can't imagine anyone wanting to go within 100 feet of her.

I think Bobby WAS cute, but I sure wouldn't have sex with him. Yuch.

MrPoirot said...

Wasn;t it a Star Trek episode that delt with a montrous looking space creature that could morph into human form and become a sexy bombshell babe?

Picard wouldn't jump that morph babe but I'm sure Kirk wouldn't think twice about doing her.

The point of the episode was "beauty is only skin deep".
Characteristics such as compassion and empathy do not necesarily come with great beauty.

katie8753 said...

Mr. P., supposedly Captain Kirk had an affair with Lt. Uhura in real life while they were filming Star Trek. I think he liked the ladies. LOL.

I saw a Star Trek blooper once that showed Captain Kirk walking toward that door that opens really quickly and it didn't open and he ran right into it. HA HA.

MrPoirot said...


katie8753 said...

Back at cha babe! LOL

Venus said...

I never understood how Casey could disappear with Caylee for days on end and George and Cindy didn't seem concerned?? Also, they all lived in the same house. How could the grandparents not know who was supposedly babysitting their grandchild? What if there'd been an emergency? They wouldn't have known who had her, where she was, didn't have a phone number and so on. Of course, I don't think she ever really had a babysitter but I still can't figure out the grandparents attitudes. The whole family has issues. Poor Caylee never had a chance.

katie8753 said...

Venus, that family is definitely not "normal". LOL.

katie8753 said...

Here's some new news on Casey Anthony. This was decided yesterday.

A judge in Orange County has allowed a motion filed by Zanny the Nanny's attorneys that Casey Anthony has to reveal any and all income she has currently and any future prospects.

I heard yesterday that it's alleged (doesn't make it true) that Cindy & George Anthony have been using money that was put into a fund for little Caylee by Dr. Phil to support Casey. If that's true it will come out, and it's probably the lowest, pathetic thing the Anthonys have ever done.

Venus said...

I've heard that they spent that money too. If it's true, you're right. It's totally despicable. The family is ridiculously pathetic. As sad as it is to say this, Caylee is in a much better place.

katie8753 said...

Venus, I agree! Caylee was born into the wrong family. (:

katie8753 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
katie8753 said...

Sorry that comment posted twice. LOL.

G. Knight said...

Oh please. That's not even the same girl. That whole thing was a hoax.

fiona1933 said...

So clearly innocent! Only have to watch one interview with her father to see something was far far wrong. Poor Casey. Not a single person could be found to say she was a bad mother. Her brother said she put her kid first before everything. The child followed her everywhere. She must have nearly gone mad looking at Kaylee's little shoes and toys, knowing she was rotting in a laundry bag in the woods. Who can blame her for trying to drown it out? No funeral to have, no goodbye, just the terrible shock of the death followed by her father's domination of her, insistence on dumping the body.

There's an interview, when Casey was in jail with her mum and dad. Her mum is looking down and doesnt see Casey and dad's reaction. Mum says: The latest theory is, Kaylee drowned in our pool" and Casey and dad suddenly stiffen and look so guilty, especially dad, and Casey says "surprise surprise" which makes no sense! I nearly fell from my chair when I saw it!

That father abused Kaylee, she died trying to get away from him and he wanted her dumped to hide traces of abuse. He was an ex-cop, he knew about evidence. He abused Casey, and it's terribly hard, when in shock, not to respond to the one who controls you . As we see with the Manson girls. Leslie stabbing Mrs LaBianca.

I feel so sorry for Casey. People should at least stop and consider her innocence. She has lost her kid and everyone thinks she did it. What a nightmare.