Monday, July 16, 2012

Well... they say jealousy is the green-eyed monster, and I guess it's true.

Evidently "Panamint Patty" invested her entire night, searching the comments section of every Manson blog in cyberspace...(all the way back to 2009)... looking for the name "Patty Montgomery"... in an effort to discredit Katie.
AND... she did this on her birthday no less.

One has to wonder, what would motivate such behavior.
Are we really this petty?

Just three things:

#1) Evidently, there are others who (previously) suspected that Krenwinkel, may have been the Patty Montgomery from Garretson's polygraph test. 
But, here's the rub:
KATIE is the FIRST to actually match the polygraph test, to the alias list.
No one else had heretofore, identified "Patty Montgomery", as one of Krenwinkel's aliases.
That is, in fact, a level of research which has never-before been presented by others.

#2) I can tell you for fact:
When Katie (originally) contacted me, with this information... she had not personally read it elsewhere.  Her excitement was clear indication of that fact.

#3) Brian Davis personally contacted Katie, to do this interview. 
He asked her to do it... it was not her idea.
Katie's "Patty Montgomery" thread was written last October... with not a ripple of rebuttal. 
Now... because Brian asked Katie to explain her thread (9 months later) on the radio... Panamint Patty is turning cyberspace upside down to cause trouble?

I'm really getting too old for this baby crap.

I've done my absolute best to ignore you, for a few months now.
I think I've done a pretty good job of that... but during times like this, you make it nearly impossible.
Matt and Liz have never given me any grief at all... it's always you.
Seriously Patty... let it go.
This "tit-for-tat" crap is getting really old.
Katie was on the radio, and folks enjoyed it... get over it.

Try as you might, you can't change yesterday... and you're only demonstrating to everyone, how petty you are....

You've also insulted Brian Davis indirectly, whether you realize it, or not.


PS... I can't believe, I was forced to waste a chunk of my day on this foolishness... and consequently, bury some very nice threads.


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


You accepted Brian's invitation to discuss an old thread... and you did a FABULOUS job.

Nothing more... nothing less.

Some folks have to create drama, out of everything...

katie8753 said...

For the record, I had never read about any information regarding Patty Montgomery possibly being Patricia Krenwinkel ANYWHERE, so it was NEW to me.

Brian, please don't let petty jealousy try to undermine and ruin a GREAT radio broadcast. You did a stupendous job, as usual. :)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Don't lie Katie...

You stole that information from the TOTL comments section, where you're not even a member.

And... from TLB2, where neither of us, have ever visited.

Patty's link to TOTL, doesn't even work for me.
It says the page doesn't exist.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Brian Davis:

I really wish you would come on here, and set the record straight.
Or more specifically... set "Patty" straight.

Katie IS, in fact, the first person to actually match Garretson's polygraph test, to Krenwinkel's alias list.
That's a connection, and level of evidence, which (to my knowledge) has never-before been presented, by anyone... ever.

But regardless...
Katie accepted your invitation with no agenda... and was very humble throughout the interview.
Katie doesn't deserve this kind of bullshit, from the peanut gallery.
In the end, Katie stated point-blank, that this "Montgomery" connection was a possibility... not a fact.

As I said...
Katie was very humble throughout... and never pushed this topic on anyone.
Her thread was written 9 months ago, for cripes sakes.

Now, you're seeing "Panamint Patty", for what she really is.
Take close notes.

katie8753 said...

Garbage dump oh garbage dump
Why are you called a garbage dump
Garbage dump oh garbage dump
That sums it up, in one big lump


LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

From the Starcity Radio chat room today:

"Just wanted to say great show last night. I now think Garretson and Krenwinkel knew each other. Your guest did an unbelivable job of connecting those dots."

Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Now Patty's search goes back to 2008. LOL

She really needs to seek help.

In the end...
Patty's only busting Brian Davis' balls... because during the radio show... Katie never touted this subject as having "never been discussed before".
Katie never said that... or even eluded to such a notion, while "on-air".
It was Brian who presented the subject, as such.
Brian presented the subject matter... and Katie simply answered his questions... and she did a FABULOUS job of it!

The fact that Katie did a GREAT job, is what's got Patty's goat.
That's what this is really all about.
So what if the topic has been discussed before?
Who cares?

I hope Patty spends her entire day pulling-up old comments from 4-5 years ago! LOL
She's just demonstrating her own madness...

Have fun Patty! LOL
You evidently have WAY too much time on your hands... and way too much hate, in your heart.
I'm going to the gym. LOL

bobby said...

Thank you Lynyrd, You did a great jod dealing with this latest attempt to bring someone down. The fact that it is Katie after she did such a great job, I would have lost it ranted and raved made a fool out of myself.

Katie great job, loved your content, and your voice is now forever etched in my mind. lol. The fact that someone would want to take away from your moment is the the greatest form of flatery (sp) and we all know it !! smooooch!!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Thanks Bob.

Katie did a great job... and the folks at the radio show love her.

Jealousy... it's an ugly emotion.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Bobby! You're so sweet!

If Patty had just insulted me personally, I wouldn't have cared less because I don't value her opinion. But she decided, in a jealous snit, to insult the entire radio broadcast, which includes Brian and LC, people that I really like and care about. Nice people who don't deserve this type of trailer-trash behavior.

And you know what happens when people insult people I care about....LOL.

katie8753 said...

Illeism (from Latin ille meaning "he") is the act of referring to oneself in the third person instead of the more appropriate first person.

Illeism is also a device used to show idiocy, such as the character Mongo in Blazing Saddles, e.g. "Mongo like candy" and "Mongo only pawn in game of life."

katie8753 said...

Instances of illeism that could be considered unhealthy, psychologically, or the presentment of approaches to diagnoses that are not psychological, might be using illeism in an inappropriate place or situation, or using illeism excessively without control, especially when it is clear that the audience has no understanding of what someone is talking about due to the speaker's use of the illeism.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

This is all so unfortunate, unnecessary and ridiculous... and here's why:

Threads and radio shows, only have a shelf-life of about 3 days.

Believe me:
Within 3 days of a thread getting "buried"... or a radio show being "aired"... people forget completely, and move-on to the next topic, or show.

The TLB world has a very short attention span.
After 72 hours... folks move-on to the next thread... (or, in this case) radio braodcast.

The sad part is this:
If Patty had been able to contain her "hate" until thursday... this entire radio show thing, would have come and gone,without incident.
Like everything else in TLB-Land... this subject would have disappeared like yesterday's newspaper.
Trust me... folks are not going to be talking about Katie's radio show program, 2 weeks from now.
That's the nature of this beast.

Everything in TLB-Land (believe me) is short-lived.

Patty just couldn't stand to give Katie her 3 days in the sun... and here we are.

It's really as simple, as that.

She's accomplishing nothing, other than burning bridges with Brian Davis, over next to nothing.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Katie... let it go.

At the end of the day... who cares?

Someone we don't even know, is sitting on a computer digging-up old bones, out of jealousy.

Big deal...

Don't waste another minute of your day, on this crap.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I seems Ray Allen, will be playing for the Miami Heat, come next year.

From what I hear... the Celtics actually offered Allen 33% MORE money (than the Heat)... but, Ray felt he had a better chance of winning a championship, with them.

Talk about a slap in the face. LOLOL

bobby said...

I agree. Let it go Katie.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Saint C...

Sorry about your wife's untimely hospital visit.
I'm glad she's going to be fine.

leary7 said...

hey Katie, the Dailybeast has three more filing against Sandusky. Does that mean I owe you a chicken sandwich and soda off the dollar menu at McDonalds? I forget what we bet.
Just kidding.
Didn't have access last night but am really looking forward to hearing your interview when it is posted on Brian's site. I am curious if you have a Texas drawl.
For like the fifth time in the past month it is hotter here in St Paul today than in Texas. 102 today in Minnesota. Next summer I am going to Iceland.
I hope you bought yourself a new dress for your interview. Tell Lynyrd to take it out of petty cash.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Feel free to bring your conversations from earlier threads, up to here.

It's time to get back on track, and leave this worthless conversation behind.

I apologize for allowing this nonsense to derail everyone's fun, for 8 hours.
My bad...

How's your maple syrup hobby going?

leary7 said...

It is a kick that Katie and Lynyrd are such good pals. Using their avatars, I was trying to imagine a conversation between Archie and Sadie Mae Glutz. I think ol Arch might even have used something stronger than dingbat.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hey Leary!

Thanks for changing the subject!

Please... Katie complains about the "Texas heat" to me EVERY freakin' day!
She has me convinced it's 200 degrees in the shade... and precipitation NEVER falls! LOL
Basically... I'm picturing the bowels of HELL!!! hahaha

Trust me...
DON'T get her started on the "Texas Heat"! LOLOL

I bet Katie would look HOT in a sun-dress.
She's got a very slight build.

leary7 said...

there is very little I enjoy more in life, Lynyrd, than a sassy Texas lady in a sun dress. Send me the bill, and any photos taken.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Leary said:
"I was trying to imagine a conversation between Archie and Sadie Mae Glutz. I think ol Arch might even have used something stronger than dingbat."

I think Archie is the one person, who may have been able to "snap Susan out of it".

Archie would have been a wake-up call, 100 times more effective than Paul Crockett!

Better yet:
Archie VS Manson!

"You gonna eat that?
Your plate looks like the bottom of a hamster cage".


Believe me...
If Archie had spent one f#ckin' summer at Spahn's... the murders never would have taken place! LOL

...and Manson would have been wearing that acoustic guitar, like a hat! LOL

The music starts:


bobby said...

curious if you have a Texas drawl.

Leary, I heard it it first I heard it live and It was/is heavenly !

eat your heart out ! lol.

Lynyrd, Thanks for asking Sugaring season is March/April & the weather this year provided a poor short season. I hope the folks who make a living off it did ok.

leary7 said...

as I said recently when someone chastized the takes all kinds to make an interesting blog. Just roll with it. Personally, I have learned to love that there are different types here, as well as different agendas and so on. If there weren't, hell this place would be as boring as a strip club on Xmas morning.
Sadly, I've been there.

leary7 said...

allright, I am looking forward to that Bobby. I call an old girlfriend in Houston once a month and just let her vent for an hour or so just to hear that drawl. It does relax me so.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Leary... you would have been in heaven, because Brian's young "female intern" (also on the broadcast)... is ALSO from Texas.
TWO Texas gals, on the same broadcast!

"LC" (Brian's intern) is a smokin'-hot young filly... and when Katie and her get-goin' back and forth with the Texas drawls... you're gonna lose your mind.
(If not something else) LOLOL

bobby said...

I think people go after ST out of jealosy. Like he says it is easy to lay in \wait trash what someone puts out there.

It's much more to put your opinion out there. The envious trash him for it>

oh and how dare he use double space, who da f does he think he is . That is some funny shit because lots of folks use double space.

Brian Davis said...

I don't want to rehash this if we are trying to bury it but every single word that Lynyrd Skynyrd said on this thread is true.

First, Katie, 3rd Person Patty's comments were laughable for me. I mean in that whole interview and program, the one thing she picked out was that this topic wasn't "new" ? LOL ! Don't worry, Patty's post only confirms what a great job you did last night on the TLB Radio Program.

I do not understand the purpose of Patty's point.

I asked Katie to come on. Katie was a great guest and it seems we accomplished at least an interesting program.

The heat, if any shouldn't be on Katie or the LSB3 but should be on me.

I was the one who promoted the program as "NEW" information.

And actually if you read my promo it said,
"She (Katie) also put together some interesting factual pieces of the TLB puzzle that I haven't seen or heard before.

I said "I hadnt seen before".

But as Lynyrd said, Katie actually took it a step further to almost cement it, imo.

So my horrible mistake was that I said "new" instead of another adjective ? LMAO !! Ohhhh K ! Maybe 3rd persn Patty can join forces with that TLB Nazi Cats and they can spend the rest of their lives chasing us.

I mean Katie is posting relevant, intriguing, thought provoking TLB posts and 3rd Person Patty is over there posting about her fantasy birthday cake with Manson as her icing.

And it's funny how Patty acts like it's not "new" information however, Patty didnt seem to know about it did she ? Afterall, she sat up searching herself.

And here I even wished her a happy birthday. Doesnt look like it was too happy. And what the hell is up with talking in the 3rd person anyway ?

So, technically, I apologize for using the term "new".

3td Person Patty made her point and she is right on that.

But it's such an irrelevant point.

And I'm sure if we went back and combed thru 3rd Person Patty's posts, we'd find her share of mistakes and gaffe's as well.

I'm sorry 3rd Person Patty missed the point of the "excellent program" last night.

I try to bring all the blogs and websites together every week to discuss things like Katie's great post or other great points of TLB that has been overlooked or buried deep in the bowels of websites and blogs. And despite the haters we are drawing almost 300 listeners/show.

So despite the "Patty's" and "Cat's" of the TLB world I will do what I've done in radio for almost 20 years, we will march on with THE ONLY TLB RADIO PROGRAM ON THE PLANET !

The Tate-LaBianca Radio Program ONLY at:

Thank you, Katie, Lynyrd and the LSB3

leary7 said...

check Brian for a pulse...tagged teamed (audio wise) by two sweet talking Texas fillys...although discussing Pat K would be salt peter for me.
Wait, what is salt peter? I better google that.

Brian Davis said...

"Katie did a great job... and the folks at the radio show love her."

Damn right we do ! She brings a lot to our TLB table !

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Thanks for your visit, and supportive commentary.

Most of all... thanks for backing my word.

I'm not a man to fabricate... and your testimony here, underscores that I'm being truthful and accurate.
I appreciate that greatly.

Thank You for stepping-up to the plate, and setting things straight.
That takes courage.
You've demonstrated yourself as a man of character.

Much Respect... Very Sincerely, Lynyrd.

katie8753 said...

Brian, thanks for your comments. I'm sorry you got caught in the crossfire of a jealous entity. I should have known that might happen, but being somewhat of a "Pollyanna", I hoped it wouldn't and we could all just play fair.

This sandbox should be big enough for everyone to play in, but unfortunately, every once in a while, someone's gotta kick up some sand.

Anyway, your Star City Radio Show is the BEST!! I've said it many times, and it's the truth! I'll be back again next Sunday, rooting you on! :)

katie8753 said...

With that said, I'll say no more about Peppermint Patty. BUT...I do reserve the right to henceforth refer to her as "Mongo". HA HA HA.

katie8753 said...

Leary, I heard on the news this morning that another 3 "victims" emerged from the woodwork to jump on that Sandusky money train. That brings the total to 6 so far. You bet no more than 5. Sorry big guy, you lost.

And I believe I had raised you to a nice Prime Rib dinner and a case of Champagne. :)

Anonymous said...

" once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right"

Jerry Garcia from Scarlet Begonias


People have a hard time thinking drunkin inbreds can actually figure something out that none of the "Real Scholars" were able to???

lol- good for you Katie- I think this was a huge find and I give you much credit for finding the most important possible connection that I have heard since I started studying this- it would be incredible if they knew each other- change so many things...

Or Maybe...

People have a hard time believing Katie and L/S are not the same person??

Whatever the case

I really respect Patty and like her very much as I have recently stated...

lets hope this was a fumble and not an issue going forward for any of you... everyone gets a couple of get out of jail free cards in this case dont they?

God knows we all do things that we wish we could have back

your all great people and these are both such great sites

WE All need to remember sometimes to just lead with our ideas and not judge each other - but debate each other with respect... and when we all work together- we have many great minds to put together and we might someday make a dent in this whole mess...

or we can make a whole mess putting dents in each other??

Makes no sense to me....

Something for all of us to think about....

"Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people."

Eleanor Roosevelt

lets all do better every one of us

MrPoirot said...

OMG, we're quoting Elanor Roosevelt. She could fit right in with the Family's sexualty.

C'mon folks, the 60s began 25 years before the 60s.

Here wew are in the mouth of another depression and we've learned nothing.

Does anybody know that if our president is re-elelected that he and his AG will level charges at Gibson Guitar Co that will end guitar manufacturing in the US forever.

Twice Gibson Guitar has been raided by agents with automatic rifles(M16s) and millions of dollars in guitar specific woods have been confiscated BUT NO CHARGES FILED!

If Obama is re-elected those charges will be filed and the Les Paul, ac/dc Gibson SG will be erased as American icons of art.

Even the famous Firebird guitar played in Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar solos in Freebird and ALL their other songs will be outlawed.

Anonymous said...

LOL Well I tried my best...

Im getting out of the way then

so sad that there are people out there who are dying to see this mess get bigger and bigger....

I quoted the Dead as well- doesn't that count for something...

Ill be back in a few days when the brawling is over...

Good luck all

katie8753 said...

Well, it's time to wish you all a sweet goodnight. Just like Romeo.

I love that balcony scene.

"Sweet goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say goodnight, 'til it be morrow".

Night Mongo. Don't do anything I wouldn't. HA HA!!!

Lynn said...

Don't post much and do not visit the blogs like I used to. Sorry, Katie that I missed your podcast. Will try and catch it when it's available. I commend you and sure it was really good. You are very diligent in your research and stand very strongly in your beliefs. I admire that. Please don't let others get you down. Be proud of your accomplishments and having this opportunity. I am sure it was great.

MrPoirot said...

Wow! I'm the only American in this blog!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Saint.

I respect your opinion, and your effort to make peace.

Don't sweat it.
As far as I'm concerned, it's over.
I've already given this issue, way too much credence.

However, if you want "the truth", here it is:

Patty simply doesn't like Katie.
That's the beginning and end of it.

Patty's thread had no legitimate research value.
It was not good-faith research for everyone's benefit.
It was simply an effort to discredit Katie's radio broadcast out of spite.
"Rain on her parade", as it were.

Sometimes, you have to call "a spade a spade" regardless of the consequences... and that's the truth.

In the end, Patty accomplished nothing... because Katie never stated that the Garretson/Krenwinkel subject had never-ever been discussed before, anyway.
Katie never pushed that notion.

Anyway... who cares if it's been previously mentioned?
Katie and Brian shed renewed light on an obscure forgotten topic, and brought new evidence to the table.
All who listened to the program, enjoyed it, and agreed they did a fabulous job!
I received several emails, applauding the broadcast.
My mailbox was full this morning!

Everyone enjoyed it, except one strange individual.
(Well... maybe two, as Brian alluded)
Seems kinda peculiar to me, that all these TOTL links keep popping-up.
Patty and Cats???
Could it be?
Has hell completely frozen over? LOL
Eh... who cares.

I have no issue with Matt or Liz.
Matt minds his own business... and Liz, to her credit, has never even mentioned my name.
Other than deleting every comment I've ever made over there (LOL)... Liz has never gone out of her way, to give me any grief at all... not even once.
Neither of them, concern themselves with my blog, or it's subject matter.

Patty on the other hand, can be a complete pain in the ass.
Saint... that's "the truth".

I generally ignore Patty at all costs... but, this radio broadcast was very important to Katie, and she was understandably proud of it.
Brian's weekly radio program (in-general) also means a lot to Katie... as does, Brian's friendship.
Saint... I was forced into a situation.
Bottom line:
I don't like to fight.
But in this particular situation... I had to deal with Patty, whether I wanted to, or not.
I don't enjoy this stuff.

That's the whole situation, in a not-so-small nutshell.

Brian has already vouched for my word, and the facts of this situation.

Now Saint... it's over.

Peace... Lynyrd

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Please everyone... let this subject die a slow death! LOL

MrPoirot said...

All guitars no atter how cheap are hand crafted. The best guitars in the world since R&R began have been made in America. Even the Beatles were all playing American guitars as they progressed into their genius stage.

I beg all of the democrats in this blog to not vote in 2012.

If Obama is re-elected he will have AG Eric Holder attack, destroy and forever end Gibson Guitar because their CEO did not donate to Obama n 2008.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Lynn!!!

It's good to see you.
I was a bit "harsh" with you, the last time we communicated, in regards to that Beach Boys' remake of Manson's music. LOL
I apologize.

I hope you're doing well.

Thanks for your kind commentary!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


I have no idea what you're talking about politically... but, I agree that... American-made guitars are (with few exceptions) the best in the world.

American-made Gibson and Fender electrics... and C.F. Martin & Company acoustics... are industry standards.

katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
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katie8753 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

katie you did a great job sunday night and thats all that matters.
don't let this shit get you upset...just let it go as l/s would say.
if you had sucked on the show none of her jealousy would exist.
enjoy what you did and don't get dragged down by peoples petty bs.
you getting upset is exactly what she wants so don't give her that and you win....twice.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Well said MattP... well said.

Anonymous said...


I dont want your wrath- not in any way

I am your friend and you have been mine and thats why I can tell you that sometimes less is more...

when a statement is so obviously made- there are times when the loudest sound is silence

You had a fantastic find- and a very important one- you had a moment when all our collective eyes were on you- and you nailed it!!

Then someone else did something petty and everyone rallied around you. The source of the show came to your defense and made it very clear there was no doubt who was wrong and who was right....

and it was over and you won huge!!!

At this point you can not be wrong and it is a slam dunk....

UNLESS.... you DONT leave it at that

I am the last one maybe who should be saying this...

but doesn't that also mean I should know?

Going completely over the edge bonkers against someone - regardless if it is deserved...

is going to change the subject from wrong or right- to normal versus something not quite right with this person...

and we all know that isn't the case with either of us...

We just like to hit back much harder when hit first:)

Your a big winner in all this

you dont need to fight this one

and you especially dont need to fight me

I am always going to be your drunkin inbred friend...

You do whatever you feel is best either way...

this is just some advice I learned from people like L/S and you....

Anonymous said...

nope on second thought it is official...

I AM the last person on Earth who should be saying this ;)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Saint... you're 100% correct.

I explained the EXACT same things to Katie last night... literally verbatim.

Myself and Brian, have already explained everything... down to the finest detail.
It's a slam-dunk.

There's no need for Katie to say another word.

Folks already have the story.

The only thing the opposition can do now, is grab at straws, and analize Katies rants.
Why give them, that much?

To Katie:
Myself and Brian went to bat for you yesterday, and closed this case conclusively.
We're two of the most respected, and convincing dudes in cyberspace.
We already handed Patty her hat... and her ass.
As your lawyer... I'm telling you to "shut the fuck up" now... and enjoy the win!

Saint you're right:
Some folks just don't know when they've already won.

For the record:
The "anonymous" who reposted Katie's comments at Colonel's, is a coward.

As for Suze, she's an instigator.
She's never added substance, information, or insight to any conversation.
She only crawls out of the woodwork, to participate in trouble.
She truly is, the biggest retard, and waste of space online.

Let them grab at their straws... It's kinda funny actually.

For once in your life, take my word.
It's over... you won.
Brian and I, already took care of it.
"Move on". LOLOL

Anonymous said...

Well I hope its cool....

Dont want to make choices or draw lines personally...

But I really like you all very much!!

I am outta here- off to the Keys for a few days of R/R...

and maybe a few other things as well lol

see you all soon

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

How 'bout those new Celtics acquisitions? LOLOL

We need a little "Leary" right now... with his famous subject-changing, "What if's"! LOLOL

Katie needed one night to "get it all off her chest". LOL
Understandable to an extent...

... And, although I don't condone or participate in Katie's rants... I suppose Patty kinda deserved some of it. LOL

Katie... I'll give you a mulligan for last night.

But please... make this a "one night only" show. LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Damn Saint...

Do you EVER work? LOL

You're like that Beach Boys title:
"Endless Summer".
"Endless vacation", might actually be more accurate. LOL

Have fun Bro!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Saint is like a living-breathing "Ferris Bueller"! LOLOL

leary7 said...

Lynyrd, you know that old joke that starts with "a man walked into a bar....".
Didn't Archie own a bar at the end of the show? So one day ol Charlie walks in, sits down at the end of the bar (did he drink?) and is in the mood to talk about his "girl" troubles.
Archie and Charlie. It might be a pretty good one act play.

leary7 said...

You'd have to write the Archie dialogue. Is there a poster who is skilled at emulating Manson's mindset and verbal garbage?

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Yeah... Archie eventually bought "Kelsey's"... his favorite neighborhood bar, towards the end of "All in the Family".
Many scenes were shot in "Kelsey's".

They made a spin-off show... after "All in the Family" ended.
The spin-off was called "Archie's Place", which (of course) was the name, Archie had given the bar, after he bought it.

In the spin-off... Edith was already dead, Meathead and Gloria divorced... and it was literally just Archie, on the show.
The show struggled for a season or two... and finally collapsed.
I mean... what's "Archie" without Edith, and the family?

Archie certainly DID drink.
His first words walking through the door (after work), in every episode were:
"Get me a beer, will-ya Edith"

Correct pronunciation:
"Gemme a bea, will-ya Edit"

Anonymous said...

Its a whachamacall it Hippy Pollack thing Edit...

if that Manson guy could just stifle himself there for a minute- we could figure out if he knows what the colored's are up to or not ya see?

somebody ought to bathe that guy though Edit cuase he smells like the basement down at Kelsies bar....

Anonymous said...

Now I really gotta run- Mrs. C is calling from the car :)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Actually... that's a pretty funny idea Leary.

I could play "Archie"... and someone adept at "Manson-isms" could open an account with Manson as their avatar (photo)... and we could have a hilarious dialogue!

I'm game!

Any good "Manson" impersonators, out there? LOLOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

"Its a whachamacall it Hippy Pollack thing Edit..."


Saint is a better "Archie" than me!!!

"if that Manson guy could just stifle himself there for a minute- we could figure out if he knows what the colored's are up to or not ya see?

somebody ought to bathe that guy though Edit cuase he smells like the basement down at Kelsies bar...."

Freakin' Priceless!

OK... Saint is Archie!

Do we have a Manson volunteer?

The Manson role has your name, all over it Bro! LOLOL

(Stormsurge is a freakin' scream!)

MattP would be pretty good too! LOLOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


I'd make a whole new thread for this, if anyone is game.
Photos of Archie and Manson, and all. LOL
Maybe a video clip toggling between the two of them, to set the mood.

Leary would get full credit for the thread, of course. LOL

katie8753 said...

I DO feel better. Got it all off my chest.

Well I'm glad "that blog" finally wished Mongo a happy birthday. Maybe her panties are somewhat unwadded now.

Someone posted my comments at the Col's? Should I be flattered? Let's see....who could have been responsible for that?.....LOL.

And poor Suze. Always on the outside looking in. The one who is always left on the bench and never chosen to play with the big kids. The only comments she has to offer have to include some type of lame insult to someone on this blog. I guess she's jealous because she knows she will never be accepted here. So sad......

This is me...wiping a tear.....HA HA HA.

katie8753 said...

Matt, thanks so much bro! There are certain people in this blog-o-sphere whose every word has meaning and you are one of those few.

Thanks! :)

katie8753 said...

St. Circumstance! What can I say? You just about said it all!

Have fun in the Keys, and I have to say you remind me of Kramer. He never really seemed to have a job, but he had plenty of dough. LOL.

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd, Archie Bunker VS Manson?? No contest. HA HA. Archie wins every time.

Like you said, if Archie had been at Spahn's Ranch, there never would have been any killing.

But on the other hand, can you imagine Archie even setting foot in that rat's nest??

I'd love to hear what adjectives Archie would come up with to describe that mess.

"Bottom of a hamster cage". LOL

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Katie.

Feelin' better today hun? LOLOL

I really wish I could just put You, Patty and Suze in one small cage, and let you all kill each other. LOL

Life would be so much quieter, for the rest of us!

Truth be told... you're all cut from the same cloth.
None of you, ever tire of the drama... and your apologies expire in a week.

One quick "cage match" to the death, and the rest of us, can finally "move on" in peace!!!

The irony here... is that you crazy bitches, would probably get-along swimmingly in-person.
Trust me...
You have more in common, than any of you will ever realize, or admit.

It takes two sides to create a ridiculous argument... and you ladies are made for each other.

Sorry Katie...
But, it's true.

Let's be honest... you're ALL f#ckin' nuts. LOL

Or, as my Dad used to say:
"One's as bad, as the other".

THAT'S the Gods-honest truth.

That's why, the drama never ends... and will never end.

Patty DID needlessly start and instigate THIS ONE out of jealousy.. which is SO lame... but Katie, you've definitely started your share as well.
It's like a tennis match.
You'll "start" the next one... and Patty will "start" the one after that.
It's a predictable pattern.

As soon as I saw "Patty" on that radio show... I knew something was coming... and it wasn't a tea party.

You're ALL nuts... and I'm washing my hands of it, like "Pontius Pilate"! LOL

Do you ever see me fighting with any of the men?

Do you ever see ANY of the men (from ANY of the blogs) fighting on an ongoing basis?
No... you don't

It's always the same crazy women... every time... with an undying thirst for drama.

Give it up ladies... it was old a year ago.

katie8753 said...

Lynyrd....go to the gym.....LOL.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I am...

I'm done.
This crapola has pressed-on for 36 hours now.
I've got better things to do with my day... than sort-out "lady drama".

If anyone has a thread submission... send it in.
I'd like to bury this misery, once and for all.

As of now... I don't have a new thread lined-up, as I've had little free time (between this crap, and other responsibilites).

This thread will (unfortunately) remain at the top (by default), until someone sends something in.

I had posted a few great threads, which were garnering great conversation... until this ridiculous BS came along, and buried my quality threads.

If anyone wants to hear Katie's spectacular interview from sunday evening's Star City Radio program... it will be uploaded to Brian's podcast page, soon.


Johnnyseattle said...

LynardSkynardBand is spot on.

Mrstormsurge said...

Mike Stivic: Why couldn't they say "Buddha, bless you" in Chinese?

Archie Bunker: Because they don't say that, that's why. If they say... Well, if they say anything at all, it's "Sayonara".

Mike Stivic: That's Japanese.

Archie Bunker: Same thing.

Mike Stivic: It's not the same thing!

Archie Bunker: What are you talking about? You put a Jap and a Chink together, you gonna tell me which is which?

Mike Stivic: That's right, because I find out about them. I talk to them as individuals.

Archie Bunker: Sure you talk to them. You say, "Which one of you guys is the Chink?"

Mike Stivic: [yells] I don't believe this. He's making me crazy!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi JohnnySeattle!!!

Good to see you on the blog!

Suze said...

That's what I thought. No balls whatsoever. You threw Katie under the bus and won't even respond to direct questions about it. Coward...

leary7 said...

Archie to Charlie as he puts a beer down in front of him...
"Sorry, kid, but it's been a slow day and I gotta ask. What's with all the hair? My son-in-law, ex son-in-law thank the Almighty, he's got the long hair and the beard too. I always figured there were like a million dust mites hiding in that forest on his face. I was afraid to stand close to him and have the ticks or mini-bugs or what ever ya call em jump over on me.
I mean, no offense, but ain't you itchy? Don't get me wrong, you pay for your beers and I don't care if your hair is pink and braided. But doesn't your face and neck like the feel of a cool breeze?"
"It's all about keepin my ladies happy, old man. I grew up with Slim WHitman, I dig the clean and slick look. But the babes in my tribe are all into the natural, the monutain man thing. I'm all about pleasin the womenfolk. It gives em the illusion of power."

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


You are quite simply, a day late and a dollar short.

I cleared my schedule sunday evening, to catch Brian's radio show.
Monday, the BS began at lunch time.
Monday has come and gone... and we're late into Tuesday.

My life has been consumed with this radio show saga, since 7PM on sunday evening.

I'm done.
I'm putting my groceries away.

If you had showed-up a bit earlier, I would have happily addressed your comments.

I couldn't care less, what you think of me.
I've been on the blogs for years... and I've matched wits with opponents much more mentally equipped than you.

I can honestly say... after reading your comments for an entire year... I've learned zero from you.

"Have at it", at the Colonel's.

There will eventually come a day, when the Colonel himself, will tire of you wasting his cyberspace.

When that day comes... you'll know it.

He's not quite as "easy-going", as I am. LOL

Keep shitting all over Colonel's blog.
You'll eventually, get yours .
It's just a matter of time.

Good luck with it!

leary7 said...

come on people, Archie and Charlie discussing how to handle women has to more fun than this pointless spitball fight.
Different folk, different agendas and so on. You can howl and spit at the moon, in the end it's just a whole lot of noise.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


I've said "I'm Done" with this conversation several times.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


Are you still living in Texas?

What ever happened to that teaching gig abroad, you mentioned a couple years back?

Sorry to get so personal.
You don't have to answer that question, if you don't want to...

I was just curious.

Ladynoel said...

Makes me wish some people would Grow the F##K Up. I liked your interview Katie. You did a great job.

leary7 said...

sorry Lynyrd, that wasn't directed at you obviously. I just don't like folk coming over here to bait Katie. It's just in bad taste.
I thought I was escaping the Texas summer heat by taking this gig up in St Paul teaching Burmese refugees, but it was freakin 100 again today. I did have a teaching job in the refugee camps in Thailand lined up and was headed this summer but heart problems have kept my hostage. I am still hoping to get over there in the fall and maybe run into Clem in a riverfront bar.

leary7 said...

If Grogan is, as the COl claims, "gone baby gone", does anyone have any idea how he supports himself. Did he inherit or something like that.

leary7 said...

didn't one of the girls say he was 'the best in bed'? maybe he is a gigolo. Now that would be a story.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Lady Noel!!!!!

Welcome to the Blog!!!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hold that thought Leary...

I'm really putting groceries away... and the frozen shit, is turning to mush. LOLOL

Anonymous said...

LULU said Clem was her favorite

Sadie asked if she could have sex with him one last time as " he was the best piece I ever had"

Clem toured the country for years as a member of Rythm Town Jive a very successful band that has played with Bob Wier and Steve Miller among others...

He was outed and may or may not still be a member- but did very well for quite some time...

I left a parting note at Cols in favor of Katie..

Leary - sorry about the things I said when your trip first came up... and hope your Health is as good as possible...

I am at the Resort and have to pay attention to Mrs. C for a few days...


katie8753 said...

Hi Ladynoel. Thanks so much!!

Leary, you should have stuck around here this summer. It's only 92 or so and we've actually been having rain. Hoo hoo!!!

katie8753 said...

St Circumstance, I'm blowin' you a K-I-S-S!!! LOL.

katie8753 said...

Hi Stormy! I LOVE that episode of All in the Family. :)

leary7 said...

Saint, if I thought someone was Jim in disguise I would have been in attack mode too. No worries, water way way under the bridge my friend. Anyone who quotes the Dead is always okay in my book.
I have been strainin at the bit to get over to Thailand and then into Burma (Myanmar) for two years now but a triple bypass and complications have kept me hostage.
Soon, I hope.

Johnnyseattle said...

Lynard is right about that, the Col is a whole lot meaner about things that don't go his way. So tick him off and face the wrath.

Hey Lynard, if you think the lady drama of just 3 is a load I guess it gives you some insight into what Charlie was going through running around with 20 plus girls at a time.
No wonder he now likes to spend time in solitary confinement...

Anyway, although I haven't posted here before I have always read your blog with interest and respect.

katie8753 said...

Leary I hope you get better soon! And if you run into Clem, be sure and send us a pic! LOL.

Johnnyseattle said...

Now that I figured this posting method here, I took the repeat post off.

Katie you did great. You should be back on again.

and lets hope other thread authors will be invited to be on Brian's show to discuss interesting points.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Johnny. Good to see you! Welcome to the blog! :)

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Leary...

Sorry for the interruption, to our conversation.

I really AM way behind on personal stuff.

I'm sorry to hear about your health issues.
I too apologize for the few times we tangled.
Things got heated... and I took things way too far, on one particular night at Liz's place.
Tempers flared... and bad things, were said.
I'm sure you remember the night.
Sorry Bro!

I'm sure you're a great teacher.
You have an open mind... and that's the best quality, that a teacher can have.
I always loved those teachers, who demonstrated that they sometimes learned from the students, as well.
Ya know... the "cool" teachers...

I once had a "Professor Englend".
He was the coolest.
He was one of those guys, who would saunter-in in sandals... and hold his classes outdoors, whenever weather permitted.
He'd have everyone sit in a circle "indian-style", out in a big field.
We spent one whole semester discussing a book by Leo Buscaglia.
It had absolutely nothing to do with the title or syllabus for the course... but, I still consider the experience the best money, I ever spent on a course. LOL
I came to love Buscaglia.
Cool teachers... they really are one of life's greatest pleasures.
I'm 100% certain, you are one of those great teachers!
You ROCK Leary!
Love Ya Bro!

Very Sincerely... Lynyrd

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...


It's great to have you on the blog.
Stop-in anytime!

Johnnyseattle said...

Will do, brother.

I do have a question, how many folks have read the new Shreck book?

I've read it once and taking a second pass at it.

Lots of it is thought provoking. The first time through I didn't catch or appreciate what he was saying.

There are some things that I just am not ready to accept.

A big critique I have is that there is no index. Nor does he footnote to sources as often as I would like.

But, this is a very worthwhile book. It definitely shakes up the Helter Skelter angle and gets one to thinking.

Johnnyseattle said...

see you in the Sunday forum.

i wish we could have more people join in.

brian is starting a weds meet up. i hope others will attend. it goes on about 5 pm pac time. i think this week it will start at 4 pm.

a great place for folks to gather and discuss.

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Hi Johnny...

I know almost nothing (personally) about the new Schrek book.

The only thing I know, is that it's around 900 pages long... and some folks say his sources are tenuous in many spots.

I imagine it would be difficult to compile even 50 pages worth of brand-new well-sourced material on this subject... let alone 900 pages worth.
That makes me skeptical.

Beyond my skepticism... I have no worthwhile input, as I've never read even one page of the book.
So... I won't comment beyond that.

I can tell you this:
It's VERY popular among the "Manson-Sympathetic" crowd.


I'd love to see a review from Starship.

He's one of the most comprehensive (and knowledgable) reviewers around... as well as Beauders, and Dilligaf.

Starship... Beauders... Dilligaf... any opinion on the Schrek book?

At 900 pages... it would be a monumental task, to review comprehensively.
That's basically 3 full-length books.

Anyone up to the task?

katie8753 said...

Hi Johnny. Thanks for the invite. I'll definitely see you Sunday for the show.

I wish more people would join in too. I think it's very entertaining and a lot of fun! :)

Johnnyseattle said...

Hi Lynard
I would not say this is a manson sympathetic book. Nor is it a Helter Skelter book for sure. But even if you were to take it all and agree with Shreck wholeheartedly, it's not like you would say, 'damn, Charlie ought to be out.'

As they say, it is not a 'Who-Dunnit' rather this case has always been a 'Why-Dunnit.'

It does explore what many folks have always thought which is along the lines of what Neil Young said about Charlie and his relationship with the Hollywood music scene. And Neil has said that Charlie was a pretty decent musician.

It goes into more detail about Charlie in Hollywood the first time in the late 50's.

The book also discusses drugs as the motive -not helter skelter- and ties in the Cielo drive murders with the Waverly drive murders.

It takes a different look at Vince Bugliosi and delves into him a bit more in detail then most folks realize (but some of it will be old hat to folks on this and other blogs).

And it looks at the Gov't. It is 900 pages, jeez I wish the author had more sources. And without some sourcing on it I need more to take the leaps he does.

It goes into the role of Linda Kasabian and Tex with his drug burns. Good stuff there. It talks with Jay Sebring's butler, Amos, and what happened at the Sebring house that morning. Very interesting.

And it is a good read and if you are into this case you probably should have a copy of it.

I am looking forward to hearing the reviews from folks more steeped in Mansonology.

bobby said...

Kimchi, was reading it & gave us some initial feedback. I would love to have her give a full review if she has finished ! Kimchi directed me to a book about Sandy's sister that was awesome & very sad. Anyway I would trust a review of the book from Kimchi. I have read a bit about Shreck himself and to me he is way out there in comparison to mainstream. He and is wife have apparently denounced her fathers devil religion and replaced it with one I have no understanding of. He seems to me one of those people who have super high intelligence so much so that I cant understand what the heck they are talking about. Not meaning his book, meaning his take on a religion, meaning of life kind of stuff & things. lol. see what I mean ?

bobby said...

Leary, Sorry to hear about your heart problems, did that have anything to do with your cancer recovery ?

beauders said...

i think schreck's book is important but without sources it just has to be filed with the rest of the books on manson and the family as theory. his theory though does appear consistent and is put together well---it makes sense in a way. it's the drug burn theory turned upside down. and again it makes sense. i think one reason schreck doesn't offer sources is manson himself, is his major source. maybe we will find out when manson dies.