Sunday, January 1, 2012

I got an Off-Blog Request for this Footage. 
All Skynyrd requests honored Here!


katie8753 said...

Oops. Meant to post this on this blog. HA HA.

I LOVE Boomhauer. Love King of the Hill.

"Propane and propane accessories".

"I'll tell you what". HA HA.

Says Boomhauer:

"Good little ole' bash man, but you gotta step on trash and such and not let it get up on ya junk, I'll tell ya what man that gets old and it gets on your side and sneaks up and says Whoooah, and then lets go, I've seen that dang-oh freak man with that stick, man that Charlie freaks me out and you know that dang oh boogie man, I tell you what man let's RUN!!!

Yeah man he got that dang ole bread truck and man, like I tole him man he's got them sparks flying cuz he ain't got no brakes man, and he picks up that dang ole duck tape I've been trying 5 years to get on that ole pace car and dang it you're gonna tell me I cain't get on that ole pace car...I'll tell you what!!!


katie8753 said...

In Texas, everything's bigger.

We call Dallas "Big D...little "a"...double ll-a-s.

Night y'all.

TomG said...

How'd Big D little a double ll-a-s do against the New York Giants?

katie8753 said...

Hi Tom. I guess the Giants kicked their asses.

Where are Tom Landry or "Bullet Bob" Hayes when you need them? HA HA.

katie8753 said...

Okay this just in off the newswire:

Warren Jeffs, convicted polygamist cult leader and child molester, who now resides in a Texas prison and is having an enlargement made of his anal area daily, made an edict from prison to his cult that from now on, there will be no more trampolines, drums or children's toys at the cult compound.

Texas officials are investigating to see if he violated his "phone rules".

And...that's all I've got to say about THAT.


starship said...

Great tune...and the Asbury Park Convention Center....Classic!

Mary said...

Love, love, love me some Skynyrd

katie8753 said...

Well, this just in.

The State of Texas decided that Warren Jeffs, convicted Cult Leader/Child Molester, can't use the phone anymore.

He will have to direct his cult's activities by snail mail.

And this is me....with a tear running down my cheek....


katie8753 said...

I found out something interesting today, which might be of interest to our current/retired judicial giants. LOL.

In the courtroom in the State of Michigan, after a witness has been questioned by the defense & the prosecution, the jury is allowed to pass questions they have for the witness to the judge, and he in turn asks the questions to the witness, who answers them. Of course, the judge decides if they're admissible questions.

This is really cool. If the jury has questions during the trial, they don't have to wait until deliberation to ask them.

I think more and more states are going to this procedure.

MrPoirot said...

Stratocaster, Firebird and a Les Paul. Name me another band with three lead guitarists. Damn plane crashes.

MrPoirot said...
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