Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bobby BeauSoleil’s immortal soundtrack for Lucifer Rising, the legendary film by Kenneth Anger, is now available in digital download format in two versions. White Dog Music has partnered with CD Baby to offer audiophile quality MP3 downloads of these recordings at a special price.

LUCIFER RISING, the original motion picture soundtrack, unabridged. Download Now for only $5.99
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THE LUCIFER RISING SUITE, the original soundtrack, plus the 1967 version of the soundtrack, plus all of the project recordings. Nearly 3 hours of music. Download Now for only $19.99
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Also available for a limited time: THE LUCIFER RISING SUITE boxed LP set. We have fewer than 20 copies of this boxed album remaining, so you are urged to act now. This boxed set includes 4 LP's, each in their own full color sleeves, an extensive booklet with photos, and two large posters. Buy Now for only $54.99
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Information Courtesy of Lynn!  Thanks Lynn!


bedpan25 said...

is it true that jimmy page was, well, too drugged out to deliver an acceptable soundtrack? or was he just working much too slowly? [28 mins of music after ~3 years]

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

I won't be purchasing Bobby's music, but I do collect vinyl... so the 4 LP's (box set), each in their own full color sleeves... is pretty intriguing.

I've got basically every classic rock album (worth owning), released in the 60's & 70's on vinyl records.
You can't beat the "album art" from those days.
Reading the covers/sleeves while the music played, was one of the best parts of the experience.
It's like chewing the enclosed gum, as you look at your new baseball cards.
For every advance, we seem to lose something.

There was something great about owning something "tangible" when you bought music... whether it be records, 8-tracks, cassettes or CD's.
It was a real "collection".
I just can't get into "downloads" as much... although, I've got 2 hard-drives of those as well... 'cuz, you have no choice now-a-days.
From what they tell me... you can even buy "virtual baseball cards" now.
You pay money, and look at the cards on your computer screen evidently.
Please tell me that's not true.
I gotta wonder... what really is the point?

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Great to see you Bedpan!

Hope to see more of you!

LynyrdSkynyrdBand said...

Mary asked me to post the following message for her:

Says Mary>>>>

"I agree with Lynyrd - it was always so exciting to buy a new album, put it on and read the sleeves and look at the pictures.

I have been downloading music - but there are always a few artists that I still buy the CD for - to be able to read the inserts and look at the pictures".

Anonymous said...
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Behemoth said...

Bedpan, I think that is a simplistic explanation. Page has his version and Anger has his. Personally, I think that Page has too strong of a passion for magick and too strong a work ethic for that to be the only reson. I really like the music that Page did complete. It is quite good.